Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, conocido profesionalmente como KSI, es un youtuber, rapero y boxeador británico. conocido por su canal de GRsel. KSI es miembro y cofundador del colectivo de entretenimiento conocido como Sidemen, junto con otros seis youtubers británicos, produciendo videos y merchandising en línea para una audiencia combinada de más de 53 millones de seguidores.
En 2009, KSI registró su cuenta de GRsel con el nombre KSIOlajideBT. KSI construyó sus seguidores publicando videos de juegos de video de la serie de videojuegos de la FIFA, aunque a medida que sus seguidores crecieron, su contenido se ha diversificado e incluye más vlog y videos de estilo de comedia. A partir de octubre de 2019, el canal ha recibido más de 20 millones de suscriptores y 4 mil millones de vistas de video, clasificándose como el sexto canal más suscrito y decimonoveno más visto del Reino Unido, y colocándolo entre los 120 canales más suscritos en el sitio.
Habiendo escrito y producido canciones de comedia y rap en su temprana carrera en GRsel, KSI lanzó su obra extendida debut más purista, Keep Up, en 2016, alcanzando el número uno en la lista de álbumes de R&B del Reino Unido.

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  1. bob thechickenguy

    i wish my bro made a song missing me instead we fight over food😂

  2. Arcader54 TD bank

    No features but a insane song

  3. TheUnbreakableUser

    Parents: what's your favorite song? Me: well there's a song with a guy speaking Elon Musk's Son

  4. Toggle Boost_

    Picture looks like jj is high as a kite

  5. Shayan Ahmed

    You can tell that JJ’s a good rapper because he managed to get an auto tuned frog as a feature

  6. ZackAttack

    1:31 listen on 1.25 speed

  7. Your Dad

    Love the hook👌

  8. Your Dad

    Domain tho🥵

  9. Asif 8bp

    Aiyana is on another level 😍😍

  10. Safi

    randolph destorys the song s-x and ksi is better alone

  11. Stefan Caessens

    So good 👌😁

  12. Ting Chen

    Thats s-x

  13. Avaflakiez

    20k views in 4 days????

  14. fo vas

    AND S-X!!!!

  15. Ting Chen

    Super, love it KSI, dude look at that

  16. Max Mills

    If you play at x1.25 it’s so good

  17. Ellis Butler

    Favourite song on the album by far

  18. Sheersh Chaturvedi

    How did melon hate this song? I love it. I agree with him on everything for the longest time. I guess this is just the thing we won’t agree on.

    1. Zombie Slaya

      Sheersh Chaturvedi It’s the worst on the album

  19. JAV ennerz69

    Ay who’s the you made me hate my bestie part about?

  20. Adithya Menon

    Tik Tok for sure will ruin this song

  21. Parker Byrd

    Bruv second time listening I put this song on my playlist so for my party and I had faith it gonna be fire and it was we were drunk as hell and hyped thank you man.

  22. Bum

    Aiyana sounds like the early days of Rihanna

  23. Duck

    Plot Twist: KSI wants Baldski as much as we do, dropping tracks like this

  24. hh _3zz

    Crypt is hard

  25. Help Me Reach 10,000 Subs With No Videos

    *Such a smooth song..*

  26. Mr.Dave Blank

    I wish I could understand his songs first time.... legit always have to listen to them 5 times

  27. Jordan Willem

    Fck man, thats a hella amount of auto-tune 🤢

  28. M AZAN

    May allah guide him to islam honestly😔

  29. ItsBash

    KSI learned how to use autotune 👏

  30. Hala Saleh

    Slims war was way better in my opinion

  31. Olly Head

    This needs to be in the next need for speed game

  32. Uzilianu'


  33. Strap_mc Aka strapal


  34. TheNotoriousCarlos

    deluxe plus the main album is ten outta ten

  35. mr poo poo caca wiener pants

    What you've been on? Harry: KETAMINE

  36. Dylan Hughes

    Mans got a whole story to him, one that will be told for generations Keep it up big man 💪🏼

  37. Cornual Salmon

    What’s the difference between this album and the Deluxe version they the same songs?

  38. 1,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Baldski in the making

  39. Abdulla Alsaji

    Ez clapped


    ooooohh yessir

  41. Galactoons

    I don't even like this kind of music and this might be my new favorite song

  42. Linkon Sam

    Best ksi song ever!!!!!!

  43. RisK Clan

    My favourite song idc

    1. Zombie Slaya

      RisK Clan Too much autotune


    I don't really like Randolph in this

  45. Khyrohh

    doo doo

  46. Energy Wolf

    The 951 dislikes are the real ksi fans


    Why isn't this on the main album?

