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  1. steamy boss hot and steamy

    adhd mad thing

  2. C T

    This is Fire....


    Joyner just gave us this whole album for free on GRsel, that’s what’s up!!!

  4. nemarec

    This j ou int is tough. Plus aint no cussing every third word. Thanks JL. Big ups.

  5. sawft

    Lucas formed you with a strange twist as if you were Will Smith B but is committed to gym


    Other rappers music videos: no effort *Joyner Lucas:*

  7. Alexander Besel


  8. Ethan Brown

    Lowkey I thought that the white guy was supposed to be joyner i thought: "Wait... I thought joyner was mixed." 😆

  9. Ricky Guerrero Z.

    What a project!

  10. Mark McGorisk

    I envy ppl listening to the whole album for the first time qhen they havent heard the singles he released.

  11. loveforthe90s

    He looks like Yoel Romero at certain angles

  12. Bryant Camarillo

    the whole album hit home especially the first skit but this album is fire and should be a banger

  13. KVBVL

    This was so cool

  14. Ferran Cotino Carrasco


  15. Kursela Wale : FarhanLalit FLASH

    My rap song - grsel.info/video/binteo/0K5-Z6GH2Mbee2k.html

  16. steamy boss hot and steamy

    mad max

  17. Brand New


  18. Don Waun

    I lied🔥🔥..Six wasn't playing around with that beat.

  19. GlazedTeddy

    Bro on god everything is amazing

  20. Afrikan Qween

    Wow,.. I wasn't ready 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Gia Bảo Trần Lê

    Imma be honest, he ruined the album by releasing so many singles

  22. Mely Garcia

    Can't believe the kid was Watching a sponge Bob movie when the Chum bucket Got better then the Krusty Crab

  23. Tim Taylor

    Aye bro keep it up making impact, you've inspired my life as well.

  24. Don’t trip chicken strip

    Shark tale 😭 he really went there 😂

  25. Czek

    Waited years for an album...

  26. Neil Sanders

    🤯 never fall to deliver

  27. Temporicide

    Homosexual level 9000

  28. RyanODawG StanforD

    Forgot one Movie. Enemy of the State.🤩. Still trippy tho.

    1. Coffee Ninja

      He also left out Hancock and Hitch. Song still fire tho.

  29. Lëvckim'z Officiel

    Will Smith Likez 👍🏾

  30. Christian RAMOS

    I like this album its fire

  31. syd 5566

    Yo this shit dope

  32. Kane Vaughn

    Love the album. Only disappointing thing is the actual release of the Joyner and em collab isn't on here ☹️ oh well still an amazing album so far bro. One of the few rappers I'm always anticipating a release from. Em, Joyner, king los, boogie, tech n9ne, Kendrick, Cole, tom macdonald, and Hopsin. 🤘🤘🤘

  33. Driftorking

    someone get pj tucker...

  34. Paula Carter

    This album is FIRE....I like ALL the tracks except #4....COME TF THRU JOYNER!!!

  35. Calvin Priice

    I fuck wit this, creative!!!

  36. Juan Burgundy

    GRsel juanburgundy next Joyner

  37. TU HE

    @ 2:39 the first time watching this I thought bro was gonna deck him right in the nose 🤣😂 I’m sorry I just thought that was funny

  38. Rodrigue Lawson-Mady

    This is one of the most creative video I have seen in a decade, Joyner Lucas all my respect goes to you. You really are an artist and you made to realize that we as an individual have to chase our dreams.

  39. Indian Dentist Rapper

    Bold move putting your whole album on GRsel

  40. Eugene Zah

    The hair cuts....

  41. Akingblameless

    Inspiration and much needed. Real Bars and Real Subjects do Matter..... Feel so good to hear someone rap inspired and heartfelt and not just to fit into what’s usually seen as sellable... #Salute

  42. Civicious Genx

    2020 this shit still relevant

  43. Hugo Bermejo


  44. MARCOx87x

    Broo I wish he would have done the movie "Ali" 😭😭😭 Real shit

  45. Ashley

    How come artists putting up stuff for free on GRsel? They wudnt make much off this ?

