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  1. Weklytoaster Yt

    And alisson?he is the best goalkepper um the World?why he’s not there bit adrian os?

  2. Jamesss

    Can i get one, even witi 1 stats

  3. Finn28T


  4. knightpeanut

    On inside anfield, may u include robbo smiling when the fans where singing his chant. Please

  5. Nico Pratama

    Fabinho make a game fantastic

  6. Morris Meeuwissen

    Wijnaldum+fabinho=word class

  7. Le noob

    trent was a better keeper than bravo

    1. FR Production

      Le noob subscribe me bro please❤️

  8. BoxOfOranges84

    LFC had to make a 2 min video because some of these clown bandwagon fans don't know how a midfield works outside of their video game

  9. Salman2 Coy

    Menit 1.20 egoisme

  10. tamir adnani

    Exceptionnel leverpool.

  11. Human Beings R Infinite Beings

    Kevin Friend+Atkinson+VAR vs Man City 😂 Every Man City vs Liverpool game: 2+ Referee "Mistakes" favor Liverpool 0 Referee "Mistakes" favor Man City Just Coincidence 😉

  12. TLB M9

    Gini must’ve made more long passes this game than he has for us, never seen him play so many long accurate passes before

  13. EpicLedger LLC

    who else watching this after Fabinho started the party vs Man City at Anfield??? What a footballer!!!

  14. Jay E

    Where’s inside anfield?

  15. Héctor Valenzuela


  16. jack lawrence

    Wijnaldum is so good on the ball its unreal, incredibly underrated ..

  17. bukan Siapa-siapa

    What are they doin vs man united?

  18. Hans Van der Broek

    Gini was absolutely immense

  19. jebadiah4

    I thought Gini was incredible. When he's on it he is quite simply unplayable. Looks impossible to get the ball off of him!

  20. Andreas Bergqvist

    Fabinho, a.k.a Daddy Long Legs, running the midfield area.

  21. Adam Valli

    Feels cringeworthy this. We watched the game, they played well, please don't try and highlight it like this.

  22. MSC TheGamer

    Fabinho's shot makes me nut everytime. I got spunk all over the room

  23. Abdi Salat

    Wijnaldum was a monster in this game, it was like the ball was glued to his feet..

  24. herrdoktorprofessor

    Wijnaldinho was excellent yesterday.

  25. Irish Red

    Henderson is fucking brilliant, most underrated player in world football

  26. Kader Zazou

    It's a shame to mahrez and it's shameful for PEP

  27. Nicolai Roskifte

    Never hate on henderson, ever again.

  28. Bakri Bahari

    Lol before the season started almost everyone blaming Klopp for not buying a creative midfielder like Pepe etc. But now its proven what Klopp have developed the squad into something more balanced and stronger than anyone could imagine!

  29. خير أجناد الارض Yassien


  30. Okay Bud

    Only 3 passes too each other mmm interesting...

  31. Héctor Jara

    Guardiola is like those video game players who can only win using cheats, he only directs teams with a large economic level, and if he needs to solve something, just buy the best or most outstanding player of the moment in such position (infinite money cheat in GTA)

  32. Ahmed Shousha

    I love this man

  33. Neat

    We had the Dutch Gini this game 😂

  34. Hello John

    Gini was on 🔥

  35. Anthony Dao

    Look at Hendo with the sauce haha I love it

  36. Tetsuo Max

    dont touch , no eat bacon !!!!!!

  37. Lucumu851

    Best midfield in the world, Ox, Gini and Keita, Hendo, Lallana, Millie and Fabinhooooooo

  38. NR


  39. raul jimenez


  40. Sanjay Prakash

    Watching wijnadum play dat match was bliss

  41. Chibz92

    I thoroughly enjoyed this.

  42. jacky chan

    Era that never gerrard achieved now is coming be carefull all team epl with this reds will sweep all team

    1. FR Production

      jacky chan subscribe me bro please❤️

  43. Imam Mbois

    Henderson? Hahahahaha

  44. Emma Wilson

    We play so good when teams don’t defend deep

    1. FIne

      True. That's we struggle against small clubs

  45. Alexander Macleod

    I feel bad for ox

  46. MsConfoundit

    Immense impact and effort

  47. You're Not That Guy

    Our midfield is underestimated sometimes you know. People should look at their work rate off the ball. On the ball too. They’re savage they’ll hunt you down them 3. A bit of creativity more often will be nice though.

  48. Stelios Tokatlidis

    Happy birthday Gini. Top man

  49. Zizou10

    Henderson overrated Wijnaldum and Fabinho best pwrformance Mane best player

  50. Aaron T

    ox will have to wait for his prem start

  51. Laid Baameur

    The philosopher of the whole ball is defeated by the realistic mindset of the ball and respect for the opponent and the perfect squad is not like the philosopher City every interview with a squad until he no longer knows the perfect squad

  52. ΕvaJK94

    That was one BEAUTIFUL video. To be honest I was mostly impressed by Gini's performance.. He was everywhere!

