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  1. Gamie Gamers

    Germ Killer we need that in 2020

  2. Dubious Deliquite

    Ah, back when 2016 was the worst year of the 2000s, now we have a global pandemic, politics where everyone is either extremely one way or the other, people raiding stores, etc

    1. Dubious Deliquite

      How the hell did I forget about the church guy at the end

  3. Yeah, sure.

    Now in 2020 we have vr star wars. Jon. Get on it

  4. Idan Katz

    "I don't want food, I want answers!" A phrase for the ages

  5. Alfred Smith

    You can't put the shard in E The orcs will hunt you down All hail our lord sauron

  6. Manu

    this intro right now

  7. Hunter Fox

    Am I the only one who if I was there I would try and start a communist or fascist regime. As soon as they start to talk about the them not getting food I would be trying to get them to accept a communist leadership with me at the top.

  8. Mr random stuff

    Jon get the disc he has and regeiw the rest of it

  9. Skyler

    2020 has been so traumatically awful, that I cannot for the life of me remember what was going on back in 2016, what Jon is referencing when he says that "America is literally on fire right now."

    1. Dubious Deliquite

      That was the last election, and a lot of famous people died that year and everyone kept calling it "the worst year ever"

  10. CaptainAhab117

    Wait... An 8 bit game for a movie that came out in '97?

  11. Общий Акаунт

    what is the soundtrack in the backround?

  12. Общий Акаунт

    what is the soundtrack playing in the backround

  13. ThaBestAnimations


  14. guy who likes memes

    17:04 is it just me or does the "Bellos" look like he's holding a rifle?

  15. WillieBaw

    I used to be scared of this episode becuase of the pokemon spooky game, but since then i've found out that those kids didnt get mysteriously ill, it was because the music was too high pitched and it gave them migraines from playing too much.

  16. Tom Kiggins

    Why does Jon have a singular framed picture of George Harrison on his wall?

  17. Miklos Magyar

    So it’s gone without superpowers?

  18. The Switch Crusader


  19. Noah Jones

    Bruh I’m never trying to pirate sausage party from Saudi Arabia again

  20. ThaBestAnimations

    0:46 the man behind the slaughter is driving jontrons bus!!!

  21. Gabriella Nix


  22. Michael Rigs

    Announcer at the ball: 'Ok, ladies and gentlemen...couples only now, the theme is 'Dance By Blacklight'... **Angelica shines as bright as a radioactive neon glowstick**

  23. The Dark Lizardon X

    Jimmy is a G O A T

  24. The Awesome Comet

    I had both of the classics.

  25. James Suazo

    4:28 jontron does actually sound like an angry timon from the lion king lmao

  26. Fernando Langalú

    Hm, was there a lawsuit towards this video? It mutes right at 6:09 when he's about to sneeze with the epic music

  27. Israel sandoval

    i can't get over the fact that she said "hail satan"

  28. CTG_AverageJoe

    20:05 it's funny you joke about how they were planning a coup, sophia from kid nation said that she was actually planning to coup the town council but the producers said she couldn't do that.

  29. Jason Sykes

    Great video. Super talented guy

  30. samuel pudel

    quem veio pelo cometa fandub?

  31. Trevor Galbraith

    It's funny how Jon was dying at the end. His throat was calapsing but, still a really great singer I love the yelling notes it seems like he actually put all of his ability in it

  32. Shern

    Jon's actually a pretty good interviewer.

  33. Alex.

    im getting some steven universe vibes from this

  34. Etienne Pagex

    Damn its weird how this jon and jimmy have so much chemistry

  35. Stitch Ye Olden gamer

    So this is where the memes were created

  36. that nigger over there

    Consume more products don't ask questions

  37. Ziva Doe

    Based Gulag Show

    1. yasio bolo

      Yay, it’s back

  38. Lord Jackadder

    I’m just trying to eat my squares bro and then grandma starts stripping like wtf???

  39. flummox3d

    ⁿᵒʷ ᵍᵒ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᵐᵉ ᵃ ᶜᵒᶠᶠᵉᵉ

  40. Mario Beaupre

    Jon is a pretty good signer tbh :v

  41. Tipperzack

    I just watch this video for the birds.

  42. Moulinoski

    The supposed swastikas in the Lion King section are actually manji, a religious Hindi symbol and common in several Asian countries. Of course, Nazis being Nazis appropriated it by rotating it like 45 degrees and ruined the meaning for all westerners.

  43. Caleb Wiseheart

    Ah yes, because what every kid game needs is making fun of religion

  44. Yanni C

    1:57 That's one cool candy cab.


    Charlies Angels on crack

  46. solid guy 123 45

    Hol horse bootleg!?!?!?

  47. Lenny Dayton

    10:12 Flex tape when phill swift makes it waterproof

  48. survivalofthekit

    Bring on Jimmy as your permanent sidekick.

