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  1. JaKodi Williams

    I don’t blame Nagy at all. Trubisky is the worst QB I’ve ever seen in a bears uniform.

  2. Siliziwe Ncanywa

    So Stephen A. is a sell-out because he won't back one black QB over another black QB, who is ahead of the former one in all categories other than rushing!?! Wow, fans don't make any sense sometimes!

  3. Mo Salah

    Lamar>every other qb

  4. RoSmash

    I mean what else is he supposed to say? Ya sorry, we’re not interested in title contention this year.

  5. Chris Renshaw

    Steven a is a hater

  6. Anthony X

    Stephen “long-winded” A. Smith

  7. Stan Petrides

    Nagy has got to go.

  8. inwood9391

    Watching this while using my Foreman Grill ironically 😂

  9. Mram63

    This has to do with ability at some point. We saw his last games here in San Francisco and I dare anyone on here to say that they want this player as their starting QB. Johnny Manziel has to be at least in the top 100 QB's in the country and I don't see him working.

  10. Cameron McMaster

    Jackson is luck he has a good o-line players like Brady, Watson, Rodgers who have terrible o line

  11. Younes Bougarba

    Stephen A always spitting facts on god

  12. Livingthat Twelvelife

    Bruh. I was a safety in high school, haven't worn pads in 17 years, and I could have made every one of those throws. He literally did nothing impressive. The only thing he proved that he wants to do things on HIS terms, not the league's or a team's, and that he's not worth the headache. Seattle offered him a gig as RW's backup if he stopped kneeling, he said no. Baltimore offered him a job until his idiot Insta-THOT gf called the team owner a slave master. He is lying in a bed of his own making, not anyone else's.

  13. Joshua M

    Stephen is a hater bro

  14. Jocelyn Love

    MAX FOR PRESIDENT 2020!!!!!!! This has been my entire argument since the fight happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    He was raised by his white parents to come off as a spoiled, whinny white boy.

  16. Prynce NY

    The NFL should avoid Kaepernick like a pleaque

  17. Shaun King

    Anyone that supports this attention seeking Marxist POS Colin Kaepernick is a brainwashed sheeple.

  18. AfroKenny

    Why can't we just have Co-MVPs like we had in 03 with Manning/McNair?

  19. capcomfan82

    He does look unstoppable but lets see what happens in the playoffs. His passing skills look pretty good but not one running qb has won the superbowl yet.


    Azerbaycan seninledir KHABİB

  21. Torrence Brannon-Reese

    The NFL is Trump's professional whores. And they are a bunch of cronies who lie and use people till they use um up. I don't think they wanted to sign him, they are mad that they cannot control this revolutionary...

  22. Chris lo

    AD Is the future

  23. Alexander Chompipe

    I'm always gon see DLo As A Rat! He a beast tho I'll give him that!

  24. Zair Morningstar

    The way to beat the ravens is to outscore em simple. Defense ain’t stopping them. You gotta put up at least 40 or keep him off the field. Hold that ball milk the clock. Because defensively no one is prepared yet

  25. RAD TV

    Crybaby racists are going to protect Kaepernick.

  26. Gregory Ramsel

    Lamar hater

  27. KaminoRain 153

    He is not a great Quarterback, So any team who picks him up is just wasting there time He’s chaos and he will bring only NONSENSE to any team who signs him

  28. willemdee

    SAS is wild. This team wouldn't look half this good with Flacco. Lamar is the difference and the reason they're 8-2.

  29. Vishnu

    Matt Nagy is the living embodyment of dessing for the job you want, not the one you have. He play calls like he has the Chiefs offense when he doesn't have an O-line and Cohen can oly run East-West. Last year's CotY was for Fangio, not Nagy.

  30. Anderson Rodriguez

    SAS always want to fire coaches

  31. Apollonia Corleone

    Kapernick is an Arab not African.

  32. Abdiqafar ali

    Rex ryan is the same person who wanted tebow and his circus on the jets roster . lol

  33. Terey Traf

    Stephen A. I’m surprised you can take this stand knowing the facts and it comes off as if you will play the game compromise your beliefs for a pay day.