  46. barry bell




  48. Omari Simpkins


  49. Dayton Ochs

    Just for all the soft people this is targeting racist people, not white people in general or our president

  50. steamy boss hot and steamy

    max out o shit

  51. Al- ManakhlY

    iam addicted to joyner man

  52. Ezra.allknowing

    Gawd damnn " looking like a double-wipe surprise!"

  53. Qasi Baba

    Oh man are you corona really

  54. HFR83

    2:00 where he get a bone density scanner from though?

    1. Jeff Warren

      Where did he get the mind to make this.

  55. Mark Hamilton

    I wanna get married but none of my shorties remind of jada...(hit home)

  56. CurveShot

    OH MY 😇🙏👼 BARZ💰

  57. steamy boss hot and steamy

    nuff respect legend will hard still hot and steamy

  58. fasfzr1

    JUST DAMN!!!

  59. WelshWoody

    Honestly can't stop watching this video, love the homage, he spits fire as always and that beat is stinking dirty! 🔥

  60. Noah Boyd


  61. Ronald ltc

    I like how they didn't acknowledge his role as Deadshot

    1. Jeff Warren

      Has anybody?

  62. David carter

    Brabo demais 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  63. Arieliz Maldonado

    What about “Independence Day” “hitch” “Hancock”

  64. Jaymandaman No cap

    Wow, that hit me.

  65. Dannie Vick


  66. Michael Johnson

    This video reminds me of what G-Eazy did with How Long Does Famous Last, both videos are dope.

  67. Robert william

    I made a promise never to subscribe to another rapper again.. damn you Lucas! Lol and FUCK GRsel for fucking another great artist! This should be #1 trending!

  68. Jimbo H


  69. Kassie Lobb

    True talent. 👏👏👏

  70. Mr Sesh

    that shit fire tho

  71. Trathan Hawkins

    So underrated, one of the greatest musical artists out there, needs a Grammy for this

  72. JT LovesCodeLyoko

    The fact he honors Shark Tale, 10\10

  73. Maria Cazares

    Wow This shit is so dope love it Great work Joyner lucas

  74. Alex Kaminski

    Guess I’ll have to wait another 2 years for long way part 2

  75. Valor Anderson

    this video dope cause will smith is really the goat but i wonder what will smith think about this video

  76. Cleeford Edouard

    Will Smith's new resume

  77. Juan Leyva

    Thank you dude

  78. Chisa Dickerson

    The only thing that was missing was Ali

    1. Jeff Warren



    were is what if I was gay

  80. Mustafa Mendalayw


  81. Killa Cam Pink

    He looks like a Mexican version of Evil buu in the First Fresh Prince scene lmao

  82. Ahanu Casey

    This therapist sounds positively terrible at his job

  83. Milly Edwards

    I pray Will sees this!

  84. tyrone crawford

    Satisfied on all levels! Blessings my Bro 🏆🥇🙏🏼📈😊

  85. Mr Gotti


  86. Andres Gonzalez

    Why did he release his album the way he did? I have manged to listen to majority of the album before it released, meaning he released many singles throughout a year. Was it horrible marketing? Wasn't excited to hear it cause i heard most of it

  87. Julie Phillips

    Not gonna lie was expecting better, Like much better. Literally uses the same flow almost every song, Every track feels bland as hell tbh, Def not as good as his last album, Just the track Keep it 100 slays this whole project. Just my opinions tho, Still rock with Joyner, And if you dig the album nothing wrong with that. Just damn lol

  88. Sheldon Keeswood

    Will smith told Me to swipe up!

  89. Aisle Views

    Happy Birthday to me!

  90. Vicki Crethers

    This is no longer future'$ song.

  91. Josiah Pahulu

    this are True legendz that are passed down

  92. Tim from the basement


  93. Christopher Castro

    Been waiting 😭🙌

  94. Rico G


  95. Ashi Stark

    U missed independence day

  96. Edwin Torres AKA KINGCANO

    Jersey this is a classic @WHATYOUWATCHING

  97. GHStudios1000

    To those going through tough times who come to this song to ease a pain they don’t think will ever leave. It all gets better and the people of this world love you, we are in this big crazy thing called life together and we can’t do it without you.

  98. Ay Dee