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  1. murderbits

    That's not an overclock, then, intel.

  2. Carlos L

    6:08 it just clearly sounds like n by linus’ facial expression that he’s just trying to look for excuses to give the case a bad rep

  3. CyFx

    Hey i have a problem.. can somone help plzz.. i just got a new PC wil this CPU i7 3720QM work with this PC??? Monitor: Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV 8000x4000 CASE: Deepcool Matraxx 50 CPU: Intel Core I7 3720QM CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60GHz Graphics Card: RTX 2080 AORUS 8GB 8K Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ULTRA Cooling: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R Power: Cooler Master MWE Gold 650 Full Modular PSU RAM: DDR4 RAM 32GB G.Skill 2x16GB 3600Mhz HDD: 1TB SEAGATE HDD Wil the CPU Intel i7 3720QM work with this PC?? Or do i need to upgrade the CPU??

  4. Thanny

    03:50 This is misinformation. You _will not_ reach 5.0GHz on all cores with a TDP of 127W. You will only reach about 4.4GHz. Just as you will not reach 4.7GHz on all cores with a 95W TDP. You will only reach 4.0 on all cores with that restriction. The only way to reach 5.0GHz on all cores is to remove the TDP restriction, which most motherboards dishonestly do by default. You will need to dissipate around 200W of heat to get that consistent 5.0GHz on all cores.

  5. Franco Rodrigues

    Why was Linus being an ass??

  6. Narek Avetisyan

    All this effort to get 5K points in Cenebench R20? Ridiculous! lol You can just pay 500$ for a AMD Ryzen 9 3900X in a normal PC and get 7K points in R20.

  7. Johnny Baker

    It's funny how desperate Intel is to try and prove that they are still relevant. AMD has caught them flat footed, with their pants down, all the way around the board, and have embarrassed the shit out of them. If they don't get their collective heads outta their butts, they will soon become extremely irrelevant.

  8. Mj Tolentino


  9. 1974Corvette334

    Even nice computers I normally qualify as just throw away components....this computer is the first I've seen that is truly a piece of quality workmanship. Very impressive.

  10. mike b

    Is it still considered overclocked since it still comes from the Manufacturer the way it does? Would anyone accept "Pre-tuned" since each chip can have their own limits?

  11. GAMER X16000

    Linus are you having give aways through all country 😓 i want it so bad 😂 wish i got notified you got some give aways and im new to your community wish this would be a good start , well im zed 16yr old pc nerd and that core i9 was sick here in the philippines it would be sold about 250,000 pesos😓 sadly i dont have that kind of money😂 but wish your community grow and have a good day Godbless you


    On on both sides of this

  13. William Treat

    Hello there-My name is william i AM 53 YEARS OLD my son just got me into playing pc games but the computer that he gave me has a built in card on the mother board, I found a Sapphire X1650 512mb Video card New in the box at a yard sale for $5.00 will this be a better card then the motherboard card? I am running windows XP SP3 3GIG of Ram and AMD 64 X 2- 4200

  14. Paul Eaton

    Your to book smart. with zero common sense.

  15. Nico Allison

    Lol that old intro tho 😂😂

  16. clever musicbox

    Thooper handbag, thweedie

  17. Lenny

    Where is the rgb ??!!

  18. Reggy Baxter

    I use to seriously not like this show for some reason, but after watching a ton of LTT and TechQuicky content I must say that these channels are awesome!

  19. Major Tom

    Watching Linus throw $2000 on the floor on my main PC built last year with circa 2012 parts given to me by a friend... :'(

  20. Luke Skywalker

    Can you run this on a Z370 Asrock Taichi? The mobo has a 8 pin cpu power and not 8+4 like a Z390. Stock only.

  21. XxMsrSzprzxX

    Not even overclocked properly, watercooled to hell with a lapped IHS and barely any performance difference. Utter garbage. They're desperate.

  22. Richard Noggin

    Every time Linus says "Cool" you have to take a shot

  23. Joshua Gomez

    should have finished by showing first post and boot up

  24. Duu-Dungg-Tack

    give me your Stadia video

  25. Em Ma

    I don't understand anything that comes out of his mouth. That is why I am on console, but I don't want to be on console I want to game on pc

  26. Lee R

    About time. Laptops have been ludicrously priced for years. I don't care if they have to be custom because of chassis, the pricing is still ridiculous for a performance laptop.

