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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. Gamer Life

    Looks like a theodd1sout video

  2. IDFWU dowN

    Ryze rework or the earth in the late 2020

  3. iMero x

    Guys when is one for all coming?

  4. Claudio Junior


  5. fahad ab

    I hope we don't see that in 2020

  6. Melih Yusuf Girgin

    turgut reize yakışmadı

  7. notoriginal video's

    "Shut up and take my money"

  8. Unknown User

    That penguin has N word pass -TFT 2020-

  9. Harry69


  10. Stiv Norman

    WE WONT NEW EVENT(or new champion)🤟

  11. Tobi A

    5 years and still no one took the first shot

  12. Kein Chimbara

    I wish league of legend is a movie


    From the thumbnail, I thought it was a Coronavirus video or something...

  14. Nokei Shari

    This in itself could be a trailer for a horror movie

  15. Alejo Sandoval

    i think the one on the right is Syndra. it makes sense because the thing on her head is the same as the classic Syndra and also because of lore reasons.

  16. GDV

    He has inspiration!

  17. daniel loh

    ... Idk why after hearing Jojo's menancing theme, it sounds the same

  18. SFG MAK3R

    Imagine ahri jungeling; This isn’t right.

  19. LUL DOGE

    LoL is good game.... BUT the freaking garena is a terrible gold diger game agency

  20. WELS POL

    Fue la primera musica que escuche de lol :"v (un comentario en español pueden morir en paz )

  21. KasaTuRa

    Karma n syndra

  22. Figh_Combo


  23. Cain Marco

    when Miyeon was still meaty.

  24. Ten 10


  25. Spartan Gamer


  26. ImpossibleNubble

    cant play squad

  27. Saiyan Shinobi8

    Gotta remind these basics that they can play league during the quarantine I guess

  28. Víctor Enríquez Gago

    Vuestro sistema de partidas competitivas es pésimo, los premios que dais con las efigies ínfimos al igual que lo que ganas por cada partida jugada. Vuestra manera de emparejar es horrible. El juego está fatal. ¿Podéis escuchar a vuestros jugadores?, porque ahora resulta que ni comunicarse con vosotros se puede. Llevó jugando desde 2010 y cada día me gusta menos. Las clasificatorias no se pueden penalizar y evaluar así como lo estáis haciendo. No se puede descender a la gente de rango ni quitar más puntos de los que se ganan. Puedes jugar cinco partidas seguidas haciendo S o A y el ELO no sube, solo baja, porque cada vez te dan menos puntos por victoria y te quitan más por derrota. Y no hablo de ligas altas. Os hablo de ligas bajitas Bronce, Plata... Cambiad ya el sistema y empezad a hacer las cosas justas. Hay héroes descompensados, algunos como Maestro yi que es de los iniciales. No puedo creer que en 10 años hayáis sido incapaces de equilibrarlo mínimamente. Creo que habéis perdido el rumbo en muchos aspectos y eso os va a pasar factura a la larga, me gustaría de disfrutar de un juego sano, de un juego que no penalice tanto las derrotas, que te permita conseguir esencias azules en cada partida en lugar de en una caja por nivel que varia según tu suerte. ¿Nunca os habéis preguntado por qué la comunidad de LOL es tóxica? Quizás porque no tenéis un juego justo. Se desconecta un aliado, pierdes y te quitan más puntos que si ganases..., pero dónde está la justicia en este juego... Alguien tenía que decíroslo y ya que no encuentro otra manera, porque habéis complicado para poder decíroslo, pues lo digo por aquí.

  29. happy _rose17

    Can you play League of Legends on mobile?

  30. DogeTeMiraAlDormir

    1. listen this music 2.get hyped 2:0/13/2 with lux

  31. Podremos llegar a 10.000 suscriptores sin videos

    Dale like si amas a tu mamá Mira mi nombre y pincha mi canal

  32. Dio Brando

    He's standing like Dio

  33. Ilya_Sins

    Do you want some League of Legends on your Lux?

  34. Mario Di Nillo

    esta normal que me emocine despues de verla 10 veces ? la cuarentena me hace mal

  35. abdo ashraf


  36. Alizer

    cant wait for mobile legends to copy this

  37. Dio Brando

    Sounds like Eren speech for his Ymir Subject

  38. hal0dude7

    Tfw no new login theme like the one for Dark Cosmic Jhin.

