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  1. Emerald Cordova

    This is my favorite I think out of the whole album It makes me song and dance every single time

  2. j u s t i n e j

    4:11 - 5:10 me with After Hours album

  3. arbaaz dara

    So he loved Pokemon that much huh?

  4. Third Gilfredo

    Just here cause i was bored by the recent bitch virus that turns the world upside down

  5. Hello Hi

    So is this the same character that was in Heartless/Blinding Lights?

  6. Creep Queen

    When school days becomes real :v

  7. Funny VEVO Here is friends

  8. R B

    This track is pure genius :)

  9. Donald Spencer

    This is definitely a song for GTA 6

  10. Robert Stubbs

    Amazing voice! You can tell that he actually lived the lyrics in this song.

  11. Ricardo Castro

    i love how his songs are code for cocaine.

  12. Autumn Ball


  13. Don’t Even Know

    This album is like “IGOR” by Tyler because it tells a story

  14. Juan Francisco Ramos Esparza

    Que buena rola :)

  15. Luis García

    Michael Jackson está orgulloso de ti desde la tumba

  16. Pure Abilities

    Thriller much

  17. Creep Queen

    Imagine hearing this on an empty road oh BuT wE hAd To gEt cUrFEw fUcK iT

  18. Lexos -YT


  19. AHMED Salman

    A new wallpaper?

  20. Don’t Even Know

    Wth happens in that elevator at the end

  21. TopHAM


  22. Lalo Arredondo

    I put on my headphones and play the song, the time is 11pm and the sky is raining, its dark in my room and I lay in my bed, looking at the window i see filled with rain drops... *this a whole mood*

  23. wolf craft101

    Dis my jam now like if agree...

  24. Stephan Ramsarran

    From the time instrumentals started playing I got that 80s feeling well done sir one of the very few songs out there in the past few years that actually makes sense

  25. Jose Miguel

    Fuck yeah another one

  26. Leann2.0

    Im with the weeknd now

  27. Christopher Cabrera

    #TheWeekend your music is deep!! 😍😍😍👍👍🔥🔥👍😍😍😍👍👍🔥

  28. Christopher Cabrera


  29. JN Entertainment

    People just saying that House of Balloons is better because they want to seem like OG fans and feel hip lol. But in all honesty this is his best album

  30. Peter Parker

    is it just me or does anybody else get reminded of another , older song by someone else from back in the days (dont know the name of it or who preforms it)but that sound at 2:44 & 3:17 remind me of it...if anyone knows what song im talking about can you let me know , i wanna listening to it,lol

  31. Julio Downbytheschoolyard

    course i dig it,80's for real,lol,so erie, it.old ppl like flashbacks too! #FTWNINJA!

  32. Christopher Cabrera


  33. Carson Kerby

    this is so 80's

  34. Karina karu


  35. sonia silva

    Juro q o comecinho dessa música fez me lembrar do A-ha ( Take on me)

  36. The Realist Listen To This New Wale Track On Chill Remix Feat Notty Ase HIP-HOP AIN'T DEAD!

  37. Hockey Masked Killer

    0% Sex 20% Violance 0% bad words 80% Drugs

  38. kareem cobbs

    I’m care for you you

  39. Karina karu

    Amo este tema y este video clip...

  40. Reginaldo

    in such a fun way this broke my heart

  41. Underscore

    Is it just me or does anyone else get a speed racer vibe

  42. Peter Pham

    she got Stockholm syndrome

  43. Abel Joseph

    I love the song and all but is seriously no one here for Wrestlemania 36

  44. natxalxiiexz

    Damn, This song sounds hella 80’s like, wow!!😍🎵 80’s check🥺❤️🎵

  45. Rickessa Brown

    This song makes me being my feelings

  46. Celeste Aranda

    Muy de los 80s🍒

  47. S. Ali

    Can’t believe nobody picked up on this but in the Shining the guy is holding an axe while the girl is holding a knife but it’s reversed here. Cool touch.

  48. ch shyam

    69.6M people only know how to play the song but not to like the video.