    I watched this whole thing and I didn't hear what two teams lol

  35. boloshabazz

    Foreman making a come back 2020

  36. Jonathan Bright Jr.

    Next time I apply for a job and have an interview scheduled I'm going to call and tell them I'm not feeling that date, reschedule it on my terms, and show up in a office space shirt that says "work sucks"

  37. LeN mC

    Stephen A is right on the money.

  38. John Kaszanek

    Colon Kapyadink sleeps with Hillary Clinton.

  39. Dontaye Alighieri

    Company man, Just regurgitating what his Owners fed him.

  40. E Mat

    What a complete moron. Have a seat on the BENCH of life.............

  41. Otis Jones Jr.

    Stephen A forgot his MAGA hat at home to cover up that receding hairline

  42. Daniel Colburn

    He has the talent. Nobody is going to sign him cause they dont want the side show that will take place.


    Emergency batch for SAS 😂

  44. HEMI 4 Lyfe

    Bruh you just blew your last chance at ever being an NFL QB again, good luck with Roc Nation and Nike taking financial care of you.

  45. bebebj137

    Kaepernick ain't worth the hassle. Who wants a bench player with a big mouth? Maybe if he was good, but he is simply OK.

  46. RIC shady

    Now SAS is talking about Russel Wilson ahead of Lamar Jackson..... SMH.....

  47. JaKodi Williams

    I’m a bears fan and I’ll take him over Trubisky in a heart beat.

  48. osahon omozee

    where is the segment on jimmy g i wanna see how steven a day he still trash after 400 yards

  49. CJ's Channel

    He acts just like a child that didn't get his way after throwing a temper-tantrum. Never forget his girlfriend put him up to all of this and ruined his career!

  50. Craig Heist

    Stephen A. Smith is bending over for the N.F.L... Stepin Fetchit Smith...

  51. Softnumnums

    When something doesnt go your way... youre a victim. And when you grow up being told only your feelings matter... When youre a victim its a BIG DEAL then.

  52. Djkid404

    I stand WITH KAP.. Ye send him ere to the CFL

  53. Peter Smith

    So he says it was a PR stunt by the NFL to make Kap fail, but it’s Kap’s fault for wanting to help control some things. This was never a real opportunity, teams know what he could do.

  54. Cameron McMaster

    Stop overrating the chiefs pls they lost to the titans

  55. tg072185

    S.A.S. you are the worst kind of "black" man. Not only will you misinform the masses about me, you will sell me out. Not only will you sell me out...... You will be the one to pull the trigger.

  56. Mr. Wilson

    D just said the exact thing stephen a did.....c'mon bruh. do your own analytics

  57. trueskool1977

    Stephen a are you employed by rock nation? You keep mentioning them as if they are apart of Kapernicks team. Rock nation has nothing to do with anything.

  58. Johnathan Burrows

    This ain't nothing but a Circus so tired of this script ongoing story this is all about Power Nonsense Pathetic.......


    They try to make him sign a clause and he rejected it...which was smart on his part it was a conspiracy by the NFL to make kap sign away everything he worked for and bring back in his face and courts may i add.. Oh yea and SAS is not african american hes for virgin islands so he does not speak for african americans.

  60. Carlos Manuel Perez

    But he sucks and brings to much drama and no one is that desperate yet

  61. Kanjay Beatz

    Stephen A is officially a uncle tom. So so sad

  62. Jordan Rangel

    WHAT! I dont even like the ravens. Lamar is clearly the frontrunner.

  63. J.R. Spliff 212

    As a Yankee hater, I’m furious because they didn’t go down fairly.

  64. Flopper McGavin

    Everybody likes a great comeback story. But here's the thing. When you don't have any modesty and you sensationalize everything you do, people stop pulling for you. Look at Antonio Brown, mind you its debated that his problems started after the head injury. Though one things a given..... teams want Championships and a leader a team can get behind. Not distractions on and off the field.

  65. You People

    "as the saying goes if you get hurt in college you're going to get hurt in the NFL" that's no saying 😂

  66. saint jack

    Your QB gets bashed in the head with a six pound helmet, what the f would u want your o line do? Walk away from the situation or protect your QB. Kellerman never played a down of football in his life.

