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  1. It's Yakob

    That's a cool story and all but I really don't remember asking

  2. Ms Rana

    Western girls the most disgusting girls I ever seen, farting, burping, talking nasty..... just no class so what ever.

  3. Lily James

    Emma instead of going grocery shopping you can use those apps that grocery shop for you and deliver it to your house. That's what I do.


    "and then i got bored of my own life" MOOD

  5. delaney huljak

    okay honestly, please do more daily vlogs 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 “can i catch a break today?” me everyday

  6. Jess Hardy

    I literally just got done eating like an hour or 2 ago & here's emma eating cereal. Makes me want some cereal as well haha anybody else want cereal now? I do! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  7. louise MeLEnDi

    wait when they were in the apartment at night who was filminh them??? 6:26

  8. jensen ackle’s sugar baby

    idk what she's talking ab...this vid was the best in a while from her

  9. Lala Masa

    Man ur content is fucking lame GO BACK TO SCH LITTLE GIRL

  10. Cassidy Catoura

    Lil huddy is that you 🤣

  11. pyrobison2002

    I mean you are just so pretentious, nappy, and uninteresting. Either you are oblivious or just don’t mind being a worthless sore on society’s anus

  12. Loretta Quintanilla

    no one: emma in every video for the past 4 months: so recently i’ve been drinking so much matcha lately

  13. eva!

    anyone here in 2019 when they’re no longer friends🥺

  14. pyrobison2002

    I doubt this nappy bitch does much on any given day

  15. Lauren Meyers

    12:25 is definitely gonna end up on pornhub 😂😂

  16. Josh Johnson

    10:20 she named her cat Declan, after a gangster.

  17. Smart and Funny

    i swear she's always disgusting and gross

  18. Sydney s

    9:55 fucking daughter and mom goals

  19. Cheyanne bolluyt

    Why didn’t you try and rescue the dog

  20. Shelby pope

    The guy on the phone: sure!

  21. infidon


  22. Emily Flores

    Believe it or not my math teacher said she knew someone (family of hers) delivered food to you. How small is the world?

  23. Halina Grenada


  24. Victoria Romero

    "pov: your an ant" loll

  25. Leah Ginsburg

    Lol I love Emma so much

  26. Tim Andersson

    Has 30 minutes until class starts... grocery shopping is too exhausting🙃

  27. Pedro Emanuel

    you are very beautiful and a cat of ours the heavens eye and very beautiful you have boyfriend

  28. Richard Brook

    When did billy eilish start videoing themselves jacking off

  29. N/A N/A

    I would of stopped filming this video at 1:00

  30. Hannah Rod

    the ending was my favorite part

  31. Grace Peterson

    do a workout vid please!

  32. Katie123

    Post more vids like this ur so funny

  33. hope mikaelson

    Emma’s logic: I moved out now, so that means I’m my own mom Also Emma: I would be nothing without my mom !!!!

  34. Jessica Ochoa

    Does her hair bother anyone else?

  35. Marisa Engbrecht

    Dude I missed the car vlogs so much I literally was thinking about that last video and it's like Emma read my mind

  36. Bloom Carrera

    Anyone come back to this after sister squad broke up

  37. Junaid Sayed Hassen


  38. kayley house

    i really enjoyed this video

  39. natalie fleming


  40. Mere W

    So when r we gonna see u and that skater boy in a vid together...?


    “ my life isn’t interesting” Does more interesting things in a day than I’ll do in a year?? Btw I need 2 subscribers to reach 100!!! SO IF U WANNA HELP THIS CHARITY CASE SUBSCRIBE PLS LMAO

  42. Denysa Gonzalez

    Anyone else realize she’s not wearing her lock necklace and bracelet? Just me okay.

  43. Briar Melanie

    why does this vlog remind me so much of my own. Im actual shook we both have boring lives.

  44. Ilanit Dorani

    i wonder how many people actually dressed up as emma chamberlains gramma haha.

  45. Maria Clark

    Were are your parents not there so open to your abuse

  46. Terrence Roquemore

    GRsel be like 1993 no 1994 no 1995 no 1996 no 1997 no 1998 no 1999 no 2000 no 2001 no 2002 no 2003 no 2004 no 2005 no 2006 no 2007 no 2008 no 2009 no 2010 no 2011 no 2012 no 2013 no 2014 you actually reading this 🙄 2015 no 2016 no 2017 no 2018 no 2019 yep

  47. Maria Clark

    How the hell are you what a waste of space have you ever worked in a day in your last life

  48. Julie

    Is it just me but I don't get how people let cats on their countertops. All their fur gets everywhere and if you leave food for a minute, idk is it just me?