  27. Razog229

    ROG thor is much better and less death related rgb power supply even though it wasnt made when recorded

  28. Skippz

    So you bought a cheese grader

  29. terabitman

    Four years later, still making people cringe. Good job.

    1. illusion

      terabitman 4 yrs ago and someone comments on this, damn look isn’t fat what?!?!

  30. MrDannyArcher

    They just binned the Core i9 9900K

  31. Dave Newman

    99.9 percent of regular people cannot afford stuff like this but hey it looks good !

  32. Flash Cloud

    The KS is at the same price the K was almost a year ago. Basically Intel is like "Mo' money! Mo' money! Mo' money!"

  33. lRufflez

    AMD is winning right now, but i'm 100% sure Intel has something planned ... there's no way they're just letting AMD run them over lmao. Idk why but Intel seems a little bit too quiet to not have something planned.

  34. Matthew Stein

    I have a buddy who has one of the original Microsoft Mouse, with the steel ball.

  35. AshKohn47

    But linus... *_you didn't drop the PC_*

  36. Justine Gargollo

    I had enough with Intel, I want AMD more.

  37. Violet

    Intel is definitely leveraging the maturity of the 14nm+++ process

  38. Im1CrazyCow

    I would have Rather have seen Digital Storm send this with a 3950X !!!! Im getting a bit tired of #BlueBalls just OC the shit out of 5 yr old Tech or forget they are using a sub zero to cool it or that as you just saw its ruing 95 in temp WTF if I remember right the 3950x full loaded and OCed never even broke70 on AIR!!! Hey D.S. you want to impress US do an AMD system with the same attention to detail. Cow}:-o)

  39. QuadTubeChannel

    I come from a time long ago, the time of the AMD Athlon XP shim.

  40. Cavv - Minecraft

    Hey I was wondering if you could help me out and give me some tips on PCs, I’m currently playing on a All-In-1 pc and I love to play games like Fortnite, rust, and Minecraft. I usually get like 10 FPS so I can barely play and would love some tips.

  41. Toney's Reviews

    My runs at 5.2 ghz =D

  42. Rocky1115

    While a great build, this just rubbed me the wrong way. He's just coming off as condescending and elitist.

  43. RalphsLegend

    Me: I'm saving 400 dollars by purchasing the KS version over the K version!!! Friend: How much did you spend on everything else to be able to run it? Me: That's not important...

  44. Mark Bisson

    "Oh wow, I actually, have not seen Asus' ROG chassis before." - Linus. Probably because this chassis has a very unique perspective. ROFL

  45. Ryan Malin

    Now the oculus link is out so happy with this thing

  46. SlyNine

    6"1' is short...

  47. shazizle

    did I just hear ltt minecraft server

  48. Tay Gumi

    I wonder if this thing can be Hackintosh able by using it like a iGPU from intel. :S

  49. Kurt Stedman

    127W? They've gone PLAID!!1 I went to try the BMW render....gave up before it finished. :P

  50. Jaime iz Real

    Amazon is ripping me off, I knew it. Because when I check prices that Linus lists here on his videos (which are shown in USD currency), I see prices of the exact same product, that are just slightly higher. Tf is that all about? It's NEVER lower or the same. And yes, it's in USD currency on amazon dot com. NOT the Canadian amazon, which shows prices in CAD. They are WAY higher (different currency conversion).

  51. T3CHN01200

    Next step: liquid metal

  52. Charles Constantino

    I would buy the R9 3950x rather than this. Almost a hundred degrees and only a tiny improvement on performance. Not so worth it after all.

  53. Harvey Hanaya

    welcome back to another episode of i can watch this but i can't afford this people.

  54. Edipo Santos

    You should let it cool inside the oven without touching anything for a long time, the components may get out of place while the solder is liquid.

  55. Lazaro

    why are the captions on hindu

  56. XteddybearX

    Can someone tell me why i have seen this channel like 100 times but never dropped a sub and i am looking for a mic

  57. Autism YT

    Linus I was wondering if you could help me with a pc build my budget is around 1000$, thanks

  58. Jerry Dodge

    "Two layers of ow that hurt..."

  59. Maindric

    My R9 3900x is wondering why I am watching this video.

