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  1. Rebecca Mhagama

    My favorite Spice Girl ❤️

  2. jmsolano0516

    "Who didnt have a platform" as if Zane and Heath weren't more successful than David 😂

  3. Zoe Wahle

    I only use tampons and you don‘t feel the tampon when you use it right

  4. electric chair

    she ALMOST sounds like cardi b and maybe thats just me lol

  5. Jolee Hungerford

    one thing and one thing to say tHaT sHoUlD bE MeeE hOldInG yoUr HanD

  6. Emma Pierskalla


  7. Chantellia.56

    She knew it was him you can tell

  8. Anedah Hamilton


  9. Animate_ Miguel

    Zim look like luh kel

  10. Jenna Gibson

    Remember when she played piano with her tits

  11. Lydia Schwieters

    is it just me or did her friends try to get her w zim bc when he walked in they kept staring at him

  12. anwaar hussein


  13. selen Tek


  14. Lydia Schwieters

    Why is there a 20 year old?????

  15. Cady Jackson

    How dare you not like pugs

    1. Cady Jackson

      I would never like him

  16. Pastel Pink123

    14:00 I love how she's more chill than him

  17. Creamy_Bunny

    Omg the noise that jacket makes is so ASMR

  18. Piper Kinney

    I feel like Seventeen made this video just to make fun of Zach

  19. AzrarKhanify

    I’m Harry

  20. Ben Dover

    These people are nuts.

  21. Paige Jordan

    what if they did natalie and david instead and they would end up really liking each other

  22. maddy jaenicke

    do me with finn wolfhard

  23. mvgical

    omg she is so pretty😭i can't-

  24. Missy Jarvis

    My first kiss was on Halloween and I was 12

  25. Jazmin Rivas

    this video was so off

  26. Ali Muhammad

    She's 15 wtf

  27. Ifrah Jama

    Absolute legend ❤😍😍👐

    1. Ifrah Jama

      Ahh mom I made it 💀💀💀🤓😲😲😲

  28. Leith Bitar

    Love her Check my channel

  29. Hayden Roach


  30. Inácio Magalhães

    so stupid

  31. Lia Dors

    Little did Nyah know, Dean was not cute

  32. Rookie VFX

    I’m now motivated to ask my math teacher out

  33. Todd Beaton

    melanie c is so amazing

  34. AS ART Drawing

    Please y'all support my channel 😚🎨🎨

  35. sienna hunter-fairclough

    Early !!! Omg !!!

  36. Amani Green

    I love seventeen magazine gang 💯 where you at 💛

    1. Ifrah Jama


  37. itz_midnight bunny/gal

    Early af

  38. Fuck you

    everyone looks so bored

  39. Melanie Lourdes

    dude i’m melanie a 🤣🤣

    1. Ifrah Jama

      @Melanie Lourdes haha same 👐👐🤣😊

    2. Melanie Lourdes

      Ifrah Jama IK I LOVE HIM LMAOO

    3. Ifrah Jama

      Lol that Russian guy was so cute in stranger things

  40. Jules

    Oooooh early

  41. krystal garcia


  42. Rachel Moore

    Omg kinda first

  43. Queen FK

    Je suis pas anglais mais je trouve uma evi, et depuis mal trop Belle

  44. Bea’s World

    What happens if you just cant right your perfect letter for example i hate my N's and my M's and most of all my K and k's

  45. Sgt. Forgotten

    i ship it

  46. En Latinidad

  47. Life with Madison

    my two favs 🥵

  48. Daniel Deschenes

    Leighton is awesome , beautiful and a great actress too! I miss gossip girl as well , it was a great show!

  49. Veronica Leung

    I thought the thumbnail said ‘How To Make Your School Kids Look Pretty and Organized’

  50. Sylvaine Joseph

    What's her ig?

  51. The crazy gacha potato

    Sam : Ladies what is your scariset ghost encounter Me : u summoned a demon in my house on top of that I have a demon friend that I had sence the age of 7 beat that

  52. Gracie Norair

    This made me so uncomfortable

  53. jasmine v

    What's her instagram?

  54. Musa Camara

    Aria fire

  55. nia robertson

    Bruhhh im dyingggg😂😂💀💀💀

  56. Green_ Gem

    Its hard to believe Saleem was ever in a choir bc when he sings its really breathy

  57. Green_ Gem

    I dont think these girls had to pretend to be the Plastics lol no offense

  58. Nae’Raneeq

    Hi guysss, i’m actually under here promoting myself. I just started a GRsel channel this month and my first video will be at the end of this monthhh, Id love if anyone SUBSCRIBE to my channel and watch my first video😁

  59. Nae’Raneeq

    Hi guysss, i’m actually under here promoting myself. I just started a GRsel channel this month and my first video will be at the end of this monthhh, Id love if anyone SUBSCRIBE to my channel and watch my first video😁

  60. Jamie Lee

    Gonna start my channel wish me luck!!!

