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  1. Youssef Mejri

    And Neil is the least.

  2. Mona Al

    best thing that ever happened to me is being RN now at 34 i make 6 figure salary .. its nice to have money !!

  3. BeingHonest

    boring only watch 3 mins bye 1

  4. cutsandtats

    Elon is God sent

  5. cutsandtats

    Earth's MVP

  6. Dead Ringer -Cult of Deathrattles

    12:08 Lol While watching I could smell Kevin’s disapproval of that sentences

  7. Will Jacobs

    A lot of things aren't adding up with the people in these videos.

  8. Ryanbob Kuntz

    Way to take what vogue does and make it boring

  9. Heisenberg B.B

    Starbucks coffee is almost 3 dollars. Seriously.. 3x 5days a week

  10. Jonathan Hanouka

    Wtf omggggggggg so biggggg

  11. Ed E.

    With 145k you should Max out your 401k. Also cool that she’s isn’t overspending on an apartment/house.

  12. Chazilla3000

    It’s nice to see someone making money the old fashioned way lol

  13. Texas Plinking

    Why did I feel nervous for Graham during this? ;D

  14. The Web Addict

    She loves using the word "I" when referring to finances. Good luck to that guy when she wants to break up.

  15. fernydellacruz

    what a beautiful woman from Utah kinda reminds me of Pam from the office

  16. Christopher Wilson

    I just started a job at a crocs distribution center and somehow this video shows up in my feed.

  17. Aka Teddy

    Hey I know him he work at that oppenheim real estate place

  18. Matchek Broski

    do like the coffee at home unless it's a coffee date

  19. Cyprian Page

    Medical stability, daycare, kids education and childhood activities, retirement savings, family car(s), living in a safe/clean neighbourhood, helping family on reduced means and "some" recreation on 75k per household? gtfo with that @#[email protected] What most people think of as "middle class" costs ~$200k per household depending where you live for a family of 4 and there is nothing "middle" about it. That's top 3-5% easy. Anything less than that as a family and you're making MAJOR compromises.

  20. Mateo

    aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggg she's flying first class to germany!! good luck with your habits

  21. Roop

    this garbage

  22. Mateo

    he looks sloppy now but he's only 24. in 2 years he'll be making bank and have no debt. in 10 years he'll retire if he wants.

  23. Kassim O

    Austin,Texas I love this city it`s like a heaven on earth. Great video!

  24. aakpand

    Good video. I would be interested in learning if there is a discussion debt to ncome ratio that generates the most happiness

  25. UAIZcoach

    Unfortunately overdelivering only works out on the private sector. If you happen to BE a public servant and overdeliver you Will most likely be exploited.. at least outside the U.S. it s like that

  26. Ail'enduril

    It's not keto, so a no.

  27. Tondaleya Carter

    Please, pay off your student loans. You are willing to pay interest on a 30K loan for 20 more years? it's clear you don't understand finances. Get with a financial planner. You can pay off your student loan with 2 months of bonuses alone. Call the student loan people or look at your statement and see just how much interest you are paying and your final total by the time you are 45. You will stroke a check tomorrow to get rid of the debit. Why pay more overtime when it can be gone now. In 20 years you will be paying more than $30,000 in debit. Just saying....

  28. Carlos Mendoza

    Well hard lessons learned $280 k a year last time to now this should teach everyone to learn how to manage your money and don’t fallow in this guys bad decisions. Hope he grown his business back up again.

  29. Carlos Mendoza

    $280k a year if this guy learned how to invest and use his money he could retire in less then 10 years investing his money right. But it’s his life and he can blow his money as he wishes.

  30. Tiago Oliveira

    0:05 I want to date her after this.

  31. lildon112

    100% as a first-generation immigrant there is a burden that never really goes away - that we need to help out our parents and other family members. In many cases, our parents haven't had the chance to build up their own savings and end up needing some financial support. There is a real mental pressure for you to make a lot more money to be able to help or give back.

