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  1. Minah Lee


  2. Alok Kumar

    This sounds more like interstellar background score

  3. Douae Elmahfoudi

    dua lipa really crazy in this song


    At least this time i will know what song they be playing in the Zara store

  5. Emir Kılıç

    😘 dua lipa 🤙🔥👌 Queen 💖

  6. Ronaldo Dela Qunta

    Been searching for this and now i love whole her music dam after two yrs why? Lol 😆

  7. Yami Nieves


  8. Pankaj Saini

    ♥️ from India 🇮🇳🙌

  9. Katherine Doree

    breakup song queen!!

  10. Evil K

    This song feels like it is Dua's reply to Paul Klein of LANY. Some references can be heard in the lyrics. "Walk away, you know how". Walk Away is one of the singles off LANY's EP "Make Out". The other one is, "aren't you the guy who tried to hurt me with the word goodbye?". Saying goodbye is a recurring theme throughout LANY's album "Malibu Nights" like Thru These Tears, "you cried on my shoulder goodbye". Lastly, the chorus. "If you don't wanna see me dancing with somebody", can be alluded into LANY's Run which starts with, "I heard from a couple friends that you're back with your ex again", Paul's referring to Isaac Carew, the ex of Dua. I don't know but this is just something I came up with being a fan of the two.

  11. Juan David Diaz


  12. Alex Roberts


  13. Roberto Bermeo

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you could hear my most recent song in my youtube channel, it's called "La Luna". It won't take that long. hope you like it! I worked really hard on it. Thanks

  14. Nicola Jones

    qut the rat o

  15. Lyubov YaНеtta

    поющие-танцующие труселя

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  17. Akwarium Dakarus TV

    Nice song 👍 up and 🎵😘

  18. Erza Scarlet

    *i keep coming back to this mv!! damn this is such a masterpiece idk why this song is so underrated*

  19. Gleiça F. BRUXINHA

    Linda 😍

  20. Zainab Abbas

    Any one here before 2 billion??? 🤪🥰☺️

  21. Ian Nikolas Canalita

    Hands down to you Mr.Basist 🙌🙌🙌

  22. Natalia Ksiądz

    Finally i can hear this song on MTV music

  23. Полиграф Чугункин

    Dua -- Number 1 in Ireland. I love you Ireland. "Don't Stop now" !!! ..please

  24. Natalia Ksiądz

    Finnaly i can hear this song on MTV music!

  25. Route21 Music

    Check out my track The nights on my channel 🤘🏽

  26. Roro Roro

    أنا أحب اغانيكي جدا جدا ❤❤

  27. Алексей Алексей

    Чет не пойму что они там все орут пляски прикольные а голос и песня кал

  28. Roro Roro


  29. Ana Stojanović


  30. Edwar Vinces

    Excellent Song: " Acá no Usan Jabón" !!!!

  31. Philippa Rosenthal


  32. MMA fighter

    She was the only one wearing heels to look taller than everyone

  33. •IT4LØ MØĐS•


  34. Arkadiusz AGDAN

    I think she is always on diet !! Actually if she is not carful she will be big girl !

  35. ccem hansa

    Yes new Song i have stuff for 3 Month

  36. M Z

    Dua youre really pretty!

  37. Varley De Vera

    No boobs? No problem 😉😍😍😍

  38. Mahesh Asati

    *Cats: meow meow* *Dogs: woof woof* *Cows: moo moo* *Idiots: 2019? 2019?*


    Who came here after the dua lipa concert in india

  40. Mahesh Asati

    *Cats: meow meow* *Dogs: woof woof* *Cows: moo moo* *Idiots: 2019? 2019?*

  41. Eyüp Kırkaya

    dua lipayı ben keşfettim

  42. EFF RF

    Oh dear. The soundtrack for battle angel and I didn't think it could get any worse from this woman. But this is a lot worse. What's happening????? I fear Dua won't have any longevity. This is piss poor.

  43. Lol dogs

    Me russ, ok?

  44. malik fatima

    Love it

  45. premkumar jillella

    Me trying to study: My mind: Don't start now

  46. malik fatima

    You're pretty

  47. Trap music DCV

    Nice video


    Anyone willing to marry her??

