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  1. Jhonny. Z

    That’s literally coco again

  2. Jennifer Peel

    as soon as I heard AJR I was hooked

  3. filipisislove4ly 2001

    Anxious not just for the movie but to the soundtrack too

  4. DinoBaker

    What if black pepole had feelings

  5. Gabriel Hatch

    Don't waste your time on the junk of life. Don't watch this.

  6. AllMudIsFun Fun

    Looks like whiplash

  7. Sara Juárez

    OMG! I'm so excited about this new movie!!

  8. cinq

    my man went from a tall man to a sour patch kid

  9. Emo, but with a singular rainbow.

    Tom: "OH I look so sweeet!"

  10. Hayja bugga

    American Coco I guess

  11. Esme Chapman

    AJR ayyyyeeeee

  12. kunjan Dholakiya

    Pixar does it again ❤ winning the hearts

  13. Luke Sittenauer

    I hate it.

  14. Jessica Machado

    Movie: *looks great, animation and the texture is AMAZING and something I havent seen in a while* Also movie: *funny cowboy dance* That's where it actually hurt. It looks so good, actually sends a message

  15. kyrindrainian

    Mom: Hey! I want this room clean within 5 seconds or your grounded Me: 0:22

  16. Jonah Yang

    Even if the movie is bad, the music will definitely be good.

  17. C.E Young

    Honestly, I should've seen 0:54 coming. It _is_ a kids' movie after all.

  18. Tokyo Dream

    I miss the old pixtar, it just feels like they are running out of ideas now. This movie doesn’t seem that bad, but I’m not interested enough to actually want to watch it. I understand that these are kid movies, but I feel that even adults should enjoy them just as equally, it should appeal to, if not all, then most audiences and ages.

  19. Austin Statin

    This screams inside out

  20. Josebit3000

    0:30 Twins XD

  21. Austin Statin

    This pretty dope

  22. BlueBlaziken45

    God:gives Joe his big break Joe: * Is happy * God:sike

  23. Anthony Yalon

    Yup. Teaser alright...

  24. D5gamer

    I want to be epic gamer

  25. Chelnah the Egghead

    I'm looking forward to the introspection we'll all be feeling after this movie comes out. But seriously, I am so excited to watch this (and I mean all of it)!!

  26. boof stain

    "From the studio that brought you inside out" Yeah no kidding

  27. Nickolette Nyla

    I’m not crying you are🥺😍😍😍

  28. Red Stream2.0

    this movie has no purpose, looks trash

  29. Pedro Salazar

    Why does everyone else in the trailer have a “normal head” and then the animators were like. “Let’s give him a whole pear.”

  30. Chantel Dor

    AJR 😲😲😲😲

  31. Laura Kramer

    Man Disney really be like sike it's time for ha ha funny blue people, not the really great, indie style jazz movie you wanted

  32. Maximus L


  33. SMAN18

    Who thought there was an UP movie trailer

  34. Michael G

    Leave the song and dance numbers to Disney’s animation studios. Pixar needs to get back to making compelling heart felt stories like Toy Story, Wall-E and Up.

  35. Lucas Tester

    It would be better with real peoples

  36. Lianne Sings

    looking forward :)

  37. Diegocool45 Was here XD

    pixar you should do bugs 2 cause you did the 1 part in 1999 and the 2 part will be about that years past and people start to construct house and they have to try to find a way to rescue there tree cause the people will cut their tree

  38. Alexistheyoshi

    yo is that Berleezy?

  39. Lhr9scout10

    0:54 and just like that, all interest was gone in this movie

  40. Gordon Ross

    0:00 Me: Wow this looks and sounds great!! 0:58 Pixar: " WE'RE NO STRANGERS TO LOVE! YOU KNOW THE RULES AND SO DO I!!"

  41. Espionage gaming

    Funny cowboy dance was a bad way to end the trailer

  42. * Missy Wissy *

    Completely us in school: 0:21

  43. Lalechugadeldia

    That "funny cowboy dance" was so cringy...

  44. Gilgamesh King of Mongrels

    Isekai. Called it

  45. Stranger Man

    Two movies one year again? Ho boy, let’s see what happens.

  46. l Z I

    First half of up vs the second half of up

  47. edward burke kennedy

    Good song?

