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  1. Di Asikin Aja ,Cici

    so food that appears every time in advertisements, it is a food experiment with chemicals to make it look more attractive to customers. No wonder the ads and originals are different.

  2. Twilight Saga

    Seriously . Mayonaise for cake

  3. G.G. M

    200 IQ kitchen tricks.

  4. Honeyy Peachyy

    The way you cook rice... Triggers me.

  5. Mettatonyx

    Ok but Who Tf eats Ramen without the Broth

  6. Priyadarshini YT

    is I am the only one who thinks that she looks like shraddha Kapoor 😂💝😑

  7. kumalia

    A better idea If you have something that can still be used but you don't want it Donate it

  8. Devyani Shirsath

    plz don't use new t-shirts for your hacks...as you hv used for that cat...

  9. Monster Rabbit Gamer

    Am I the only one who doesn't do those things here?

  10. Anto zarate


    1. Anto zarate


  11. ross martin

    it takes a lot of time making this video I could tell

  12. Loren Salazar

    5:05 My question is, WHO DRINKS THAT MUCH WINEEEEE 5:26 imagine how much plastic bottle they had to buy for that

  13. ross martin

    don't worry about what people say keep going they might have done it diffrently

  14. Simply Shook

    Ok on the cinnamon roll soap, sure it looks cute but you are just waisting cinnamon, royalty soaps made a video about this and how some "recipes" are fake/dangerous, some don't, if you wanna you know create these soaps, do research first if they are safe to your skin or not

  15. Katayanagi Twins TRON

    0:57 that gave me painful vibes...

  16. ᏊcataᏊ

    Is there something the big blossom group doesn't do well? of course everything does well and has such great ideas thanks blosoom help me mich ❤


    when you said all of the food accidents.. no one likes to eat those food anymore cuz of you

  18. RHH Organic Chicken Farming

    Who likes strawberries with chocolate

  19. Shooting Star

    I think the toy was moving its eyes look carefully

  20. unknown user

    I used to think that I will do but... Then suddenly I remind my mom's face.. And I am not thinking more after that. Lol.... My mom don't allow me..

  21. pari sharma

    Me- oh cake My friend -thats soap 🤔 Me - STILL CAKE 😁

  22. Micaiah Keziah Padua

    my parent always telling me a story that ghost ar lived in our bathroom,so everytime i get shower,i never closed my eyes lol

  23. Kyleigh Freire

    1:43 what happened


    Your 6 new subscriber here . as I have three phones and 6 accounts

  25. Huong Trinh


  26. Lennie Mendoza

    The are cakes

  27. Steph .L

    2:34 Me in year 2020

  28. Babu Pavi


  29. Abdullah Arakani


  30. Dineshkumar Anbumani

    even i do that when i am alone

  31. wuzzy

    GRsel recommended this for me, to keep me away from the riots protest/riots videos smh

  32. Louverture Vanessa

    Put onion in freze

  33. Louverture Vanessa

    The onion is false

  34. wuzzy

    8:35 ....ah.... no mame smh no mame smh no mame smh........no mame

  35. Ayesha Nazir

    0:07 *Or you could just not cut it all the way and make it easier for all of us*

  36. Jay J.

    Judging by their lame tattoos they most likely picked up these skills in prison

  37. Stop fucking my mum

    You shouldn’t sacrifice your child’s toy just to make yourself one

  38. Isabella Aragon

    Who else take tiny sips of a drink that’s good and tiny bites of food that is so good

  39. Choi Ji-eung

    For the rice so it’s not sticky is to put less water and if it’s too dry just add more water next time you make it and not just add lemon juice because that does nothing 😂🤣 I make rice all the time and I learned the hard way 😅

  40. 梁嘉慧

    0:52 I don’t think so...

  41. I just

    _Isn't that just normal Dalgona?_

  42. I just

    'If you have enough money for a fidget spinner, you have enough money for a spinning bowl' Blossom: *No*

  43. Sufia Begom

    Instant smoothy I do it. Every evinining because it is my Favorite food . Yummy😵😨

  44. حمودي حمودي

    منو عراقي ايحط لايك 😎😍😱😍😱😍😘😙😍😱😘😙ومنو كورونا😷😷😷😷😷😷بس عادي 😍😘😍😘😙😘😍😘😙😍😘😙

  45. James A

    10 Amazing DIY pranks is what this is

  46. Josyd Aviles

    Ok but why are you straining ramen😶😶

  47. The Baddest Gamers

    With the rose one, it's kinda like a travel hack. Use a little bit on vacation. Keeps you clean and looks amazing 😁😁


