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  1. mia bambina

    Where’s onion boy on this game?

  2. Pewdiepie's Son

    Captain cinnamon toast ken

  3. Henry Gyan

    Play mincfat

  4. sham lamb

    The scary reality is that pewds can destroy anyone's channel if they came at him

  5. NotImportantJoshHarris*

    K E N W I T H T H A T O L D M A N W H I S T L E L A U G H 👏👏👏👏

  6. Golden God

    HOLY SHIT! I thought he was joking when he said he didn’t know who Herobrine is. Have you been living under a rock every time you play Minecraft?

  7. Richard Bergin

    pews logic: joe rogan is short man, i will beat

  8. Helen Lenander

    Jenna would SLAUGHTER you

  9. Forest Bertrand

    why get a weak virgin cordless drill when you can get a jacked chad cord drill, ok boomers.

  10. オArcticc - Call of Duty Mobile


  11. Skinny_Pingus

    Jack holding Felix over the pool of lava saying "long live the king" before dropping him to his fiery death

  12. XxCapillaryxX

    Pewdiepie:I don’t hit women Ken: I YEARN FOR TRUE GENDER EQUALITY

  13. comedy_ goldman

    I watched the video then BOOM a pewdiepie

  14. Nairolf0007

    you did not give jeffree star the attention, care and appreciation that he deserves. unsub -1

  15. Ocrown

    What a nice idea: youtube rewind should be all the you-tubers fighting to death.

  16. Skorflash95

    People of Earth! If you want your lord n' savior Felix, alias PewDiePie, to keep playing the Mine of Craft, create new worlds for him, let's become the World Forge!

  17. Kobe's Creations

    Felix how dare you challenge the almighty lord of internet: Will Smith

  18. Noobman 103

    Marzia: are you sure this is a good idea? Felix: of course! It will give us billions of view Marzia: *snaps Felix’s neck* did I win?

  19. mister puggington

    ok boomer

  20. Javier Hernadez

    Are we all gonna ignore that pewds spelled dodge wrong



  22. Saul T. Nutz

    I have an Asian friend who was born in Detroit and he’s more smart this woman lmao

  23. BrandoNNN

    Pewdiepie: "Smack her down!" Wallstreetjournal: "WRITE THAT DOWN"

  24. Catching With Kellan

    look up the video dwarfzilla and thats the video were he broke 15 percent of one of his balls

  25. Gonzalo

    R.I.P. Heinrich Himmler mustasche

  26. RayNox

    Sauvez la planète !!

  27. Ultra Cool Kiddo

    "Mark is much stronger than me..." "But he does have a big head" Mark - *Instantly destroyed*

  28. Black Python19

    V sauce: am i here or here ? Pewdiepie: mmmm there Vsauce: -AM I?-

  29. The one and only Gangsta

    Me low key trying to keep cool that it’s a joke, when ksi could barely beat Logan Paul and Logan was put in the fair fight section, bro that snapped me

  30. Overload Games

    Let’s be honest here everyone needs a friend like Ken

  31. Tired Child

    I feel like Jeffrey would actually kill Felix

  32. BMBT Gaming

    If there is a ww lll I want to be in it

  33. Mason Davis

    Weekness is now spelled weaknes

  34. Tony

    Felix is gonna have a lot of boxing matches in 2020

  35. sarah kirk

    Plssss do more

  36. Fyrewire 6

    someone should make this into a movie

  37. GBblocks179

    Petition to make a giant Sven statue and then kill Sven 😐 😑 😐 😈

  38. Suwan Yi

    I need another cringe tuesday

  39. Josip Stalin

    Wtf listening with headphones and 8:04 activates google assistant

  40. CreeperGamer385

    Will smith controls the fire

  41. 18 18


  42. Makotaro

    The subreddit is just using overused dead memes and kept calling Fortnite players normies

  43. kami no

    But jaiden knows karate

  44. Jack Brooks


  45. Tyrannosaurus_Hec

    Ken will also delete sistem 32 from pewdiepie computer

  46. Mark

    Ian or Felix?

