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  1. gimmpy91

    If a girl i was seeing said she didn’t shower every day.... no. Thats a hard no.

  2. Randy Bell

    I have had OCD since I was 10. I used to have to complete hours of rituals before being able to go to bed. And still today, I feel like a hoarder of thoughts and still have anxiety if I don’t go through certain routines. My advice is what Tyrion Lannister said in Game of Thrones: “Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour and it can never be used to hurt you.”

  3. Quinn Simpson

    Poor Lele, she does not deserve this😣

  4. Marta Perez

    Is that truth 🤨🤨

  5. Imad Char

    I wait another episode in this documentary because you have the Energy beautiful in your videos

  6. tasha

    *has OCD* *only shaves one leg*

  7. Licks Everything

    Wow i just feel awful and im am just so sorry you have my respect lele 🙏🏻

  8. Jenisis Laverne

    I think people just don’t understand how hard it is just know I will always be one of ur friends u may not know me but I am no matter what

  9. Guiltymxm

    Come on! you have tourettes your dad it's gay and you have ocd and i thought I was fucked up. Pero eres muy linda y muy talentosa así que todo está bien besos hermosa.

  10. Peyton Gaddis

    Lele pons

  11. Kate Turner

    I want it to be June 2

  12. Peyton Gaddis

    I love your viods

  13. Sarah Zahid

    You never fail to make me or anyone who watches your video laugh... Much respect to you ❤. Thank you.

  14. Kai Townes

    haha says she has ocd but her videos are faaaar from perfect

  15. Music Lyrics

    For people who disliked this before watching it......I care for your health! Go see your doctor

  16. Peyton Gaddis


  17. Ava Isabel

    i dont understand how one person can have bad things going on in her life, but still be beautiful, and talented and kind, and people still say terrible things about her! that woman is a goddess!

  18. Malek Bahnas

    I have OCD too

  19. Esther Lowdermilk

    “I sAvEs MySeLfS”

  20. TheMuffinHD

    My girlfriend 5 years ago acted like you and she treated me like complete shit. She doesn't have ocd so sorry for that but all the silly shit you do she used as a guide to free shit and abuse. Thanks for you inspiration "work". Smh.

  21. AausmaPhagami

    Honestly I thought Lele had a normal superstar life I didn’t even know she had OCD

  22. YungDecaf


  23. Joshua Lewis

    You Need Christ, That how you can get delivered from this. I had All of these symptoms, but when I repented of my sins and submitted my self to the Lord, He delivered me. Consider this

  24. E B

    Lele is the only "influencer" whose music I LOVE!!

  25. Lake Pea

    How is this a youtube og

  26. holup chief

    ill be honest, i dont really like you, but thank you for helping us understand you better, you're strong n ik this was for you to make

  27. Anthony Frank

    Your dads gay 🤣

  28. Chrombopulus the Great


  29. Katerina Čeh

    you're awesome and i love ya

  30. farzad bahram

    This is so funny 4:32 when she hit the ball on Lele it hot that other dude lol

  31. Marli Nazario

    mel nome e antony

  32. Aa Bb

    I love you so much lele no matter what we will always support you no matter what happens 💖💖

  33. Malena Coulter

    Omg lele June 2 is my birthday 🦄💕🧁

  34. Zipporah Daulat

    I love u so much lele

  35. Exoticgamer 1235

    I didn't have parents for most of my life when I was a kid

  36. Marli Nazario

    qei e dor brasil deixa lik omg

  37. Greysin R

    God bless you, you are everything and more don't ever feel less than!

  38. Dunkin_zounts Lovely

    This is so so sad some people think that ocd is a joke but it’s not

  39. Annabella Brown

    this is one good freaking documentary

  40. Tserriednich

    Daddy is so cute😍

  41. Ashlyn Hutson

    I thought she had OCD

  42. Dionicia Martin

    Gooc for lele

  43. Hain T Yusup


  44. lewan lak

    She has to be BRAVE , STRONG ... and YeS she is like that , so that is enough for her 🌼

  45. EmmiTheRobloxian OOP

    3 days. 3 DAYS

  46. Sam Smith

    Nah, you're just a spoiled rotten narcissist. Grow up and get over yourself.

  47. Aurora Wiedoff

    Who says she does not need makeup?

