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  1. Joan Johnson

    Elect Bernie Sanders! He believes in scientists and supports the healthcare system! The cost of having Covid-19 will beggar those who are hospitalized. Medicare for All is the only candidate who supports this change in our government!


    Yet he had plenty of money for giving illegal Invaders free drivers license what a putz, if my relatives die I'm sending the bill to FREDOs brother.

  3. isabella joshtin

  4. carlosobscure

    MSNBC complaining about Trump when they boycotted Sanders twice ? !!! Come on... !!! Trump is what it is, because of coorporate media and DNC and RNC.

  5. Karan Chauhan

    We, India, will be the next epicenter. People her are walking back 100s of km home in large groups. Take care USA.

  6. TheAndysim66

    This dude needs to step up

  7. H C

    Our situation is very simple if the President can’t do is Job like he promised that his going to make America greater again just ask him very kindly to just RESIGN 🙏🏾😁😁😁

  8. Henlo

    Am I the only one who thought the thumbnail look like a koichi pose? Lol


    QUESTION FOR DEMOCRATS: Can someone explain to me why EVERY bit of this problem is the U.S. is Trumps fault, but NOT ONE bit of New York's problem is because of Andrew Cuomo???

  10. 4th Son

    I was on 3 days. Praise God He pulled me threw. Out ICU in regular room getting my oxygen level up I can go home.

  11. Carth Onasi

    garbage news channel

  12. Gloria Maggs

    Keep playing Trumps words back to him.....he earned it!! TRANSPARENTSY! G

  13. Kim McKibbin

    Wion Tv reporter sums up this madness " China puts the world in ICU & then sells them ventilators"

  14. fairytail

    Have you ever seen bacteriologicle war?

  15. Bob The Builder

    “1000’s around the country.” New York got 500 and needs 35,000. Dr. Donald is just full of bat sh*t.

  16. Saeen Seikh

    Other than crying for ventilators, please speak about closing the airports and other (still functioning) non essential jobs. I work at a cemetery as a security and my job there to open and close the gates. I spoke with my manager and he threaten me to lose the job completely even after these dark clouds are gone. Now I am forced to do my job even after I have flu symptoms for the last few days. #LOCKDOWNTHECITY @NYC

  17. Curt Denson

    Sooooo President Trump telling the Truth is offensive to MSMBC , REALLY

  18. Buffy Summers

    Too late already broken & dead inside

  19. Phylum

  20. Sunflower Roark

    He has did a remarkable job. He has a right to say what he needs to say. Politically correct people believe in a double standard. They say what they please, and you better not. The governor mocked him, so he popped back. He has streamlined. He sent two ships Mercy, and Comfort, and thousands of ventilators. The vice president sends the letters.

  21. Jairy Li

    this all comes down to $$$...

  22. Campers Choice

    Get well soon Katie.

  23. Kai morf

    Trump is now guilty of mass murder. Had enough yet ? This is all on the trump administration. They need to be held to account.

  24. anthony shedrack

    Trump haters go hail

  25. Ashley Yang

    Honestly. I am speechless X100 for hearing that. Does he even know what is happening in his OWN country ?!

  26. Dawn NJ

    for state governments does that inclusive to social workers an people receiving benefits like food stamps, wic ext?

  27. Free Thinker

    Thats a great add!

  28. Jennifer Greene

    Not one word about the sick and dying. He is completely evil...

  29. Svetlana Maksimova


  30. Newshound

    "Incredible, incredible, incredible"

  31. Felix Quintanills

    Chris you need a ventilator, andrew has 4k stashed away in some warehouse.

  32. ASI ASI


  33. Brady Hird

    Happy birthday David! 🎉

  34. Free Thinker


  35. Richard Owens

    Donald Trump is a narcissistic sociopath - which means, he doesn't care how many people die on his watch. No matter how many people die he will still blame others and refuse to accept responsibility.


    QUESTION FOR DEMOCRATS: Can someone explain to me why EVERY bit of this problem is the U.S. is Trumps fault, but NOT ONE bit of New York's problem is because of Andrew Cuomo???

  37. eileen BOURKE

    No “major” hospital has only 2 ventilators.

  38. junio ag

    we will make em 100 dollars each after we are done

  39. cHv RcK

    Once a grabbed a shovel... and started digging my own grave... 😥without knowing.

  40. Day that Fallows

    Don't buy it...China has more..