  48. CrispyJosh36

    Yk what’s song is poppin on Alexa

  49. CrispyJosh36


  50. Omar 97

    This should be on the next fifa, it bangs.

  51. Prois Extra2

    I think about zorro in spain just jumping from house to house when i hear this song. Please nobody reply NOBODY ASKED because NOBODY ASKED.

  52. KingKaws

    This is #10 Trending for music

  53. yvrose senatus

    lyrics are good but beat so so

  54. Fayaz Uddin

    I already heard the song but I didn't have lil pump

  55. Trey jordan

    in my opinion its his best song on the album 100%

  56. Aiden Imani

    Like if ksi makes better songs that Jake paul

  57. Paige Tindle

    Use me as a “here before 1million views” button

  58. Jeff Hou

    still can't believe that this was the same person who wrote I'm on a Horse

  59. Paige Tindle

    Used to be a fan but after listening to this I’m the whole air freshener

  60. XxWales15xX

    Who else would of preferred Miniminter on this track instead of Randolph?

    1. Muawiyah Khan

      100% me

  61. Jake Hotchins

    Hardest song made by KSI, EVER

  62. TiktokEntertainment

    man i love jj so much

  63. Sobersebys

    y’all really think this guys good?

  64. The Don

    To whoever likes this comment I hope you become a billionaire

  65. Alpha Hash


  66. Burhanuddin Bamboat

    Ksi hit top 1 on official charts lets gooo bois Like who streamed dissimulation 24/7

    1. HarunGamer

      Where did you find that!

  67. abhishek shankar

    damn , his music keeps improving man.....

  68. Candycobee 23

    This the only song I come back to listen to from this album ngl

  69. Deadlord321

    UNPOPULAR OPINION: What if the MV for this as an animation (dragonball style) but on the verse its JJ talking to KSI and having a breakdown on his personal problems with his brother and gf as you can hear in the track..

  70. Majeed BS

    1:20 jj sounds like lil baby


    Happy to see JJ speaking passionately rather than him rapping about bitches and money

  72. Rox.

    Can youmake a song without ksi then it might be good

  73. George M

    This is cold ngl ksi is progressing, no cap aswell more life ksi

  74. Football Legend Right here

    Why does it have the its everyday sis flow from 0:31

  75. Joshua Church

    Has to be the best hook I've heard in a long time

  76. vixen


  77. Dom

    Lil pumps verse: *exists* Spoiler alert It doesnt

  78. jordan bowers

    She sounds like Mabel

  79. Abid hossain

    When you realise that this song is longer than gib vs jake

  80. Fer

    CRYPT!! Θθ

  81. Jake Brannan

    Is it bad that I genuinely think this is the best song on the album 😂

  82. Random Fanboi


  83. Maryam khan

    Rolls birds classic

  84. Benedict Jesuthasan

    Fam he said my name in the song 1:46

  85. DavidSure

    ATTENTION SOLDIERS Trippie Red has betrayed us by siding with Jake. So therefore, we will dislike this vid until JJ takes it down.

  86. Clash of Clans with Jack

    I beg he get number 1 album for baldski

  87. Stevenall

    When JJs mates were saying one of the best songs on the album was on the Deluxe they were not joking holy shit man! This song is so personal and incredible. I feel for JJ hes such a genuine guy I hope his family realize what they did wrong and help fix things. 💛

  88. Viktor Krusharski

    Is the first part for Deji

  89. Razi Jr

    Ksi:"You can rap fast but you can't make a hit!" Crypt:

  90. Mr Racz

    Theres a reason it only has 300k views in 3 day (its pretty badd)

  91. preethish kapila

    He says name of his songs in every song or is it just me . He mentioned bad lil vibe in this one

  92. II_Unusinq

    I cried while watching this because of the amount of pain he’s been through man it’s just sad to listen to this but in my opinion it’s the best song on the album because he was expressing himself

  93. Trxp Legend178

    I want KSI to destroy JAKE AND HE BETTER but I would be funny if he walked out to a song called undefeated and then lost

  94. Can I get 40 subs?

    listened to this everyday

  95. Domba FTW

    Why did my brain auto read the title "tiddies"?

  96. Aaric Norman

    This is literally the worst thing i have ever listened to

  97. thebeast1mil

    i love his album

    1. Zombie Slaya

      thebeast1mil Its a 4/10

  98. sub 2 freshi

    This is not ksi this is jj

  99. Emily An

    This is the smooth vibe type of song MoStack would’ve killed if he’d hopped on

  100. Luke Tuk