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  1. Andrea Agui

    Está versión es tremenda tremenda joya💎

  2. Reza Tayebi

    Media (Leftists) Promote(s) Selena Gomez for what?! Money!

  3. Shanaay

    I honestly love this song so much. It’s been with me since it came out, whenever I needed it, this song was here and helped with the healing. Thank you Selena, love you💕

  4. Rashomi Jayamaha

    Its nice song


    Hi Ms. Selena Gomez I am one of your fan And so can you help me please Love you... Hey please be happy...

  6. Roz Roson

    Selena : "I want a boyfriend " Me : " I want a girlfriend" 😂😂

  7. Mireya Reyes


  8. Sunitha Chandravathi

    To such an amazing song❤️

  9. Jeff Alaro

    Imagine selena singing this in grammys OMO a dream

  10. Dhritee Rsingh

    "I've look for love in every stranger, took too much to ease the anger" Felt that so hard

  11. 파인팬

    사랑해요 언니 나 한국인이야

  12. lalmuansangi Hmar


  13. Mute

    I remember listing to this song, and thinking Selena was soooooo grown.

  14. Kows Pravin

    I wish she'll find a man who respects her


    omg i love you so much i wached your wezzerd moves omg

  16. Rominah

    Why her voice is like Rosé's voice

  17. Magicgirl

    I love u 😍

  18. Magicgirl

    I love uu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Magicgirl


  20. sov lanatir


  21. meraki art

    Underrated bop!!!!

  22. tado hibu

    Selina I know what you feel😢

  23. Oritri Otrindila


  24. Gyanprakash Raj


  25. Marco Arancibia Córdova

    la mujer mas hermosa

  26. Joel Blackwood

    James Marriott did slow down better


    Im kind of ashamed to consider Sel ‘sexi’ because she kind of has the face of a little girl, though the rest of her is fine.

  28. Oritri Otrindila

    Who is better? Like: Selena Gomez Comment: Justin Bieber

  29. sov lanatir


  30. sov lanatir

    God 😍

  31. Graziely Silva


  32. Sudhakar Pasupuleti

    Honestly, Selena irl sounds ( sorry ) but not the best, and Justin just sounds like a little girl from a horror movie, so I wouldn't take sides.

  33. sov lanatir


  34. Syamsul Umamit

    Damn! This song so nice .. even in 2020 .. still nice to hear it

  35. Matheus Almeida

    JUNE 2020, someone?

  36. sov lanatir

    Girl 😍

  37. park chaeyng

    pop perfection

  38. park chaeyng

    Boatos que essa mulher MORREU

  39. Hanis Harrun

    I love you selenaaa

  40. sov lanatir


  41. Xeyuno

    This about Justin Bieber

  42. sov lanatir

    So good

  43. Vote Namjoon 2020

    no please, don't let tiktokers turn this masterpiece into cringe

  44. Alex Russo

    Nostalgia 😊💓🎶

  45. Gosia Białczyk

    This song has so gentle angelic vibe... ❤️🦋

  46. Liam Manak

    I see u Alex Russo haha

  47. park chaeyng

    Selena estou triste

  48. sov lanatir


  49. Joe Cable

    My favorite part of the song 3:03 I've had a few chapters I've had a few chapters I've had to close and done and its goodbye for us. This is a well written song sang by a beautiful latino. I hope she does and alot other girls one day will finally see there worth and leave the ones who truly dont deserve to waste tears on.

  50. Kim MeNna

    The best song💕💛💕

  51. sov lanatir


  52. sov lanatir


  53. Aurora Pearl

    Heart touching song only Miss Selena can make. 👌

  54. خرموزه متخرمزه من كوكب بطيس المز

    طب كورونا يبنتي

  55. Aurora Pearl

    I'm sorry I can't stop crying to this...

  56. Aurora Pearl

    This woman saved me countless times. 💕

  57. Miss Musical

    ❤And now the chapter is closed and done.. ❤And now it's goodbye.. It's goodbye for us.. 🎶🎶😊😊❤❤ The best revenge is moving on😊

  58. Azlan Shahadan

    "ïm farting carrot, and im farting carrot"

  59. Adrian Amaral

    Quem ama essa Diva assim como eu deixa seu like aqui em baixo ❤👇😛💥

  60. LoverXXX Charli & Dixie XOXO


  61. Gacha_Black Star Richard

    I wish I looked like her

  62. Kayden’s Korner


    1. Kayden’s Korner


  63. Kayden’s Korner

    Who’s here after quarantine?? ----->

  64. Heather Priest

    was it just me or did someone else think she was dora in some part of the video NO HATE SELENA!

  65. Wanderson Araujo

    Jelena 😢

  66. Cousin krew gaming

    to get toyo

  67. 10k subscribers without video

    0:19 that smile is everything 🥰

  68. Yessica Son

    I feel Selena's pain right now because my boyfriend broke up with me and I still want

  69. Karime Ornelas

    Same frog ring as Abel

  70. antonio uchuari

    01/06/2020...😍...pronto nos veremos .

  71. Blazing Mewtwo

    Anybody can hear this song and feel good Young or old

  72. Prettyrhuthay PH

    Watching and listening this (JUNE 2, 2020) i hope you guys are okey. Stay safe everyone and God bless you.

  73. Lucero Chacon


  74. Tristan Gage

    Justin Bieber

  75. Tecnología Y Entretenimiento 2020

    Yes Selena

  76. Peyton Millican

    I am your biggest fan 🙂 I love your music 🎶

  77. kunapareddy madhavi


  78. Samuel Gutierrez

    Like si viniste por el wilirex no me quiere

  79. Davimlima


  80. kirynn ,_,

    mto perfeita, não dá

  81. Tiffany McDonald

    This song was meant for Selena Gomez

  82. Letícia Stasiak

    Wait...that's gay..?

  83. ale Vera

    Es tan irónico a mi esposo le encantaba este tema cuando m conoció ..y ahora q no tenemos definido lo q pasa entre nosotros y hay otra mujer es irónico q escuchemos este tema cuando estams juntoS ..el ser humano es demasiado complicado..💖y si nuestros corazones quieren lo q quieren..

  84. Tejas Vlv

    Jun 2020 Anyone ?

  85. Tejas Vlv

    Anyone after " Lose you to love me ".

  86. Blacker Xretemer

    When you searched boyfriend , it appear ariana and justin When you searched mabel boyfriend (official) , it appear justin and selena boyfriend audio When you want to search Selena boyfriend in google , 80 % reactions 20 % other official

  87. seiji iwaguro

    i love it👍👍👍

  88. Bea C

    I didn't wanna say this but biaaatch it's 2020 and I'm still hella vibing 🙌🔥😁

  89. seiji iwaguro

    Selena Gomez Wonderful Video👍👍👍✏️ Watch Later 🗾Japan~👍

  90. Tejas Vlv

    It's 7:17 am GOOD MORNING from India 💜

  91. Tejas Vlv

    Jun 2020 anyone ?

  92. Yulissa Osorio toral

    Alguien lo escucha en la cuarentena 2020 y hable español 😂🍕❤❤💔👈

  93. Bryan Muñoz


  94. guess who

    This is the kind of wattpad story that most boys read

  95. Raul alarcon

    Unpopular opinion: this is best Selena`s songs

  96. Destiny Grisby

    i like this

  97. CAMILA

    De la nada me senti en 2015

  98. Elaisa Santos

    Quarentena ouvindo selena

  99. 5hucat

    no me gusyo:c

  100. Cindy Vortex

    Selenators please watch Lost by Cher Lloyd! She is underrated and deserves more support! ❤🙏