  41. Free Thinker


  42. Sherrie Nale

    Thank you Mayor.....

  43. michaelchangedhisname

    and people say: “CoRoNa ViRuS IsN’t ReAl”

  44. Patti Selph

    Remember that States are independent and should prepare for their citizens! Stop the blame game and look in the mirror!

  45. Freedom, Equality, Fraternity

    Trump is coming for your social security money! He waits until everything goes bankrupt so he can PRIVATIZE the social security. Trump uses the Coronavirus outbreak to exploit the economy and save it's own businesses he owns.

  46. 777Dubliner

    As good as the "rebound" is coming along its still limp wristed... We knew months in advance, we knew the CCP were liars, we were ranked as the world's most prepared nation for a pandemic! RED FLAGS WERE FLYING. We sat, and we let it enter our nation. PEOPLE ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS! Why did we wait to lock our borders? Why did we not shut it down and begin preparing 3 months ago?! Why weren't we ramping up medical equipment manufacturing?!

  47. Jennifer Isaacs

    Will prejudices and racism ever end?


    QUESTION FOR DEMOCRATS: Can someone explain to me why EVERY bit of this problem is the U.S. is Trumps fault, but NOT ONE bit of New York's problem is because of Andrew Cuomo???

  49. tex dubbo

    That's America for you capitalism over your lives, well done you've shown what makes America great. In the dollar you trust

  50. John Smith

    Only a total lockdown and door to door testing then quarantining the sick. Only way to stop it.

  51. mark kearney

    trump has the brain power of a dead hog

  52. Research Respect

    Physical distancing - be nice to each other. Have some compassion for others, including the poor animals. Pet stores should immediately stop selling budgies, parrots, snakes, beta fish, and other animals being locked up in the most dismal conditions. This is the epitome of cruelty. The small operators who run these type of stores must be regularly inspected for violations of animal cruelty as well as spread of bacteria and viruses. Owners of real estate and their managers must immediately stop all evictions. Elderly, disabled, sick people as well as young people cannot be made homeless. Behavior like this is unacceptable.

  53. Hans William

    MSNBC are trying to save people with this information to insure people take this serious. They are trying to get people to wake up.

  54. Red Threads

    MURDER IS NOT OKAY! Who decides to play the creator of all living things! I would hate to be them! This is what the Native American believes.


    QUESTION FOR DEMOCRATS: Can someone explain to me why EVERY bit of this problem is the U.S. is Trumps fault, but NOT ONE bit of New York's problem is because of Andrew Cuomo???

  56. Ottoman Maldonado

    Trump 2020...more snowflake banana meltdown

  57. A D

    He admitted he has ventilators in storage containers. He’s taking resources other cities need.

  58. Rosa Moreno

    I hope that trump supporters see this for what it is he knows the consequences the death that we all face and truly doesn’t care he has no respect for human lives not even Americans he is willing to let us die and not worry about it, this is not what the founders vision when they were putting our government together they would have never imagine an American would do something like this, and before anyone says otherwise by his actions he is doing this doing nothing is the same as him shooting someone and getting away with it because of his title, and he has been saying this all along

  59. Dynamic Solution

    Give New Orleans back to France and give France back to Germany....and give this boys mom instructions on how to cut hair.

  60. Elias Salcedo

    Thanks to Cuomo, Trump is waking up slowly.

  61. timrhicks1234

    Most inept admin in the HISTORY of the USA!

  62. Singing Justice

    Happy Birthday David! You have beautiful children. I enjoyed the podcast interview with your wife.

  63. William Talbot

    Schools and Medicare are not the two things you cut when you have problems.

  64. Ronald Hagadorn

    The only thing I agree on! Is the health care workers! Stupid lib geeks!! Phoney!!!

  65. A MAC

    Everyone remember. Trump is not doing this on his own. Every Republican is guilty. Every Christian that still supports him. Every CEO that profited from our pain. They are all guilty.

  66. Boski Fox

    Constantly "Chirping and Complaining"... Sounds like you Trump, scared to share the spotlight?

  67. tim johnson

    Use the ones the last administration stockpiled from the last epidemics.

    1. Armandhammer

      There are none, obviously.

