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  1. Jasmin Ramirez

    Ari is amazing and I'm loving her song

  2. Ameilya Hill

    Omg i love this song

  3. Twara Jani

    Stay safe during this serious crisis ❤️

  4. Raouaa Bentaibi

    LOVe ariana

  5. Ina robertson77

    i see it i like it i want it i check the price i cant afford it i walk away i do nothing😂

  6. Mawatheeq Alyafrosi

    not a fan of JB but in 3:34 he was so cute :3

  7. Lexi Candy

    Someone who liked this will be a millionare in the future

  8. Poppy Fry

    Is this real....? 😭😭😭🤔🤔

  9. Sven Behrens

    Ich Love You 😙👄💖💕💗

  10. Nab Nah

    One word *Threesome*

  11. Anne Beatrice


  12. Nick Niyazov


  13. Aurora Di Ronco

    Io questa canzone l ascolto sempre

  14. Regina Phalange

    Eu sou o comentário BR que vc estava procurando 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  15. Masooma Jafari


  16. amirul adli

    so nobody's gonna talk about the smooth rap? it still hit me until 2020

  17. Melissa Lucariello


  18. Robert Callaway


  19. Better without you

    Mañana este video estará de cumpleaños 😍👑

  20. johnn John

    i love you jesus christ right now and i hope forever amen

  21. Tahj Eddington

    One last time watching this song NO I WANNA SING THIS ITS DA BEST

  22. Edwin Garcia

    This is one of my favorite Ariana songs up to date.

  23. Bogdan Hristov

    АНИ ХОАНГ ft. КРИСТО Как носи

  24. Valeria Aparecida Lima Nogueira Nogueira

    Tudo bem graças que Deus abençoe sempre sua mensagem

  25. Nicole Magno

    Ariana con il cappello icon disquered

  26. Navya Sharma

    ummm where r the lyrics in the comments 🤠

  27. Eunice -_-

    5:15 LOOK CLOSELY. There's already a kiss mark on colleen's belly before Ari went to kiss it

  28. GS Gaming

    Is this her debut song? Im new supporter. Im Arianator yey

  29. Martian101

    so this was just a flex on single people

  30. geo anime

    I love you1🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  31. Carlos Wills


  32. Margaret Tunnicliff

    Why does she have to go completely naked ITS SOOOO DIRTY

  33. Jared Perez


  34. Glaldson verissímo


  35. ritzyjerseycowplayingball

    by the way a girl named Lily and that you're yummy home video says I thought guy was take care it's actually her boyfriend so can you please tell me the oldest the yum yum with pink hair

  36. Maria Dos Santos Pereira De Sousa



    When it sounds like Rain on me 💗

  38. Ronit Sadhwani

    This song is so underrated; the beat, the vocals, the vibe, the mix between their voices, the full song, the message behind this, the love between everyone, the caring, the people!!! It is all awesome...😍😍💜

  39. Rozy Islam

    Hit like for those who are watching this song in quarantine in the memory of mac and ari

  40. kreatywna nazwa

    Good song

  41. 737 pilot

    Ariana we both from palm beach

  42. Eunice -_-

    I feel sorry for the actress of the girlfriend *literally the whole song is about how ari is prettier than her*

  43. Anything 4 you

    Every girl is a dangerous women when she find her boyfriend his cheating on her

  44. Fancy vlogs By me

    Did she actually start that cuz it's sad

  45. Leandra Ruff

    love the song

  46. sara stipancevic

    ❤🥰 I love she

  47. Dakto Basar

    Love you ariana 🥰😍💓❤💖💗💘

  48. Jean Mike DOUAIRE

    Comment ne pas aimer.

