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  1. Texting Stories

    We all love you selena sont worry

  2. Gepe W

    Selena this song is awesome

  3. Cheesy Adventures

    This song makes me cry for some reason. 2019 was a terrifying year for me, this song is just the best 😞

  4. Momo 0330

    This song give me the strength after a shock breakup with my boyfriend

  5. Migele Gaspard

    When she said " sang off key in my chorus" I passed out 😂 😂 😂 and I don't know why I just found it shady


    eres mi modelo a seguir selena. una mujer fuerte e independiente que se enfrento a las adversidades que aunque callo ahora esta de pie y amandose a si misma. eres maravillosa. sigue siendo tu nunca cambies por nada ni por nadie por que no exciste nada mas poderoso que una mujer enamorada de si misma

  7. SA S

    good Selena ,JB deserves to hear what he did to you .Its killing him now bc he is waking up its ķilling him .

  8. Bri Bri Deleon

    All those dislikes are Selena’s ex’s even tho I think this song is based on Justin no hate to anybody in this story tho/song

  9. Xiomara tvshow

    Thanks 😘 you Selena Gomez

  10. little mixer

    Hey random person scrolling.... Never let anyone break your heart ❤

  11. Chaly Stgo.

    TE VES HERMOSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. Katie Kanitz

    I just ended a relationship where the person was horrible to me, and this song really resonates with me. Thank you, Selena, for a powerful song and an inspiration!

  13. mimi imene

    He is her source of inspiration,she is having money in his back what a great revange she made her weekness to strongness and that is the bigest thing ever to do because selena&j.b relation it will never end but hope for her next song somthing new fresh not about all love isseus stuff..... U know What i mean like starting life again 🙏👌😇💟😘

  14. Up the bum no babys

    this song sucks and she dances like shit

  15. LoveableGirl_15

    This is probably one of the best songs that I’ve ever heard in my life...... also, You are still gorgeous! Lol.

  16. Sil Dn

    Best video of 2019..!!

  17. Azizzul Nuin

    This song was fucking boring & autotune. Selena girl go back to rehab coz this is trocious

  18. Starlight shines

    Matt stephanina did some bad ass choreography to your song tysmfs your amazingness 💕💕💕💕🔥🔥🔥

  19. Rebecca

    Love you so much selena

  20. Azizzul Nuin

    Omg, this song was so fucking boring & autotune.

  21. sailor Moon


  22. Linda Bastidas

    me encanta este tema ... creo que es lo mejor que he escuchado en mucho tiempo.... una chica super joven, que ha pasado por los picos mas emotivos de cualquier ser humano, miedo... angustia, amor... abandono ... tristeza, decepción, frustración... su primer amor .. y todo su proceso de salud....creo que es una chica muy valiente, es importante superar estos procesos.. el amor siempre vuelve... lo importante es amarse uno primero, para poder aprender amar a otros... mucho exitoo y sigue escribiendo con esa pasión.. . los mejores compositores crean, los mejores temas de sus peores momentos....

  23. Cuenta Provs.

    Sos la persona mas divina que existe!

  24. Olivia Ward

    So much meaning 😍

  25. DanyKasura


  26. Emerald

    How to fall in love Dig a hole Name it love Fall in love

  27. Ortal Levi

    This song makes me cry for the heartbreak I never had

  28. Shrug life

    It's too hard to forget Jelena. Like it's my business.. But they are both happy now and I'm happy for them though I miss them together..

  29. suscribe for no reason

    You have reached a new low when you find your self worth to others But hey only way is up when you are down

  30. Prkwon

    for all the Selena Gomez fans...I think she is a wonderful singer. One of the few who rarely uses Autotune. With that said i can't never take her seriously as an adult singer. I've watched her in that disney show and she hasn't really changed all that much and she still looks 15. She is singing about quite adult themed songs, yet...i don't know.