  32. Chill Daze

    As a barista, I never heard of this milk until my boss brought it into the café. We started recommending it to customers and everyone loved it because its the best alternative for dairy milk. Oat milk has the same consistency as regular cow milk. Amazing.

  33. Matt Sezer

    There's a psychological benefit to owning something tangible. Also, if things go bad, it's much more difficult for people to take your house from you than money that you have sitting in savings accounts.

  34. J Y

    I came for the video, stayed for the dog, so cute!!!

  35. CAnderson

    Great job paying off 125,000 dollars of debt

  36. Rikxy Arman

    I wish Indonesia can be like this someday

  37. Bright Olofinsao

    Live life babe

  38. Auntie Social

    This just made me severely depressed.

  39. For Kids By Kids

    Mist people got 20%? Interesting

  40. Nick Faulkner

    If she is making so much just pay off all that student loan debt in one year. I wish I could do that.

  41. Inder Gill


  42. N A


  43. Seal

    I love how he almost comes off that he is very successful because of real-estate, but then says 85% of his income is directly/indirectly from youtube. So he's basically 1 in a million person who has a massive following off youtube which allows him to make all of his money essentially.

  44. Ruru Home

    Hold up, she could be paying her student loans in less than 3 years if she trimmed her budget by $1000/month. 😂 Anyway how do you do the job she has?!?? I want to get into marketing!

  45. MeTube Galvez

    he is doing awesome.

  46. Nana C

    Lol where else can I get macarons for that price 😅 As a foodie Trader Joe's is heaven for me

  47. •Jaleigh •

    Imagine all these houses combined it be pretty big and expensive.

  48. André Ferrer

    Wanting for government to go and pay your student debt is dishonest, at best. It is good that you found religion, but be aware that the state is not God

  49. Jacob Mayfield

    As a millionaire, nobody would actually use these houses, maybe just during the summer, but it is mostly an investment. I think the first mansion in the video will be the most used, even then they probably wouldn’t use it a lot, they have around another 100 mansions to go to.

  50. ohhirenee

    It helps that a good majority of healthcare professionals were their shoes.

  51. Jeremy McCall

    This was cool to watch. Refreshing attitude

  52. ttgk

    Middle class white women store

  53. Tyrese R.

    Did he say their house was $48k but they spend $40k a year and they are rich ?

  54. Njume kogge

    She has s good mind set.

  55. Clarissa Anne

    She has enough cushion to pay off her student loan in one commission i don’t understand the need to hold off lol..

  56. Mateo

    why can't ANY of these videos clarify if the numbers are GROSS or NET??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? they're so meaningless otherwise.

  57. Semlali Souhail

    If man can go to war on earth, he can go to it in space. Just a matter of when, not if.

  58. Mateo

    i'm lost. he's making a ton of money, has almost no expenses, but he's getting loans from his 401k and has no savings? something is wrong. he's obviously good at making money but i think he needs help with what he does with it

  59. Semlali Souhail

    If man can go to war on earth, he can go to it in space. Just a matter of when, not if.

  60. LaChaya Radcliff

    I feel the same way about my dog. 💕 He’s been with me through some dark times.

  61. Nick Obradovich

    This is so out of touch that it's ludicrous. How is it a struggle to survive on $1.6 million a year?

  62. Lazypanda

    This notion that we have to love our job is given too much importance. It’s a job. What’s there to love? If you love your job then your not actually doing a job. Your doing a hobby.

  63. Carlos Mendoza

    Thankfully a $599k home in my city will get me a 3000 to 4000 square foot home. This wasn’t a good buy for these people.

  64. Natasha Ibrahim

    Wooo I live in Austin Texas! I make videos about atx and other things 🤪 if you’re reading this I’d love if you checked me out 😁😁

  65. Mateo

    awww, she's shopping/eating like an american from 20 years ago! that's cute

  66. Mateo

    $1150 for a one bedroom in north carolina??? sorry but no thanks

  67. Nalerino

    Such a gorgeous, inspiring young lady.