  49. tdr kr

    Why does she seems so lonely :(

  50. Brooke Day

    5:33 Me whenever I’m FaceTiming someone 😂

  51. Maria Clark

    Hop the fuck are you what a waste of some ac

    1. Maria Clark

      Space you are an idiot

  52. Spoutnik

    2M views in one day 😟

  53. Taylor Hall

    damn she really isn't relatable anymore buts its all good, PROUD OF HER & happy for her & all the new opportunities she's getting :)

  54. Cassie Lynn

    I’m so dead why didn’t she just go to the groceries 😂

  55. sebastian ramirez

    ayyyee your trending i see you

  56. Zaydhen Olonan

    I can always imagine Emma going home, setting up the camera, and walking in again just to get that transition shot. 🤣🤣

  57. Maria Clark

    Who the hell are you: who pays for your car. You are are a brat. My daughter who as diagnosed with migraines at age 4 and she s no 41 do you no the pain she walked across Ireland for charity’s they found she had a massive hole i her heart she has survived cancer and septicaemia so don’t tell me about your fucking life and the worded is she hasME now chronic fatigue syndrome which is a real illness she never left her room sorry 😐 her bed for nearly 2 years

  58. Hasan Muhammad

    U suck

  59. Maritza Lopez

    Try Instacart! Literally saves my life every time I am too tired to go grocery shopping! :)

  60. Bts e

    I just read the comment and now gotta watch the vid again

  61. BnR

    A freakin' Louis Vitton fitting - all in a days work for Emma! 😂🙂

  62. DumbButFunny

    I’m very confused on what she does for a living now. I knew GRsel videos and i had kind of heard about the podcasts but how the connection with Louis Vuitton happened i have no idea

  63. hi, it’s ya girl!

    i had a mental breakdown at 2AM and chopped my hair. hahaha. i’m fine.

  64. Joe Mama

    The fact that she called the wooded knives forks

  65. Stefania Rahn

    i don’t do anything in a day it’s boring *does so many things*

  66. Grace Prokopchuk

    Emma *has half of her matcha then throws the rest away* Me *tries to make my drinks last as long as humanly possible*

  67. Iris Espana

    emma has such a good relationship with her mom 🥺

  68. Badr Serhiri

    Euh why people watch you?

  69. Zahara

    She keeps say her life is boring, but the video is trending.

  70. Shelby de Ridder

    Why are you walking around just holding the money out like that. You’re asking to be robbed. Be safe and put it away as soon as you get the money.

  71. Tess S

    we like the old emma more because she was relatable and now she isn’t jeez

  72. Rebeca S

    I don't understand why she didn't just pick something up on her way home...instead of doing it through Post Mates...

  73. Ava Sink

    Your awesome don’t let anybody tell you different

  74. OumOum E

    Gurl how are u driving with one leg I’m confused

    1. OumOum E

      I forgot americans drive automatic cars only my bad lmao

    2. Renovator

      You only need one foot to drive. Most people use their right foot to press the gas or the break.

  75. Madi4 EVER

    Ethan skates bro they have a ramp in there back yard🤨😂😮😮🤨🤨

  76. verkwan871

    the things she complain about are rich teen problems........wish I could relate shit

  77. Kate Harding

    You should get ur groceries delivered

  78. Sadie Herron

    We need a video you of your kitty

  79. Aaron Baron

    You gotta know what you love . if GRselrs are searching for motivated story to show and tell then won’tcha be my neighbor Emma Chamberlain ?

    1. Aaron Baron

  80. gary stevenson

    If humanity wants to get rid of religions we must Obey and Respect women who are God's love incarnate.

  81. Olivia Pygis

    How come you can't get cashout at a ATM??

  82. Hey it's Mak Mak

    I really wanted to see you grocery shopping

  83. Stephen Staik

    Jesus Christ another pot head

  84. Graisyn Hasenjager

    Her mercy looks like autism

  85. Alberto Atilano

    So what is it you do?

  86. Frank Castle

    No one cares get off the internet

  87. Farrah Johnson

    You didn’t wear the herb scarf 🌿 :(

  88. Skate Girl

    You should get into skateboarding for yourself.

  89. Jack Huncoulz

    Wow wow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Luna Mermaid

    I’ve traveled by myself and I’m 10 years old it was scary though

  91. William E

    Not hating but she clearly has friends even though she says she doesn’t. I don’t know why she acts like her life is so boring

  92. Cierra Creek

    I missed car vlogs

  93. Ainsley

    Emma: my day is uneventful Her day: more eventful than an entire month of my life

  94. Fawk Yu

    What Emma Chamberlain's day is like: 1.Wake up excited because she's gonna get to make money being her obnoxious untalented self burping and zooming in on her face doing unflattering expressions. 2. Going about her day around town in her expensive car flashing her privileges and entitlement to hardworking folks who actually make a living by doing something productive for society. 3. Laughing herself all the way to the bank knowing full well there will always be untalented entitled idiots out there who look up to her as their "queen" and therefore continue to subscribe giving her a steady flow of income. 4. Going home to smoke crack like all the other dumb young kids who undeservingly got rich (those dark bags under her eyes are a telltale sign). Then getting some food late in the night to satisfy her munchies. 5. Going to bed feeling excited about the next day as she will get to scam the world again and just being entitled and privileged in general. 6. Rinse and repeat The fact that this girl even got this many subscribers is nothing short of an indictment on the ethic and moral decay of this generation. It's no wonder the US and other Western countries are going down the toilet.

    1. Oliver


  95. giovanni toro


  96. Tavin Ew

    no hate i love emma but like of all vids

  97. Danika Belton

    Emma: I’m ganna try some tricks Also emma: just jumps off the board 🤣💯

  98. Tavin Ew

    why is this trending tho

  99. Kyra Schwabl

    literally me throughout the video “does emma go grocery shopping?”

  100. Hadasha Aleman

    ''I fold does that mean were men''😮