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  1. Parzival Gripex

    I literally cried on this. Lovely. huhu

  2. Vanshikha

    Didn't know food could be sexy af

  3. DROOG

    ooooooooooooooouh no Otis Toole ?

  4. ThaDon 2021

    Aye Old Man! We want an album!!!

  5. Juju Bubu

    This show is just extraordinary, I know that it is based on a children's book, but the whole way that the show is design and develop is really heart warming and it really gets to you. 100% worth it!!

  6. Abigail

    I was excited to start watching season 3, However; I was very turned off during the first scene with Prince Philip and queen Elizabeth. I suddenly got this bad feeling like the cast choice was so wrong. I wanted the same chemistry that I felt with season 1 and 2 character casts. They should've kept the original cast in my opinion. The studio has just lost one of their biggest fans.

  7. A Nightmare on Any Street

    That mane teeth was rotten 🤣

  8. Pals P

    Got chills watching 'Conversations with the killer Ted Bundy', this looks even more terrifying.

  9. philip japitana

    This movie will teach you about The BITTER sweet of success Also my favourite lesson Why did we choose our line of work in the first place? Was it for a better life?money? Or was it to help others and enjoy it. Someone told me this once "It aint work if you enjoy it" 👍😁

  10. Raj Parmar

    I am here for lagertha(vikings) and iko owais...

  11. Morgan C. Paige

    Mindhunter IRL vibes

  12. Big Sleeps

    These types of people should not be remembered at all. Netflix needs to turn this macabre genre to one of showing people that do help others. Do wonderful things with their lives. The selfless in society. Not scum like Lucas that ruined all & everything he went near.

  13. Mostafa Rubber duck

    They could have at least said spoiler alert 😩

  14. Lavínia Ladeia


  15. Dream Creature

    This is like a drunk uncle rant more than well crafted comedy. Chappelle special is actually funny.

  16. YouPoop IPoop

    This looks good! He had a partner in crime at one point. Otis ( can't remember his last name) but I think he confessed to murdering Adam Walsh.

  17. Hellohi


  18. Me Sunflower

    Wow, I didn't even realize how far Anne has come! She is so grown up now 😍❤️

  19. Octavio DeLaCruz

    Is it me or does it feel like she’s imitating JLo as Selena instead of portraying Selena herself.....??? Like 😐 🤷🏼‍♂️ 🤔

  20. barfyman362

    Netflix seems to have figured out the ultimate fix; keep shoving Murder documentaries down the throats of the audience until the release of a new series.

    1. A Nightmare on Any Street

      @Mr Tea & Crumpets yep cuz I'm gon keep watching!

    2. Mr Tea & Crumpets

      Seems to work well enough

  21. Enrique Vergara

    I blame the mother for being such a bitch.

  22. Sksksk Sksksk


  23. AntoineMalveaux

    Netflix has been dropping phenomenal content this year, kudos.

  24. Elle R

    I’ve been hearing this song and I thought it was a legitimate song produced by Miley Cyrus....... I then found out about this episode Tell me how this is a parody it’s lit af

  25. Nick AlexuseesuxelA

    This is the Problem with the american justice/Police System... as long as they get a confession they are happy and can close their files... i saw a lot documentaries and it seems to me that the american Police dont want to do their Job... they try to get a confession from the suspect within 48 hours and then they close the case . They dont want to search for evidences... and when they cant find any evidences they get angry and force them to confess

  26. Gunel Aliyeva

    I watched it and it was better than Disney movies hundred times ❤️❤️❤️ I love it 😍😍😍😍

  27. Question Answers with Harmanjeet

    Is this in hindi?

  28. Dinesh Meena

    Pleas releas season 2 eng dub for saikik k

  29. Dinesh Meena

    Pleas released the English dub for saikik k pleas pleas pleas Netflix

  30. Pietra lodewyks

    Downtown laurel looks an awful lot like Millbrook Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 lol

  31. Saim Demir

    NETFLİX de bu diziyi izleyenler +1 lesinle=

  32. Raaj Kapoor Singh

    what the hell is this so scary trailer my dear 🥺

  33. Sven

    We need to see roach in this series.