  68. Susie Klein

    Money buys security and that makes me happy. We have enough to live in a safe neighborhood, in a nice townhouse. We have enough to pay for a car repair, without worrying how that payment might affect our lives. We have enough for good health insurance and can sleep at night knowing a broken leg won’t bankrupt us. Money can buy a safety net so that we can enjoy our lives. We have also not had money, and now, at about $115K (before taxes), we ARE happier!

  69. Shirley Delgado

    The way Kusko looks at her melts my heart ❤️🥺

  70. Johnnyboycurtis

    That’s the type of person that gives millennials a bad name

  71. Mateo

    does anyone know if these videos are pre- or post-tax income? because $172k post is a lot but pre-tax not so much


    Never sit at the very end of the passenger seating area it's human nature to go for the first seat because people are lazy choose a seat in the Middle where less people will have set in the seat therefore it will be less likely to germs

  73. S T

    I want a tiny house so I can just move it anywhere.

  74. designariel

    I hope this woman reads the comments section and decides to pay off her student loans.

  75. Jessica Choi

    Oh man I love seeing people with no money judging how rich people spend their money. Nothing is more relatable.

  76. Richard Nguyen

    It's is ethical to pay back money you borrow, and not have the mindset of "I hope it goes away". You were lucky to get a loan and advance your life... now what you've made it, it's only fair you pay back into the system so the next person has the same opportunities you had.

    1. André Ferrer

      Yeah! Doesn't she realize how dishonest is to expect for others to pay her debts?

  77. Faris Almutairi

    8.234! why not 8.25? why not 8?

  78. Frank V

    Don’t listen to him you can be rich living in the Midwest and living a frugal life. The only thing you need is to invest in the stock market. You don’t need to move to a major city and go broke.

  79. ThaStrum

    the americans themself ruined the "american dream"

  80. akirebara

    OK this is the content I want more. I can't relate to people who are making more than $80K. This couple motivates me to work hard and keep my money in good investments.

  81. akirebara

    ANDREA: Just pay your student loans. After that, the $200 something you're paying per month with the interest will go into your investments and savings. Pay what you borrowed. I make 1/4 of what you earn a year and I was able to pay off my student loans in 2 years.

  82. Richard Levoi

    This song is dedicated to all of the teenagers out there dealing with the frustrations of the coronavirus. Staying home for the prom, can't see your friends or someone special you just met. Stay safe and stay strong this will pass. grsel.info/video/binteo/vYl_oKWftKfAinY.html

  83. 晴人有機

    This actually makes me want to move to one of these nordic countries

  84. Coalition Patriot

    Remember when Neil Degrass Moron said Elon would never pioneer space travel because it has to be done by government?

  85. Osamah Kiwan

    1:17 "In space you don't need to fight a war...". Ha.

  86. JR

    My worst nightmare is to live so close to people

  87. a004

    The real question: is that a Rolex or a Steinhart?

  88. Pepe Finance

    Best video ever... I wish it will be me in a few years ... :)

  89. Guitars & Fitness

    “I’m hoping someone can come into office and just diminish the student debt loan” This is everything wrong with the current economic and political atmosphere 🤦‍♂️

  90. Ini Ubaha

    Seems like a great lady. Awesome story!

  91. Movie Muscle

    These guys always have punchable faces...

  92. Family Broich

    I just want to be at that point where I’m able to fill up my car with gas, and get a car wash without looking at my bank account! Actually I’ll probably still wash the car at home because $15 for a car wash is still ridiculous in my eyes even if I’m worth millions 😂🤷‍♀️

  93. YH

    For me, if I had enough money to be comfortable for the rest of my life if I ever was laid off, that would be enough to make me happy.

  94. Mabel Wong

    I graduated last recession. It has gotten tougher. I would encourage people to move back with parents. Get any job in meantime for reference/experience and work for free. Lots of older people need help! And interested in investing in young talent like myself

  95. Hayden Cook

    Lol if I didn't have a car I'd be screwed...ever heard of not being in the city limits?