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  1. jed kylo

    I ain't gonna debate with any of you, all imma trying to say is my boi arthas wouldn't have gone down like that.

    1. TheDefiantScorpion

      Of course he wouldn't. Unlike Bolvar, Arthas had become a god of death. Frostmourne gave Arthas so much power Sylvanas even with the old gods empowering would have died.

  2. Aharon Enriquez

    Was that Matt Mercer?

  3. AngryWolf64

    "my friend joining my minecraft server after they broke my house" Me: *YOU DARE TO ENTER MY REALM*

  4. Mr. Undead

    World of warcraft shadowlands is Left 4 Dead 3 change my mind

  5. Victor Valenzuela

    The best expansion ever! And the best and only Lich King

  6. Thor Odinson

    I don't know what professy they are talking about

  7. Проповедник

    Прости нас, Король Лич, мы все проебали!

  8. ImmortalPolly

    If only this video got the same love as the videos made today. Would love a CGI remake of this

  9. Naer

    "You are unfit to wear this crown". - Well that was his sole purpose, to be a bad host to the Lich King and control the Scourge which he did preety well.

  10. SuperShinyhunter1

    Expectation: Reality: Another turtle made it to the water.

  11. Victor Valenzuela

    We just saw 2 types of rogues in action. The first one that attacked was a assassination rogue and the second one was a subtlety rogue. They had to make their kill quickly so they would not be overpowered by them. That happens in the actual game too

  12. Patty Mattson

    Such awesome work from the creative team at #Blizzard. !!

  13. Dom Molyare

    something beautiful 💕

  14. Lumpyumpy

    Dear Blizzard, when will we be getting Warcraft 2 in the cinemas?

  15. try meout

    banner bae did not fair so well in this cinematic...lololol

  16. Thiện Trần

    Hope it fate will not be like COD IW.

  17. Arnmazing

    Oh blizzard pulling plots out of their asses so they can monetize it... Femenism wont save you from your Hongkong Comments!

  18. Toaster N'Friends

    The WoW cinematics have literally been multiple orders of magnitude better than the actual game since about 2007-2008.

  19. Kinjal Patel

    Who is here after watching shadowlands

  20. Highlord

    Release music please ^^

  21. Dzonerson

    This will forever be the best video on the internet.

  22. RecoveR

    Ok Boomer

  23. SCSagex

    3:00 Good job Luke, the force is strong in this one.

  24. LunarSignature

    I remember watching this trailer, and the thing that really made me throw my bowl of salad in the air, was the fact that I could now change the hairstyles whenever I wanted.

  25. Demorthus

    Shadowlands expansion: Cataclysm 2.0 but with more laborious and meaningless factions you must progress through. Also, an expansion into Blizzard 2.0 where you get to pay a U.S. based company for its' strong ties to communism (China) & it's horrendous story-writing. Several people in Blizzard that've been there for 10+ yrs are leaving; but the large amount of fanboys ( the ones on Blizzard's lap taking turns blowing China's tip) won't admit how the franchise is actually heading into it's literal Apocalypse. A fitting endeavor; if ever there was one..

  26. Drat789

    troll with human face and clear language? wtf

  27. Agentshadowolf

    Why do I have a feeling in this new expansion we're going to have to fix that Helm at some point to put it back on Bolvar so he can correct what Sylvanas did

  28. Lokesh Lutchmeenaraidoo

    i really need o play world of warcraft

  29. Aster Maser

    How though.?

    1. TheDefiantScorpion

      Arthas and Bolvar are not equals. Both held the title of Lich king but Arthas had Frostmourne and Bolvar didn't. Arthas with Frostmourne killed hundreds maybe thousands and each person he killed he absorbed their soul into Frostmourne empowering arthas. Bolvar was basically a fallen Paladin with all his frost powers coming from the helm. Arthas was a god and Bolvar was just the warden of the scourge.

  30. Aster Maser

    Best part 2:29 Ur welcome

  31. nikiforpenkov

    The choice of background song and all the comments and history so far show the biggest top warcraft games have reached - WOTLK. WoW somehow died with Arthas and we all feel it... Also the private servers which are somehow "taverns of time" are showing - the most played more than half of private servers are WOTLK ones despite people can choose 8 different options.

  32. Aster Maser


  33. Aster Maser


  34. Roving Gnome

    There are no words to express my sadness. Money corrupted Blizzard :(

    1. Roving Gnome

      They should make Warcraft 4 instead of Reforged with proper story and then another WoW.

    2. ceerw buty

      Looks dumb. Wow is too old and repetitive. Make a new game.