  61. Raina Cosette

    I understand that this matters to you, but I have the right to call you "she" or "he" as much as you have the right to call me "a piece of shit" for calling you that. That's freedom of speech. A right that should never be able to be taken away from somebody.

  62. Brittney Dawn

    Jaclyn Hill and Kylie Jenner mix lol.

  63. Kendra leigh

    ok, ew, is she on drugs or something

  64. Fortnite Battle royal glitch’s

    I wanna be with Hardin he’s pretty fine i mean ahahaha

  65. Fortnite Battle royal glitch’s

    I watched it twice the same day cause Hardin is smoking hot

  66. Tania Rivera

    He described Natalie😛

  67. roxanne medina

    I really wanted it to be lucas

  68. da princess nique.

    i cant even read the. comment without seeing nicki. 🤣 it’s pathetic. not everything is about nicki. kash doll literally mentioned her name, pls shut up.

  69. [ Unicorn ]

    The last number of your like, is who you are Sofia. 1,4,7 Dove. 2,5,8 China. 3,6,9 All of them. 0

    1. [ Unicorn ]

      I'm sofia!💕

  70. Berenice Garcia

    Her reaction is so annoying. I think I'm just so sad this wasn't me lol

  71. Morgan-Jai Knowles

    Natalie isn't mf* that good. I liked the girl with the short curly hair who was black and also the blonde girl with black lipstick. I'm so disappointed

  72. ItsmeViolett

    I really need Tyler's ig

  73. Riddick Oz

    THB worst episode u know why

  74. Shreyasi Saha


  75. Sara Meloni

    I loved when she mentioned one direction loool same girl

  76. Ziallam Stylinson

    if I was a dog I would be snoop dog

  77. Min Ara

    OMG i needed a pen and a ruler the more you know

  78. roxanne medina

    I was really hoping juliana

  79. Valeria Sanchez

    I use to write neat when I was little but then i started to stop writing neat and started to like write messy because I wanted to do stuff quick so my hand writing is horrible right now

  80. Zawadi Ogot

    Emmet was mad weird

  81. Hailie Rowland

    Kesha and jaclyn hill must have the same plastic surgery

  82. ShOoK

    I don't know why I'm watching this because I don't have acne

  83. Mandem

    older ones: practically not touching Younger ones: 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  84. deikim misao

    I clearly remember China came in one of the episodes of Jonas LA

  85. Savanna's World

    @0:31 is what we all came for!

  86. Lukáš Szucs

    And from that day, David Dobrik was no longer single. :DD

  87. Alexis Myers

    Bro the girl who was talking about the Snapchat ghost s the same thing dead ass happened to me

  88. noah jujujsjs

    My parents will kick me out if i tell them i’m pan :/

  89. RR G

    I'm a heart die fan too .. He so cute

  90. skylah S

    She got her teeth done? Her mouth seems different...

  91. Samantha Vazquez

    Alejandro tho😏

  92. Daan

    This girl just seems like a random girl from the office that they gave some lines to to repeat on camera

  93. Tanyla Paige

    That black lip stick doesn’t match

  94. jennifer va

    If it was me i would have realized it was him by the voice, if not by the story of him peeing himself LOL

  95. YourBoy Danky

    i ship it ;-;

  96. jordan jordan

    they should do one of these with david and natalie and just wait until they realize 😂

  97. Audrey

    For all of you wondering how to set up a portfolio here it is. 1. Open the portfolio, there are two different types of portfolios, there is a portfolio with a zipper and one with a string 2. In the back or somewhere in the portfolio there should be little pieces of cardboard that mark months,days, etc. If you don’t have subjects on them that’s okay. Flip them to the back and write your subjects 3. Insert the pieces into the slots, if you don’t have slots, don’t panic, you can tape them on the folder part 4. (optional) take notebook paper (or any kind, I prefer notebook paper) and put it in the back. 5. Put anything you like in it.

  98. Isabella Ronessia


  99. Madelyn Miller

    I never noticed until now, he has the same lisp as Jimmy Jr. on "Bob Burgers"... who woulda thunk it

  100. Bish_imma_cow

    Okay but the girl she ended up with was soo gorgeous and seemed way more genuine then anyone else