  49. Digé Samuel

    Keep going love it😋😋😋😍😍😍

  50. Not Farhan

    Nov. 2019 and she is here in Mumbai in my country. God and I cant see her.

  51. Alice Ballabio

    2019. 👇🏻


    Alguien habla español?:v

  53. Garin aditya

    Aku biduan ~Manca2019~

  54. Samuel Silva

    Lindas # Samira vcs são lindaaaaaaaaaaaas

  55. Natalia Ksiądz

    Song of the year!

  56. Rojda Timurtaş

    looks like she's going to say hell to you any moment

  57. Alice's Rabbit

    How is this song sooooo good!

  58. lluc 90s

    Engancha como la droga

  59. Abijit Joseph

    At last one good song to end this year

  60. Александр Волков


  61. 신선한 깜둥 아

    Dua Lipa está trazendo de volta aquelas vibes da disco music antiga

  62. 이쥰

    두아언니 매력터져❤ㅠㅠ

  63. Patricia Trejo


  64. Gul Rukh

    Dua lipa my most favourite song out of yours is new rules

  65. Hanife Can

    I m Fine good

  66. Allison Jackson

    At the end, they should have put FIN

  67. Darth Vader

    I usually don't listen to pop songs, but this song is so dope man especially when IDGAF beat drops.

  68. Judith Elizabeth Huamancayo Osorio

    ahhh me encantoo 😍😍 I love you dua lipa

  69. Vishal Bharshankar

    i m listening everyday 5 to 6 times

  70. Ak_Bar512

    I need MV for this song😭

  71. Don't Forget to Rock

    Dua's friends HAIM released a new music video for "Now I'm In It'. Check it out! :)


    I love your voice 😍💕 Dua lipa

  73. Телепузик Ляля

    I think that her hair so similar with jungkook's hair now. Because his hair now are like that))) I don't what it is it with my english, because I'm Russian)))

  74. Nayeli Carcamo

    Wooo hermosa canción de Dua lipa me encanta mucho La AMO l😘🤗

  75. Azhar Elmiza

    Something about her and the dancers, they seemed made it so easy and having so much fun. The choreography is amazing. Great job!

  76. Don't Forget to Rock

    Dua's friends HAIM released a new music video for "Now I'm In It'. Check it out! :)

  77. Lalduhsaki Fanai

    I am sure im here before 1 billion even though im late


    brutalmente hermosa

  79. nalisson sz

    Algum brasileiro por aqui?💚💛

  80. Marky Boogy

    2 B 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿🤫

  81. DIPAce BoHara

    Her voicee😍😍😍

  82. davee

    Dua lipa podwójny przypał

  83. Unknown Person

    here before 2B!

  84. Evgeniy Raskolnjikov

    Them legs and ass jiggling like there´s no tomorrow brah

  85. sup its chloie:3

    I have the same eyes as you dua lipa😁

  86. emily x

    i was litreally there in the one plus music festival and dua performed this song . she showed me her tongue and smiled at me and later after her show i got to touch her hand omg

  87. Ivana Adzic

    Perfect and every good.

  88. afraid_to_shoot_ strangers

    What a nice long Dual legs...

  89. YuuYukki

    Lyrics of Dua Lipa "don't start know" Duh it's on the video💁🏻

  90. M


  91. Random stuff

    Dua lipa. I got new rules My. Omg not again 😭🙈

  92. Rabia Baig

    love ya lipa😍💋💋💋

  93. chelsea moto

    She had new rules that's why she made this song

  94. りゅういち


  95. gui lty

    Before 1 Billion 😋😋😋

  96. Harsh Wardhan

    In this song Her sound is like a "trans person"😅😅

  97. samit !!

    Im crying

  98. Gyo Truth

    I was never a fan of her, when I was together with my boyfriend. I left him, and I become a fan of her LOL... does that make sense??? hahahahah

  99. Haim Shahar

    Anyone who watches it before two trillion Like 👇🏻 🍭🍭🍭🍭

  100. Rayof Rkl

    I like dua lip