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  1. Mr Sazon

    Just caught up with power this song lit

  2. Agir Umut


  3. Renata Renata

    No musicThe city

  4. ღkimberly chanღ

    like si hablas español xd

  5. randomize

    Meteor GARDEN IS A COPY OF BOYS OVER FLOWERS watch boys over flowers if u want a good drams

  6. Harley Monroe

    Yessss can she get any better 🙌🙌

  7. thayna Andrade

    Nunca vou enjoar dessa música 💛

  8. Yusur Kassem

    she's so cute

  9. panda plays_br

    Adoro essa música!

  10. Yusur Kassem

    was kinda creepy at the beginning of the video but honestly its one of the coolest music videos i've seen

  11. Sandrine Meeus

    Why is nobody talking about how amazing this video is ? Weird okey, but surprising and so aesthetic!

  12. angelikabatwoman

    on a serious note tho dude with your eyes wide open and your self worth checked, you should realise far earlier that your dude's a fuck tard...

  13. Yusur Kassem

    omg i love this i have no words i'm literally just shook this made me cry for some reason

  14. Kissz

    medo da poha Jesus repreende

  15. Killer Cat


  16. Sr. Akatsuki

    todo mundo neste planeta é gay

  17. TwoFace-_ 2

    Riverdale fan?

  18. Jed Farley

    Rawr! Dig that beat

  19. Robin Perroy

    C'est magnifique.

  20. Marri Rubio

    Honestly this is waaaay better than the original Jekyll and Hyde song

  21. Ms Mariam

    OMG 😍 So much nice perfecto ❤️ Who think that her sound. and her shap like halsey . . . With all my love sweety

  22. Eliane Martins


  23. 와산 .

    beliver 0.0 >?

  24. maryjoe anna


  25. Alfred Lordh

    hermoso, bello, sublime...

  26. Shannon

    Bluff City Law 11/19. Amazing song

  27. Phone Only

    Her style is soo hot

  28. Soraia Yugulis

    Nossa, essa música dói...

  29. Humberto D. Guzmán Araya

    River? 2019

  30. Cristina Menezes

    Brasil ♥️

  31. Kguy Ku

    ตามมาจาก The Voice Thailand

  32. OCTOPUS P3

    มาจากเดอะว้อยครับ 📣🇹🇭

  33. lari lari Rodrigues


  34. Hugo Bagano

    Pera aí, a voz masculina e a feminina é só ele/ela? Buguei. Help me '-'

  35. Madelaif Misty

    Now i wanna go bald

  36. lyndacast

    Purée c'est ringard et chiant

  37. Saleh Albarazi

    Ho we’ll come back in the 2020

  38. kimothyschma


  39. f33lng.s

    Iklan close up

  40. rakesh jangra

    Have I had enough ?? Well I think yes

  41. Timothy Ho

    Why does it sound like a future song for an apple promo

  42. JP Slayermayor

    Billy Eilish influence? At least Bishop has good taste in music, but man its not even a little subtle!

  43. mandira sur

    Woww...i cant stop tapping my feet..😍

  44. Lazy Dinh

    Finally GRsel recommended me something good ! I’m so addicted to this song now !

  45. Em D

    I believe most people have this trait Thoroughly enjoyed watching two personalities

  46. Athena Zeus

    She looks like the psycho queen from See TV Show.

  47. The Nusxnus

    B.o.B ft. Taylor Swift

  48. KSE Ninja

    Rejoice shampoo ad anyone? 😛

  49. niteangel27

    Sounds like Billie

  50. Ebann's Bot #2

    I came here from graduation...

  51. Jake Smith


  52. rebel chamberlain

    YES GIRL <3

  53. Kugelblitz

    I think get bald is the new trend

  54. Bostichjander

    Great song...but there wasn't a single river to be found in this music video...

  55. Honey Rhymes

    who is this and is she here to take Halsey's job? cuz i'm here for that...

    1. Marri Rubio

      I litarty got a halsey recommendation after this vid

    2. Brandy Grandon

      no one can take halseys job,,shes way to hot for that,music and looks

  56. Awinash Kumar Sharma

    This is so addictive!!!

  57. Keyla Montenegro

    I remember making a musically to this song xD the only musically i was actually proud of :')

  58. Keith Michaels


  59. Lisbeth Salander

    Yes,the labels are searching for a new "Bad Guy"....

  60. Every Day

    vengo de meteor garden xd

  61. DougVale

    I swear I thought she was black (her first album cover her skin was darker and thought she was a hip-hop artist).

  62. Denika Nieto

    Her shaving her head for her good friend who just started chemo!❣

  63. Menina Vida Loka

    Eu amoooo ❤

  64. Cry Now


  65. Galactic Phoenix

    I will fight anyone who makes fun of her hair.

  66. radioactive


  67. Jakub Mirosławski

    Holy, didn't know Sinnead O'Connor made a comeback!!!

  68. GreyMouse

    I remember when the comment section wasn't a percentage chart...

  69. 4:13 Productions


  70. BAMBOgini

    if i got 50 likes i'll sing this song in my college contest.fr fr

  71. Salem Stewart

    This is absolutely my most favored song now ❤

  72. Ipunk


  73. Eva Lin

    I love the confidence that you have 😊🧸

  74. yiyo yiyo

    Demasiado me lo recomendó GRsel :/ al final lo tuve que ver por error. Volveré a SoundCloud

  75. Rocket Lights

    I fuckin love this song

  76. Huma K


  77. NateFallo

    Am I just dirty minded or is this song a bit about sex?

  78. Brandon Robert Weaver

    Love ya momma!

  79. briana smith

    I think i found my next addiction

  80. kookiemin uwu

    this is talent

  81. Dj Doolittle

    Great vocal 💚🎧

  82. Poison Ivy

    I JUST discovered her and shes EVERYTHING I needed right now. Powerful voice!

  83. Kelly Minga rivera

    2019 Alguien? Hermosa canción

  84. Kayla Ridder

    I've never loved a song so much that I don't know if I should cry, jump around, or scream. Love it so much!!

  85. Just Be You

    Ooo, yes...!!! <3

  86. Дмитрий Беринец

    Я ломаю все ваши КОНЧЕННЫЕ стереотипы. Будет больно всем, мне точно будет больно. Я УВЕРЕН что я получу за свое Я.

  87. Ajay Samir

    So this song is about her suspecting that she has Dissociative Identity Disorder???

  88. electrochoc 91

    January 2026 ? 😃..... Wait....

  89. Tamara Ida

    This is Brilliant.

  90. Cameron McCarthy

    Take that tune, still a good song though

  91. shbh0

    i cant finish the song because i keep replying it before it even end this is weird

  92. copil al soarelui

    2020 ?

  93. Pyontic Wayne

    The answer to self loneliness become better than yourself and still love yourself peace humans

  94. Foster_ viu

    Me recuerda a Believer de Imagine Dragons xdd

  95. 0opisceso0

    Love this <3

  96. xXtina Christina

    Not here bc of Scream (they were pretty terrible movies) . Similar music tastes <3

  97. Chimère Païɘnne Pro-Autodafé

    Is that a jack cosplays from mass Effect 3 ? .. anyway nice song ..

  98. sten neesgaard


  99. F Yorishaby

    je t'aime Bishop Briggs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Me Also me

    The amount of "baby" in this song makes me suspect that she is actually Hozier in disguise