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I quit my full-time job as an engineer and product developer to make only the coolest inventions -- just for you guys -- right here on GRsel. We show the engineering process of making our projects to inspire others into STEM fields, and to show that anything is possible with science!
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  1. Jameson Gese

    Vegans have entered the chat

  2. dennis nierop

    Use tungsten powder

  3. McWattleYT

    James with the beard reminds me of Solomon Lane from Mission Imposible

  4. Adam Kanaan

    It would be awesome if you made rasengan from the show called naruto. Rasengan can destroy about anything in its path. You are able to hold it in your hand but while you hold it, it won't hurt you. You can search up the image if you wish to make it and I love your videos.

  5. The unstoppable Freefall

    hacksmith you are such a badass. looked so much fun

  6. no one knows what I do

    You should make a shocker gauntlet from spiderman ps4

  7. Scott Williams

    Where can I find the circuit diagram?

  8. Riker

    Why do you hare doors?

  9. Meta Tulpe

    Try to make working Superman laser beam ,,eyes".


    Hacksmith : We Can Do Whatever We Want..

  11. Mr Joe

    I want these claws ☹️

  12. Alpha wolf Gaming

    6:02 we save your balls 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  13. MD Hussain

    My dream workshop

  14. Noobi Kenoobi

    Wait so are they legit trying to make a full iron man suit?

  15. Noah Pflanz

    If nobody’s there who’s throwing the fruit

  16. AndyLee

    If he's alone in the workshop, who keeps throwing things at him?

  17. 1 1

    can you make a my hero academia thing.

  18. Banks_man YT

    Make the infinity gantlet

  19. Gipson Gnagy Games

    Make a full Iron Man suit

  20. Dhanraj Rana

    Give me this one

  21. Screaming Goat Productions

    Wait.. so you're canadian, the right height, the right build... I'm just saying.... Marvel I hope you're watching right now.

  22. Neil Cipher

    How about make it real Terra Blade


    It would be pretty cool if you would do that cool thing that wolverine does when he hits his two claws that creates the kind of spark

  24. Tom Booty

    Been subbed from 700k

  25. General Byzantine

    He's the best there is at what he does: making salad.

  26. carlos Nogot

    Iwant the katanaa😭

  27. Hazardous

    Does anybody know what that bike is ?


    that goes like real Ironman

  29. Andreas Krebs

    Du siehst irgendwie eher nach einem irischen Pinscher aus als nach wolverine.

  30. Benjamin Ormerod

    Is it just me or would that be the perfect zombie apocalypse base

  31. Ricardo Neftali Arellano contreras

    Bro you are crazy

  32. alan villaa

    Wait I thought james was alone because who threw the fruit

  33. Jonathan Serrano

    You should make Aang glider from avatar the last air bender

  34. Jay Brown

    colinfurze + Hacksmith PLS

  35. Valentine Wallin

    you are better than richard

  36. Awful Animations

    You should invite hugh Jackman to the workshop and show him the claws and stuff, or invite Robert Downey Jr and show him the iron man stuff.

  37. Haiden Boatfield


  38. Rudraksh_pd

    They are literally wasting food DURING THE PANDEMIC

  39. skeleboss

    I.T. guy comes in to fix the servers and just sees a power loader dueling someone flying with a lightsaber and you go, "ah just ignore that, see J.A.R.V.I.S. alerted us that there was a problem in our server room and we need you to check it out for us."

  40. Twix Timo

    Wolverines last name is Hudson not Hobson😂

  41. 94065

    I wonder how the cameraman feels while james just screams and attacks a wall

  42. Tina Nielsen

    Make a karambit Knife (csgo)

  43. James Kirk

    Send this guy to Matt at Demolition Ranch I'm sure his 50 BMG will have no problem getting into this, and if it does he can always take it to drive tanks Lol.

  44. Uchiha Sasuke

    Wolverine when not doing mission be like

  45. lunchbox hedz

    This is my favorite vid of urs

  46. NakedDogman WithhotDogz

    Me:I don't understand anything but I like it

  47. Aston Apolloni

    You should make the blades of chaos from God of war

  48. Pumpkin

    You should make robins birdarang from teen titans

  49. Dinith Kumara

    Also you looks like Wolverine.

  50. Sean Bradford

    James said "I'm the only one here so I can do whatever I want". Ok but then who was throwing the objects at him?.

