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  1. Franz P.

    *cough* esports *cough* (the marble league looks siiiiiick, though :o )

  2. TheLordHawkeye

    Fuck this hits harder after George Floyd

  3. obsession byEXØ

    like how she remembered to call him Alvin in the end

  4. William Roark


  5. Harmony Mitcham

    Um boofing is a term used for anal sex, or to stick drugs up your butt not flatulence.

  6. Addie Alexander

    I don't care who has to die, I am stuck watching 60-year-old soccer games on GRsel!!!I lI lost a family friend to COVID-19, but even he'd on my side. I know I sound terrible but it is only because I am losing my mind without sports, playing and watching!!!

  7. James Alexander Jimenez-Medina

    Now that’s how u roast someone haha

  8. lilieth cameron

    I need a billion dollars. Time to be a televangelist and save the world and god's people with money. Hallelujah, so it will be.

  9. Cosmic Buddhi

    I'll have to download this episode for posterity! And future censorship!

  10. AL

    Thanks GRsel, Instead of showing me newer Last Week Tonight's, you put 5 year old ones in my feed; almost daily. I'll try my best not to unsubscribe b/c of this

  11. Abigail Hardin

    I would love to see the show's take on hair salons opening. Touching people is literally the job. How does it make any sense? I say this as a hairstylist who does not want to be sacrificed for the economy.

  12. Morgan Suh

    and of course we're back

  13. all hail king julien

    h l

  14. Codename Johnny

    Its actually "biggest" but who's splitting hairs, eh?

  15. Earnest T Bass

    That's Rachel Maddow

  16. Vladimir Lenin

    Fun fact when jk rowling backed better together england somehow turned gay

  17. City of Roses 1845

    Wiff Waff sounds like a comedy porno.

  18. Liz Dynok

    Watching this at the end of May hits different :(

  19. B bo

    He put Russia and isis as some sort of allies but negates to mention Russia helped Assad take back isis captured territory

  20. saibal das

    Talk about George Floyd.

  21. Hikeeba

    Probably a stupid question, but who was the first/only contestant? I know I know her. I think she was a previous Miss America.

  22. Alexander Maier

    Doctor: "You're pregnant." 16-year-old girl: "Oh my gosh. My mom's gonna kill me." Baby in the womb: "Oh my gosh. My mom's gonna kill me."

  23. City of Roses 1845

    14:10 If Boris Jonhson offers me tea I would never drink it because he most likely put Arsenic in it.

  24. Derek Pelotte

    Chad team, assemble !!

  25. godric Elkhazali

    Jokes are terrible

  26. OhighO Skater

    I’m comment number 1,000. Can I has a cookie now?

  27. the X Mask

    Those stats are fake 48, 38, 9 and 6 add up to 101 busted 😂😂😂🖕🏻

  28. Rahul Panicker

    John sang circle of Easter egg for a future role perhaps.

  29. Rich Ross

    Knob, English knob.

  30. Emily Werling

    The Adam Driver bit had me screaming

  31. Alexander Maier

    I highly recommend people watch this video

    1. Stephen2462

      Lol Ben Shapiro, as if he wasn't just a cheap provocatuer. Anyways, going by the video, he doesn't have any real argument against abortion, he just talked about how disgusted he is and brought up some emotionally manipulative photos. Incidentally, what Kermit Goznel did wasn't even abortion, technically speaking, so bringing up a photo of an infant he killed is just straight up dishonest.

  32. Louis Sallie

    As a man of faith, I totally appreciate this story. Using faith to prey on people is disgusting. I love John Oliver. 💗🙏

  33. Acely of Findenfuld

    These boys are all junk ads and Top TM rollers. They'll never make anywhere. They need to quit their crack toys and move up to flying. They'll make sophomoric diatribe at best. Have a start at it.

  34. Quarterback x

    Remember the Consitution says,you,are innocent until proven guilty. But, there Re laws where you are presumed guilty until you prove yourself innocent. What the heck is wrong with such laws. And the goverment writing these laws know that is unconstitutional, but it does not matter until someone can afford the time, resources, and finances to take them to court. And, the court is the very city they are taking to court. Can you say,stacking the deck against everyone? And, just the slightest bassist by the judge because of the money going back to his court if the city wins to pay for his paycheck, being partial to his city, or anyone in uniform. It's just a loo sided situation from there start. There is nothing fair or impartial.

  35. Quarterback x

    Funny argumentm people going through Nevada with more money than pocket change. Hum. With it being a place where gambling is legal, that could also be anyone who is either going to gamble or coming back home with their winnings.