  49. sly dyes

    4:35 oh my God no noooooo

  50. Yard Stick


  51. Andrew Carlson

    I actually saw that at habersham

  52. Zircon Red

    Pre-sharpened pencils aren’t a joke, my biological dad and his dumbass brother were launching them at each other with blow guns and my dad lost his sight in his left eye

  53. Wither Gates

    1:57 i-is that a J-JOJO BOOTLEG?

  54. xenrayz

    3 and half year later, the country in the same state once again!


    The music in your transitions is The safety prance. Jontron are you a furry?

  56. I put a hole bag of jelly beans Up my ass

    Flex tape or as janchan likes to Kall it shit tape ceep dat shart in der as long as U want

  57. Rubzylover 69

    12:14 meme time

  58. XxChickenPukexX

    I actually saw that rock and said the exact same things he said

  59. Lucas Ashby

    Anyone else here nostalgic for simpler times during Covid-19?

  60. Halei warner

    When your life is falling apart but not even flex tape will fix it

  61. XxChickenPukexX

    No, no it can't be!?!? I was born from a separatist???? Obi-Wan's going to kill me

  62. Mantarochen

    Take my hearing. And then kill me. Thank you.

  63. XxChickenPukexX

    Play gorn vr

  64. chepepuy

    Make sure you join us next time, where we're gonna taste THE DAAARK SIIIIIDE! Next video: Titenic: The Jonsong.

  65. Saad Sid

    That James guy was actually saying sensible things

  66. Lucas Ashby

    The hockey coach is Don Cherry! He’s an NHL legend! Should’ve looked that up before this lol.

  67. The not so American eagle

    Funny thing there is rioting now.

  68. A Toaster


  69. Jerry Metallo

    i love this song

  70. Lucas Ashby

    Is it an exaggerated NY accent here? Or has JonTron toned it down considerably?

  71. ChromaCat248


  72. TheTreeis OnFire

    Man, I miss Jaques

  73. Wolffe 001

    I need to watch this so I know how to survive myself

    1. Wolffe 001

      The joke is I’m super clumsy

  74. Gamer_gachagirlsamantha5

    *thINk ABoUT thIsSsS*

  75. Caleb McKay

    JON TRON please do a flex tape style review of FULL CRYSTAL. Look up the commercial... the dude thinks he’s Phil Swift but he’s no where close to Phil.

  76. Owen Fitzsimmons


    1. yasio bolo

      I binged the entire series last night

  77. Cosmic Gaijin

    Are you gonna get Sophia Wise to be on the show to get her perspective on the show?

  78. Co11in__

    So... there’s a lot to say about this video... but the question most prominent in my brain is... was that whole baked beans bit scripted?

  79. SpruceWayne

    Back in the good days when flex tape could fix everything 😔

  80. Nikiforos Ekizoglou

    During the missing part with the milk its the kid from kid nation lmao wtf XD !!!!

  81. Quirky Arts

    This man was a part of game grumps at one point That's literally it-

  82. Robert Trester

    Got to love all the spelling mistakes that's just graet advertiusing lol!

  83. Diamondback Jack

    Okay,but what happened to Malkovich's Gaming Guilty Pleasures?

  84. Sean Wright

    “Your starting to sound like a separatist”-Anakin Skywalker

  85. H S

    The dislikes are from the plug and play games and makers of game philip, power kracker, and pro games

  86. Pitt b


    1. Dubious Deliquite

      If it means he can have such great sets with so many props that he goes so far with, sitting through an add that I could skip through if i wanted is totally worth it Like, a movie being given a couple thousand dollars just to put a guy holding a pepsi can in a scene isnt considered selling out, so why would this be any different seeing how the money clearly goes towards all of his props, gags, and costumes

  87. Victurbulent



    You ever see the back of a twenty dollar bill...... on weed?

  89. abused soul

    Please make more videos of this topic!!!!

  90. Dé

    pika or pica are ways to say d*ck in brazil

  91. abused soul

    Omg yasss make moreeeeeee please lol

  92. Sloth

    And the first words we hear from him is “Daikatana”

  93. Bill Blass

    They did all that setup with the dining room and all the food and they all got dressed up and filming for a 10 sec Knife Culture joke

  94. That guy who leaves the party

    PLO Koon is one of my favorites but i don’t care

  95. Nurvis

    To this day, I still don’t know what the conspiracy was.

  96. Nurvis

    To this day, I still don’t know what the conspiracy was.

  97. MC Cheez Strings

    I want to quote the video in ᖴᑌᑎᑎY Tᗴ᙭T but every time I start typing something something else incomprehensible happens

  98. Shard

    The space needle should be in D instead because there is a bar, spinning floor, and glass floor, and there is a dippin dots shop in it

  99. Masowskyy

    1:01 whats this scream?

  100. sailordoottt

    A food editor is someone who edits articles about food