  51. Homemade Cinema

    The womanz watching dis: what are doze?

  52. Alin Luca

    Do You want to make mirage suit

  53. Chilly

    try do either clash's shield or wardens glasses

  54. Ethan and luinor

    oooooohhhhhhhhh that's why i woke up holding a helicopter!

  55. atharv bhandari

    thermal imaging in the iron man helmet!!!! please, please, please!!!

  56. Cole Gamer

    Do darth Malls lightsaber

  57. azzu aiman


  58. Mattgian Sumanday

    I like how they put do not try this at home when i dont even have one of those

  59. je suis ryan

    Man in black needs to be with will smith

  60. Benjamin Rivas Avitia

    Make a predator shoulder laser canon

  61. احمد حمصي


  62. HM Tech

    Hey hacksmith make a plane dropping fire crackers it will be fun

  63. Parker Downs

    Build web shooters that chemically create condensed carbon nanotubes so you can swing from building to building

  64. Charmly Gamer

    0:27 OG viewers know that one

  65. Zoro Cz7

    I think the JARVIS voice should be Linus's voice.

  66. Ddynamic duo

    What does the sand blaster do and where did you get it from?

    1. Ddynamic duo

      @the Hacksmith oh thank you

    2. the Hacksmith

      It cleans the part and roughs up the surface which is good for painting :)


    Hey can you build something like Predator technology from Predator Vs alien 👍

  68. chirag goyat

    Please make iron fist

  69. Crusader McCheese

    I love the picture of "Big Willy" Osman at the end 😂😂😂

  70. Edwin Daniel Alvarez

    So like can you make an omnitrix 👀

  71. Luke Hoppa

    bogdon is my spirit animal

  72. Disselkofski

    Is this real

  73. Chibuike Ahanotu


  74. Tristen Schieferle

    "Let's do something real. Im going to hit that wall" James has regressed to a crazed man drunk on destruction XD

  75. Johanna Ramos

    Hi kk

  76. KaSur Operation

    12:13 MR Beast will be so mad watching that

  77. Cian Nugent

    11:14 just full on lightweight

  78. Allen Rodgers

    The video was great but the acting should stop..keep up the good work brother

    1. Allen Rodgers

      @the Hacksmith i forgot the lol lol it was a joke not meant to be mean! 🙂

    2. the Hacksmith

      What acting...

  79. Immortal

    Yo, Mr. Hacksmith can you build Wakandan spear that Okoye wields? Can you make shoot energy blasts too? plz

  80. TheGoatMan

    Every time he said bone claw the only thing I could think of was “BONE SAW IS REEEEAAADDYY” 😂

  81. Sheepdogss

    No joke you should sell that as like car for kids

  82. Tony Nguyen


  83. Benedict Estabillo

    Wow thats all im gonna say WOW

  84. Skele

    anyone know what his respirator/face shield is?

  85. Thynx Creator

    I don't think dummy's the only tool in this episode XD 3:17 4:35 5:18 5:24 5:57 7:27 lol

  86. Just like that

    ❤❤❤❤❤ from India

  87. Bindu S

    You look like chris evans

  88. TheRitcheyRich

    Watching The Hacksmith losing his mind for 13 minutes

  89. Ben Stanley

    Shame on you! Your not wearing a helmet

  90. FutureProtonix X

    This dude it going to be iron man in real life

  91. My name is your name

    You know you are Wolverine if you can throw a basket ball while using the claws.

  92. Pure Blastify29

    My last name is Clock

  93. Uriel Eduardo Viveros Macip

    Thought he was gonna make some ultra-hard calcium stuff

  94. Heran Wang

    Throw a Nokia it will break the blade

  95. cindy robinett

    Do mando’s rifle from the mandolorein

  96. On To The Top

    "Nobody is here at the shop" Who threw the fruits

  97. Kidus Dawit

    Man is there any hero look u cant pull off? Ur captain america hair was awesome and now this hair cut and beard trim perfect

  98. Asha Shetkar

    Which is ur favourite superhero

  99. Surath Singh

    This blade would instantly cauterize the cut and victim would have more time to live.... Make a sword which could bleed the victim to death

    1. Surath Singh

      @the Hacksmith how about something even more lethal?

    2. the Hacksmith

      I think that's called a regular sword

  100. NuclearMaurader65

    Hey Hacksmith Do The Retractable Claws