  47. Neg M

    Can this be turned into an actual horror/comedy movie or series, pewds just sneak around killing and "self defensively" spitting in mouths whilst displaying pewds powers.

  48. Wilson Owen

    When he snapped and said que the montage it gave me an ad

  49. ash ly.

    Man, every time you two do a vid, the laughs are contagious



  51. DOCC Cryoxia

    3:04 nice meme Felix

  52. Unexpectedly Emo

    I got a Pewdiepie ad on this video

  53. Jackson Bagwell

    I feel a controversy coming on

  54. Captain X

    17:16 An omage of GRsel High-school.

  55. Jubie Jay

    More drphil

  56. Weluxe

    what animal is the last clip?? i want one

  57. Welch's

    What the frick frack snickity snak is a ski ski girl

  58. Buhismen

    t series ?

  59. veronica at its awesome

    Mark got hit by GRsel YOUR NEXT

  60. cringemaster

    how could've forgoten about Dantdm's dog... Grim

  61. Jubie Jay

    More drphil

  62. Matiasole

    10:23 insolent child, did you really think you could beat me in lego? Fool, i am half danish and to think you thought you had a chance

  63. Lilliana Rvra

    She's one of those sksk girls

  64. Rock


  65. no u

    Keep making these types a videos they're funny. Also make ok boomer merch

  66. Austin Poop

    Next you should do what anime characters could beat me and put naruto

  67. 0bnoxius

    When Felix says he was there before hero brine but hero brine has been there firever

  68. thrawf

    5 mil on GRsel in 6 months vs 45 mil on youtube in 8 months

  69. ThePlagueMan

    Isn't logan still doing boxing or is that jake?


    PewDiePie heart this comment or unsub... ): !you dont want a someone to unsub right!

  71. Thread2x

    Logan would beat you

  72. TheBanthaPoodoo

    I'm also excited about Pewdiepie's Pixelings, aka PP (peepee)

  73. XIFOZ


  74. Bwabblepawt Bwabblepawt

    weaknesses: cant spell dodge

  75. The Real Beakzly

    People who drink tea: That's an awful hot cup ov tea luv Felix:I can relate

  76. Mooshroom

    Now THIS is what I call good.

  77. The HQ

    You forgot moist critikal

  78. Kiwishima

    Weaknes: Spelling

  79. reptilected

    Sometimes it sucks to be a female fan of Pewds. I can’t really explain why just some videos make me feel uncomfortable or out of the loop in a way. Feels a bit like a boys club. This makes me sound super sensitive and maybe I am but I can’t help how I feel sorry!

  80. pepsi man

    Ok Boomer

  81. gamer guy7765

    People need to get a big brain and stop making every thing a hate sign 👌😡

  82. rhino

    This is truly a blessed_collab

  83. Yazzy toube

    Boomer in command Edit: 5’10” and I’m middle school bish

  84. Evie Staniforth

    “Father, what was your designated role in the international conflict”? “Well....”

  85. Tochi Mba

    Why is pewds so addicted to his glasses?

  86. Hermione Granger

    15:15 can we just take a moment to look at that face James Charles is making?

  87. Yama Yama

    whatabout lazarbeam? he did minecraft videos before you. fight him.

  88. crash 147

    Henry stickman gameplay would be awesome And i think he should check it out

  89. Full Metal Monkey

    I reckon Ricky Berwick could knock Pewdiepie out easily.

  90. Lizard Man

    Should have had review brah on their

  91. Abstrakt Boo

    8:45 ok boomer

  92. Sean Stockwell

    *someone who might beat pewdiepie* Pewdiepie: “However...”

  93. Fry Guy

    Where’s lazerbeam?

  94. Bitch Lasagna

    *Spits and handshakes Pewdiepie* FIGHT ME

  95. President Obama

    I now have numerous levels of cancer

  96. Octavio the lego fan