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  1. NoLaKazi

    COD Zombies in 3rd person

  2. Brandon Solis

    Esto no me lo esperaba

  3. Eder Gonzalez

    It looks so amazing! I wish I could play it, but due The Covid19 pandemic I'm not working atm :/

  4. Lewizna Bielizna


  5. Simo Gamer

    0:26 stop at this second, what do you see?? 😂😂

  6. Naval Bombardment

    What is the difference between nier and nier replicant?

  7. jayshine27

    Its working for PS4 now

  8. 0 0

    But how about gestalt???

  9. notbot

    I had buy this game recently, i paid $20 (R$100 in Brazil) the original for ps3 here in Brazil it's so expensive, for 2 weeks later announcer a remake, this is kind a little sad because for me is to much money and I paid with my whole salary, But I could experiment the original and I don't regret

  10. sand wich

    Does rebuilt mean remake or remaster? Either way I'm still happy to see this. Didn't think Square would release another NieR game on this generation's console (PS4 & Xbone).

  11. Jasmine Lyria

    amazing graphic of ps5 must be better and ever

  12. Doug Meister

    Ooh, those Familiars following you around, is this the Binding of Isaac fix I’ve been waiting for?

  13. Xplosivetime

    Am I joke to you?

  14. Diego Bustamante MGTOW

    Ver esto y pensar que van a sacar una serie o película por Netflix.... QUIERO A ESTE ACTOR!!!!

  15. Loko do free Fire

    Manda uma para eu pro favor

  16. Loko do free Fire

    Eu que ria um ps 4 mais eu não tem condições para compar um

  17. Eggy boy

    Can you fix my problem with my phone when it connects it immediately turns off the controller please if anyone knows how please tell me

  18. Zafo Schultz

    Season 4 please not to Tekken 8 just yet. Lots of legacy characters are missing, they need to add them. ❤️👌🏼🙂

  19. Eohll

    Toss an coin to your Witcher Oh Valley of Plenty (2x).

  20. TRdutch

    Anna’s YOLKED

  21. Deathtrap 400

    They have Tyrone but no chad?

  22. Ahmed El Amriti

    Deze snel

  23. Ahmed El Amriti

    Angelo maak ik niet ik maak elk france mens dood doen heist lol hahah

  24. hellfish2309

    He feels as playful as Holkenborg (Junkie XL), but more focused

  25. Reiko Mikami


  26. lovely xcx

    So excited to play this game more than RE3

  27. Metalverse

    Thank you, Santa monica studios.

  28. Burnt_Ramen 9

    can we get Gestalt remastered too?

  29. the one and only Orecon

    Seeing as this is a remaster and I've never heard of Replicant but I'm in love with Automata, time to bring out my wallet

  30. Zero B


  31. Kevstah 2004

    The jumping out the elevator animation looks strange, I'm sure people don't do a little short run up then grind to a complete stop when exiting them irl.

  32. Power. Absolute.

    Byyye caveman

  33. King Of Bel

    This looks a bit like Outbreak so I will enjoy it.

  34. Cocoy Nohay

    At 5:03 I would have tossed a molotov in there, faster than the guy can say the dialogue. All i hear will be burning alive screams. ☝️

  35. vallejo ca

    you PlayStation players are cheating like a motherfukers in CD warzone

  36. Cococrash11

    Awesome NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... Teaser Trailer.

  37. Eberhart Ethan

    Xbox players really try to dislike

  38. Jacob Nafate

    Mine is does age-restricted so what did it say

  39. Gaming Ninja


  40. Saturn Tasche

    The beta is yet online yayyyyyyy

  41. Stefan Unson

    One thing I learned from Shu is you can either be greedy or you can be patient.


    Strong and agile your telling me I die more by falling trying to escape from them

  43. Christian Arriola


  44. Serbian Crusader

    The original game released April 22nd, 2010. So we might get it on April 22nd, 2020.

  45. Patricio Calderon

    Por favor mas seriedad con la beta. Hasta cuando???? Es el colmo que no puedan dar solución pronta. Hasta hoy aún no he podido jugar la beta de Resistance, es una verdadera vergüenza por parte todos los involucrados que es estás instancias no sepan tener un Olán de contingencia. Indigno e inmoral.

  46. ルイスマシアス

    Wheres Xbox logo xdxd

  47. GENeral

    I wonder if they'll put the Ending E in this one... the one that got turned into a novel/artbook, that is exclusive to the Japanese, that also happens to connect the story between Gestalt/Replicant and Automata (or so I heard and remember)

  48. Arnold Dalocanog

    Does this game support steering wheel?

  49. Zeuz Master

    No entiendo nada pero me encanta y estoy muy emocionado

  50. Pandalf3

    RAKETENJANSEL!!!!! Look hat this!!😍

  51. SebaThe DarkOne

    Thats dbz karoot

  52. Josue Arriaza

    Hope the NieR cellphone game talks about drakengard also sounds like something having to do with the seeds of resurrection.

  53. Basement Dweller

    Ok this is epic.