  39. İsimsiz Kullanıcı

    0:01 kalbim Ama ben seni arkadaşım olarak görüyorum 0:09 yeni kalbim

  40. Proxy Singed

    Sion: I dont always die but when i do......i dont.

  41. Sett Main

    who is the girl in the blue side?

  42. Nick Roj

    The more i think about it...they we're making covid masks cool before covid...makes you think...

  43. Sada Sabri

    why riot dont wanna do some movie of L O L ??

  44. Baked bleach 108

    why does he look like Oliver tee

  45. Plastram

    He looks like Geralt Of Rivia.

  46. Kimi •


  47. Corona is OP

    Why does the dc lux looks better than cosmic :( is it only me who notice?

  48. Koinii Chuu

    Riot creates music better than how they balance the game.

  49. Pedro Vaz

    When will the event start?

  50. Koh’li

    Nevercake’s ads are the only ads I have gone out of my way to look for

  51. RedCube Gamer

    Everyone: it's okay 2020 april will be better. 2020 april:

  52. Pointless

    This is like if League of Legends wanted to be GingerPale.


    Ekko : rap Qiyana : rap Akali : rap Senna : sings Yasuo : feed

  54. O. UNAL

    Fall ın love I cant stop it Me !!

  55. Christian Neyra

    *Star Guardian Urgot* the mascot for weeb community

  56. Proxy Singed

    What a shame ... no beast song for this champios ..... FeelsBadMan...

  57. Søren

    Hmm cool story, but where is the update and where is ONE FOR ALL??????

  58. лариса шидловская

    Классная игра

  59. Knugen

    When is next ''battle pass'' coming?

  60. Lestat Lioncourt

    Anyone else noticed that Qiyana switched earrings in 1:30?

  61. Yumeki uwu

    Urgooot :0

  62. Huwewewe

    More like Syndra

  63. 티모정복

    이런 예쁜 딸보면 카사딘은 얼마나 행복할까

  64. YEET MAN

    Them: next month is gonna be alright Next month:

  65. RE_PLAY

    RISE... 하지만 이젠 그저 RICE가 되버린 찬밥이 형...


    how tf ppl was playing this with this quality

  67. Yoel Oderiz

    Report lux

  68. 김근우

    혹시 강찬밥??

  69. Nikita Chumachenko

    1080p never

  70. chronos traveler

    fear the power of T-posing

  71. Winged Hussar

    They' should've said who sings this and it's Allie Crystal


    I dont need stupid lux, im need xerath

  73. R E

    Will you guys just make a movie already.. some one needs to top WOW and Final Fantasy

  74. Christian Jerod Fernandez

    I didn't even notice Veigar and Tristana was in the video.

  75. T M

    Have to say I don’t like the galaxy/celestial theme lol

  76. Patates Necmi


  77. Funnyman Retamart

    No entendi ni mierda

  78. Murilo

    react to Ekko: Champion Spotlight and Warwick Champion Spotlight


    I really need to see Kassadin in one of these cinematics.

  80. ᴍ-ᴍᴜꜰꜰɪɴ;

    Rise no parecía ser hecha para cantar en vivo

  81. jp


  82. Soar 02

    Video appears in my recommended FOUR years later. It’s destiny, what can I say😂

  83. Huỳnh Văn Ngọt

    Best song ever

  84. 사플

    흔한 롤 매드무비 브금

  85. galexia nova

    when will they be online?

  86. Julio Chibi

    Fidelito mas nocturne duo bot best meta korea

  87. Lília Soares

    nossaa que video massa =o

  88. Mervan Kuru

    I noticed now. This cinematic starts from the end of "climb" cinematic

  89. CrownZ2

    I'm here after watching Hero Too

  90. Fernando Sergio

    It was going to be wonderful if when fiddle make penta and stars to playthe music this time 2:05

  91. Volkan Kaya

    cinematikler cok guzel sıkıntı şurda oyunun gorselliği bence alakası yok karakterler oyunda minyatur giibi duruyor we kesınlıkle wow un cakması

  92. Snuporyuk

    Cash grab

  93. Yogesh Baloda

    Who came here after corona virus

  94. Huwng Kim

    Star Guardian Yasuo

  95. Janclart Ibus

    Yeeeeehhhheeeeyyyy lux

  96. 시애틀추장


  97. Δημητρης Χανιωτης

    The music is better than the clip xd