My name is Arun Maini. I'm a 23 year old Economics student who's life's passion is Technology. I try to make videos that are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, a sub would be massively appreciated! 🙏
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  1. Fast CSX

    What about the XR?

  2. garyrobbins2010

    I have to give you props in the category of being able to understand what you are saying and how you present in your videos. There are a lot of videos that I can't really understand what someone is saying and also they sometimes presented in a jumbled way with too many graphics. Keep up the good work.

  3. keiichiiownsu12

    1:46 "King of Customization"? What, is it made by the KDE Plasma team or something?

  4. Lucy Miami Beach

    Most excellent! Who knew that my 10 could do so much! Also, my friends with iPhones are always at the apple store. Me and my Samsungs: never

  5. kabie bebe

    Nokia 5g looks nice but is it Europe only of Us?, And when it's coming to asia

  6. Clientastisch

    I'm sorry but I personally would never buy Hawaii. But for sure that all the Asian people will use this. Hopefully Google's new operating system will defeat them all. Lol

  7. Piyush Lovanshi

    The MOTS important!

  8. otaku king

    The best android phone is Samsung

  9. Dominik Grbac

    Hello Arun. I purchased a Huawei p30 pro last week and I am amazed by the performance of the phone. I end my day with 30 percent battery life. Now comes the question. Should i charge the phone to up 50 percent and then the rest in the morning or I can just leave it on charge the whole night. I am wondering what should I do because the phone charges within 1 hour. How should I charge it to keep the battery healthy and what can I do to prolong it's life because I want to keep this phone with me for at least 2 years. Thanks and Iove your content

  10. Kool Aid Maniac

    dude I want that wallpaper in the thumbnail SO BAD

  11. Demi Cacuci

    Hate the fact that he says 4k in the title tho it just bothers me because that depends how many megapixels the phone has

  12. Shane P.

    2:09 Thicc daddy

  13. inkling 2114

    "The only thing stopping me from switching is the midrange chipset" Me looking at my LG rebel 4

  14. Shaikh Sabiruddin

    I don't believe......note 10 awesome mobile.....😍...... I'm waiting for mobile

  15. Stefan Miron

    You'd have a sweet spot in Romania where they've cut millions of trees this year only unfortunately...😥

  16. Shaikh Sabiruddin

    Xiaomi note 10 How much.....? How to buy please....tell me sir 😋😍

  17. BillyBDL

    You are a prick mate, it’s just a drone, what a twat.

  18. Willy Aji

    Apple sucks...

  19. Shaikh Sabiruddin


  20. Shaikh Sabiruddin

    I like this...... please give me How much

  21. Shaikh Sabiruddin


  22. Izzat Omar

    Just bought a new phone a week ago than this came out

  23. Mikaeel Samaai

    hello there mrboss i have a samsung j1 mini prime living in south africa can u send me a phone please

  24. Samuel Aston Worldwide

    Can i get the S10 5G you have dumped

  25. Francis Jay Damit

    This is a great help. Let's help each other grow too

  26. Hamzeh Al-Okeeli

    @6:43 WTF,,,, take a look at read and write speeds. Oneplus wins!

  27. Lukas.

    What phone did you use for the timer? the right one ^^

  28. Gilad Goldhar

    Pls do a vid of your edits and how to

  29. Dino 323232


  30. Gourav Thakur

    Note edge is still one of my favorite phone..

  31. Tech Creator Ankit

    Honest Review

  32. G Cart

    Definitely p30pro.

  33. Ahmed Baganović

    Ur soo hot boss

  34. f18nfz

    Can't decide ... This or the 1+ 7t or the Rog 2 (Tencent) for a UK power user?

  35. Inconsistent Consistency

    Actually, you can go from one to three. Start on one, move your finger over two and on to three and back to two.

  36. Luckie Murillo

    These two look gay as hell, making googly eyes at each other..

  37. Becoming An Influencer

    let’s grow together 🦋🌟

    1. Aron Franks 2005

      Becoming An Influencer done

  38. enio marku

    Sorry , what phone is ?

  39. Vedraj r.m

    Update for 2019

  40. Profitroll Game

    Lawnchair is better than CPL

  41. liteand fluffy

    How wonderful! Sugar-coat the 5G mass cancer causing network.

  42. 0009basim

    Even if it’s 10000 mega pixels, apple’s 12 MP give better pictures!

  43. bleach powder

    Imma pre order that ASAP

  44. Alz Raiz

    Damn! I really want that red magic... 😓

  45. omkar shah

    No iphone yeahhhh

  46. Blurish

    Yo your soo lucky

  47. Marek Stirling

    Number 4.... most smart phones don't have a 3.5mm jack....

  48. Logan IceGlare /Λόγκαν Λάμση Παγετού

    WOW.. OH, MY, GOD!!!!!

  49. Eddie

    i went from apple to huawei bcuz of this phone i did an upgrade from iphone 7 to hua p30 pro highly recommend it

  50. Ace Emperor233

    Spotify let them win

  51. BanditosLoqos

    Imagine dropping this phone while watching yotube in your bed

  52. nirav patel

    There are 4 flash lights?