  36. Corey Gordon

    evil!? he is the one digging up fossle fuels

  37. transmission norfolk

    When will u air?

  38. Niklas MX

    Germany opened the BUNDESLIGA at so far it is working very good. Believe it or not, the people need "circus" to be entertained :)

  39. Kaitensatsuma

    So.... this video has aged well Might as well just change "shot an unarmed teenager" to "crushed an nonviolent man's neck" and Ferguson Missouri to Minneapolis Minnesota and call it a week.

  40. FeuerJalapenio

    That's propaganda of the finest

  41. Nahla Aly

    Wait, Sierra is on Last Week Tonight? Wow.

  42. Nahla Aly

    The postal service is essential for a lot of businesses, most important of which, online shopping.

  43. AgeingBoyPsychic

    I'm kind of glad that the anthropocene is coming to an end to be honest. We suuuuuuuuuuuck.



  45. Ron Barone

    I'm starting to understand why Mobile home parks are so ripe for the picking. In my research most Mom and Pop MHP's were run and maintained well because they actually cared about there tenant for the most part and most are making a very good living just maintaining a small dirt lot. For most Parks there was a good relationship between landlord and tenant that's been going on for decades,the tenants kept up on there homes and landlords with low overhead kept rents reasonable its a win win right,.... Mom and Pop have very little to do once the infrastructure is in.... The homes are the responsibility of the tenants so when a roof needs replacing or plumping problems arise or windows need replacing the tenant foots the bill to keep his or hers home in tip top shape (great deal for the landlord).......Now my research shows that these relationships between landlord and tenant are showing some huge cracks as these Parks start to fall in the wrong hands as John Oliver calls them "Predators" and "Corporations".... In my almost 30 yrs in business I have learned at a early age one thing and that was to steer clear from large corporations, unfortunately your "Just a number" to them. I have ran into many Predators that took advantage and cheated many of my costumers, Thank God most of these Predators are out of business or went bankrupt many yrs ago , I was so happy when the last Predator went to jail for ripping people off....Greedy investors who do not care about people just turn a blind eye..... Many don't seem to care like Mom and Pop did... From what I have read this seems to be an epidemic throughout most of US to grab these Parks up as fast as you can and raise the rents up as fast as you can in order to make as much profit as fast possible. I can only imagine what this will do to the home values in the Parks as land fees go higher and higher... Many landlords don't seem to care about the depreciation and degradation of the homes or there land..... This "American Greed" can only cause more and more disconnect between tenant and landlord that took decades to develop.... I can only see more homelessness as this buying frenzy continues or until local,state or Feds step in..... I'm sorry but I was brought up to respect people not to take advantage of people, especially my elders.... When I listened to Frank Rolfe and how holding his tenants HOSTAGE is a very profitable business that really turned me off... Many investors take this as a green light to do what they please in there Parks with no regard to the tenants..... Is this AMERICAN CAPITALISM?..... I'm glad John Oliver dug up the real Frank Rolfe and showed people his dirty little secrets.....He actually charges investors and shows them how to take advantage of some of the poorest people in a America!!!.... Some people seem to think he is a God in the mobile home industry...... sorry I cant agree.

  46. Akuma

    Well today this might be the most relevant video ever

  47. waseem syed

    Mr Oliver, this is about India. Poor people are numerously dying here and government keep failing in rescue labour and poor. They don't even speak responsibly, they are providing excuses on deaths of them. They don't even let opposition help them, government stopped 1000 vehicles of congress party of India which were sent to get back the poor labours from other states Please watch report of Ravish Kumar from NDTV to contain full information about this. I can translate for you if you want. This is a humble request, take it to global platform.

