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  1. Regina’s Gaming Channel

    I can’t do it I don’t have makeup

  2. Shauna Olynyk


  3. wei zhang

    How did Walter get the zombie Buster from the safe zone?

  4. Ariana

    How you can make your videos with corona during lockdown???????????????? and you are not giving 1 meter distance to safe your own selves that's soo bad

  5. はるき 하루키

    6:43 Am I the only one seeing this horse's p*nis?

  6. Ariana

    7:34 I like this life hack for kids what u like

  7. Minnie Cowles

    Pretty cool hacks

  8. Coalwalker Gamer girl


  9. Toys and fun Lol dolls

    She was being mean and bossy


    I love toom toom select

  11. Shauna Olynyk

    0:27 - 1:01 oh come on the burn wasn’t that bad!😑

  12. redzwan rashid


  13. Avni Bijjala

    Cute baby

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  16. Audrey Budiyanto

    Go white

  17. Nirvana Dubey

    Very usefull

  18. Yuvenna Soopaya

    Good morning

  19. Lilli Minner

    If I was in the 80s I would die right away

  20. Nicole_ Zhou

    10 Clever survival hacks in wildlife, ok but 1:56 is not very clever, you’re supposed to clear the area of dry wood or everything around it will set on fire basically they’re gonna cause a forest fire. 8:26 same thing ^ and also why in front of the shelter... probably gonna set on fire too, lastly 9:13 sorry to break it to you babes, plastic melts but some how it didn’t......

  21. Dewi Kastuti


  22. Aman Aman

    I want eps 3

  23. Dana qaddomi 1

    I like the 80s more than 20s because they set with their parents more help their friends read books helps their mom they study more harder than in 20 s they dont cheat like us because their is no much internet in that time I think they was working harder not like us we are lazy students and dont like to work or help we just need wifi m 20s students weakup !!!

  24. Freeda Villaflor

    Do you know its suniy and the vampire is out😂😂😂

  25. Monica Opetaia

    zombie!!!! apocylaps

  26. anikka carlos

    at Good

  27. Ahnaf Habib

    Why did the others see Angle and Bad Angle?

  28. Nidhi jain

    I like first song very beautiful

  29. Mana Gorkha


  30. Tracey Heckathorn


  31. Bonda Sebelas

    Ok that is scary

  32. roshan ghimire

    What if you don't have umbrella

  33. Bella R Avila

    It said while walking twicce for meh

  34. Zea Albs

    Wher is 3

  35. Mimi Tariah

    people can have Sas am I right.😅😅

  36. Gemma Wilmot

    I spend all my time sleeping 😂

  37. Nanakjit Khakh

    Can you make a 4 year old birthday gifts

  38. Thea Koch

    What if you can’t afford a detective? And when she “Camouflaged” you could totally see **slow clap**

  39. Niles Smith

    I love your videos you are the best you tuber ever

  40. Amara Ponce


  41. Marapawpi Nohro

    Make part 3 pls I love this video and pls make Zombie apocalypse episode 11 plsssss🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  42. Student Danica Tababa

    Me : why is that a BOY My sister : Nice boy tee hee

  43. Jesse Fleming

    Well I gave my mom some of my money

  44. Vianna Cheung

    is this a REAL remote!?

  45. Thomari Jenkins

    this is boring and hate her voice!!!!!

  46. Douglas Hall

    Build mofe? XD

  47. Rayan Zakariye

    Dont know what is happining

  48. Madison Owens

    Waldo I'm on the Angels side devils are very mean 💗

  49. uelelima fifita

    Hi I love you guys so much I’m going to text you

  50. kanta shukla

    I am totally an extrovert.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Alex Reyes

    Visco girl

  52. Mana Gorkha


  53. Neveh Evangelista

    Baby:😑 Narrator: he in joys it a lot

  54. javed awan


  55. Gemma Wilmot

    Or you can tell him that we need to break up 😐😐

  56. SIS and SIS

    Troom troom cuts out the name 'Bobo' Troom troom says Fluffy loves his new royal bed I say, isn't the puppy's name Bobo?

  57. Manvitha & Manasvi Y

    I like the e girl

  58. Alex Reyes

    I’m egirl

  59. rajitha reddy

    I like black ♥️♥️💝💝

  60. home Sew-It home

    But i hate the black guy

  61. home Sew-It home

    This is cool

  62. Sarah Evania Sienna Marin

    ♥️ stay safe everyone 🙏

  63. Sarah Evania Sienna Marin


  64. Clara Cantika

  65. Thakur Kids

    I loveeeeeeee troom troom you are the best how can I thank you tell me.

  66. Ag Squad

    First of all that looks so fake you don’t even look like a wall and paint is not good for your skin you guys are so dumb and stupid

  67. Cassy Hay

    John wife name calling for 3PM in my bed and you have any idea what 8AM

  68. Chazedah Prendergast

    Cleaning with a baby is hard you dumb girls no one cleans with a baby

  69. Savage

    It depends on how strong the tape is

  70. Chelenny Itza

    I like Lily

  71. Nikee Wainit

    I like your video

  72. Loresa Tafa

    This is amazing and scary don’t do it this is it just me or do you do magic

  73. Alex Nessy

    I did not like you "life hacks"

  74. Ayah Elkassem

    Who just watches the life hacks but never do them

  75. Rhona Medel

    Green ❤❤❤❤❤

  76. Kayleedy

    omg 9:02 to 9:30 is inappropriate you know right

  77. Alex Nessy

    I could still see the girl on the wall, that was horrible, this video sucked

  78. Scott Carl


  79. Nikee Wainit

    Were did u get the doors

    1. Nikee Wainit

      Were did you get those soots

  80. Ahlam Utto

    i Like troom troom 😁😁😁😁

  81. Payton Powers


  82. Smart Unicorn

    I did spot the bad student

  83. Johan Karim


  84. Cobie Marie

    cutieeeeeeeeeee baby

  85. Vicki King

    That's my dogs name

  86. New Account

    I'm also giving them a liek

  87. New Account

    Please please make more make part 11 and 12 and so on please

  88. Fade RIZE

    Can i

  89. Zandibop & KYA

    Im obsessed with unicorn's and iblive your channel but your goive is super annoying

  90. Hailey Jayde

    HeRe, TaKe ThIs *CuTe* MuStAcHe!

  91. Patrocinia Madrilejo

    I dont like karry

  92. Bernie Burt


  93. Smart Unicorn

    Who spotted the bad student

  94. Emma Liu

    Why are you saying mmmm when you massage your self

  95. Jason Marcus

    Those zombie weapons don't look useful and zombie don't exist they already existed