  54. Bottle Camp

    Here we go again

  55. Rey Zephlyn

    Man I hope the version thats .0002 higher gets ported

  56. 伊東G太郎

    おー、HD remasterかな? まだPS3版プラチナトロフィー取ってないや

  57. Alpha Redd

    I have all automatic download settings disabled and it still automatically starts updating and resuming downloads. Is this a bug or is there some other setting I should disable ?

  58. Ohaye SorryWeCouldn’tSkypeTwonight

    You mean daughter. Oh wait thats Gestalt

  59. David Damasceno

    Me: Is this a sequel or a new story? Yoko Taro: Yes.

  60. Buzz007

    Plot twist: Dina is David's daughter.

  61. Mordecai 38

    This and the man behind the treasure Uncharted ad are the best ads PlayStation has ever released

  62. Ronaldinho Baby

    The last person who press the like button get this game for free

  63. Norman Readdis

    If this a physical card collection i wouldn't mind... i love collecting basketball cards in the past but this is a digital pack that's only relevant before the next game is released.

  64. Matthew Lee

    I love how they actually made this the title

  65. Xxblue_beexX

    Oh nice gonna tell us we get the game for a month and lie and give us a weekend just like with preditor hunting grounds??

  66. Michael Millington

    “Special friends from Capcom.” Why don’t you fix it for the REST OF US???

  67. ???

    1:40 Kratos nightmare be like.. 1:41 Atreus Nightmare be like

  68. Kristopher Jones

    There better be a Making of The Last of us part 2 because of the 5 years of waiting

  69. Jabriil Said

    I smell kimetsu no yaiba

  70. Just a guy

    Y'all trolling now 😂 y'all dropping trailers for PlayStation FOUR games but can't even show us what the ps5 will look like and it comes out THIS year ? 🤔

  71. CDOGG S

    whos that Woman singing at 2.40 need the name please

  72. byFR3N3TIC0 - Maty

    Legal, conseguiu mostrou incrivelmente nada.

  73. Ju Ju

    This man is the type of guy to find a way to make a game like sword art online possible

  74. Luffy 2702

    Lại sắp có game để team Đụt tấu hài rồi !!!

  75. EightiesMusiqLover

    This franchise used to be exclusive to the PlayStation brand, but not anymore...

    1. Buster Gundo

      Honestly it's funny how that works.

  76. Aiden Rementer

    Xbox series x is better but I still might get the ps5.. idk

  77. JonSon215

    Now This Game is After the Storyline of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

  78. YBAXGAMING 1993


  79. Ghen

    Ya know, since this is showing us what would happen when Noct is alone, kinda crazy how scary he can be when pushed backed into a corner by himself and lets not forget that he has the GREATSWORD OF THE TALL telling us he went through that dungeon and fought the boss just to get the Royal arm by himself, crazy.

  80. Mr Ultima

    "iS thIs A NeW gAmE oR DlC?" "Is ThIs a SeQuEL to AuTOMaTa?" NieR: Automata is one of my top 3 favorite games of all time... But I'm beginning to think NieR: Automata was a mistake.

  81. Gus cv

    Nier Replicant. Ver. 3.41659

  82. D-NOT-U

    Wondering How they played it... ANYONE ELSE?

  83. Daisy Desu

    Okay I’m confused... she was speaking proper english And then as we progressed... She was speaking Japanese umm

  84. Zenzuu

    Such an underrated hidden gem. Although flawed I really enjoyed the original game on PS3. Glad they're releasing this again for the newer generations.

  85. Alejandro Mp3

    Just take my money Yoko Taro

  86. rainfalledits


  87. staroftherogue

    People who got into NieR through Automata and haven't had a chance to play the original... get ready for a treat.

  88. Zachary Bellovich

    Can you earn stars doing custom league games?

  89. Alfonso Cardoso Jr

    Ahuevo ahuevo

  90. Nimestro

    So it’s coming out before the PS5 releases 🧐

  91. WeRnIS

    The fake remake video was way better. This is too childish and kills the whole spirit of the game!

  92. Hanganut

    Please crossover Pleasee 🙃

  93. Isaiah Foster

    it’s 2020 with the corona and this trailer still makes me cry

  94. グミキャベツ


  95. Andrew

    Campaign? Smth? No? No.

  96. Rigo

    2:26 this is single-handedly the best reveal (in a game [and/or] trailer) I’ve ever seen, “The Researchers Gave This Phenomenon A Name” (THE) TETRIS EFFECT

  97. MrKerag

    After playing this in VR..I couldnt even foce my self to finnish SP compaign on a flat creen... I cant play any flight simulator anymore unless its in vr.. so not buying any of these DLC or any other content..unless its allows me to get in to the cockpit and look around with my head!

  98. Kuj w Dupie TV

    Wow, a lot of this got cut year after - Solheim was probably not an ancient dead civilization - Noctis dad was younger and alive during Leviathan fight in Altissia - Stella was still there, but now as childhood friend(?) - Insomnia invasion was still in the game - Etro (Fabula Nova Crystalis) was still a thing Its a lot to write about what was changed

  99. Libertario Rock

    RELEASE THE GAME NOW! Everbody is in their homes!!!

  100. Used Soap

    *todd howard* "I am once again asking you to buy skyrim"