  53. Gautam

    I like your videos because of their simplicity, to the point, good narration. Good Job

  54. Manny Tuzman

    Iphone is GARBAGE next to Android !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. aesthetic cuisine

    Im here lets do it

  56. Ardelius :0


  57. chagga zone

    OMG!!!! 108mp am still waiting for 2025 full back cover camera

  58. rama Krishna

    Omg a lot change I am your 4lak subscribe I think

  59. Top Secret

    Regarding 59: Does building a ballistic missile in SimpleRockets 2 count?

  60. Liut Filip

    iPhone se ?

  61. Pawlee

    Where is iPhone 5c?

  62. Flame GrizzlyYT

    I only had 2g 6s XR X Max and 11 pro

  63. pretty baby

    1 like for 200 subscribers

  64. Ak Poddar

    that day wont come when we will have phone RAM 25GB STORAGE 1TB BATTERY 8000mah camera 450 mp *heat detecting sensors *temperature detecting sensors etc

  65. CNG Master

    iPhone SE?

  66. Maxim Dietz

    it blows my mind how android flagships get software support dropped after only ~2 years...

  67. Pad 21

    Who makes the screen's for Vivo that's right Samsung

  68. John Creng

    Thank you for your shared experince bro.

    1. John Creng

      Hi, can you help me? subscribed my channel..

    2. aesthetic cuisine

      John Creng im here

  69. PhoenixUltraMotive

    I'm watching this video on an Honor 6X. Fun fact: for 250 ish dollars from Best Buy, it has WAYYYY better features than an 800 dollar iPhone XR. Which is kinda messed up. The Honor 6 series keep a 1080p screen res thru every config, while the iPhone X series can't seem to do that. The XR has an 824p screen, but since litteraly not a single app in the world uses 824p, you're limited to 720p. My Honor 6X has an 8 MP front selfie camera, and the XR has a 7 MP. The Honor 6x is 30 grams lighter than the XR. The Honor 6 series all have 8 processors, while the XR has 6. Yes the screen is smaller on the 6 series, but it can still fit more pixels than a larger screened iPhone. Pathetic. And my friend who had an XR litteraly said "bigger screen means more pixels" yet my phone, with a smaller screen, has more pixels? Hmmm? And then he comes back with "oh but it's the downgraded of course some things are worse" the Honor 6 series ALL keep the same specs on them, just the only difference is weight and screen size. Wtf. Honsetly the product people at Apple are fucking stupid

  70. Rahul Nath

    why isnt anyone reviewing the LG G8S thinq.. A lot of people are saying it is better than OnePlus 7T

  71. Yameng Jamoh

    2009_ 1.5 MP 2019_108 MP 2050_ 1k MP 2090_ Information to N.A.S.A.

  72. Charlie Reid

    0:02: I have heard of a Nokia Brick!

  73. tom lewis

    The apple battery meme is now outdated.

  74. Deepak Harish

    nobody Nokia: includes decimals. 6.0,6.1...7, 8...Pure View.

  75. Rakesh6nair

    Nobody wants to see your face

  76. BMB Worldview Enjoyment

    I wll buy it .....the day will come when there will be only cameras in the phone

  77. Jeevan Singh Marwaha

    He has the iPhone 24 (Because of the number of cameras)

  78. il_jake

    If you don’t need a 8 or higher give me it :D

  79. Chip Schmidt

    StanDby not stanby

  80. prashant tripathi

    my man gonna get 3M suscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyy. F the haters

  81. Om Alive at last

    Taking you away from reality using dangerous 5G thanks

  82. Zachguy


  83. Alcatraz TM

    How is BadaOS different han TizenOS ? Just curious

  84. Sonja

    Thumbs up if you are from Finland!🇫🇮

  85. Lolly

    Apple sell refurbished phones in their website if you’re worried about these websites.

  86. king Charles

    Xr and 11 the real new game changers

  87. Hamed

    2019, the year of camera war..

  88. ThirdHorizon

    I enjoyed that, even now. Thanks.

  89. Saumyadeep Mahata

    I am at 2:41 min and guessing it is a drone.. If i am wrong i will not delete the comment😅 if i am right then like😄

  90. Lovely Jogar220



    Pengen bett akuu😫😫

  92. Amir Saad

    Wish you goodluck in your life Your own life is better than mine too far But am still happy because i have a youtuber like you

  93. M C

    Iphone 11/ pro/max are definitely far behind.


    You do simple things in the most complex ways!

  95. Javier Mercedes

    Amazing video visuals both from the phone and you using the gear.

  96. L V


  97. Peacefull World

    Hi please do revew for 4k led tv also.please please please,😍😍

  98. silent jackal

    I think they able to add better CPU and add about 60$, was better🤔

  99. For The People

    Chinese stuff fuck off....oh hell yaaaaa

  100. Wesley Dallinga

    ne belike last year i had a phone 4 :/