  49. Dilian Andrea Puentes

    Alguien in spanish? I am yes

    1. Ana Karen Hernández Zúñiga


  50. Demian Ortiz gonzalez

    Like si ves esto por juanpablo jaramillo

  51. ComfyBunny

    Who is listing to this in quedrent time

  52. Mackenzie-Hao Kai Tam

    This is the hottest Samsung commercial I've ever seen

  53. Bird Sound

    when nobody knew who The Weekend was lol

  54. Valentina T. Cortez


  55. elle `

    This song makes me feel like everything in the world is alright today <3

  56. CP Justice


  57. james wuenschel

    Whoever is reading this I hope you don’t get coronavirus Stay safe❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. Leanna London

    My dad is a dangerous man when I don’t play video games cus it’s sunmer

  59. Leanna London

    Yass gurl

  60. LiamÙwÚ

    Quarantine song. xD

  61. bernardo decot

    who's here after all the stuf with lana's post?

  62. Javier Díaz Valenzuela

    Ari forever is amazing song 💯💯💯💯

  63. Theresa Ubbenhorst


  64. Matheus Silva

    Eu fui nesse show melhor que fui até agora, agora br ai ?

  65. Nino Dzagania


  66. Me_ wried

    Me : *lisining to her song Her: feel like a dangerous woman Me : YEsSSsSsSsSsSsSSsSsSSsSsSSSSS

  67. Arantza Rueckert Zubiria

    3:03 ya’ll need to pay more attention cause the car was always black

  68. Yatharth Nagpal

    Am thankful to Dani Daniels and many more during lockdown

  69. Sierra Schmoyer23

    This gonna be my wedding song

  70. Andrea Cordero

    This song should be in a Disney movie

  71. Robert Gonzalez

    I had to watch this again I just love this song 😭

  72. Lenci brazil

    wow ariana you have such a beatiful voize wow

  73. ᴍᴏᴏɴ

    tell me I'm not the only one here in quarantine 😌

  74. Nicole Wright

    The way it shinne I know u seen it Gurl I know we can see it you can see it from mars🤣

  75. The Mr Holmes

    Pornhub ?

  76. Guadalupe Gauna

    Me encanta esta canción primita

  77. Eugénie Tremblay

    She is so pretty at 0:51 😍😍😩 (Well she’s always pretty though)

  78. najat afnan

    anyone after babywala from subtitle no one asked for?

  79. Natalie Lawn

    I love the song no tears left to cry by ariana grande

  80. Alice gacha Studio

    Cadê os brasileiros que tbm amam essa diva?😍

  81. Art Gamer

    2013: The Way 2018: better off 2019: ghostin

  82. Eliza Ysabel Vicente

    i went here bc im watching victorious and seeing cat as ariana changes for me bc of her cat voice is like.....cmon give her some more bibble 😂.... oh for ppl who hasn’t watch victorious go watch it how and watch sam and cat too

  83. Soleil Sierra

    she said she's single and I'm her feature o maaaay ghaaaaddd

  84. Alice Gruber

    This was written for all of the people lost at the Manchester bombing

  85. vendetta girl


  86. sweet lyrics


  87. miru_uwu

    3:33 that face lmao xD

  88. Ade


  89. Safiya Richens (2023)

    Ariana is totally me and that boy is my crush. I would so shoot an arrow at a girl for him. XD

  90. Meksi 55

    Christmas spirit in may🤗

  91. fire_fir awx

    don benjamin

  92. Sakif Chowdhury

    That doggo is like... Really stuck 😂

  93. Leonel Stocco

    This is song is perfect for the Manchester Arena Is very sad😔💔

  94. Max Schus

    this is my wife <3 I Love You Baby <3

  95. nad ine

    If you're reading this I hope you'll be rich 🌹

  96. Alejandro Cruz

    Rain on me 😦😮

  97. Hooper Bee

    Bless you Ariana

  98. katty r0sk0pF

    Ariana marry my!!!!!

  99. Grazia SPAGNUOLO

    This is me with my crush😂

  100. Grethel Julissa Canales Jimenez

    Dios mío no entiendo ni madres en los comentarios