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  1. Dima Simeonov


  2. Aleksas Aleksas

    Come on he is not star neither alba is so shut it, and talk abaut real starz

    1. Da Guys

      Not a star at all, only the EuroCup MVP ... you gotta appreciate greatness my guy. He may not be one of THE stars in the EuroLeague, but definitely a guy you can build a team around and that will give you star like numbers. If you've ever seen him play you should know that he has one of the highest basketball IQs in the league and is the ultimate team player. Just watching the Pana game should refresh your memory. I don't come out here and hate on players just because I don't appreciate their teams or to be more exact in your case, because I don't know their teams. Go and watch the teams play before you make up your mind. You would easily notice what a great culture the Alba Berlin club has and how important Sikma is for them. Just hating on players or teams without context - not a good way to go about it. Sports are all about the respect and he has earned his. So don't just take it away from him because your limited view of his legacy doesn't allow you to understand it.

  3. Aleksas Aleksas

    They all re gold digers without millions they never be here

  4. JT66

    Shame on you Vassilis for leaving your green children. And now they have daddy issues because of your neglect.

  5. zeev znamirowski

    It's not called rejection...... But a block.

  6. osman demir

    Bravo Vassilis

  7. sweet n' sticky

    Και ρωτήσατε μια μέρα για το όνομα του αλήθινου πατέρα...

  8. Kyriakos Zacharias

    1 person has serious daddy issues... (talking about the one dislike on this video)

  9. Mister Critic

    Chris!! we miss u in Vilnius! Best wishes from rytas fans❤️🖤

  10. Furny 731

    Respect .

  11. Kun Aguero

    You have many childrens RedBill!

  12. N i k o s

    Ο πρεζακιας Γιαννακόπουλος έβριζε τα παιδιά του Σπανούλη να τα δει στο τάφο ο άθλιος παραγκαρχης, έχει καταγραφεί σε κάμερα αυτο

  13. Scream

    Ο κουνελος

  14. Ahmed Hassan

    19.000 παιδιά έχει κάτι παραπάνω ξέρει

    1. Petros Antoniou

      @Μανώλης Μαλλης στεφΕγώ ξέρω τον βασίλη σαν σπουδαίο αθλητή όχι σαν μέσο καυλαντας για ένα buzzer beater του 16..Αλλά μάλλον εκεί έχετε μείνει εδώ και 3 χρόνια κι απ'την φάπα δεν ξέρετε τι σας συμβαίνει

    2. Ahmed Hassan

      @Petros Antoniou άλλος είναι ο κομπλεξικος πιτσιρικά. Και δεν λέω κάτι λάθος

    3. Μανώλης Μαλλης στεφ

      @Petros Antoniou μαλακά μιλάς εσύ έτσι στον μπαμπά σπανουλη.

    4. Petros Antoniou

      19.000 φάπες μάλλον εννοείς κομπλεξικε μου φίλε

  15. ioannis klmt

    A new team is coming soon.....Name VASSILIS SPANOULIS BC😎

  16. Kostas Rammos

    3 titles...Slouli Louk

  17. Kostas Rammos

    2012 petaxtari shot!!!Always cry....

  18. Kostas Rammos

    Great shooter...But not for alla decade...Navarro, Spanoulis, Diamantidis,Lull are legends..

  19. Kostas Rammos

    La bomba...As a greek myself,he hurt me many times...

  20. Kostas Rammos

    No for all decade...great player though

  21. Kostas Rammos

    Olympiakos 2012 his dad...Although great player...But not many seasons in Euroleague to be named all time team

  22. Rusin

    Pizdato Real, privet from CSKA fan

  23. Reaper1


  24. Alex Mair

    MVP and Defense Player of the Year in 2012 of the Euroleague 👍🏀❤

  25. antonio banderas

    Андрей был топом в Европе и очень хорош в НБА.

  26. Kriel Sarona

    🐻 Army knife 🙌🏽

  27. Artem Gorshenin

    ЦВБП ❤️💙

  28. We Are The 99

    Obradovic will genocide them in the locker room.

  29. neejoy sola

    riches never care football basketball.... bla bla bla ıf they dont have money ı am %100 sure that they had fight each other.

  30. Shauka Hodan


  31. tanerrr

    Fenerbahce sell more than 5Players to the NBA Teams, and now they suck! if you sell all your good players what do you except?

  32. Myke Mynah


  33. Myke Mynah

    They get it wrong less. I’ll never forget those words.

  34. IL DIVO

    Many greetings from Athens to this excellent team Efes Ataman you are great

  35. IL DIVO

    The right team in Turkey is Efes. Ataman of course it's a better couch than Obra The end of the dream of Fener as a super power team in Europe is obvious

  36. Bilel Fetouri

    obradovic and popovich are the best coaches

  37. Δημ.

