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  1. donavan681

    Offset be carrying

  2. Monique Rigsby

    I swear offset gave them this flow

  3. Amber Lynn

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  4. Shadow Storm

    Thank you offset and takeoff, for being the only people I liked in this song

  5. AyooNoah

    2020 & this still slap lol

  6. Jose Alberto Cruz

    Like si amas el Rap y Trap Americano y si hablas español XD 😅 😴



  8. Pista Joska


  9. Max Alsaqaf

    So everybody just gone ignore the fact that offset killed it too🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. Aristen Baku

    Yo please make this 5 minutes. 😂


    I swear i heard krayzy bone!

  12. Lexi Candy

    when youtube finally wanna put your favourite song on trending

  13. Pınar Aykanat

    When I listen this song, I understand why I'm a barb for nearly 6 years. *English is not my native language.

  14. Jasmine Hampton


  15. Bonee Siwatwa


  16. Cooper Jones

    Bro did anyone realize they use Kroger cheese.

  17. UgglyTaco

    Ewe, así no se hacen los tacos

  18. Redd Spectral

    Pense que era ft con bad bunny JAJAJAJA

  19. Chris Jimenez '19

    This sort of switching every few lines is very very fun


    They are with 3 but the sing is 1minute its stil a good tune do

  21. Carla Yengo-Kahn

    going to 150 million to have american revolution by june 2nd plzzzz this song rips

  22. Pablo Thomas

    All my favorite rappers on one song I’m satisfied now💯🤞🏾✊🏾

  23. Cuquli *

    eziciyan kelleten,m mamı sadnqwe

  24. Jashanpreet Bains

    Imagine being so bored and scrolled down to find ma comment

  25. 서누야 놀자

    Hello bts❤💚💙💜💛

  26. Joany Diaz Rivera

    ok why is cardi b so good like wow!


    Hot stuff

  28. Kevin Daniel

    offset was fire!!!

  29. lil Spooky official

    Listen to this song in 7 grade walking back home hit different

  30. Jenny Browne

    I love 💗 Cardi b but why can’t Nicki and Cardi get along

  31. Aneeq300

    is ty dolla the only one who used his real vocals instead of autotune?

  32. Bruno Araujo

    Geet my car

  33. XaGi Music TV

    Nicki switches styles like a bipolar bitch 😂 #XaGi #2020 #😷

  34. Meme Lord

    I just ate my 1st taco to this song....

  35. PLAYBOYZAY *****

    Offset killed this shit 2 doe

  36. 10k subscribers without any videos Challenge

    Anyone else notice his mask changed colour at the start?

  37. PLAYBOYZAY *****

    Thumbs down you must be tweeking I ain't heard shit better yet

  38. trevin whitlock

    I wish they didn't do drugs so they would be here longer because i don't want them to do what juice wrld did rip him and all the other rappers who have died from a overdose

  39. Rocky Balboa


  40. Ian Bp


  41. YSL Subtitulos


  42. Raiderette Rosales

    im Mexican and this shit is funny. YO AMO MIGOS. VIVA MEXICO

  43. Juice Wrld Unreleased

    This is one of the best music video I’ve ever seen in my life

  44. Vir Prasada-Bridle

    So Eminem disses them just for TakeOff to wear his merch. BRUH

  45. Mattay Meyers

    is that the first time travis had different hair in years?

  46. Mattay Meyers

    pause at 1:04 thats a straight meme

  47. Lewis Newton

    this is so hard

  48. Jamaal Curry

    We have a supergroup y'all, no drama just Guapanese. Salute

  49. TFL YoungKal

    Beat carried both artist dont @ me

  50. skateboard935

    I thought I was to king with set and NBA. Then takeoff and quavo came on‼️

  51. skateboard935

    Migos back!!

  52. Christopher kukura II

    Why is everyone praising nicki she's trash

  53. virginia price

    Takeoff killed it....😍

  54. xKanoi

    this to underrated

    1. Master Clash*Gaming


  55. Mestarien Liiga

    Who is here 2020

  56. Daniel Marigliano


  57. Sandy Carter

    I'd never accept the fact that she's better than Nicki but damn how she rides her man😍👀 I think Offset got a pearl. If he cheats on her I will die.

  58. J Zilla

    This is the anthem in my woods. I’m white so the woods is like the hood

  59. TYG63 TheYoungGoat

    Oh shittt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Sandy Carter

    And you go out there and tell me Cardi is better than Nicki while I can't rap Nicki's last part but I rap Cardi own. Gosh Nicki is the best😭😭 I'm dying with her even though every body going against her.

  61. Andrew Lee

    taco thursday!!!!!!!!!

  62. Stephen Ross

    If you bought a lamb because of this song liiiikkeeee


    10M suscribes congratulations migos

  64. # JKBeatzz

    Remember dopeeeeeeeeee

  65. 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    People who disliked this are offended by tacos.

  66. andy jacobie

    Need a music video it's had

  67. Tayonn Cole


  68. abhishek akshay

    The migos now amigos

  69. Dicey T Ali

    I'm gonna listen to this when I eat tacos

    1. ceerw buty

      Taco tuesday = cooking

  70. ciprian liban

    Hello migos

  71. Putter S. Kenedy.

    TakeOff - Racks 2 Skinny (Official Video ) ft. Migos

  72. Patrick Bates

    MIGOS CAN DO NO WRONG!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  73. Billa Bong

    Anybody noticed that drake dissed eminem

  74. Christian Gonzalez

    Drake looking like Marco Antonio Solis. Google it!!! 😂

  75. Jakob Bechtold

    still a masterpiece

  76. Lisa Crawford

    Love this song

  77. Chloe Kim

    Is anyone else here from 2020. No ok

  78. Miriam Torre

    I love it Migos need to visit el chapo in prison and put him in a video chapo loves that kindve respect ✊ Migos folife taco Tuesday foeva

    1. ceerw buty

      When you discover you are 1% Mexican:

  79. Jm4thewin

    If only lebron was in this song

  80. DeAnte Christian

    This beat. Takeoff n Quavo alternating so beautifully. NbA on the Hook. And Offset mixing wit Young Boy. This song lit af

  81. DKO o

    Bone clones

  82. Santiago Ospina Olave

    It's funny but o think that this guys justo made it for fun, showing how they are creative as fuck

  83. Kasper

    me: mom i want migos- narcos. mom: we have migos- narcos at home migos - narcos at home:

  84. Chetan Kumar

    Why this song sounds familiar to A lot 🤔🤔

  85. Jackie Brandt

    CARDI B SLAY B****🥰

  86. Bridget Sanroman

    Matthew is my son my toddler and he loves your music he loves this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ We love your music BEAUTIFUL ONE ❤️ LOVE

  87. ッVinícius


    1. •Merumeru Saijh•

      Sopa de macaco, sopa sopa de macaco

  88. Semplicemente Simo

    He looks like "Busta rhymes" 😃

  89. nellycwe zanele

    Takeoff's GOAT🔥

  90. Luqman Maulid

    hey hey i gotta uu... takeoofff

  91. P VB


  92. Esther Chowdhury


  93. Herman Shiweva

    Niggas got killed by the ladies on their track.. bt nicki take it all

  94. G. Aloysie

    wtf did i just watch?

  95. samuel odei

    I will advise guys to stop use plastic chopboard for wood ones

  96. August Sun

    Xanman needed it first

  97. samuel odei

    No more edited comment

  98. GamesKnit

    This is so funny after hearing soop dissin on him

  99. skrrr prrr

    I lick migos s-o much

  100. Niks 94

    Quavo & takeoff CRAZY