  48. Greg Grisham

    Is government TRAITORS in SENATE and house of AWHORICA OF BABYLON representatives recused to pass legislation that would've stopped all DUI s and stop all bombings with simple device that wouldn't allow the engine to start if alcohol or any chemicals were detected but U.S.government TRAITORS were INSTALLED in all seats of power as the SATANIC PERFECT TRAITOR Reagan was installed dictatorship STOOGE. Total WHORE sold his soul for decade's from cigarettes to www666ville ANTICHRIST UNHOLY ROMAN BIBLE EMPIRE government TRAITOR mass murderers NO SUCH thing as soldiers or service men and women but paid trained careered psychopath murderers. Book The creature from jeckle island details all TREASONOUS foreign owned fed reserve activities. watch the best democracy money can buy n BUSH family fortune also CAPITALISM a love story also SICO and Book YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE documents U.S. banking system's TREASON against humanity by enslaving all through USURY on loans with conditions like, only buing seeds that have a suicide gene and saving seeds made illegal just as a drug war from TRAITOR WHORE REAGAN who actually removed all SOLAR PANEL'S from atop the www666ville ANTICHRIST UNHOLY ROMAN BIBLE EMPIRE government white house and as unto TODAY STOLE all the funding that would've actually HELPED humanity instead of www666villes MILITARY TRAITORS and the WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING, telling all TREASONOUS LIES. We must March n revolt become secound amendment n bare arms against antichrists traitorous churchville government holding us and humanity and EARTH HOSTAGE before to late!

  49. Philippe deRepentigny

    ……..I get a kick out of John Oliver............but somehow, it always comes back to bite you on the a**…….…since 2016 you have "Trump" it's called 'irony'

  50. zjohn

    If I respond to a robocall and someone comes in my house, can I kick the crap out of this person for calling me. Say it was self defense, the robocalls drove me crazy. Has anyone done that and what happened?

  51. Colin Charsley-Groffman

    So what you're saying is the Premier League should be cancelled and this season's results voided?

  52. Jaden Chen

    How do they decide between "aye" and "nay" when spoken? Do they just fricking guess? WHY DO WE STILL DO THIS

  53. dimitrios lianos

    WTF Oliver WTF!?!?!? LMAO "Interviewing a Trump University Graduate" he is a scammer and now President, WTF!?? where is the FBI? in Mexico? ohh.. ok its fine! Fine Be Inteligen free vacations in Mexico

  54. Scott Barlow

    On my next visit to the great city of Austin I plan to look up mr. Jones. That dickless wonder will remember me for the rest of his meaningless life FUCKING PUSSY

  55. Alba G

    I'd love if he put a laugh track but the laugh track is just a guy breathing heavily, like, huh, funny

  56. J K

    Leftover embryos from fertility treatments are either destroyed or donated for scientific research all the time, and you don't ever hear anyone complaining about that. I guess embryos are only important if they're inside of a woman.

  57. David Wade

    This video explains why people are rioting in Minneapolis this week. I imagine I’ll have to share the video 1 million times before any serious regulatory reforms take place.

  58. RaRaRasputin

    The sketch was better than him trying to Save the World.

  59. Skilz 321

    20:28 I don’t think any of us needed or wanted to be reminded of that.

  60. Youbetternowatchthis

    Guess what? Nothing has changed. What a suprise.

  61. LGEX

    That woman singing to shillary was one of the most painful things ive ever saw

  62. Noemi

    Rest in Power George Floyd

  63. Maggie Kwan that's the thread

  64. 6Meilin

    I just bought the book and it's actually so cute! It even got translated in german 🙆‍♀️

  65. HeroInaHalfPint

    speaking of asshole Arpaio...

  66. Jesse Olson

    Cops are a gang. Bottom line they are a criminal gang that steals and kills.

  67. Disney Teacup Corner

    As a German girl, let me ask you this: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?


    5:09 makes me laugh

  69. Santiago

    John you know that all sports have the same type of contract right. they are all independent contractors the only difference is that wrestlers get paid less than nfl players

  70. Viper

    the confederate flag was not the flag of the confederates during the civil war.Also saying it represents slavery doesnt make sense because therefore the american flag is also horrible as slavery was legalized in america for 80 years xd

    1. RonPaulHatesBlacks

      It was adopted as the national flag on May 1, 1863, set on a field of white to represent the confederacy's "cornerstone" belief in white supremacy. The rebels said their flag represents "exactly the opposite idea" as the American flag -- "Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery -- subordination to the superior race -- is his natural and normal condition." Either you belief slavery is wrong or you don't.

  71. Anotha 1

    2 years later the world is laughing even harder than before.

  72. The Gamer In The Mask

    Is there ANY video on this channel that hasn’t aged well?

  73. Kevin Connelli

    Dude your a fucking tool!!!

  74. Camilo Torres

    Lmao at Vince's call.

  75. Cammie Schmidt

    I finally got my stamps yesterday! Yayyyy!

  76. Topic Time!

    8:37 when John Oliver became a Wattpad writer of a juicy viral fanfic that everyone knows about but no one actually read it

  77. Shanay

    Tom hanks is a pedophile

  78. Joel Davis

    Mitch McConnell a total piece of shit. This man even being in such a high place of power in this country is a warning sign about the future of the United States.