    Should've been Papapetrou. He set a career record.

  38. Nikos RbJC

    Μοναδικό στο είδος του...το Petahtari shot! Απ τους λίγους καλούς και σεμνους παίχτες. Σεβασμός. Απο φίλαθλο του Παναθηναικού...

  39. abc def

    Where is the d.willams?

  40. Sahar Levy

    Oh europe i hope youre ready , Cuz we are so back ! Maccabi ! 💙💛

  41. Saøk

    Παπαπέτρου 50 λεπτά έπαιζε κουρασμένος;μπα

  42. Rj Unikum


  43. Hüseyin İŞ

    LARKİNG 💪🔥🔥🔥🔥♥️

    1. Tal Zalk

      Wilbeking is better

  44. Hüseyin İŞ

    Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahçe Beko 🇹🇷 🇹🇷♥️♥️🇹🇷

  45. איתי ו


  46. Владимир Попов


  47. Joel M

    Maccabi is finally back where they belong!!! yellow submarine's orchestra is back!!

  48. Phet Tumbling

    This man is a scoring machine that can dunk too. 🏀

  49. ΑλλΟ Λεβελ

    Fredette we are with you show us your talent and stay with us

  50. Valdas S.

    An excellent player at his best.

  51. Master Leviteh

    Amazing!! 💛💙💛

  52. goten play

    כולם יודעים שאירופה צהובה

  53. Dimitris Feretos

    Olympiakos 7 ⚪️🔴❤️💪🇬🇷

    1. Pare TinBanana

      @Dimitris Feretos Ναι ρε το ξέρω ,απλώς λέω ότι έχουμε βγάλει τα καλύτερα πενταρια+του μιλουτινοφ

    2. Dimitris Feretos

      Pare TinBanana printezis and spanoulis is the best 🇬🇷❤️❤️

    3. Pare TinBanana

      Olympiakos had the best centers in Europe. Hunter, birch, Hines, leday. Also olympiakos had so many good players like teodosic sloukas hacket green

    4. Pare TinBanana

      And maccabi's coach is from olympiakos. And also hunter is from olympiakos

    5. Amit Dvora

      We crushed you at your home 90-65 maccabi is back!

  54. Kst Sii


  55. Aleksas Aleksas

    That idiot selfish got 2blocks jus waisted opurtunity

  56. Petar Racić

    We were much better than Asvele.Unlucky end for us.We will come back stronger!Napred Zvezdo!🔴⚪️❤️

  57. Carlito

    Asvel is by mistake in euroleague

  58. Alp

    2.20 boyuyla 1.98 lik hinnesten blok yiyorsun püh amınakoyayım senin

  59. Deniz

    Where is Derrick Williams? I think you didn't watch

  60. Harel22DORON


  61. System Heks

    Çöp kalinic

  62. עמרי גולן

    Yalla Maccabi 💛💙

  63. Steven Wertyuiooo

    1:24 Are you going to play at O.A.K.A.?

  64. Steven Wertyuiooo

    Too many guards...

  65. Joshua Simmons

    NBA games are better

  66. Da Guys

    Papapetrou? They may have not won, but without him it would've been a disaster for Pana. He carried them.

  67. Mç T

    o kadar leş savunma yapıyoruz ki genelde bizle oynayan takımlardan oyuncuların en yüksek verimliliği oluyo :d

  68. mixio hili

    Barcelona - Banda de ratas

    1. neejoy sola


  69. carlito930

    Fak you everyone! Fak you Gigi Datome!! 😡🤣🤣🤣

  70. Joannès

    Bravo les gars!

  71. Seyyal Kiraze

    Anadolu Efes 💪

  72. Christos8583 Aidinis

    Τζειμς παιχταράς!!

  73. Zafer

    Well played Mike James

  74. Chkhitoooo

    If the rest of the team played half as good as Shengelia Baskonia would be one of the best clubs of Europe.

  75. osman demir

    Bu kadar yanlı sıralama olmaz derhal Türk Hava Yolları ve diğer sponsorlarımız çekilmeli ki bu Euroleague ... gibi kalsın

  76. Therion

    Τωρα στοχος ειναι να βγουν πρωτελευταιοι κ οχι τελευταιοι

  77. Hakan Altunay

    efes kadar lakayt oynayan bi takim daha yok

  78. Hüso Çelebi

    Haçlı seferleri yine Türkleri es geçmiş Efes'in ilk 3 girecek 3 hareketi var Yanlı Euroleague

    1. Hüso Çelebi

      @Seyyal Kiraze aynen

    2. Seyyal Kiraze

      Üstüne bir de Fenerbahçe nin yediği sıradan bir basketi , 1. sıraya taşımışlar..

