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  1. Erica Maur


  2. Here i Am

    Make a redemption hot glue wig

  3. MultiCowgirl22

    My right knee has been cracking for the most part for over 5 or 6 years, and I'm 29 😢😭

  4. RNG Allo


  5. Better With The Irish

    Chalk paint?

  6. Lunna B.

    I love the balloons and flowers in the kitchen, even tho they kinda blur them out

  7. MultiCowgirl22

    Same, I'm old lol

  8. kate malone

    butt is such a weird word

  9. Layne McIntosh

    A primer might help

  10. Hazel Doepke

    Anyone else watching in 2019 and loving Jenna’s hair?

  11. Bec Noir

    You need Jesus

  12. Emily Haag

    I need a marbles calendar. Please and thank you and I love you.

  13. CricketTV

    I love the Debbie machine! ❤️

  14. Dana Yakobchuk

    I love how at 1:50 u can see dogs just chilling while Jenna is religiously hitting that piano

  15. micky d's

    2019 try not to laugh

  16. Andrea Ladouceur

    I wasnt to see Julien try to figure out what pictures are of while wearing Jenna's glasses

  17. Chloe Coale

    Spray them with a sealant and they won’t chip

  18. Glo Park

    holy crap jenna's pupils are so dilated in the beginning of this video

  19. Maria Bialoglowska

    Wayyyyyyy to much swearing like if u agree

  20. Trixbur the Wolf

    Marbles: *swim* Jenna: Look at my son! Pride is not the word I’m looking for!

  21. E11leven 11

    I actually LOVE Jennas eyebrows and i wish i had them😂

  22. Rav Duran

    I too have 3 looks -Comfy Gremlin -Classy Gay Cousin (who doesn't come to family events) -Punk Vampire

  23. NTM Fallout Productions

    When the PTSD kicks in 0:00 - 13:13

  24. A is for Annihilation

    I don't want to see u fail. I just love watching u do wacky shit to yourself & all of your wonderful personality traits come out as u do it. It's refreshing knowing there r fun, wacky ppl like me out there that give zero fucks about whether ppl approve or not.

  25. MissHilPaige

    Ready for the beard and green screen to make a comeback... green out everything except eyes, mouth, and beard. Maybe leave the hat too?

  26. ApplePiezzz

    Good morrow from 2019

  27. A is for Annihilation

    All the clips of her video madness just sums up why I appreciate this woman. Let your freak flag fly, giiiiiirl! Love it!

  28. Claire Campbell

    Hi, I was just wondering if I could have a minute of your time, I work in a primary school in London and we are attempting to break a guinness world record to coincide with Anti bullying week and friendship week, and then selling the bands we make on to a worthwhile cause. If I could have a minute if you could message me back I would love to ask you a mini favour which you can do from the comfort of your home and your phone :) Thanks for reading :)

  29. jhaneice johnson

    You’re probably not even gonna see this but the reason why is flaking it’s because the crocs are smooth and the paint has nothing to stick to so you might have to use a little bit of sand paper to wrap them up and then try Hydro dipping them

  30. Kuro0 0

    Perhaps painting or spraying a layer of that clear sealing stuff for things like art will help stop the paint from flaking?

  31. Wolfy & Yuri Gaming YT

    Marbles honestly looks dead in this video, And Same dude Same

  32. Miranda Alvey

    I had to put my dog down today and the only thing that makes me feel happy is watching your videos with your dogs. Thank you for making such wholesome content.

  33. Анна

    OMG! Marbles ALIVE!

  34. Jordan Linderman

    Imma just leave this here...

  35. Riley Clark

    You guys should do this with bunny now!

  36. Desi pierman

    I have a suggestion. Get some sealant or something similar and spray it over so it won't chip🤷‍♀️

  37. Pastel Baby

    Please do your entire head like this

  38. S.J.A.S

    kakashi sensei is proud

  39. notreadyTM

    You have to put a sealant on it, then it wont flake.

  40. Alex Elm

    i saw this when i was in middle school and thought it was funny, but obviously an exaggeration now in my second year of college and this shit is *hilarious* and a little too relatable to the worst of my experiences 😭😂😭

  41. Clorox Bleach

    Hey @Dan Sullivan is being a bitch and commenting some really disgusting stuff so please report his comments

  42. Claire Audient

    “On behalf of the blond Baldwin, I want to apologize.” -Julien Solomita, 2018

  43. Jessica B.

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh xD

  44. BunBun91

    My moms dog a chihuahua does this every time he gets some kibble or a raw hide I guess chihuahuas do it a lot

  45. Haley H

    Part 2?

  46. LifeLuda Art

    My heart aches for marbles !😭❤️

  47. House.of.Balloons_ _

    I love this video and I’m excited for this video this year

  48. Flying_bareback

    Jenna isn't at fault really. Once again the pet store gave wrong information. They never told them about cycling they gave her fish to do it and without sulfer (makes tap water safe) and a cycled filter it was going to fail. It wasn't her fault at all, you cant cycle a tank in 24hrs its 30 plus days of testing water, if you have a pre cycled tank you can put the filter in fror 30 days to get the correct bacteria. I want her to try again so badly!!!!

