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  1. Lisa Burrell

    It fire👿👿👿👿👻👻👻👻👹👹👹😓😓😓😓😓😓🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥇😓😓😓

  2. Dion Brent

    0:13-0:30 7 year old me when I get a nerf gun

  3. i like BASKETBALL

    Roddy rich's parts was 23 seconds long

  4. maxamed abuukar

    Dont worry nle you will live if you this 🔥🔥🔥 fire hits so long

  5. Afeni

    Roddyyyy 😁🥰🥰🥰

  6. Bob Bob

  7. This World IsCrazy

    Satan himself speaks through you, repent and submit to God

  8. Marki7n

    Just cause a song new doesn't mean its good lol

  9. M.A Record Labels

    Everyone go listen to my music

  10. M.A Record Labels

    Everyone go listen to my music


    favorite nle choppa song

  12. Ben Cairney

    Not gonna lie this was the last collab I expected

  13. Kelton Mooren

    Pull your pants up

    1. Mason MacNeil

      Kelton Mooren kinda factz doe

  14. iCarlieFN.

    When your in quarantine and can’t go outside

  15. Because They’re Stupid Daily

    i like NLE but this song is ass. they're just talking over a bad beat. like could you at least talk on beat? 😂

  16. Emilio Vierra

    This is fire and nle changed rap it so kool

  17. Young VOT

    NLE on that auto tune is fuego.

  18. Seguin Toros Track team

    love you nle choppa

  19. Kj Playz

    Roddy Ricch


    Shit trash af

  21. dRIPPY cLIPZ

    0:26 when qaurintine Just Wanna make U wanna run Outside


    This beat hard as fuck man

  23. Jack Traynor

    Do u have advice for rapping?

  24. Joy Boy

    When they get out

  25. Joy Boy

    Why nba and nle make a song

  26. Joy Boy

    Why nle choppa and nba YoungBoy

  27. Zadi Azka

    how about NLEChoppa ft. Quavo - Walk Em Down ?

  28. angel9289 O

  29. Gamigwith Key

    Roddy go crazy 😜

  30. lil seeck

    this is going to be the best song

  31. TJ Is the name


  32. FirstStateAirsoft

    whats the white girls @? :)

  33. Starr Johnson

    I like it because Roddy rich

  34. TTVKvng_ Sloth

    No cap he spend more money on guns than his family

  35. Ezra Von Hindenburg

    Nice Cakes!

  36. Ja Pan'Doxion

    NLE choppa is still good

  37. Daniel Tartakovsky מוזיקה בשמונה מימדים!

    Roddy Ricch part should have been longer tho..

  38. NIIGGer Town

    Who hear that grunting in the background when he said walk em down

  39. Jermaine Uzumaki

    this beat dope bruh full time crip

  40. Jet jr

    0:23 Hes fighting a gost

  41. slime christian

    Random people who watching all these rappers songs might get famous

  42. CallMeSociety

    🚶‍♂️Walk em Down

  43. D&S Vlogs

    Roddy was for 32 sec

  44. Lisa Vega

    Bro NLE choppa you are fire I swear 🔥🤟🏼

  45. xanny


  46. Bellemy Amina-Harris

    NLE CHOPPA has changed since SHOTTA FLOW

  47. slime 101

    The beat tho!!!!!

  48. TC_Cosmic

    When you see that your PC lit on fire because you were listening to such a fire 🔥 song 1:10

  49. Sergio Barajas

    My Top 10 NLE Choppa Jams.....

  50. WVT *

    *Save Guys* *I am trying to become a trapper to make my dream come true, I know that it is not one of the best. Even if they don't understand the language (I'm from Brazil) at least pass it on to friends and enjoy it to help me* <3

  51. craxel is cracked

    When he said put my dick her hand make her jerk that shit he said like yella beezy that whole song

  52. Jordan Swann

    TOP SHOTTA💙💙💙💙

  53. Yvng D4WG


  54. Mario Gonzales lll

    Guys NLE is crying for help

  55. Irene Arreola Barrera


    1. BikeLife125

      Irene Arreola Barrera CHOPPA

  56. Eduardo Garcia


  57. Marquis Watkins

    I know this song is by nle choppa but when every time i listen to this song it reminds me of Nba Youngboy😂

    1. Mhm hm


  58. ColeSo Arrogant

    Nle the type to paint his black forces white

  59. Mwa Omot


  60. Sartaj Sanghera

    Like if nle Choppa is real good at what he does😍

  61. NZ Luzy

    I wish Roddys part was longer

  62. Jerry suarezjr

    Lock down. Lock down. CITY RN 🤣🤣

  63. Åvī Kâpäłøt

    0:23 you got a damn 11 year old here in i a vid with guns

  64. Kaylen Richards

    What's up Emily chappell

  65. Qwa'Jay Briscoe


  66. Style List


  67. Errion Howard

    He will be on oxygen at 25

  68. Style List

    Roddy you are number where do y’all both live

  69. Joshua Baptiste

    I love you 👍🏽👌🏽💪🏽🤝📠

  70. Style List

    Nle this is a heater

  71. Gwah Beats

    They both should be in jail for how hard they murdered this beat 😤😤🔥🔥🔥💀💀💀

  72. Myangel Gill

    Do not kill yourself I love bro