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  1. Tubular Groovy

    2:00 captions say “inaudible,” did doc not clearly yell Mozzie’s name?

  2. Azel Mathis

    3:31aW yEaH bOi

  3. Azel Mathis

    Who else actualy had high expectations but then the game actually came out

  4. Nicolas Santana

    Is that Chris Pratt?

  5. Reee Kids Child

    Does ace help you get a Ace so custard can actually get one

  6. Acey Kerr

    Appolyon did nothing wrong.

  7. Phantom Gaming

    I know this is a completely different topic but I have to know, agree or disagree that Ubisoft should add a new faction to For Honor for example a native American trible faction or an Egyptian faction.

  8. Fli


  9. Gullermo Sacdalan

    It's looks like assassin's Creed Valhalla is not a stealth game . It fails please bring back a real stealth game

  10. Fred

    I really hope they include a huge amount of different attack types so we almost never see the same attack move while playing the game unless the positioning is the same but yea that would make the game a lot more entertaining and Drawing in

  11. Yoyimin

    this is already a reality in america

    1. TigerHeadRandom


  12. Mr. Sgrungle

    Ingame footage doesn't = gamplay

  13. LTH

    When do year 5 pass owners get the new operators?

  14. Mario Burciaga

    problem with the photo mode message "could not be synchronized with the game server. check your connection" but I have a good connection, solve that so that I can complete the hobbies of the missing photos. I am from Mexico and before it did not happen after the upgrade to inner drive it stopped working

  15. Trevor7775

    America is on brink of collapse. says the game. well guess what

  16. Renaud Mahe

    Im kinda sad they change house but i still have not try the New season so i dont now

  17. PoLo O

    Im hoping this update won't let me down!

  18. PoLo O

    This is such an in depth video and straight to the point unlike others I've seen

  19. Jesus Gil

    Very good stuff 👏

  20. Joker

    Please bring back the spider mini game to watch dogs legions

  21. F.B. I

    Ubisoft. Make this a tv series/movie. Idc. Just make it something us Farcry fans can watch while we’re waiting for your next game.

  22. kookabruva gaming

    ace: cheekie breekie

  23. MEMES

    Welp im gunna miss playing as a female

  24. etnacosmesi

    I love you neema

  25. manny from diary of a wimpy kid

    too bad this game sucks

  26. Anthony Alexander

    The whole AC2 series need a remake. In my opinion these were the best AC games and AC Rogue. After that it just went downhill.... Ezio is the best assassin hands down you cant change my mind.

  27. SERDNA ft


  28. Reeces Puffs

    I hate that they are nerfing echo to the point that you can’t play him as a good anchor Why Ubisoft, why

  29. NoScopeBadBoy YT

    when does xbox get the update for steel wave

  30. Roderick Spencer Jr.

    Basically this Tailer is representing 2020

  31. standardpro geilo

    Please Buff sparen piking

  32. Hxnestly

    I cannot stand peacekeeper

  33. Foxubis

    only makes sense everyone knows how to jump skyscrapers and climb walls, including plaster withering grannies

  34. Mahadi Oritro

    1 Speed Ninja :)

  35. Emmanuelle

    Just remove team killing from casual. :/

  36. Stoyan Dimitrov

    Badass level 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  37. Red Planet

    Mister Ancel, sir ! Please tell me : Ça y est ? On y est ? Est-ce l'année qui verra sortir LA console qui pourra faire tourner le jeu ? Ce concept, c'est tout que j'aime. I NEED IT ! Currently listening to "Can't catch me, sucka".

  38. gabo

    It seems what is currently happening.

  39. BOT Janusz

    Trailer: Echo is going gymnastic Game: speed one

  40. Please Like my comments

    At 5:46 in the back round you can see the tower map in construction!

  41. Nathan Lindley

    Ragnar Lothbrok

  42. bobo hobo

    This is the game that saved Ubisoft

  43. Aaron D

    Does Ubisoft know what gameplay means?

  44. Мак Болан

    12:17 the guy is literally me, when I heard about what Ace can do PS. I feel sorry for him not having an arm.

  45. Radio Rangoon 1984

    Must be nice to see another character with the same face as one of my recruits.

  46. nicole Reed


  47. ben c

    Final boss is Kratos

  48. iamjay

    When you're looking for Ragnar Lothbrok and none of them have blue eyes like the Ragnar and Ragnar jr.s had.....

  49. dead shot

    I hope house is ranked

  50. Maxime Leveille

    Ace: you will learn to FEAR the danger loaf!!! Meluci: I am just here to annoy you

  51. valentYKT

    Chimera Viruses Like CoronaViruses

  52. Tw3qZ

    When does the new operation come

  53. Bryan Benitez

    When are they coming put for ps4

    1. Bryan Benitez


  54. Sebastian Abk

    Imagine being like me..finished the game and I loved Seed and just now I was looking at some far cry 5 videos and this video pops up..and I saw him and literally my mouth just opened..didnt even know he is real dudeee

  55. Kary .nation

    Isn’t that a little weird

  56. Kary .nation

    Right now

  57. Kary .nation

    Yeah that’s what’s actually going on

  58. Asian _white male

    I thought I wouldn't say this to a game i love but imagine the Dev's actually making a new map instead of ruining a classic, wouldn't that be a funny dream. i'm just a fan who stayed with the game since it came out so it doesn't matter what I say.

  59. 0misetro


  60. Michael Varghese

    100 Army having Guns.....Vs aan having a God damn Axe and HIDDEN BLADE,riding a Horse.....and be gets 0 injury .. Noice Ubisoft....might wanna Rename this to Prince of Persia

  61. Peter Wauters

    Do not download ...it is horrible ..bugs errors every patch update creates other problems and bugs... thé more you get to thé ending thé more it's lagging progress is slow if you don't pay 9,9 euro / month


    TBH This fame is dead like this video 🤷

  63. _


  64. Hi Im Bird

    Imagine having an intense fight just to realized u killed the hologram

  65. rtg edrf


  66. Benixo

    Well...this trailer be hitting different now

  67. Sliver_Studio

    It's just objectifs...

  68. Vincent Gonzalez

    When is the new season coming out

  69. Teh Siang En

    I hope Vigil appears in the tournament using BOSG Acog

  70. JamesYeet Ya boi

    That must be eradicated by more than just a cluster charge

  71. Ok clips

    Washington DC actually looks pretty simalir to this recently

  72. Meme Generator

    Make a turkish operator i waiting so long

  73. Mustafa 903

    Bring turkish operators

  74. Omar Vlogs YT

    me and the boys fighting the rival kids at the park be like

  75. ZA C

    6 months

  76. Darklord2003189

    Copy that watch your 6 pulse is on a TEAR, AN PULSE MAINS DUDE

  77. Festerr


  78. DyingStar 117

    Yo that house rework looks amazing, well done ubisoft. Honestly makes me feel like i should reinstall this game

  79. Games Brasil e Memes

    you could do a remake of Far Cry 1 That was the best game for me❤️

  80. G Paganini

    O game ta quebrado, é nerf atras de nerf. Parabéns ai

  81. Vivid Music

    This game is definitely going to be better than Odyssey and because of the team, it could very well be in my top 5 AC games.

  82. Face

    bruh as if attacking wasnt hard enough lmao