Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. artsy craftsy

    Franken Mauve

  2. Jana Hossam

    I would call it "one of each"

  3. Rachael Fournier

    You know what works better at getting your make up off? Soap. If soap doesnt work lotion is the best bet.

  4. Shimiko K

    lmao 6 colours one cup

  5. poetic stickmen

    I'm also half Danish!!!!

  6. Addie Guerrero

    I love both of you guys ❤️❤️❤️

  7. J C

    Saf: walks in with hidden camera Workers: who is she talking to?! Sat: taking one of every single lip stick. Workers:uh uh is she like a celebrity with a lot of makeup? Sat: NOPE I NEED IT FOR VIEWS

  8. videos la dvd

    Make a video of fashion 40's 30's 20's decade

  9. shabrox 99

    Why does Brad look so good here

  10. onequartercanadian

    Jenna has the “too much” gene Safiya has the “must mix everything” gene 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. onequartercanadian

    Rocking that black lipstick!!

  12. Gacha Friends

    Orly Mc Mauve

  13. Theoddishoneout

    I like the polish mixing lady, she sounds like I feel

  14. Alexis Shank

    franken-lighter i kinda like that name for it

  15. Ayesha

    the thumbnail is technically a tide pod

  16. Anna Ståler

    Is Cristine one of the braids maids?????????????

  17. Mihaela Stojanovska


  18. Kip N

    U could call it blueberry holiday nut

  19. Mimi V

    That was so interesting. Looks like lots of fun

  20. teia hindeleh the cat & gacha girl owo

    You can name it (franken mauve)

  21. GullieMot

    Motivation is a nice name

  22. Madison Williams

    you should totally do a non-holiday candle mix to see the average fragrance of a b&bw candle! I LOVE this video and have watched it probably 30 times - and am curious if there weren't any seasonal scents, what the average would be. like how the average for the lipsticks (CVS and sephora) is a dusty berry color.

  23. cmdub97

    Anyone rewatching old videos to get their Safiya fix while waiting for the new ones? I can't wait to see the wedding one.

  24. State of the Style World

    Discover more Harajuku Fashion:

  25. Lara Jade

    Call it, midnight mauve-luscious

  26. AxelleC

    Let's Mauve!

  27. Raghad Al Tayasneh

    I realy like your shoes i dont now why

  28. carol cox

    to keep nuts or chopped fruit (or lipstick!) from sinking to the bottom of your cake mix, you dredge them with some of the flour you are using in the cake. (You coat them by shaking them in it.) LOL! for a non baker, you did very well. congrats!

  29. azeez khan

    You should do mixing every hair dye color

  30. State of the Style World

    More Harajuku Fashion, Tokyo:

  31. Mihaela Stojanovska

    where cane I buy the krvs the models have ?????

  32. Our Rule

    I have the watch and it works amazing

  33. carol cox

    sort of worried about his hugging the wall llike that. Maybe he's going blind or has cataracts? He is an old cat. but you did good. didn't force him to do anything he didn't want to do... train him to be your ring bearer! LOL!

  34. enchantae

    the way she said comme des garçons had me SCREAMING. I'm so sorry but i couldnt stop myself.

  35. Najaf Awan

    Like of you're watching in 2019🤣🤣

  36. SmellMyFart REE

    Call it the "franken polish" 🦐

  37. Egle Sirutyte

    If you said kava in Lithuanian that means coffee (just if you wanted to know)

  38. Namida Greece

    l went to Japan this year, expected to find more unique vending machines....l guess you have to travel a bit to find those

  39. Navigator shadow Memory

    In the future, all women will go in yoga pants, and men with a normal orientation will be dressed as Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi)))))))

  40. Jewel

    Those are kind of cool, honestly. I don’t think I could pull them off though.

  41. Lovefrom Evax

    Were is sister James Charles

  42. Meh


  43. CyberVo1f


  44. Malak Tarek

    Will anyone even talk about the fact that saf's phone background is a tired looking Tyler?-

  45. Ashley Klein

    7-11 should do a buy one lip kit get a big gulp free deal.

  46. Brian Knight

    I’m a Taurus

  47. USA Summer

    Congrats! You both look so nice! And will make a GREAT couple. Love you both so much! ❤️

  48. Pat The Midget

    I’m so surprised with her body shape. I’m not saying she’s fat but for some reason I imagined her like tiny tiny. Not like the “perfect” body but like very tiny. Maybe it’s because she is kinda spooky and I imagined her y’all and bony. We’ve seen her body before but with the tighter dress for some reason I thought she was so little. She is still gorgeous though. And again, I’m not saying she’s fat. I just expected and tiny bat. (I like the long sleeves but not the slender man. It seems a lot like you)

  49. Micel Aline Niala

    It IS Ninja proof! xD

  50. Kween Kiy

    I am not a fan 🤢🥴

  51. Teal s

    GRsel video: hello friends! Me: holo

  52. Bailey Snider


  53. Adreyan Davis

    You talk to much

  54. Cindy Demambro

    I buy the fake ,dupe because it cant afford the good stuff i use Alliexpress I enjoy the Ucanbe and Beautyglaze because I trust them.