    1. Jaroslav Mihok

      1:04 look at her

  34. Janko Oreskovic

    Name of the song in the backround?

  35. Ransler

    Stayed up until 1 in the morning watching this on my iPad.

  36. Parzival Gripex

    This is really Lovely!!

  37. Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun

    Thus is what happens when you snitch on yourself


    Otis and maeve should be together

  39. Alex ReinHart

    NETFLIX is dying

    1. JJThe G

      Alex ReinHart Netflix is rising



  41. Dwight Ceesyu

    Why was Prince Charles treated so badly since he started school as a young boy? Sent off to Scotland when he was a young boy and than shopped off to Wales, followed by an orchestrated position in the Carribean with the Navy? Why is he always treated like crap and yet still comes off as a kind, big-hearted man? I have SO much respect for him and THANK YOU NETFLIX for shedding a light on the Prince of Wales ill treatment by his own family.

  42. Salia Master

    Mindhunter Documentary

  43. Fatherkamp

    This shit 🧢 af

  44. SFbayKID

    SO WHO DID???????

  45. ali albaldawy

    First the devil next door now this Damn Netflix chill out

    1. Thomas Dent

      To whom it may concern, I have to protest against misleading untrue facts you are spreading in the "documentary" series "The Devil Next Door" Please delete the first episode or correct the map on which you show Nazi German concentration camps. During the time when German death camps were operating there was no Poland as a state. Polish territory was occupied and brutally incorporated into the German Third Reich. The way you had presented maps and narrative around historic facts are very misleading and unjust. In the documentary about German concentration camps you used word "Germany" only once during at least two first episodes. Moreover you portray German extermination camp in Treblinka as "Death camp located in Poland" which is historically untrue. Do not whitewash German perpetrators. Do not defame Polish victims. Regards.

    2. Jerri Peal

      It was. I was glued to the TV

    3. Morgan C. Paige

      You should also check out vice mini doc series called the devil you know? Or something like that, it’s WILD

    4. YouPoop IPoop

      Devil Next Door was sooo good!

  46. Aamir Tolkar

    Super duper flop

  47. isi island

    O my God

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  49. Chasity

    I love documentation like this. Can't wait to watch.

  50. The Raym Twins

    Who has been fan of Netflix before 2019?? Show yourself in comment section 😉♥️ ⬇️

    1. Mr Tea & Crumpets

      I was

    2. loltimes21

      The Raym Twins me

  51. Trocon 123

    Is that true

  52. Sakineh Uzbek

    ✌🏻😳😱I hated it and I loved it at the same time. Was an interesting serie that's why I loved it and then I hated it because the end of the season was totally meaningless😤I didn't get it. I'm gonna wait for season two but if there's no other seasons, then DO NOT watch it cuz it's gonna be a waste of time 😡😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  53. dutch whofian

    1:22 so im guessing this is part of the casa de la papel verse

  54. Dakota Ridley

    you should really let rick and morty be on Netflix in the united state. people love that show

  55. Pilipinas inang bayan

    this is the saddest movie i've ever watched this year.. people are just cruel just back in the day.. good thing, people now are more understanding with same sex relationships, although there still those who dont understand that love is love, regardless of gender, age, race..

  56. Jaypes

    Overhyped. This guy does more circles than Legolas FFS. Deserves a knife in the back really.

  57. Curtis Nikkel

    I don't need to watch this movie. This freaking trailer just showed me 3/4 of everything!

  58. NlsnRMA

    Watch this documentary being Chilean is truly inspiring. Congrats to the Ukrainian people 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  59. Roy Vincent Trani

    Jesper is Kuzco and it totally works - this movie will become a Christmas classic


    W8ing 😇

  61. violatormelms

    "The mooning of 86" is pretty much the only joke that was below the belt for this movie.

