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  1. Noximus

    Holy fuck this looks so good. The music is also just fantastic my god

  2. Dominik XD

    Wow thac cool

  3. Antony Brilland

    The real Justice League ! Zack Snyder's Justice league !!!

  4. Jason Ortiz

    1:40 - 1:43 Damn that speed!

  5. juonis123


  6. juonis123


  7. Paloma PT


  8. hetul kakadiya

    I just feel background score of oscar 2021🙌

  9. Axel Lozano Vasquez


  10. Aladdin mclovin

    WB, MAKE THE MAN OF STEEL SEQUEL!!!! FOR GOD SAKE WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. Your making another Harley Quinn movie. And putting superman in other movies??? For a billion dollar company your Bloody stupid

  11. The Renegade

    Denzel will be proud

  12. Ben Sheppard

    Looks great. Too bad it wasn't.

  13. Saman Salar

    Christopher Nolan :😎😎😎 Ludwig goransson :🙌🙌🙌🙌💪💪 Hanz Zimmer:😞😖😖

  14. Yeetus Deletus

    1:44 I love how this trailer is so good, no one comments on how they revealed the Invisible Jet

  15. augustynka 1

    Suicidal Squad : Birds of prey 1 : 100

  16. Ragul Moorthy

    Anyone watching this in 2020 ???

  17. Safeer pulamanthole

    Trailer viewer: Sorry i didn't get any idea. Nolan: That's what i want.

  18. Sammy Long

    I'm glad this movie Zack Snyder dark like bvs or Zack Snyder's justice league is

  19. Rameshwar Jaybhaye

    Plz dubing in Hindi language

  20. Next level


  21. Next level


  22. annabel lindsey

    Omg that was awesome

  23. Don Juan Trumpeta Johnson

    Imagine the lack of creativity when you show reverse footage in your movies. What is this ? 1991? "You're not shooting the bullet, you're catching it? Are you fucking kidding me? Well then maybe you can "catch" the diarrhea that is this movie back in your ass for me. Thanks Nolan.

  24. Nacitav Osimac

    Always thought the sad feelings this trailer induces will go away one day. It went away. The sweet taste of victory washed away all the struggles. Can't wait for 2021. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

  25. Christel Lagut

    Très belle chanson pour un bon film

  26. Mel Hearte

    i clicked on a random spot and was like NOPE

  27. Lorenzo Smit

    Please use the same soundtrack in the movie

  28. Don Juan Trumpeta Johnson

    Jesus Christ these Nolan movies suck ass. I can't believe how most of the world is so easily entertained by crap. I'll give anyone up to 8 years old a pass but anyone after that that celebrates Nolan movies is a clueless classless cultureless sheep. Hans Zimmer is great and is a huge factor in carrying these films.

    1. Arthur Oliveira Souza

      Go watch bayformers and Fast And Dumb,movies for your intelectual capacity.

  29. Felix Sommer

    "Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?" This seems more relevant than ever right now. The videos from Minneapolis literally look exactly like the last few scenes from the movie.

  30. Commander Shepard

    Joker is the hero Gotham does not deserve

  31. ktis

    i keep coming back because of quarantine and im so sad that it got postponed, i was looking forward to crying my eyes out this summer.

  32. BladedBishop

    Zack Synder's Justice League is finally coming 2021 and this old teaser is just pumping me up. It's going to have the same feel as Man of Steel, BvS, Wonder Woman and along with the others Shazam and Aquaman. DCEU still has a beacon of hope. WB, DC and comic book fans can all be benefiting with DCEU and Eleseworld DC. Why cant we have two different Batman and Jokers. Let's go!

  33. Ceid Ass


  34. Ruben Soekardie

    Snyder Cut : *I'm real when it's useful.* :D #hbomax

  35. Joakim Ericson

    Biggest scam! tricking ppl that thay will see the movie then just cut it at the end of the event and leaving ppl in the dark. Even CV-19 feel like a nice thing vs this scam!