  35. Elkan Tan


    1. ceerw buty

      the helmet will probably be repaired at the end of shadowlands, or they make a new one somehow.

  36. Joseph Mauro

    In the words of doctor eggman - “O come on give me a break”

  37. Benji Bubbles

    I kinda want to play world of Warcraft just for this. Is it worth buying everything up to now or is the game stale? there's a lot of controversy and all so idk

  38. ilya neverof

    Now we have Shadowlands. We saved Azeroth, but lost the Horde and Lich King...

  39. ilya neverof

    Please, blizzard dont kill this boy like a Bolvar and Lich King on SwL.

  40. turbat toroo

    Please come back life arthas

  41. pot kantolon

    *double trouble cinematics from blizzard .diablo and wow*

  42. Dennis fortner

    Since Classic has its own server, Now it's time for Burning Crusade to have it's server too. For those who want a Burning Crusade sever...write to Blizzard and demand a sever so we can relive this expansion like it was before. Only all of you have the power to do this. Good luck

  43. PoonDestruction

    Illidan will always be the biggest badass and most alpha character in Warcraft Lore. One of the most well written anti hero stories too.

  44. UwU

    3:53: that purple guy, is me. the guy who is proud of doing nothing rather than buffing my team and felt proud when the leader says something good even tho i don't understand it

  45. UwU

    oh yeah another WoW If its out ima straight buy it.

  46. Hatta Projects Official

    cool projects World of Warcraft

  47. Pingufan AL

    After knowing what Slyvanas was truly after and that she planed on having everyone killed in this war, who could be a better leader for the resisting forces then a boy-king who's only wish is to keep everyone alive! (Still for the horde tho)

  48. Demorthus

    It's sad to see him gone, the mere fact he mentions the Horde deserving better, is thereby he himself denouncing his own status as high overlord, and essentially seeing himself as nothing but a servant for others, not a dictator or a tyrant. Actual humility & humbleness; but oh well.

  49. Frost

    I ve seen this cinematic for the first time when I was 12 years old, now I am 20 and it's stil more and more epic.

  50. Grandpa Yellow

    I don't know much about wow but from what I can gather, its 40% Sylvanias bruiting around causing problems

  51. Deep Wound

    This is omg...

  52. Rondy Reeves

    I really hope that they have a good explanation as to how Wokerunner has gotten so ridiculously powerful.

    1. TheDefiantScorpion

      Bolvar was not that powerful. Its easy to overpower Bolvar, Arthas was a death god and Bolvar was just the warden of the scourge. Arthas as the Lich king was so powerful because Frostmourne had absorbed thousands of souls during his Warcraft 3 campaign. Each soul empowering Arthas and Bolvar was a fallen Paladin who put the helm of domination on and didn't have the giant battery of Frostmourne empowering him. Sylvanas at base should have beaten Bolvar because there was nothing special about him because he placed the helm on and did nothing.

  53. notf noio

    Very Conan inspired

  54. Lápis Lázuli

    You are not prepared!

  55. Techno World

    what happened to this lich king?

  56. The Proud Sun Bro.

    I hope they explain how she got her new power in 8.3

  57. Kurt M

    Gorgeous video... this is what the WC movie should have looked like

  58. NMcBugg59

    People are saying Bolvar is not as powerful as arthas, but what they're forgetting is that Arthas had Frostmorne, which was shattered by Tirion which is why Bolvar wasn't as powerful.

    1. vbddfy euuyt

      Sylvanus annoying

  59. Fatetaker

    When Blizzard actually had good writers and game devs.

  60. Nein

    "Features overview" what features exactly? there are only new zones.....

  61. randomguy7395

    Remember the time when Sylvanas last faced off against an undead army, died, then became undead herself? And now she casually faced off against the new Lich King and his entire undead army and, without a cinematic, apparently wiped out the entire battalion without seemingly breaking a sweat before successfully engaging the Lich King? At least Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    1. vbddfy euuyt

      Grumble grumble Feminist something something grumble grumble

  62. Gavin Felt

    He should've taken the blades of the fallen prince for himself

  63. Giantwaspface

    You know the game is dead when, even with such amazing production values, the expansion trailer fails to give you goosebumps.

  64. Some random guy from the beyond

    this feels awfully familiar

  65. Thor Odinson

    You finally had the honorable death you wished old friend Now you could meet with your son

  66. Maryelenne Cuanan

    World of warcraft will be the best game ever! 1 like agree!

