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  1. Astro Boy

    Only he could have made a song inside a show this good

  2. Teresa Amorim Pais

    Thes are the most beautiful places in loved musically so just perfec to get yourself with the song and you'll find it all day weekend to see you're in loved like musik

  3. Angelique Vacant

    Je kiff👌👌👌👌

  4. Mariana Weby

    I want videossssss with Dojaaaaaa ❤❤❤

  5. 承

    best than the original

  6. JERP ER

    Best break up song, God bless


    it's weird after what she did i am still listening to this really she is talented..... i just can't help it 🤐🤐......

  8. Maria Da Silva


  9. Open Road Music

    Haha !!!!

  10. Jermaine Olguin

    Dam this shits funny after watching “uncut gems”😂😂

  11. Tazzz

    I fucking thought this was a fan edit...

  12. Ushria Abid

    1:32 Thank me later!

  13. Nadia Gilmore

    This is the best song of the album, who disagree?

  14. looseparashoot

    Uncut gems brought me here

  15. adan malik

    I love The Weeknd. His music hits different !

  16. MR Gdogg

    At least he’s a man about it #virginityrocks

  17. ariel pozo

    i love song

  18. Faza Dinan M

    Anjing keren

  19. FrutyX

    I hope this song gets a video clip with Doja, such masterpiece deserves it , sweet for ears.

  20. Alix Nolan

    Doja Kitty, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  21. Aksmnsjxdb Aksjxndnd

    Marry Bella hadid

  22. Twin Marcus

    Take a moment to praise the god tier saxophone skills


    2:19 6ix9ine's infinity hoes in "GOOBA"

  24. Lara Castillo

    Could you imagine a music video for this omg-----

  25. m.

    we're never going to get this ever again.