  36. cliff prakash

    You are not pooping , You are catching it !!!

  37. Lana Maha


  38. Clement Joubert

    Best Way to get to the oscar as an actor : playing a famous character in a biopic -Eddie Redmayne won by playing Stephen King -Rami Malek won by playing Freddy Mercury -Jamie Foxx won by playing Ray Charles -Daniel Day-Lewis won by playing Lincoln -Marion Cotillard won by playing Edith Piaf -Helen mirren won by playong Elizabeth II -Meryl Streep won by playing Margaret Thatcher -Gary Oldman won playing Winston Churchill -Hilary Swank for playing Brandon Teena -Forest Whitaker won by playong Idi Amin Dada - Daniel Day Lewis won for playing Christy Brown - Ben Kingsley won for praying Ghandhi -Benedic Cumberbatch was nominated by playing Alan Turing -Michael Fassbender was nominated by playing Steve Jobs - Denzel Washington was nominated for Malcolm X

  39. Edsel Calleja-Palma

    I find it so ironic that the least popular hero of the JL , the one that is always joked about manage to beat batman, superman, and wonder woman, at the box office with their origin story movie.

  40. Ramesh Jintikar

    Nolan: Will you join my next movie Ryan. Ryan: Ah Shit , I'm the free guy. The Next Day. My Father's wish is to join Christopher Nolan's Movie.

  41. Dawood Omer

    Man Of Steel's theme better be in the Snyder Cut 😒

  42. Jayseal ENDURO

    watching the original snyder jl trailer after knowing the original snyder cut jl will be released.... btw if steppenwolf looks is still the same but the voice actor isn't am i right?

  43. Happy girl

    Omg! I just saw philosopher's stone (year 1) till now although I had seen all the parts when i was very small.. But i forgot everything, so in this lockdown I thought that I should watch the series again and just after watching year 1 its makes me feel so much attached to them... And i just cried after watching this video.. Literally insane

  44. Sara Shaikh

    Peaky fucking blinders bro

  45. David Kempf

    Hopefully, Ivan Drago doesn't have a kid.

  46. Moncy Varghese

    Duskwood bought me here!!!

  47. G

    Interesting since his dad did the movie Deja Vu that also plays with time.

  48. Abhishek Limbu

    All the marvel superheroes vs 1 DC Joker

  49. Leonie Kister

    What is the song called towards the middle?

  50. Bezex Tidar

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  51. Rok Star

    Who came here to watch the trailer of a 10yearold movie

  52. Basit Abbasi

    So close yet so far. Damn you corona

  53. Ajay vijay Ajay

    Man of Mass,,,,,,,,,

  54. Nikhil G

    I have seen the second trailer and then the first.

  55. Pata Pes

    Realese Kong can’t Godzilla trailer please

  56. Manny del Rosario

    If this goes well as it looks, Denzel’s boy will hit the stratosphere.

  57. Biswajit ROY

    Fearfiles .... copied 🤣🤣

  58. Shailaja Avhad

    Joker does not deserves oscar Oscar deserves him

  59. Seth Rhys

    Im hoping this one hits 1billon in the box office if aquaman can surly this one can

  60. The VANN Rock

    Why not be a Blind Guardian?

  61. Micah Johansson

    When this trailer dropped: Goddamn it! Another shitty sequel with horrible CGI and no Mel Gibson. They killed Mad Max. After the movie: well... this is what I call "Epic".

  62. zardoz jones

    Have a lot of Deja vu about this movie :P


    Soundtrack please...

  64. Mister J.

    And we're finally getting the Ayer Cut!

  65. Mandeep Dhami

    So we are all ready for our mind to be boggleised "P? Most of the people in their minds - FUCKKKKK YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Mandeep Dhami

    So we are all ready for our mind to be boggleised "P? Most of the people in their minds - FUCKKKKK YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Ahmed Aly

    This is crazy it is exactly the same thing as happening now. No way.