  53. Jamrock

    I'm all for the best bit videos but try and bring the brightness down of the circle highlighted around a player please, boss video though

  54. Lee O LFC

    Just named my daughter Isabella Jordan O'Connor 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁

  55. P M

    1:27 is what you're here for

  56. Ijan Chaniago

    Gool hiburan menit akhir

    1. FR Production

      Ijan Chaniago subscribe me bro please❤️

  57. Laid Baameur

    Good mr cloup

  58. Es lam

    Wijnaldum play fantastic match th best match for him after barcelona. Fabinho the best in world. Henderson not bad and not good enough

  59. David Mukamiti

    What do you expect,, it's Liverpool FC

  60. Fer Palacios

    Ningún latino por aquí 👈

  61. Antonio Szytulskyj

    The team where every player scores. Great for the kop, a lot of suffering for the oppenents

  62. Connor Jones

    Lovren was outstanding aswell

  63. DR360WHO

    They were Brilliant, the whole team was Brilliant

  64. Alfred Malam


  65. Twan Darsh

    fabinho and wijnaldum absolutely fabulous

  66. Mat Hantu

    Fabinho goal from different angle upload it!

  67. Srdjan Vagic

    They kill the midfield 🔥🔥🔥

  68. Gib  Keight

    Every player inc lovren lol had solid tidy game. But the 3 midfielders ran the centre like true players. Gini coming along so nicely now has that tidy Dutch feet & strength. Hendo pure class captain keeps things simple no hassle odd skill shows his confidence & assist. That's a captain. Fabinho so reminiscent of stevie G solid performance & goal. Screamer

  69. David Grey

    And people slate our midfield! smh

  70. Armaan Akhtar

    Hendo does really good vs big team like vs spurs he got us the equaliser and vs city he assisted mane

  71. Adam C

    Upload inside Anfield asap 🤣🤣🙄

  72. The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus

    Everyone: Liverpool's midfield can't score or assist, they've no creativity whatsoever! Jordan Henderson: *laughs in Mackem* Fabinho: *Laughs in 25 yards*

    1. Adam C

      The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus this midfield is great against teams that have a go against us. Not so much against teams that put 10 men behind the ball, but still a top midfield that can be improved upon.

  73. Israel Amaral

    1:27 Someone's been getting lessons from Bobby ;D

  74. Vaital V

    Fans need to learn to trust this midfield. While Ox and Naby are very good on the ball, it’s our off the ball movement in midfield that separates us from most teams. These three guys have mastered that aspect of our system, while Ox and Naby still need to improve in that aspect.

  75. seong thong

    Wijnaldum was just amazing

  76. Lamine Tall


  77. kenneth onyejekwe

    Gini once said, he loves to play against city. He proved that yesterday. BeastMode. 💪🏽

  78. world of Entertainment

    Hi Liverpool FC you are great you are my mentor have also picked the courage to start my sports channel please subscribe and view. Thanks

  79. Rahul Dhoopnarain

    Getting klopp a new contract will be the best signing in the clubs history imo

  80. خير الإسلام

    1:27 better than Zidane

  81. Rahul Dhoopnarain

    The way Gomez pushed sterling away like he was nothing. Then sterling squared up to Gomez like he was gonna do something 😂

  82. Tom Walsh

    I didn't realise how brilliant Gini was in the game! It's hard to concentrate on 1 brilliant performance when whole team is playing so good

  83. Saad Lamjarred سعد لمجرد

    Amazing Game

  84. Abdelrahman Ebrahem

    I love Liverpool❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  85. Imran Young

    Unfair!😡... No penalty to city! The ref needs to make it difficult for Liverpool!😁 That win was too easy!🙄🤣... ☝️ YNWA ☝️🎵🎶🎵💖... 👻👴🤣

  86. footy Charlie

    Pep:Mane is a diver Yeah I agree didn’t you see his header

  87. Rodders

    Can't wait for the inside anfield, when will it be out?

  88. lotery New york

    Super LFC

  89. Dan Grange

    I thought Gini was man of the match

  90. andy keno

    Sick team

  91. Leotrim Bytyqi

    No Shaqiri no gut

  92. Caesar Francis R. Chama

    Gini goes unnoticed most of the times but he's a quality player.

  93. Mahmood Albaloushi


  94. Mag Tan

    The reason why Klopp sticks with this midfield.

  95. Afif Zaki

    Other PL Club Fans : liVeRPool iS JuSt LuCkY

  96. Paul Oneill

    Love the fact we replaced a selfish self centred over rated Brazilian for 2 world class best in the world in their position Brazilian's hahaha... Coutinwho , I bet that lad dreads international breaks these days hahahahaha..

  97. HasanGamerGee

    Origi unbelievable

  98. Tuna Amaç

    amazing midfields :)

  99. d[• •]b

    This trio show their best performance against city. Please repeat this performance again and again.

  100. Ben Storm

    This is the season SUPER LIVERPOOL will win the Prem title thumbs up fellow Liverpool brothers 👍🏻🙏🏻