  79. erilter

    loven neden tutuldu gönderilmeli vesterman yanlış tranfer melli tutulmalıydı geçen senenin lider takımı rezalet halde. csk ya yenilmek bu durum için normal. bu takım deplasman da bile cskyı geriden gelip yenen bir takımdı datome ile uzun anlaşma yapılması yanlış iş olmuş. devre arasında önemli değişim şart yoksa final four hayalden de uzak ihtimal...ligi üstlerde bitiremezseler ki çok zor daha güçlü takımlarla eleme maçında karşılaşmak zorundalar...

  80. Mustafa Kılıç

    Larkin o boyla nasıl smaç bastı?!?

  81. יהודה בן שימחון

    אני מכבי מי אתם בכלל ??!💛💙✡️✡️

    1. Joel M

      איזה מצחיק אתה ...יש עוד אוהדי כדורסל באירופה שמחזיקים ממכבי אל תשכח חח.לא חייבים להגיב בעברית הכל טוב:-)

  82. Ahmef Ern

    Çok adaletsiz olmuş

    1. Alp

      @Hüso Çelebi haçlılar değil haçlı seferleri o da iyiymiş kanka

    2. Hüso Çelebi

      Her zaman oluyor Haçlı seferleri bunlar

  83. Kostas Vacharis

    Fenerbahçe Team Europe Cup

  84. Khumoyun Yuldashev


  85. Evyatar Cohen

    מכבי תל אביב כרגע הקבוצה ביותר ביותר הלוואי שימשיך כך ,יאלה מכבי!

  86. Igor Jovanovic

    Mora covic jos zavuc ruku u kasicu prasicu jer ipak je on u svaku vlast svaciji drug niciji prijatelj naocare mu magle od nervoze kad gube

  87. KüçükAlpBartu


  88. Cem Büyükçakır

    Vesely,Datome,Kalinic ve Fransız uzun gönderilmeli.

  89. bilias hour

    Oh i though this was soccer.

  90. Del Boy

    Koliko mi nemamo srece, sa mnogo gorim igracima smo imali bolje rezultate. Sad dovedes jednog Gista, D.Brauna, Dznenkinsa, Kuzmica i ostane ti skoro cela ekipa od prosle godine i onda gazda Covic usere sve sa jednim plejom kao sto je Lorenco. Beron, Peperoglu, Faje, Davidovac, Dobric... Na papiru nikad bolji a ti useres sve sa Lorencom i Covketom juniorom a i neznalicama od trenera. Zali Boze bacenih para. Neverovatno je ko je doveo tog Lorenca, pa prosto se na snimcima vidi da on nije plej za nas. Toliko krstenih americkih plejmejkera po Evropi a ti dovedes nekog sa velikim bolom u mudima, da se vuce po terenu.

  91. Philipp Onyema

    Thats not it! Dont try to be the NBA! U just can't! Just try to find ur own identity!!! This made me feel so uncomfortable from watching this :/ Taking Tony Parker c'mon man - he is boring as hell as a character! :D :D :D

    1. jonny cage1990

      First of all, Tony Parker is the owner of ASVEL Villeurbanne, one of the 18 Euroleague teams so thats why he's in the video. And second, if you're looking for NBA wannabe's start from the Chinese league, or the Philippino league. If anything, Euroleague has its own identity, playing style, rules, and its competitive from game 1. Not only in the playoffs.

  92. djordje 7


  93. Boris Djokovi

    Zvezdainai mustafa covke

  94. Boris Djokovi

    Klipatrik je za brauna izmislio kosarku braon pojebena zecica

  95. Boris Djokovi

    Grobar sam i slobodno mogu da kazem da je lorenzo braun jedno od najvecih promasaja crvene zvezde i da trebate pod hitno da ga menjate i sto vam ne igra dzenkins u prvoj poatavi uglavnom srbi smo pa srecno u nastavku.

  96. rinetzkey rin

    Tarik black the king

  97. Fatih Özkan

    Bu izlediğimiz fenerbahçe mi yoksa tarsus idman yurdu mu

  98. eaeaeaeaeaeae

    Is someone out there a Derrick Williams hater ?

  99. Dvir Fight

    good luck Olympiacos from maccabi tel aviv fans

  100. Zack U

    Ti krima.. aytos o Panathinaikos, dld matia dn exete? Phgate perusi xerw gw kai kanate ektimhsh oti dn tha dwsete aukshsh sumvolaiou ston Mike James pou evgaze matia kai m ayta ta lefta exoume kana 2 palta twra. Aplh logikh re gamw, peri allwn thematw proponhth klp dn tha thiksw, afou exoume xasei thn aplh logikh pleon kai dn uparxei kormos, pera tou papagianh kai tou kalathi, s auton ton Panathinaiko...