  48. Pastel goats

    Pixar: We are striving to create diversity and represent all types of people in our movies. So, here’s our first African-American Pixar protagonist- JUST KIDDING BLACK GUYS ALWAYS DIE FIRST IN MOVIES. ALSO, HE’S BLUE NOW!

  49. Goof Y gaff

    this is a Disney isekai

  50. samuelebeddia

    This definitely has a vibe to it.

  51. Piper charms

    well that took a strange tern

  52. Pooky1991

    I just hope there's plenty of city scenes, the animation and setting is beautiful

  53. Franco Vogel

    pixar will have 4 M subs

  54. Thegaming Raptor


  55. Telemon Official

    0:54 The way real life Ruseel looks is just too accurate. xD Exacly how I imagined him

  56. bob allen

    Rosana Sullivan is not only talented ,but very beautiful.

  57. Juan Martinez

    ok boomer

  58. dt

    When u lagging in Fortnite 0:23

  59. Rajab Rehan

    Black Ghost from Big Mouth

  60. Rajab Rehan

    Duke Ellington

  61. Broff

    2020: What if black people have F E E L I N G S

  62. Ally Mills


  63. Juan Nunez Lopez

    Finally AJR recognized!!!

  64. Lafirme pronos

    Ok i think i got pranked like everybody else 🤦🏾‍♂️

  65. Little Kid

    This film I think is nodding to women in masaganistic workplace and how hard it is to be taken seriously by men.

  66. Dipstin

    Why are people SO pressed about the cowboy dance? It was only a joke. Just a bit of comic relief.

  67. Lilia C

    Who else was pleasantly surprised to hear AJR's song in this trailer?? :D

  68. YT and beyond!

    We've come a long way baby

  69. Cipher Black

    AJR Had to get that outta the way

  70. REFR3SH

    Why everyone got mormal shaped head besides him?

  71. Bass Galaxy

    I lost interest after the last 15 seconds of the video. 😒

  72. Jœy_ JåñX

    Hey isn’t that the dog from secret life of pets? 0:46

  73. Dhruv Pratap singh

    Mortal? 😂 Is that You? 😂

  74. anna white

    anyone here because of ajr

  75. King Chance


  76. Christian Ramirez

    Did he just die?

  77. Crassus

    hah, cannot have a black guy for a whole movie, gotta turn him blue

  78. Jallad

    Disney 2015: Feelings Have Feelings Disney 2020: BLACK PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS

  79. CreatveMnds


  80. Gaming With Noah

    Pixar's 2020 movies don't look like Pixar movies, they look like garbage. please dont hurt me

  81. Butter Queen2020

    When you think it's gonna be a regular and intreating movie but you remember it's gonna be a Pixar movie


    Now I'm waiting for someone to recreate this using clips of 90s new Jack flicks and Samuel Jackson .

  83. Rhobbzthe Rabbit

    The 1st Philippine Disney series

  84. Williewill 1

    Looks like 💩

  85. Vipulkumar Taviyad


  86. CloutLxrdDaniel

    Berleezy is that YOUUUUU???

  87. Fir Lin.

    Then will you hire me when I apply as an animator 7 years from now?

  88. really regular

    Tease Is putting this trailer lightly

  89. Kirbo

    Me: Oh this is gonna be a sorta realistic movie. Interesting change of pace for Pixar but ok Blue person: *exists* Me: I'm not surprised i was waiting for something like this to show up

  90. PowerUp

    I wish they just stuck to the setting of reality and made it about soul music

  91. Will Gravity Stokes

    Actually love the look of this. The story looks very interesting, the animation looks incredible, and also I love Jamie foxx

  92. The Fluids to Life.

    Me: ah great movie Disney: FuNnY cOwbOy dAnCe Me: =_= this seems like the work of TikTok

  93. Cipri

    Watch them ruin it by adding a villain

  94. Doomsday031 The 1st

    I wanna be remembered for growing some beans

  95. Behold_ Rebecca

    " *Cometh Soon* "

  96. MemeTrekMemes

    Buzz jumping off bed in real life is buzz jumping off a cliff

  97. Sadako El Mago

    If somebody ask for the song: AJR - Overture. You're welcome.

  98. Fanatica Feax

    And just like that, I lost interest in wanting to watch this 0:53

  99. Bailey Henderson

    Sears and kmart will not close the investors on technology lost everything in amazon's battle I was over pixar by 2015

  100. Trac Track

    The cowboy dance is the only reason anyone will watch it