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Here you can find fun DIY-projects, crafts, beauty tips, food hacks, and funny life situations that everyone can relate to.
Have fun!
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  1. Star Angel

    12:08 i love how she just walks up from the toilet and away like you have to d lots of things what the heck

  2. Star Angel

    i dont own makeup or anything but thats not stopping me from procrastination and watching this

  3. EMAD irshedat


  4. Mary Lng

    I like them so much

  5. Ariana Martínez

    So cool!

  6. Menina Virtual

    Como a porra desse canal . Tem tanto escritos kkkk . De 100 2 prsta

  7. Zoe Howard

    I hope you know, when you use eggs not to cook with, your basically wasting a baby chick

  8. Syed Basid


  9. Bintu Borat

    Really useful...

  10. soli soli

    Those life hacks are on another level ...THEY SUCK..stoopid

  11. Hai N

    6:12 when they started yawning I showed it to my bro and he started yawning too

  12. Thang Myint

    Your grandma love you😍😘💖💖

  13. Jhudit Salgueiro

    Yes ya no éstas en 123 GO espanis

  14. Vsco gamer 88

    Chaplin looks like hitler

  15. Katherine Margarine

    plese do not put lipstick in your hair

  16. Miss Unicorn

    They might be from another country, but lol, bad spelling 12:20

  17. Maddie Beckman

    Let's just get some butter on ur shoes freeze it and then the butter disappears and I have whiter shoes with a whole different design on it!

  18. Arts & crafts TV

    Good, 👍👌🌹💯

  19. Mariya Gerstein

    Ummm.... Why would u put bananas in ur hair

  20. Andyanna Tecson

    It was a wig

  21. Caralee Miller

    1:59 its corona time

  22. Top Ramen

    Just eat top ramen

  23. EK - 04BT - McKinnon PS (1318)

    4:53 is 10 minute hacking

  24. malumusera

    Those sweet eyes♡

  25. Fay Morgan

    What if we did know before though

  26. Tik Jantra

    1:57 just used the nail dryer from the beginning XD

  27. Misrak Berhan

    3:16 the face looks like a guys lol

  28. krmeen lom


  29. Misrak Berhan

    0:07 make sure the coins are clean

  30. Da Blue Guy


  31. khairina amalia


  32. Martin Humerez

    4:57 el globo era dorado y ahora es rosado osea que paso ahí 😕😕

  33. Zeina omary Simba

    1:08 thats bad for your hair

  34. S Best


  35. marilia liapopoulou

    How do they come up with these especially some of them are like genius

  36. Fawad Atal


  37. King Luigi

    Damn. I think you won for the *WORLD'S LONGEST SONG.*

  38. Melissa Sell

    6:09 Me: Mom what are we having for dinner? My mom: Fresh Eyelashes

  39. rosmund felipe

    1:37 did you notice the man looking at her in the reflection??

  40. Isabelle Garcia


  41. Melissa Sell

    3:09 Ya we all love eating our lipsticks.

  42. Melissa Sell

    0:41 The person who is letting people on doesn't think its strange that this girl grew like 4 inches?

  43. Avery Stanton

    I tried the banana and honey and it did not work😠😤😡

  44. Isabelly Viana

    Poxa! Quase não apareceu touro! Mais alguém fala português?

  45. Amelia Anselmi

    Thanks for the great hacks

  46. Betty Cherry

    7:55 isn't that gunna ruin ur lens?

  47. Onika Parkhouse

    12:36 I thought she was talking about a pimple on her eyebrow😂🤣

  48. Sophia _oofs

    I’m Scorpio and I’m not so calm but I take a long time is the shower xD

  49. Nature Clicks

    Awesome 😍😍😍

  50. KITTY SAN 950

    والله ما أعتقدتكم سهرانين💕💗 مين عربي يدوس زر الإشتراك في قناتي😂✌🏻💖

  51. Onika Parkhouse

    3:33 omg that’s crazy

  52. Taddeo Family

    Why do those glasses make everyone look like a policeman/woman 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️

  53. Tim

    great content dude

  54. d e m o n l x v e

    Music: Baby, take your shoes you don't have to hide them. Girl: *literally suffering blisters on her feet because of the shoes*

  55. Maria Norma Vazquez Luna

    Es mentira lo del huevo

  56. Missy Gornik

    4:27 bruh are you dumb? If you "friend" laughs because of your looks or in this case you hair get rid of them my friend would never care about my looks. Edit: oops wrong time there is the right time

  57. Yasmin Da Silva Marques

    i can suggest video please


    That one chocolate chip that missed the Cup

  59. *Tom Universe*

    Hello, if you want to, watch stuff on my channel

  60. Lucka Boudová


  61. dorett murray

    Great hacks 💙👍❤️


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  63. Hasha Sada

    First I was scared in the first place I thought it was so real but I was like this is not even real oh my gosh I just do not try this at home because you know what happened you might get like you might you might get someone a heart attack you might get someone like on the way and then be like that's not funny that's really like not good so don't try that at home unless you have an adult

  64. phil garza

    She drank milk straight from the carton of milk girl corona

  65. Koby Steele

    Change the darn song jeez it gets so annoying when you have to hear it like 1000 time

  66. Brittany Brown

    That one girl looks like Charli D'amelio

  67. Jazmín22 Ye

    No besbien

  68. Flávia C. C Araújo Flavinha

    Que mentira👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  69. Dalia Thas

    There is a reason why you have to be a certain height to go on a ride. Your risking your life for a ride!?

  70. Maite Verbal campos


  71. Patty Smith

    How does someone look at a Coca-Cola can and get an idea?

  72. Kim Zastrow

    Is the uv light safe to use that is why I stopped getting my nails done....sometimes wonder if that stuff is safe to breath or use....my nail tech hand painted designs to made you wonder....not everyplace hand paints why she would

  73. Tina V

    You can just get a step stool instead of all the hot glue

  74. mine yagmur

    Hani biraz önce kız et yiyordu erkek plastik bardağa batırıp koydu ya bu 123 gö flminde vardı lütfen başkalarının kanalında şeyleri izleyip vidyo çekmeyin yaptığınız bütün vidyolar saten kötü

  75. Maisie Collins

    Some of them r good

  76. Motanmi Adisa

    The hiccup

  77. Kookie Monkey

    I’m a Leo,but I act like a Capricorn ♑️

  78. Kak Als

    Wow !