  60. homegrowntwinkie

    "We ain't that concerned about it, fam" "Ayyyy Got 'emmm" OK boomer. Linus has officially reached the level of Bruce Banner/Hulk in Endgame during the diner scene. "Dab!!"

  61. Toby Yu

    “This is literally the heaviest PC I’ve ever lifted” Didn’t Linus say that for the other Digital Storm PC that arrived in an enormous crate and was even bigger?

  62. ISOHaven

    It looks cool but I'm getting too old to carry that crap around...

  63. Dawar Mushtaq

    No one: Literally no one: Linus: I use the inside of my hoodie,

  64. Ajay Jain

    Linus has very good sense of humor 😆

  65. FeelingShred

    That's why I'm grateful for the HP Pavilions out there... As much as they had design and overheating problems in the past (their laptops are much easier to disassemble now... so that's fixed) they are still one of the few brands out there that includes dedicated GPUs on their laptops. (within the "affordable" range) I've been out of the loop for 10 years since buying my cheap Benq Joybook clone/knock-off (which still kills by the way...) so I thought things would catch up in these last 10 years... Turns out the bullshit is still pretty much the same as back then. How disappointing... From the research I've been doing over the past few weeks in regards to upgrading to new models, I've been seeing that the older i7 Ivy Bridge CPUs from 2012 all kill the newer models, even 8th gen ones... What the fuck happened with computing... Please AMD save us (without frying our cases with high temps this time...)

  66. ISOHaven

    A CPU that makes overclocking pointless. More please!

  67. Waves FN

    Lmao, the kid that went last year got an RTX 2080 ti and this guy got an AMD 5700XT.

  68. Ryan Foley

    this mans is 5'6''? bruh

  69. Brandon Hysell

    "It's on fire put it out" "It's already water cooled" "******"

  70. Cat Guy

    Does then sending you guys that pc mean that you get to keep it or do you have to return it.

  71. TE Ghostkiller

    I wish i was linus

  72. Russell Johnson

    holey audio mapping, LOUD 2 videos...

  73. Snapple apple

    You had a chance to make it sound cool you could've said this is gonna be one heck of a storm not beast..

  74. lynxZenfold

    Literal bribery LTT

  75. SuperZucc

    FX-9590 laughing in 220 watt TDP

  76. Caveman Mechanics

    im sooo jelly.....😋🤑

  77. BC

    "ooOooOOoOOo orange coolant" Just centimetres away from 2k worth of GPU. Man, I watch this channel every day with so much envy...


    I don't know why I laughed so hard at the liquid metal spray

  79. Jordan Eilbert

    A big issue with a LOT of the i9's is that the IHS is, indeed, bulging in the center from the thicker silicon. I do not know why Intel has yet to fix this - Lapping isn't normally needed... and on parts this high end should NEVER be something that has to be done to ensure decent thermal conductivity, especially on such high TDP parts... but here we are.

  80. Daniel Brookshire

    9:51 Comitting Sudoku right now... Oooof

  81. Jim Doxiadis

    The monitor thing really made me laugh. I wish companies like digital storm sent me stuff like that.

  82. Reggy Baxter

    and everything I'm not made me everything I am..

  83. Lakshay Goyal

    Can you please Make a gaming PC for me I will pay for it please please

  84. -C Y B E R -

    Oculus is basically killing themselves because of oculus link coming out.

  85. SunRedux


  86. Warspider21

    @TheVerge would probably clean that pc they built like this

  87. BEAN MAN

    2:30 linus sounds like a mom in a crafts store lmao

  88. dmann fmann

    every time linus says "" i find myself coming to his channel less and less. He now seems but nothing more than a billboard full of advertisements.

  89. Jeremy Martens

    Writing this before watching: I expect a roast

  90. Sana omar

    you can use that pc box as a projector screen and have all the rgb light you can wish for .

  91. Zac Ward

    "With the pinky key" linus is an android confirmed.

  92. Simeon Lazaris

    On the surface that seems very UN-jewish of you. This action you did MUST be earning you A LOT more in return somehow. Our overlords would be very proud of you.

  93. Zane

    Binus bech bips bis by baddy blease buck bhe bhit but bf be baddy

  94. Hera Yu

    Nov 2019. Hello