  67. Narose Draconis

    yeah raising a war ship from the ocean depths, may seem like a small feet of magic compared to other feets of magic in this games world. But when you remember she did with her own power, with no help from artifacts. it sends chills down my spine...

  68. Gavin Felt

    Here's one thing bolivar buddy why did u come out of your ice cube

  69. Fear GX

    Arthas was a good boy all along. He was protecting us from Death itself. The City had to be purged, he was right all along.

  70. LastKnown800

    the helmet will probably be repaired at the end of shadowlands, or they make a new one somehow.

    1. DarthVaderReviews

      The reverse tower we see come out of the sky in this trailer is actually where the helmet was forged, so yeah either a replacement or a repair job (probably repair) will almost certainly happen.

  71. Jeremy Miller

    Looks dumb. Wow is too old and repetitive. Make a new game.

  72. Bearded Redneck

    ha, I knew there was a reason I stopped playing this game

  73. Mauricio abyara

    Lixo de game.

  74. Prince of Loarderon

    2:04 Guys remember the stuff Varimathras said in Legion? Yeah it all makes sense now

  75. Samuel Steininger

    So why are 36k disliking this? We're going to where the dead and demons go that's cool.

  76. Eren Jaeger

    "I see only darkness before me" Is it spoiler ? Shadowlands coming ;)

  77. waywardson

    Spoiler warning for warcraft movie- This is very similar to Durotans Death when fighting Guldan. Both died to expose a monster running the horde.

  78. A. Wilson

    Strong female lead literally breaks the glass ceiling.

  79. Eredin Bréacc Glas

    Can't wait to play the siege of Quel'Thalas on Reforged.

  80. Dragon Cat

    “You faith has blinded you. There can be no chosen ONE. Only WE can save ourselves.” Sounds just like what a communist would say

  81. Some Random Weeb

    Yesssssss...... I guessed some of the lyrics correct...

  82. Elite_ Eight

    "For the alliance" is for kids, "FOR THE HORDE" is for men

  83. Thomas Shacksnovis

    Neckbeards : Feminists are ruining gaming Feminsts : This symbolizes breaking the patriarchy Blizzard : Scrambling to do anything new to keep being profitable

    1. TheDefiantScorpion

      Wow fans: Arthas >>>> Bolvar . Frostmourne>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> random Warhammer. I don't get how most people don't understand Frostmourne was what made Arthas a death god. The sword who ate thousands of souls during Warcraft 3. Bolvar sat down on the throne and did nothing how can anyone think this Lich king was anywhere near as powerful as arthas.

  84. Sean Davis

    People need to remember, Arthas was one of the strongest people on Azeroth even without the helm of domination. Arthas LK >>>>>>> Bolvar LK

  85. Thomas Shacksnovis

    Grumble grumble Feminist something something grumble grumble

  86. Tony Bunyea

    For the horde. :)

  87. Shonoba

    Sylvanus annoying

  88. Tony Bunyea

    See this is why you should be nice to everybody

  89. rymdalkis

    As someone who hasn't played since WotLK, why do people hate Sylvanas so much?

    1. Thinh Vo

      @rymdalkis There is progression of powerful character. In last expansion she almost got one v one by greymane, here she is soloing Lich king. This is like Arya one shot night king

    2. rymdalkis

      @Thinh Vo People hate her because she's powerful? Isn't that what bosses are supposed to be?

    3. Thinh Vo

      @rymdalkisYup. She is soloing LK and scourge by herself with some unknown power we never know.

    4. rymdalkis

      @Thinh Vo Sounds brilliant to me. Or are they just bad at making her seem like a master strategist à la Game of Thrones season 8?

    5. Thinh Vo

      Because she been jamming our throat for an entire expansion as this master strategist who play 100 d chest with both factions

  90. Illidan Stormrage

    Die? Boy you're facing a falling angel not just banshee Queen, she's about to be crowned queen of the shadowlands More respect would suit you well . . .

  91. LilRomeo615videos Owner

    Sylvanas basically put mtn dew on lordaeron, no big deal

  92. Sk1Pp3R

    Why is there no demon hunter?

  93. garnishedSalmonDish

    Hellscream: AND What, Guldan, must we give in return? Guldan: Epstein didn't kill himself

  94. Octavian Rachiteanu

    There will always be a next expansion ! There is still hope for another Lich King !

  95. Mega

    lich king change his specilization from fire to frost

  96. Frankie JO

    MAYBE Arthas will come back.... it is a fantasy world.

  97. sehhi vooty

    breathing is labored. I get it. Lich King didn't buy the expansions.