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New album, Everyday Life, out November, 22 2019 🌙☀️

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  1. Future Ice

    This remix is amazing, I don't know what you all are talking about

  2. Cris corp

    Best vídeo of Coldplay in the last years

  3. Magneva Geneva

    Awesome awesome awesome!

  4. Cristiane Teixeira

    november - 2019?


    who’s listening to this in 2046?

  6. Dominic Vega

    Hey I have an idea, let's write a song that's not about whiney bull crap.

  7. Alaa

    Can they just rule the world

  8. Nebynubby

    I forgot they existed

  9. Markinthetenth777

    Coldplay back in their early 2000s form LOVE IT 😍

  10. Ar De

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You got to learn from painful moments. Everything is for us to feel and experience. Pain is good has made me the man I am today. Wouldn't change a thing.

  11. Nickolas H

    Our planet is the real paradise, but we humans are turning it into the exact opposite...

  12. Davidson Ramalho

    incrível !!!!

  13. Andrea Cruz

    Su música es hermosa.

  14. Cameron Mee

    When every sings “you’re such a heavenly view” at the end. Goosebumps

  15. Nigel James

    THAT guitar riff & explosion of drums..goosebumps!

  16. Thiago Wu


  17. Thiago Wu

    The cold play music is Fantastic

  18. Martin Martinez


  19. Nigel James

    Anyone here cos of Jodie Whittaker?

  20. Kylie

    Same f***ing blood 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Music IS the weapon of the future! Thankyou Coldplay

  21. Christine King


  22. eddie Jude

    the other version is better than this

  23. Christine King


  24. godonniecom

    Cool 😎 yes man 👨

  25. Sneaky Ninja

    In the beginning I said what is this

  26. Derek K

    2:17-2:18 I swear to god I heard an IPhone unlock 😂

  27. Patrick The Destroyer

    The tribal chanting music is so cringe. Terrible

  28. Lucas Wallace

    Mete mete devagar

  29. Darian Fernandez

    Can someone take me to see this 🥺

  30. Edgar Hernández

    Los Morros Que Juegan Free Fire. 3:50 Yo:Nmms Si Cierto Jajajajajaja

  31. Aaliyah Kassim

    Coldplay cured my depression for real

  32. Sally Lulciuc

    Is this supposed to be a happy song?

  33. Julian Suarez



  35. Zara Duarte

    Nostalgia de 2015...

  36. Saulo Cassiano

    Reminded me Little Prince : )

  37. Baggy Tony

    Coldplay and nickleback

  38. Pedro k. Garcia jr.


  39. Mohamad El Kari

    Can someone tell what does Chris say at the very end of the video? 4:11 in particular.

  40. John Justice

    ☀️ 🌙

  41. Wendy Tangoa Reyna

    Sé que llorare ♡ Coldplay nunca dejen de hacer musica...y vuelven a Perú 🇵🇪

  42. Elizabeth Herrera

    quien la oiga en el 220 dale like

  43. Leonardo Macedo

    Algum brasil?

  44. Caleb Lewis

    Live in Jordan SUCKS

  45. Amalfitana Lemon

    That guy looks like Mark Zuckerberg

  46. Mtbragley

    Memories come flashing to me when I hear this song, tears of joy and sadness follows, life can be challenging, never quit, have faith, believe in god.

  47. Adam Smith

    0% nudity 0% bad words 0% original comment

  48. Dr.DisRespect 2x BlockbusterChamp

    Why is this song barely getting noticed? I remember it being at 55mil views for a year or so and now it just skyrocketed, nonetheless I'm happy it got the recognition it deserves. Best Coldplay song in my opinion

  49. Marouane MESSOUDI

    When you try so hard but you don’t succed :’( my situation right now

  50. Leighton sansom Hughes

    BEST SONG EVER✌love you coldplay 😘 hew else gets goosebumps listening to this song

  51. William Reymond


  52. Zzzeina

    When he said “that’s okay” the first time my heart was at peace

  53. Manuel Pedro

    Moloko - Familiar feeling

  54. Amir Nasser

    Dear stranger whoever reads this 2019 till 2119 hundred years from now may your parents you and your children live over 100years

  55. Erin Muharremi

    1.2k dislikes!??? This song is absolute perfect!!!