  79. Sam Samantha

    Had to rewatch this after what happened to George Floyd... 😔 Hoping to get some solutions from Mr. Oliver..

  80. Mr wonderful

    Kavanaugh...let's go out to the first bar we see, have a few ...beers and then , go outside and Duke it out! Just me and you ...your nothing but a big cry baby that deserves a blackout by my fists you POS ...btw, your father must be a jackass!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  81. Mahin Siddiqui

    I am here after the death of George Floyd,are you?

  82. Mohammed Ridha

    Fuck you and Fuck the US

  83. David Barsch


  84. quiplo

    There were two trans people in my school year and they constantly were talked down on by the other students. Both of them were forced to use the disabled toilets. I hate that my school constantly preach how they love all the different people that go there and how diverse they are but still don’t let some of them have a basic human right to shit in a bathroom. It’s not as bad as forcing them into their incorrect toilet but I still think it is disrespectful and ridiculous

  85. Schwatvogel

    Holy shit, the end of this video is so prophetic it hurts.

  86. sds136

    This actually explains why Americans hate socialism. You're doing it wrong. If not even the IRS workers can keep up with 400 changes a year, there's a clear lack of transparency 🤷‍♀️

  87. Brendan Burman-Bellenger

    When the first guy said "Alexa, where should Amazon build its new HQ?" MY fucking Alexa heard that and responded with "Amazon is building its new HQ......

  88. Mary McQuaid

    Who does the writing for this show? I’m in stitches from beginning to end.

  89. M Joc

    Hello all, I require you assistance here! I am not a native speaker and thus I think I am missing a point here. Basically, on the one hand, I thought filibustering was just the act of speaking endlessly or provoking any similar situation that prevents real stuff from happening and thus any bill to be accepted. On the other hand, I understood that the 60 votes threshold (while the Senate is approximately equally represented by the two main parties) is a huge hindrance to any big change as it simply means that a significant number of members from both parties must agree. But it seemed to me that John Oliver implied that there was a link between those two concepts, almost as if this 60 votes threshold is part of filibustering, which I don't get. Is there something I am missing here?

    1. Lochlan Ibbertson

      Nope, your not missing a thing. Having the 60 vote threshold to end debate is a huge part of the fillibuster. If a party does not have those 60 votes, debate does not need to stop, and the legislation doesn't even get voted on. So now, all a party needs to do is threaten to fillibuster, and a bill is basically dead.

  90. Creative and funny name

    God, I love Shark Tank

  91. themetal

    So can someone tell me why the average American would be so stupid as to vote for a republican? If you work for a living, you vote for the party that helps working people. And that IS NOT the GOP. Don't Boo. . . Vote Blue.

  92. MutteringCondolences

    The lack of interest in, and open hostility towards, the census is a direct result of American culture. Don't give a fuck about your neighbors, only care about your self, fuck over the other guy before he fucks you, poorly funded education, low civic involvement, and strident anti-intellectualism in the media and every level of government. The libertarians who think the census is unconstitutional are a perfect example.

  93. marc phillips

    My favorite part was the “yea...” by the pitchers wife.

  94. Synthetic

    Coronavirus killing tens of thousands, Trump drags his heels. Twitter fact-checks his BS about voting, Trump instantly starts beef. He's like your racist, out-of-touch, opinionated but not educated uncle that you silently block on social media because he won't stop blaming everyone else for his problems. Except he's the leader of your country and you can't actually block him out because he's trying to start a civil war.

  95. Jon Adams

    I didnt even give a shit that the human torch was being played by a black guy or that Susan storn was adopted. What I couldn't stand is they fucked up doctor dooms character and it's almost 2 hours of talking in different poorly lit rooms when its susposed to be a super hero action movie . Like holy shit Christian bale batman movies didnt have this much talking in dark rooms shit . Fuck fantastic four I'll rewatch rise of the silver surfer anyday

  96. laura troi

    So these companies tell test scorers to "see" more bad grades? So the education is not in the hands of the Education Ministry, it was privatized and is in the hands of some illiterate ****?

  97. Schwatvogel

    Watching this now is downright surreal.

  98. laura troi

    the people who make the tests working in these companies, they are probably illiterate

  99. laura troi

    what is the companies interest?

  100. DONT TREAD ON ME !!!


    1. RonPaulHatesBlacks

      The rebels didn't mention taxation at all in their own declarations of secession, all of which are free online. You should read them.