  49. Patrick A

    *Me and the boys stealing Takis out of a random kids bag*

  50. maizomeno

    this can be the gta 6 theme

  51. mxxlove

    This song sounds way better live!!!

  52. здравствуйте

    Прикол. Просто русский комент :)

  53. Greg Sandecki

    Retro - GTA OLD SCHOOL

  54. austin boone


  55. Aiden Boi

    Amazing Payday 2 gameplay, what mission was that?

  56. Dr. Zdravko

    star boy forever 😊


    The Weeknd ft. Hugo Ruiz

    1. Arturo


  58. Adrienne M

    that asian girl got the same plastic surgeon as bella lol

  59. BR Gamer

    Está rola debería tener más views Es como estar en los 80's en pleno 2020

  60. İlhan Şerif

    400 million

  61. Hollywood Music

    Anybody want to see my lyric Vadio

  62. Quý Trần


  63. F.E. G

    I like Tyler-Creator's new wig

  64. Peter Parker

    idk , but every freaking time i hear this song , it reminds me of that scene in the movie "The Breakfast Club" when they start dancing in the library , everytime lol

  65. Casseline Casseus

    I love that song so much but I wasnt expecting the video to be weird loll 😂 I still love it ❤

  66. Jose Lopez

    All the camera work put in the video tho 🔥

  67. Aiden Boi

    The inspiration of Payday 2

  68. Berenice Peres

    Só nao pode perder a essência!!!

  69. شهد

    Very good

  70. Berenice Peres

    Ele tem a voz linda.

  71. Rahzel Rex Buana

    This is cool af

  72. Ger Mán

    Volvieron los 80's

  73. Joe Young

    He just brought back the 80's

  74. awakenbeing

    We can always see your soul, it’s beautiful 😍

  75. Escoalheira Rodrigues

    New Michael Jackson

  76. seerpou

    this song reminds me of the 80s, and i wasn't even alive then.

  77. Jean-marie AMOUYAL

    Fabulous song. The weekend, the best ! Thanks you. JM

  78. alex jj

    hey abel what´s your favorite album my favorite album is after hours but i le this and you

  79. саня рыбак


  80. alex jj

    love love love this music i understand this music sad im sorri men i like this music

  81. Wrestling Daze Jr

    The Weeknd is just the best man to vibe too

  82. fadm_ 2608

    Has gta 5 and 6 written all over it

  83. VISION Productions

    I love this album so much when I see him when he comes to charlotte he better be in that damn suit with a fucked up bloody face ❤️🤣

  84. joe james

    this kid is an unbelieveable talent but they got the makeup wrong. he shouldnt have a bandage on his nose but still be bleeding everywhere else. hiding a zit.

  85. YøløMan ツ

    I like the Weeknd in the way he was in 2k15-17 when he was just a melancolic boy ❌⭕

  86. Sage Attic

    Keep the coronavirus memes coming guys😃

  87. Fyfhb Hghd


  88. Briley Gestes

    Have you ever just wanted to put headphones on and listen to a song on full volume and stare at the ceiling? Well this is what this song makes me want to do. So I did and I am very much satisfied. Thank you for amazing music.

  89. Aina Humaira

    omggg i didn't expect thaaaaaat. shes crazyyyt

  90. B34ST 420

    The weeknd with another great hit

  91. Sophie Galstyan

    Reminds me of 2017 winter 😢💔

  92. awakenbeing

    Embrace the inner wisdom you’ve gifted with to share with the world now ! ✨⚡️✨⚡️

  93. flatbroketyler

    I ended up, In the back of a flashing car ⛓

  94. NinT PLay

    Girls name please..

  95. Itr 1244

    Who clicked on "SORT BY" and Newest first .. just to read bew comments while spending hours listening to this song?

  96. a8pb21

    I lost my head for you... Literally! 😅

  97. Michelle

    Every album I listen to brings me back to this song

  98. Rico Pena

    What love letters look like to people who don’t want them.

  99. Czarina M

    I blast his music to the loudest capacity and it's still not loud enough

  100. Joshuca

    Hey, she did it!