  67. xxbabygurl79xx

    KAP went the ANTONIO↔BROWN route😅

  68. Darrion Hale

    One week SAS talk with common sense and the next week he talks reckless

  69. Brent Holt

    Stephen A "uncle tom" Smith is a sellout, but who didn't know this already.

  70. Sincere Bell

    Smh... Yo gave my man Lamar Jackson no credit but credited the defense as if Lamar didn't throw for 4 touchdowns & run for over 80 yds on the ground

  71. nick rodriguez

    It’s not MVQB stats it’s MVP

  72. ballislyfe english

    Stephen A is white washed lol. This is funny. This is what money do to you. As him being now the highest paid analyst he acts like this black guy that stands for blacks but he always speaks in the manner of someone being controlled now

  73. xgigantor

    Rachel Destorying windy lets go

  74. Connor Kozma

    Coming from a pats fan, last nights win only told me one thing: the competition in the NFC across divisions is much stiffer. If the eagles played in the AFC they’d probably only have 1 loss too. I don’t think the eagles record is indicative of how good they are. Wouldn’t be surprised if they make it to at least the divisional round.

  75. BNAMusic88 _

    Can we have a convo about Lamar without saying “iS iT sUsTaInAbLe”

  76. Joe Smith

    Colin needs to wake up from being too woke.

  77. TJ Frass

    Bron looking as good as he did on the heats

  78. Tee Tee

    👀 just checking to see if he's still scary 😂

  79. John Colangelo

    Colin is a punk

  80. Casual Gaming & more by Kigama


  81. TsxLive

    Kaepernick knew from the moment he got benched by Blain Gabert he wasn’t starter material anymore and started protesting to stay relevant, this behavior further exudes that.

  82. Kenny Green

    Stephen A smokin dope🤣🤣


    All facts

  84. witefalcon44

    Aye Colin ain't playing y'all. Atl falcon field could've been defective.... I wouldn't take that chance neither.

  85. Elijah Gonzalez

    Max is dumb Mason said his hand got stuck in the helmet

  86. RealJordanM

    Stephen A. Wouldn't be sold if he got the MVP. Also Molly, shut up

  87. Salia Berthe

    The only good thing said by SAS in this video is when he called Rex Ryan “Coach,” that’s very respectful. Most of the things he said in this video is pure garbage.

  88. Eazy Breezy

    I think Kap is in a rough spot. He doesn’t want to be taken advantage of so he sourrounded himself with people who IMO are overzealous and IMO are going overboard with the sheltering of him. I think Kap proved a point. And now your asking for a second chance for a job at a place you proved your point at , and sued, and still want things done exactly your way ( when I say “your” way I’m talking about the people giving you this advice.

  89. Joshua Deloach

    SAS is slowing turning into a uncle tom.!

  90. bosshova23

    NFL....You only held the workout because you didn’t want Kap to pull you back in court! That’s why you wanted him to sign that waiver. Life isn’t fair, but you are not black Rex. You could have job two minutes after you got fired. That not the same reality we live or receive.

  91. THE REAL

    the phony a-- christian 🙄👎🏼brainwashin the naive and the delusional thinkin that he's mr perfect 🙄

  92. ruiner down

    Colin is such a clown

  93. King Pro

    Circus? The media IS and CREATES the circus. Not the player!

  94. Keeping It Real

    Lamar can just add this to the pile of criticism and use it for motivation.

  95. The Philly 365 v2.0

    Let's be honest this was a publicity stunt by a never was exercising his minority privilege .

  96. Roy Monrreal

    Why was the "unemployed" Hue Jackson unable to make the change lol

  97. Tommy McCarthy

    Colin can always get a job with the XFL

  98. D Ham

    Mason also kicked him in the nuts!!

  99. francisjtuk

    On the whole Tyson v Foreman thing I just don’t know. You’d have to favour Tyson i suppose due to youth but with foreman’s power and heart maybe just maybe he could get him out of there. One that we’ll be discussing for years to come.

  100. Matt Clarke

    Max is such a moron