  68. Jennifer Isaacs


  69. Scott Carey Biden/sexual assault.

  70. Klo Hi

    15 people to zero or 100000000

  71. Brent Hollett

    Let's hope people who voted for Trump, and need ventilators during this crisis, realize why they don't have them

  72. Billkwando

    So this is what happens when you let Chris Hayes do his own hair? Looks like he's on his way to church. ;)

  73. NoFear ny

    Happy Birthday buddy ✨😀

  74. Jorge MG

    Fake news shhh

  75. Lady Day

    Invoked 25th Amendment...NOW

  76. basho883

    Americans just need to accept this: you are now a 3rd world country! Stop thinking that you are still the greatest in this world.

  77. ThE DuCk

    There he is -> TrumpleThinSkin !

  78. David Fisher

    You got all the resources you need in your state make them yourself quit acting so helpless

  79. Beachdudeca

    Fear Mongers at MSNBC ,, NY is currently Hording Thousand of Vents that it thinks might be needed in May ,, we are dealing with getting Vents built but NY Is Lying Saying They Need More vents Now

  80. Utkarsh Vivek

    Such a federal failure

  81. Pamela Bodley

    You mean the ad that tells the truth and exposes Trump as the selfish moron he is?? That ad? That’s they ad they should double up on.

  82. Rigoberto Carrion

    I heard today on Spanish Radio that PROTESTS in all Downtown Cities this Tuesday to prevent unlawful Evictions and Regular AMERICAN Pay. Yikes!!

  83. Scott Carey Biden/sexual assault.

  84. Kai morf

    Trumps incompetence and lies are literally killing Americans. Had enough yet?

  85. my2cents

    Cuomo has the audacity to criticize Trump when he's governor of the hardest hit state due to "his people" not following the rules? It there's a crisis in leadership, it's in NY state.

  86. Kham Kham

    rough math... based on the current numbers, 95% of world cases are consider mild, and the remaining 5% considered critical. in the usa currently there 100k cases and 2.5k considered critical. we're under the world average. i assume critical is when the patient is in the icu, where the ventilator would be used. here's where i got my numbers. so, NY had 4k units, and the fed gave them 4k more (totaling 8k). he's saying they have 20k units on-hand and in the pipeline. anyway, china, which has flatten it's curve, has less than 1k critical cases. yah, yah, yah, can't trust it's number, blah. so make it 2x. seems obvious. where does the 40k estimate come from?

  87. Tober

    There's something I hope happens to Donald Trump in the acute future but I'm not going to say it

  88. John Popovich

    Tired of all the media pushing how bad ventilators are needed...spend some of that fake news spreading money n get some for your country.

  89. What’sitsay

    These “guys” are up to something 30,000 people die from the flu every year ! H1 killed 575,000 people worldwide!! since when does the government care about anybody? Especially old people and people with compromised immune systems! You know? The only people that are seriously affected by the “corona virus” let alone any other illness! Don’t believe them there’s something going on! Do your research don’t take anything at face value! Read your Bible! Repent! God is the only way! ❤️ Jesus is the only way❤️❤️❤️ God bless keep your loved ones safe don’t take anything they force you to! I’d rather die!

  90. Dem Music

    Oh my god they are still talking about ventilators for New York? We are the one who is hit the most and we need it. Why is this a big issue? I’m worried about our state. just give us the fcking ventilatiors

  91. anthony Vu

    Trump "makes deal" on American's life! Trump care more about Stock market then human life. This show his careless...ignorance...Human life are far more than $$$$...If you lose $$$, you still have chances to make it back (I hope it will not be Trump Bankruptcy way!) but if you lose your life...Anymore chances???? SAVE American life NOW!

  92. junio ag

    yea thats nat good usa cannot be divided goverment should take control and divide acording to need it will save alot of money

  93. themad prophet

    Awww that's cute, he brought his wife's boyfriend's kids on.🤣😭

  94. Daniel Scott

    God bless every Governor who is standing up against the WH and speaking Truth to Power for his/her states people

  95. Ali Najem

    Something is wrong. The trumps skins is getting white.

  96. Sunflower Roark

    I am not going to listen this because of the fact that people can have a beef against even the Washington Post.

  97. Jackstonerz

    I’d vote for him

  98. GHOZT 21

    He said it himself, at $25K each he didn't want to buy them to prepare for ANY outbreak, now he is scrambling to buy them and blaming everyone else but his own leaderships ability to prepare.

  99. Masta Katz

    Cuomo out here blaming everyone. It’s obvious he’s the problem.

  100. Fausta Castaneda

    Joe has a very "sick" sense of humor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