  55. Phantom Studios

    Mauverstein idk. I like it though

  56. Gale Hart

    man seeing how far safiya has come it doesn't even sound real that she got her start at buzzfeed. like, i legit had to google to make sure she actually was ever a part of it. she's done so well for herself im strangely proud

  57. Bailey Snider

    It’s the LED light that’s doing the light thing

  58. Bailey Snider

    Black was supposed to be such a thin layer

  59. Cupcake Kittenz

    I'd calling it Jonathan

  60. sophie cusack

    Mauve over

  61. Chloe corbett

    I would call it frankenorly

  62. Ciara Mckenna


  63. Gumpie Gump

    You know it's true love when he helps shave ur lady-stache ❤

  64. Potterhead Nerd

    I came here right after a roleplay ASMR and my ears are confused on why this person is talking normally.

  65. [ S ø r a ]

    Is it normal that Japan sells these soap art in DAISO?

  66. jara van zeijst you have to try these furry mittens

  67. Spicy Panda203

    11:04 what’s up with the nail on her middle finger

  68. Hfggb Hyyggh

    When you searched up alien I saw that there was an alien jumper that had come from stein because I have that jumper and I think Romwe is copying and stealing sheins clothes ( sorry for the spelling mistakes)

  69. nur asyiqin

    gosh,u are so beautiful without make up

  70. ShethTora

    Part of the reason the pictures look so good is that pretty much every single one is stolen from professionals and reproduced based on the picture alone with no underlayers or things. It's also made with cheaper materials and lower standards.

  71. Jaymee K

    I think it should be ‘Franken nail’

  72. Zarah Veith

    Where die she get Trysha's pants from they're SO CUTE!!!!😍😍

  73. The weeb In the back

    For some reason a lot people in the 2000s looked 30 when they were 16 and had bad skin

  74. Tonina Galea

    Shimmer berries

  75. Damage Girl

    I think Blue will suit You the Most *(I haven't watched the whole video,Just started)*

  76. •Gacha UNICORN•

    9:16 -Thought it was a pride flag.

  77. Katora Jonas


  78. Ashley Marie

    9:49 you look like a model.

  79. Mohd Suhaimi Mat Napi

    Woa!! Its really amazing.. So biggggg

  80. Xebastian

    This vid. Is 13:31 long and is Japan related video/content o_0 jk

  81. Camie Yuan

    She’s very determined

  82. TAZtalks

    Fraken Mauve it

  83. Rahma Wahid

    The focallure palettes are actually really good I used them and I love them

  84. Queenie_ IMVU

    Me and Sofia have there periods for 7 days😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️

  85. Cass DoesCrafts&Art

    Why'd you use a pot so large? I feel like a smaller pot would have worked better.

  86. KitKat Walker

    Franken Mauve?

  87. Frikka3

    I mixed up the Before and After eyelash pics at first 😆

  88. GM

    Saf is so humble you can definitely tell that she uses the money from GRsel to continue creating amazing content and keep coming up with bigger and better bad sciences LOL

  89. Lovefrom Evax

    Name . I don't know what i am doing

  90. Aislin Kageno

    Three things, Saf: One, the teal is gorgeous and my personal favorite of the three. Two, I suggest "Bride of Frankenphora" for the mauve. Three, CONGRATS on the impending wedding, I can't believe it's already happening!!!

  91. Julia Elisha

    I love ťhe pants

  92. Meggeroni Pepperoni

    When i saw 18 yr old yoongs i was laughing so hard

  93. Nikini defonseka

    'a DOLLA?!?'

  94. tom marvolo riddle

    I need this so much to just hide from people

  95. giulia Italy

    Come to Italy,

  96. giulia Italy

    Please came to Italy and test and eat real food, and cook...

  97. syd the squid

    Pfft imagine having more than two bras to even wear ‘,:/

  98. Charli King

    Berry kisses

  99. Cherry Mochi

    Just to let anyone know, ive been to japan for about 15 days, and if your phone is foreign there, you can't download videos for offline or just get a free trial premium to do so. Yes, they do have free wifi( joyfull restaurant! ). Also there are plenty of vending machines in there! I lived in Shizuoka by the way so there is a bit of a difference there!

  100. Yep It’s Jeremy

    Seeing the fact that she used a Dollightful video as reference makes me so proud