    More usefull lifehacks than 5-minute Craft😄😄

  49. Robby Ricardo

    But there's no saying nix


    Who else has always wanted a bikin wax

  51. Jamise Denari

    That chicken one I did when I was a kid

  52. Silvia Aguilar


  53. Sameer Sarkar


  54. Chayonne Peralta


  55. uwu Oo

    Everyone in the comments is talken about how somthen didn't work while im here like "Bro I forgot how to peel a Hershey's kisses...they showed me a easy way" (Im dumb I get it 😂)

  56. Otha Hanike

    Rakus kaya babi puki ka

  57. Fiorenza Dahayu kalifa

    Corona coronna

  58. Fadhil AR

    10 foods invented by accident *pancake with motor oil*

  59. Mary channel Yt

    When im taking a bath And everytime i close my eyes the demon is coming to get me

  60. Roseline Lee

    Holy followed you guys for 3 years already, time flies

  61. Shatay Hay

    Mayo and cake does not sound good

  62. Maria Osorio

    Its the day of my wedding and i did the first hack and i made a slit in the bag to wacht this vid😂lol

  63. Hishammudin 61


  64. Amanda Paterson

    1min 05 it's me when I'm watching youtube

  65. Chayonne Peralta


  66. manoj bhatnagar

    Biggest idiot

  67. Gacha Siblings

    The popsicle is kinda truthful but it wasnt root beer it was a fruit drink made with a powder and water

  68. Redzep Muric


  69. Gacha Siblings

    Wouldnt the eggs become a omelet and the banana just add to make a banana omelet?

  70. Алексей Чирочкин

    Что за бред?

  71. Lps Cotton candy

    The cute one is like me I love everything cute! And I like anime

  72. _Lovely_Purpely_Berry_

    I've cooked an egg for the first time not so long ago and I just use butter and it doesn't really stick

  73. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Nice thank you now I'm never gonna eat yogurt

  74. Rhys Mack

    You people are legends.

  75. Sara Sanchez

    2:33 Corona got is like ....😂

  76. Elza Maria

    O hsjg hsijb

  77. Chayonne Peralta


  78. Vertubenflugen

    I wonder why after watching a video like this, some men still mess with their women. I mean, you don't want to spitting sand out of your ears do you?

  79. empaçocado

    I am a misture of all kk

  80. zulu bwoi

    Breaking bottles and cutting up shirts pushes it but when you cut up ivysaur my fist went straight through my wall

  81. Topher Smith

    When I saw that the fish stopped moving I thought that it was suffering and couldn't breath so I think it was dead and you can't even feed the fish 😥

  82. Big guy R4nd0m sm1le


  83. Nicole Hall

    This is gross 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  84. Manga Bureddy

    wow I trie this in my home the growed plants are real or not

  85. let's learn English with Amal

    Amazing ! Welcome all to my channel 😊

  86. Izzy Blue Bell

    0:02 guys it's so obvious how there's a pause in the video where she literally puts those bun things in her hair to make it look like kts naturally done.

  87. ツ • Thicc Macaroni and Cheese •ツ

    All the starving people be vibin now

  88. Lizeth paola Fernández colon

    Jjajaja a mi me paso igual en el maquillaje cuando tenía 13 años de edad y después. A mis 18 años es por eso que decidí no aplicarme base de. Maquillaje nunca más

  89. ROLE V.E

    Ah yes, I too can open a Mango and an avocado with bare hands.

  90. Лейла Морозова

    Привет. Ты нашел русский комментарий, лайкни, чтобы они думали, что я написала что-то очень умное )

  91. Lizeth paola Fernández colon

    Oh Dios mío chicas si se depilan el rostro les salen comedones es decir acne

  92. Helaina Evans

    Great, but I’m a tomboy so how do I turn a dress into a baggy shirt lol

  93. Acey Bunso

    1:06-1:09-1:12 so clumsy

  94. Lily Doherty

    4:22 Alright, who’s gonna tell him that red onions don’t make you cry? Seriously dude

  95. Katie Acero

    The thumbnail though.....😳

  96. Tea Vy Show

    Lost me at diy walnut scrub, girly.

  97. clea_it_is :P

    3:23 Very true XD


    Wow 🤩like 👍💐💐💐💐

  99. Che Yo

    Who's here cuz of TKOR

  100. Poko!

    I don't like the corn whit Butter