  31. Mariaraquel Oliver

    Selena..lovely human and so cute

  32. Ella Hagen

    Selena is just gorgeous. Justin made a mistake

  33. Minh Quyến official

    I am Viet Nam . <3 i love you Selena Gomez

  34. Emily Salazar

    This song is stuck in my head ❤️❤️

  35. TopBoyAnd Mugy4Eternity

    Sends shivers down my spine and this song gives me goosebumps so beautifully written

  36. Ella Hagen

    I honestly prefer Selena over Hailey. Selena is sweet and fun, Hailey just seems so boring. I am sure she is with Justin for the fame

  37. Angela Garcia

    Yass Selena keep doing what your doing girl.

  38. Sara of Isla

    *"i needed to hate you to love me"* *"in two months you replaced us"* *“i saw the signs and i ignored it“* ugh this song hits you right in the feels💔😩 i made a cover of it, would love for you to check it out if you have a minute

  39. 38Dii

    Love 1:37

  40. killerdragon tube

    Need to lose you to love *to love love me to love love me to love me i need to lose you to love me yea* Oops wrong lyrics

  41. Prithi Lucky


  42. Audrey Hartman

    I haven't listened to her music in ages but this is beautiful

  43. ste mak87

    Love this, and everytime a love a song it becomes number #1 so selena congrats in advance 😊

  44. Zamir BOB

    It's been said and done Every beautiful thought's been already sung And I guess right now here's another one So your melody will play on and on, with the best of 'em You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible A centerfold, a miracle, lyrical You've saved my life again And I want you to know baby I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby And I keep it in re-pe-pe-peat I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby And I keep it in re-pe-pe-peat Constantly, girl you played through my mind like a symphony There's no way to describe what you do to me You just do to me, what you do And it feels like I've been rescued I've been set free, I am hypnotized by your destiny You are magical, lyrical, beautiful You are, and I want you to know baby I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby And I keep it in re-pe-pe-peat I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby And I keep it in re-pe-pe-peat No one compares You stand alone, to every record I own Music to my heart that's what you are I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby And I keep it in re-pe-pe-peat I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby And I keep it in re-pe-pe-peat Girl verse😅

  45. cielo flores

    Eres hermosa Selena❤️

  46. Blessed Foods

    This song reminds me of some other song with the beat. Just cant put my tongue on it. You you know please tell me?

  47. رعب احمد يونس

  48. marvahinspace

    this is beautiful.

  49. ummhasan

    My queeeeeeeeeen selena

  50. Cuenta Provs.


  51. the doggo man hi

    2011)love u like a love song 2019)lose you to love me

  52. Edna Freitas

    Like- Selena Gomez Comments- justin Bieber I like Selena

  53. نور عبد الجبار


  54. Yosua L3ON Vlasix


  55. Fernanda Braz

    Seleninha..... orgulho define.

  56. DRTJA

    Please support me on my new channel 💙

  57. Fernanda Braz

    Queria saber traduzir os comentários em inglês

  58. Udhav Khajuria

    Miley cyrus rocks

  59. lywo

    Not a fan of Selena or Justin really, don't dislike them either. But I always sympathized with their relationship because I've been through it. I know how hard it is to walk away. I know nobody else understands why you stay. Their relationship, like many others, like mine, was incredibly toxic from both ends and it seems like there will never be an end. But when the end comes (and I mean really comes cause Lord knows you'll go back a million and one times) it's really the end. It will still hurt like hell though. I hope they both heal. I'm trying to, too.

  60. Sabrina Lugano

    Justin : Go and love yourself Selena: I needed to lose you to love me

  61. cat_astrophe

    It's my first time to cry to a Selena Gomez song. The feelings, lyrics, and emotions were so raw, genuine and pure. This resonates me to a very deep level. I needed to lose him to find myself. It may have hurt at first but through time and healing, I've come to realize that I have lost a lot of myself when I focused all my energy on him. Now that I am focusing solely on myself, I have discovered things about myself that I have not known before. I am now reaping all the blessings of self-love. Thank you, Selena, for this song. :')

  62. Lily Arboleda

    November 2019. I still in love.