  56. boudra noura


  57. ronny littmann

    danke coldplay. immer wieder neu. für immer U2 ,aber gleich danach CP

  58. Elon Musk

    I'm a big Coldplay fan and I think with this calm start and absolutely brilliant end, this is the best song of all time❤️

  59. UZB UZB

    Love India form Uzbekistan

  60. Gladis Marques

    2019 ,Brasil 😜🤟

  61. Irati Blanco

    Cada vez que escucho esta canción no puedo parar de pensar en willyrrex cantándola JAJAJA

  62. Aaron Neal

    Obligatory and overdone "who's here in 2019?" comment 😉

  63. Not_ NeNo

    1.2 mrd aufrufe

  64. itay

    who is here in november 2019 and will be also in 2050?

  65. zulkarnain wulfgang

    Dear God how can such a band turn shit

  66. Nancy banda

    I L♥️VE Y♥️U COMPLAYD🙈🙉🙊

  67. 01cornflakes

    Iconic group

  68. Majka Bajka

    I know it's all sad and all,,,,,,, but,,,,, 0.25x Just Listen to it 0.25x Please

  69. itay

    who is here in november 2019 and will be in 2050 also?

  70. Binte Zen

    This lyrics made me cry. So much soul touching. All about truth. Salute COLDPLAY.

  71. Olfa Ben ltaief

    Love india

  72. Clay Heinzerling

    It's so annoying how Peter Dinklage can do everything

  73. Kris bob

    Why would people prefer to listen to this shit version of the song?

  74. baybe ruth

    i just heard this song in five below yesterday afternoon and i was straight vibing😭

  75. Callum Doyle

    The bass is so good, like really really good, so good that It should be on more views, but Gucci gang is, and that is bad for the universe

  76. Supa Nuke

    Looking like the battle rapper Shotty Horrah hagaha

  77. ƤƦƟdigyous 69

    2:33 *_R E L A X_*

  78. Kara _keegan_22

    This song gives me road trip/traveling the world vibes eve though it's about bombings😥

  79. Kara _keegan_22

    This song gives me road trip/traveling the world vibes

  80. Hugo Åberg

    2008 - Listening to this as a kid with my family 2019 - Still listening to my childhood music

  81. Hugo Åberg

    2014 - Listening to this song with my good old friends 2019 - Still listening

  82. VoicingSumo 18

    Coldplay hizo esta canción Pero Willyrex me dio las ganas para escucharla en pleno 2019 🐘🚲

  83. Madman Gaming

    20 fps

  84. AH_ 9

    Im fixed

  85. T Series

    3:35 Had anyone noticed @sonamkapoor

  86. Ruby Bailey

    Eternity when u try your best but your mum can’t afford things forrrrr uuuu because ur an ugly Muslim and u stinkkk my sister said u can’t do ur hair and ur lips a crusty like crusty bacon a

  87. Natascha van Es


  88. Max Gamer

    voy a llorar :,,v

  89. Samuel Pablo

    Tolerance, diversity, world peace, humanity, all in one. Thank you Coldplay 😢🙏🏼❤️

  90. Jidan Fikri

    It really wonderful. You could just take a screenshot in every frame of this video and make it as a wallpaper

  91. JLMusic

    When Will says "thank you" at the end of the first question, I feel so bad for him

  92. Michael Broadbent

    Is it me or is this song slowing down!

  93. Murphy

    I better be able to buy this album for you GRsel!!!!!!!!!

  94. Robert Pemberton

    God level

  95. hassan abdelnaby

    This song is called everyday life because im gonna be listening to it for all my life ❤️

  96. More Than The Journey


  97. NR

    go to 1 billion !

  98. Alejandro Olivares


  99. Gerard Dawson

    u can hate me.. watch?v=f6_9IvOB0jE

  100. sssilver_wing

    This song use to be on tower defense simulator, every time you lost a game