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  1. Alicia Bennett

    do a weard combanstion of food

  2. abdelkbir belfequih

    i love haschak sisters

  3. Carolina Escuadra

    lov haschar sister contestame

  4. Juliet Nathan

    the Haschak Sisters are my forever channel

  5. emma quilliams

    i hope one day i can meet u guys. u guys r the best.

  6. Kylee Bug

    you are amazing don't let anyone tell you otherwise

  7. Angel's Closet Space

    bro you guys are such sellouts girls are supposed to impower each other yet you girls are bending to strerotypes about what girls are supposed to do and say and wear. I t makes me sad

  8. Shannon Foran

    I ❤️ Yas sooo much 😘😘

  9. Dyvine Gorou

    I love Madison,Sierra,Gracie and Olivia

  10. Dionisio Beal

    my name is olivia

  11. Dionisio Beal

    meu nome e olivia

    1. Dionisio Beal

      my name is olivia

  12. Mary Ayuek

    I love haschak sisters and i love your songs

  13. Lynelle Kim Davids

    hi olivia you are the one i look up too the most and sorry to sierra,graci and madison but i look up to all of you hope u see this post and i really need help with my life jk love u all

  14. Aeris Greene

    i watch you're videos EVERY week!Also,I'm only a year older then Sierra!

  15. Miracle R

    yall r the best and im all team graice 4 life

  16. Trish Music

    ilove haschak sisters y a lagir pequeña

  17. MyaxPlay

    you live in my state

  18. Marco Vinicio Benavides Osorto


  19. Jaleyiah Hendrix


  20. Jaleyiah Hendrix

    Madison's room tour

  21. Jaleyiah Hendrix

    Ol!v!a has the same birthday as me !!!!

  22. Ivonne Chaparro

    español amo a Haschak sisters

  23. Elisha Gwynne

    when are you girls going to react to so hot because it is your first video right?

  24. Zoe Le


  25. lexfam x

    do you love all your fans.BTW i love you

  26. Roxanna Melgar

    i love you geys [=