  48. Luisa moreno

    This had me on tears ... We are so easy to judge and criticize people .. I do really feel for those with mental illness ... Thank you for sharing this ❤️

  49. Leesha Rampersad

    I am a big fan lele

  50. Jesús Tavárez Rodríguez

    Jesus Christ can set you free. He can and he wants to do it.

  51. MAKMan The Official

    What's odc

  52. Maria Antunez

    Lele I love your video's and you don't let anyone change who you are some other people also lives in a difficult situation and people just sometimes don't listen but I love you and your video's🙂💖

  53. Rosa dinosaur Boo

    I am not really into like you content nothing personal it’s just not my style your chill and nice just not my style hope you find even more success in life

  54. sweatman5000

    No you dont

  55. laura Matos bakovic

    This breaks my heart to see you in that situation. No matter what there will always be people that love you and support you. Lele I love your content and you make my day brighten up. You are strong! ♥️

  56. hannah Ortiz

    I have ocd and it’s so exhausting, i wouldn’t be able to leave the house without doing all these rituals and I’d have terrible anxiety if I didn’t


    Thats not bad lele i always wanted one

  58. 【Akaoi】

    we thought lele was happy,but I guess we got tricked

  59. Δημητρα Κουντου

    Lele i started watching you since 2016❤. I am very proud of you for everything you have done❤.

  60. vanessa Wood

    I laughed so hard I didn't throw it I just threw it

  61. Rea Monyena

    I wont be able to see this coz I'll be at school sorry lele luv u❤😘

  62. Deven Bargfrede

    I have ocd and anxiety, and I give you sooooo much credit for how strong you are because I know how devastating it can be



  64. Theodora Dodoo

    Hey you yes you God loves😘

  65. Beep bop boop boop

    I had no idea what ocd actually was

  66. Marisa Rinae

    "hE wAnTs To KiLl Me tO dEaTh"

  67. Adyan Jawad

    I LOVE U. Its been around two years sense i started watching your videos and skits on instagram. U always gave positive energy and always put a smile on my face and i always think to myself wow she know what shes doing bcz your soo talented and beautiful in every way. I never thought for one second that u would be living such a hard live and struggling your whole life. I got really surprised. But i still love u and i really hope everything goes much and much better for u bcz ur such a positive person and me watching u having a disorder like that get me really mad bcz i think in this world we need more positive people like u. I LOVE YOU🤍💚🤍💚🤍💚🤍💚🤍💚🤍💚🤍💚🤍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  68. Kanjiiex

    Watching the past episodes and putting my experience of videos of people having turrets it’s quite obvious she has them.

  69. Rubi Arellano

    It’s ok

  70. PAGE 10

    I clicked on this and was alright Ima wait then I saw that it premieres in *3* days LIKE {\__/} (= =) / >🍿I'm still gonna wait

  71. Xu Tatyana

    Be strong Lele❤️❤️

  72. Nerija Love

    Wat is i have toutes

  73. Melina Iseni

    Omg Lele Looks Like the Queen of music

  74. Claire’s Life

    I never noticed you ever had this much in your life but I still see you the same lele I still see you as amazing and beautiful

  75. Vincisomething

    I've struggled with OCD. I used to do the light switch thing (if you know you know) until a thought went away, but of course that doesn't really do anything so it's migrated to POCD (pure OCD= intrusive thoughts without the compulsion, but idk if you can say one is easier bc the thoughts can be deliberating. So if you have certain physical compulsions just know it's possible to get out of it. Cr1tikal has suffered with OCD too) . And I still have a contamination thing.

  76. Sadee King

    Hi Lele Pons

  77. Forrest Boe


  78. Florence Aduffah

    I feel so honored to be able to listen about all the hard stuff that's going on in your life stay safe

  79. hiba floure


  80. Andrea Monsalve

    Pero por q en inglés 😩

  81. Nasir Khan

    love you lele

  82. 123 GO! STAR

    Be strong Lele❤

  83. Jesse D

    Lele is a great actor

  84. 123 GO! STAR

    It's crazy how people can have so many problems in their life and no one have a clue.

  85. Zack FunnehPotatoSquadAndAlbertScream

    Wait does she actually have ocd and depression? Cuz that’s very bad then. I hope she’s ok if she does really have ocd and depression

  86. Shania Chambers

    honestly I never really had an interest in Lele but watching these and learning about her OCD and ADHD helps me really connect with her, so Lele if you read this I 100% respect and love you🥰