  63. Nigthcorn Wolf

    Mom: It took me 9 months to form your heart. Don’t let someone break it in one day

  64. Vanessa Penuel

    I’m had to love me...💜💙🖤💚I hate u to love me 💚🖤💔🌸🌻🌛✨🌝🎭🎲🧬🎀

  65. Kelly Mac

    I kind of feel bad... When I was in grade kindergarten-3rdgrade I used to be a huge fan of Selena Gomez... until I moved where my personality changed, everything changed about me.

  66. Danny got Suspended

    1:00 this is for me

  67. Karen Guadalupe  Hernandez Gonzalez

    esta canción es para ti uto :'u alv #todosomoselena

  68. Danny got Suspended

    “I needed to hate you to love me” Me October,15😭

  69. Andrea Marie

    Wow, between this and Lose you to love me, I think we can all agree this girl rocks black and white setting.

  70. Listen Tome

    Why so many dislikes on video?

  71. caio alves

    Ama 2019💜

  72. James Wildrick

    Mask it sister walkers join this beautiful female

    1. James Wildrick

      It's cold outside why you waking because they can't take that get home and stay warm otay

  73. Sisi Grm

    Cette chanson reflète la destruction personnelle que peut être une relation avec PN. La reflexion autour de sa reconstruction . ❤️

  74. Capri Wagner I covered Lose You To Love Me on my channel, here is the link straight to the video. I covered your song acapella. I hope you see it one day, I look up to you as an artist and person. You are incredible and this song is amazing Selena. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration. xo - Capri

  75. Yrlle Ecija

    I love you Selene ❤❤❤

  76. XX 44


  77. Raul Machado

    You need to hate someone to love yourself?


    In Spotify I was listening to this song and it was talking about Justin Bieber and other things about him, then out of nowhere after I was done listening to the song "I Don't Care" was on

  79. youtube videos

    we love yo

  80. FantasyQueen394

    Love love love love this💕💕💕💕 but Whys she looking around in the video?

  81. crindela

    This song makes me want to slap Justin Bieber and his lil dog he’s been walking😒....

  82. Mister G

    When people once get famous they make money with all sorts of shit.

  83. TundraartSD

    Stop comparing Selena and Hailey\justin It’s flipping annoying you guys have no humanity. I have my friends asking me this like where is your common sense. People think that just because this is social media doesn’t mean you can go around and hate and spread negativity. Selena herself asked y’all to stop . You guys need to take a moment and think why the hell do you think you have the right to compare people.

  84. Hannah Oliver

    I'm not a big fan of Selenas music (nothing personal) But I adore this song.

  85. Alessandra De Fatina Marcondes Marcondes

    Brasil alguém?

  86. Brad Geiger

    Carlos Calderón

  87. karito

    the #sterek song.

  88. Gabriela

    Few years? Girl that was like a decade :v 🤣❤

  89. BlueWhale5155

    Selena ur better than this. What is this shit video. :)

  90. Kolby Hampton

    Everybody talking bout justin i thought she was talking bout the weekend

  91. Scarletkim AG

    SO SAD

  92. Brad Geiger

    Domingo Chavez

  93. caio alves

    Ama 2019 💜 Selenators💜

  94. 별이

    너무좋아 1일1곡

  95. Ema

    This was relised on my birthday 🤩

  96. yoongi had me like

    you don't need no man to make yourself feel confident and better, girls. self-love is the best love you could ever give yourself. take care of your hearts ladies💕

  97. That chick

    *Hey,you found yourself*

  98. Svea Scheel

    It wasnt a mistake of him to let her go, because it was maybe the best what could had happened to her. Yes she is gold and the Other girl maybe not. But maybe the other girl is just on the same level like him and they deserve themselves. The point is that she would not be the same without what happened. And then we all would never have heard this wonderful song. And this wonderful song helped me so much.

    1. Svea Scheel

      Sorry for my english, i dont know if it's right

  99. AliaSuca

    wich should I kill with kindness

  100. 20cher09

    No One Under 50!!! They Do Not get Anything!!!