  62. Roy Vincent Trani

    That scene explaining the birdhouses was just so pure

  63. Dario Milardovic

    Stupid move

  64. Lauren Wheeler

    please bring it back!!😭

  65. Даир Каракеев

    That looks Breathtaking!!

  66. romona richardson

    Love this brother!!

  67. william hornedo

    Dissapointed of new actress queen

  68. Liz Arnott

    Excellent job!

  69. 120starter

    Really loving this series. I'm a late watcher, but just started.. This show is great, and I'm positive that once others begin watching they will love it too. Katee Sackoff is a Beast as Mission Captain!

  70. Muskan. Orpa.


  71. William Wooten

    Dope series

  72. GoldenG946 Pro

    If you fail, you are gay

  73. brian clarke

    Lyrics in the beginning tho was fire

  74. Niky sarah Ramroop

    So sorry 😐 I am for the post man 👨

  75. Ali Fuzzen

    Bikin sub indo dong plis

  76. Arunav gogoi

    Hey Netflix i want a live action Ben 10 series

  77. Similitude

    "You will submit to my desires!"

  78. Wamuu, Speedwagon, Kakyoin and Caesar stan

    I forgot I even watched this

  79. 10erKurs

    Old man Saxon and Rae should have come further

  80. crookzh

    Keine 2 Staffel.. zum kotzen

  81. Damien Mae

    Aha. A Wade Wilson origin story. Thank u Michael Bay

  82. Jaxo

    This is one of the best bangers I have heard in a while.

  83. Mark Wilson Alcala

    A sequel about KRAMPUS please.

  84. Ninad Suryawanshi

    I Showed This To My Principal Now I Am The Principal !!!!!!!!! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  85. Lilmissrockchick24

    I am beyond glad I went to see this film in the cinema, it's a masterpiece. The acting is on another level and just shows the talent of the older stars. So honoured I got to see them on the big screen! Hope this picks up some good awards too! 😁

  86. Fibr3Optix

    This show combines my 2 favs. Animation and the twilight zone. Win win.

  87. Bhavesh Motwani

    Waiting for the day prateek releases this song. I love this! ❤️

  88. Mark Wilson Alcala

    This is the first movie I've ever loved that is not made by Disney or DreamWorks.

  89. gratefully - csgo

    Instructions unclear ended up eating it

  90. Felipe Teston

    Jon Alpert immortalized the lives of fantastic people who would never be remembered

  91. Dhritiraj Barua

    Those are not dislikes, they're likes from the upside down.

  92. PaNDaSNiP3R

    Still no scar tho 🤔

    1. Jaroslav Mihok

      im not sure but i think face scar is only in the game ...

  93. Kenneth Chemwok

    I can't judge this till I've seen it... Looks good though


    Dear Netflix I am coming to you with a inner city movie script that will blow old classic hood movies like Boyz in the Hood and Straight out of Compton right out of the water. If you was looking to produce a block buster big screen movie then my story is what you been waiting for. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain because I will send you the script to read and if you don't like it just trash it. But if it moves you the same way it did my family then we can get started turning my script into a movie. You can go to my Twitter page and follow me and send me contact information on how to get the script to you. The script will be copyright. It cost you nothing to read and maybe this will be a movie that people will watch for years to come. .....Thank You for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

  95. Sean Sphar

    Does anyone know the song that usually comes on during a match/gameplay in the show? No words, just a badass beat

  96. El Porter

    This dude is COLD!

  97. Dajonik Bickham

    One of the saddest parts of seeing this was watching them just be kids in the very beginning and having a good time. Then moments later, their youth was taken from them. 💔

  98. Nyla Roy

    This shit will get sooooo litty in the club!! 🔥🔥

  99. Dani Soto

    What a movie, what a jewl, what a piece of art... Jimmy Hoffa just went too far, like Sheeran says, "you followed orders, you did the right thing". That end is just one of the best things I've ever seen in my entire life, just wow. "Long live Marty"

  100. Anton-Constantin

    what is interesting about this