  68. Madhu Sudhan

    In my thoughts Only David Washington travel backwards to prevent world war 3 Other main characters like robert Pattinson and others support the David Washington character in prasent time forward (Purposely one group made David Washington to travel backwards ) Kenneth Branagh trying to stop David Washington backwards travel

  69. Kate Lorraine

    The first song I ever learnt on the ukulele! Still breaks my heart...

  70. Anonimo Anonimo

    El wajas

  71. Daniel DuVall

    I like how its says “coming to theaters” but they have no idea when.

  72. dafuq boo

    I wish after end Screen Show To Be Continue JL part II

  73. Aashik Ace

    I see Negan in there😳❤️

    1. Md Roky


    2. Md Roky


  74. HuNtEr K

    I heard they crashed real plane for movie. Is it true?

    1. Arthur Oliveira Souza


  75. yasir gonyk

    I can just watch it for the amazing soundtrack alone

  76. thug life

    So at the and edd plays a song in every part

  77. Sandeep kumar


    1. asrar b

      Shut up

    2. Sandeep kumar

      Nice comment 👌 man .. please see our GRsel channel for a review on this movie's trailer grsel.info/video/binteo/1ZqSoneizpbehJQ.html...thanks for the support man

  78. French

    You can always trust Joaquin to do a great job! This movie is phenomenal!

  79. Francisco Aguirre A.

    It means hope.

  80. Mezo

    This movie will be the best in 2020 , Christopher Nolan is a brilliant Director and he maked a lot of great movies like , interstellar , inception , dunkrik , the dark knight ,

  81. Donald Rugama

    I would risk getting corona to go watch this movie

  82. Ernar Jandos

    Fuck all the critics. They just judged this movie after watching mcu films that aired almost a decade after mcu started, when they had time to set up lot of different storylines. Still this movie was better

  83. Jonathan Garcia

    were getting the Zack Snyder Justice League and I can say is thank you to the fans you made this happen

  84. LaLaGrunge

    Another “event” movie like Inception that will diminish in watchability as the years pass.

  85. Annonymous 777

    Lol all I know is, don’t bring a person that asks hella questions to this movie. 😂

  86. Fanserker

    One of the best movie i've watched in 2020 beside it just hasn't released yet! 10/10 👍👍👍

  87. Shardul Thakur

    Where is Bonnie Wright 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️

  88. Bat Lightyear

    The Whedon Version is garbage.

  89. alaa bouferguine

    It's CHRISTOPHER NOLAN ❤️❤️ You'll understand that you don't understand nothing..

  90. A plus ETC zone

    We want a film, its name (mortal kombat) let's begin for our next generation. Please

    1. S M

      MK movie is coming out on January of next year unless Corona causes it to be pushed back more

  91. The Collector

    Spoiler (probably): The protagonist has a wife and she dies.

  92. Angella Green


  93. phithakphong ruan-ai

    ส่งข้อ..ความ..เสื้อผ้าหายในสงคราม..ทำหนัง กูชื้อโทรศัพย์และเบอร์และทุกอย่าง..หายและถูกเปลี่ยน..ทรัพย์หาย..ตลอดเวลา..โจรสงครามขโมย

  94. Brandon Barbera

    I have 1 word for you....leftists.

  95. Water Sheep #2

    They started this series as friends.... They left as a family.

  96. Sebastian Fernandez

    He should’ve realized the film and then posted the trailer

  97. A B

    My god this movie is bland. Is it like made by Christians or something? Possibly the worst film I’ve ever seen.

  98. Aamir Marvel Fan

    This gives me Ragnarok vibes

  99. Lalzuimawia Hmar

    Is this is a background story for Tom Shelby from The peaky blinder

  100. Supreme Leader Miko

    "The sentence below is wrong" "The sentence above is correct"