  49. Femmy Hoekstra

    PLEASE i need more of this

  50. Anthony LaTeano

    It's almost like these 3 hairy guests are subhuman creatures of the canine family with brains the size of a testicle. Oh wait, they are oh God

  51. Kat Mackenzie

    This is art.

  52. Ohsnapits _cbreezy

    Bames the fly stopped in for a quick visit 2:55

  53. BeautyQueens 101

    Jenna should die her hair hot purple

  54. DGJ Edits

    Julien: "it's a dog treat hahaha" Jenna: " it's not a dog treat. It's a Jenna treat right now."

  55. Melanie Čugura


  56. Pearl ._.

    8:30 my mom describing her kids.... in her mistake crocs

  57. DGJ Edits

    That moment when youre watching this as you wait for your timer for your hair dye goes off

  58. Carla Taylor

    Omg this is on tik Tok lmao

  59. Samantha Harris

    Yo. I need to know what happens with Beech!!!

  60. Maddie Taylor

    honestly the energy that radiates from this video is genuinely the content that i subscribed for

  61. caitlynn bean

    Next time when they dry, before you move it, apply clear coat over it and itll seal it and make it pretty waterproof and I'm sure it wont flake. ❤

  62. Amanda

    The joy I felt for her when they actually glowed in the dark ❤️

  63. M & R Productions

    I’m just imagining this being Pewdiepie and Marzia

  64. bruh I dont know


  65. Sam Jones

    Use something to seal them! I'm pretty sure you can find spray cans of sealant at Walmart. 😊

  66. marie elizabeth

    Next video: spraying things glow in the dark.

  67. Sophie Persch

    why do Jenna's videos never show up in my subscriptions? Tf GRsel, fix this

  68. Tamzin Hinds

    Try him with some all natural vegan soaps and see with he prefers that or normal soaps

  69. RiteofWriters

    I know that this isn’t related, but PLEASE watch this video from 5-minute crafts, Jenna. It is crazy, and I can’t think of any person better suited to try these things than you.

  70. Idk What

    When I was a kid I would take the whole toilet paper roll and flush it down the toilet

  71. S.J.A.S

    kakashi sensei is prude

  72. such doge

    hey Phleb!

  73. Alex e

    Jenna is becoming coach Steve

  74. Sara Lieben

    “Peach might actually be an older sister” Fast forward 6 months and she’s still at the bottom of the Peking order

  75. Brenna Spaulding

    Could you imagine her pranking him with this beard. Jenna wake up early in the morning, put this on, and when he wakes up he will freak the fuck out. FUCKING, GOT YU! 😂

  76. Greg Koppel

    rrehf 0:45

  77. My Lord

    Wow. I have known that Jenna Marbles existed but only recently got into her videos and I've been hooked. I genuinely didn't think anybody hated her. This was really disappointing to see.

  78. Jess N.

    I followed this advice to a T for many years, and I am not as hot as Jenna. It did not work out well. lolololol

  79. A is for Annihilation

    See? Dior, L'Oréal, others, not much difference. No such thing as waterproof. Only means whatever runs on your eyes will b harder to clean off.

  80. C

    jenna.... leather paint....

  81. PinkSparkle

    Homeless (unwashed hair, sweats and ratty t-shirt) Gym (leggings, t-shirt and ponytail) Work (jeans - maybe leggings, brushed hair and a nice-ish top)

  82. Alyssa Drawker

    I love when she does that exited thing it’s adorable

  83. S.J.A.S

    keep them in your hand beech

  84. Kayla Heaps

    You should try and figure out if there’s some sort of sealer you could put over the paint

  85. MikaelaElle

    Take it to the next level with a full hot wheels track out of hair extensions...

  86. marie elizabeth

    I feel like the costume at 10:57 was on backwards..

  87. TheLalacream

    my boyfriend says you should have primed the surface of the crocs first

  88. Starlight1617

    There must be a sealing spray to keep them from chipping.

  89. Kaylie Alexander

    Omg can we please have a series of this- the cliff hangers are killing me lol

  90. ce ce

    "she eats like such a lady" 8:39

  91. Ray Hernandez

    Jenna was on a movie!?

  92. Sunny Random

    "*gasp* the devil's still in here" I cannot explain how hard I laughed at that

  93. CherryPop Soda

    The crocs need a clear taco (top coat) after you dip them

  94. Samantha K

    I wish I was a dog so they could rescue me. Them dogs living a better life than me so hard.

  95. turntechRenegade _

    Wait Jenna can you make custom hydro dipped shoes for the littles and Bunny ???

  96. turntechRenegade _

    Wait what if you spray painted random stuff glow in the dark on the walls (just write “stob eet”) so then it just shows up at night

  97. Cierra Enke


  98. April Ashley Lopez

    I’m a Virgo dating a Virgo

  99. Elly Emm

    The surface is too smooth. Try sanding it a bit so that the paint has something to adhere on and not flake?

  100. mama of three

    put a seal on top of the crocks