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  1. day

    love these recommendations but i would love shows w more diverse casts

  2. brichandra

    This is AMAZING!!!

  3. Victoria Orman

    Birth control never worked for me !!!! I would cry a lot

  4. AmyAroundTheHouse

    Please tell me you don't want kids... ;)

  5. Meriem Hamioui

    hey complaining about LA being so hot. me living in Africa: is that all what u got?

  6. Victoria Orman

    Is this the safe place to leave sexual comments now???? 😍😆😂😭

  7. SPAGhetti

    Does anyone think I can get away with wearing high heels when I'm 5'8?

  8. Victoria Orman

    Aw :( I’m feeling the emotion you had,

  9. bltusvtae

    Me watching this knowing ive never even been in a thrift store 👁👄👁

  10. Victoria Orman

    I’m alone with a 2 year old if that counts 💋

  11. Sph

    Now they are both in nyc

  12. Victoria Orman


  13. Victoria Orman

    I have been watching your videos for a min now.... u do a very well job !!!!! So funny and cute!!!! I was so excited when u opened the door like i was moving too, !! Lmao

  14. Mackenzy Barry

    I really liked The Handsmaid's Tale and Schitts Creek!

  15. Almalexiel

    I also have plants for the exact same reason. So... you're not alone.

  16. Madi Kayyy

    Ashley what are ur thoughts on cmbyn?

  17. Empty Space

    My teacher made me watch Ferris Bueller's day off and I finally understand this lmaoo

  18. Jillian Setch

    some these b roll shots so damn clean 😩

  19. ruexperienced uwu

    I was excited I really really was until Ashley said that she didn't know any song by guns and roses, that's not far out man, take off those bell bottoms, guns are not even from the 70s

  20. Samiyah._Lyrics•


  21. Jillian Setch

    i'm sorry about ur boyfriend... you don't need a man anyway :)


    I'm seriously a girl, and I'm straight. But I don't why I don't like wearing short skirts, heels, dresses, or croptops. I just want sweatpants, over sized t-shirt, shoes, and a hat. Because I fell uncomfortable with girly outfits, but boyish outfits are really comfy.

  23. K Slaney

    Hiya, loved the video and all the reccomendations. Just one little thing... you may want to look into some literature behind why some folks have begun to advocate for the use of the term sex worker versus prostitute.

  24. Annabella Ventresco

    Everyone says that they get alot of hate comments but when I scroll through the comment section there are none. I'm confused....

  25. mads

    “Here’s Satan and here’s YOU” damn ight ✋😳✋

  26. Gabe Itch

    Ashley: My shoe collection Amber Scholl: *PATHETIC*

  27. Taghreed Sameh

    Here’s me watching this video for the 100th time literally hoping one day I’ll have a style and look good in clothes like her

  28. sofija imakajeva

    ashley: that means its time to say goodbye to isolation corona entering 2020: oh hell nah

  29. bitch lasagna

    You should watch Sherlock!!! Martin Freeman(from Fargo) is on it too.

  30. Steven Baum

    I re-listened to the Bo Burnham You Made it weird episode too!... soo, when do we get married?

  31. Sam King

    I love the support - but being the dysphoria goblin I am, the only thing I consistently wear is this one hoodie and pair of Adidas pants Wish I had fashion, but I am very insecure about my body so I look like I rolled out of bed 99% of the time. I really want to be aesthetic and have cool stuff and wear like black ripped jeans and stuff. I'm kinda just trapped in a insecurity spiral that idk how to get out of

  32. Alison Hen

    There is a reason why we can't be productive. We're in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, and if have any soul you're scared to death that you and your loved ones won't survive. My mom is 84, I can't drive down and see her, in case I've been exposed. And do we ever really know? I go out to grocery shop, hit Walmart, Lowe's, the get three times so far. So I am outside my house. Here's to you girl!

  33. FREEKAFIR 2.0

    She has such a wholesome personality that I wish she can stop beating herself up because honestly it breaks my heart everytime she does. And I wish she could take a break once in while because thats another thing about her that makes me sad. I love her so much that I want to see her genuinely happy about her achievements without feeling like an impostor because honestly she has earned it and deserves to be happy.

  34. ccap3211

    Do you still keep your channel a secret from your parents? I remember you saying that a long time ago.

  35. CT2SKATE

    Great video! Looking forward to "why I'm leaving NY + where I'm moving next!"

  36. christiana mcg

    Did bill find love tho?

  37. Denzeruzasādo

    What if I told you I’m a child

  38. chloe hoang

    My mom doesn’t let me buy thrift store stuff she thinks it’s dirty even if I wash it🙂 I could be saving so much money

  39. Ananaya Mittal

    Watching a video nowadays be like watching a film with all them ads

  40. Shirin Chan

    Ashley : this is a back to school outfit video ! *wears a skirt*

  41. Jailyn Alston

    this was so helpful especially during my quarantine closet clean up

  42. alienvsshredator

    You're telling me I have to get a degree in film so that I can have taste this basic?

    1. bitch lasagna


  43. Justin H

    Hey wassup Ping Ping

  44. sara teehee123

    oof im bleeding down there too.

  45. sara teehee123

    her: looks perfect in anything me: looks fat

  46. Lua Silva

    Who gon' tell her?

  47. CaraLand

    Omg the part where you said mom's will be like, "Wow, SOMEBODY decided to dress up today" is soooo true! My biggest reason I don't like dressing up in front of my mom lol Also, Ashley is my inspo ✌️

  48. Emma Cheney

    babe please make a podcast I love your thoughts not only on TV/movies but also on life and culture. We need more voices like yours! ~( ◕ᴗ◕)~

  49. FREEKAFIR 2.0

    Its like I am watching another person... PG Ashley comes across like an entitled teenage,,,, I wanted to say b*tch but who calls a child that. Lol

  50. Cass Fox

    The shower part is giving me Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Vibes 😂👏🏻 actually, this whole video does!

  51. Sana Twice Shy shy shy l

    Am i the only one who thinks that Ashley has this really homie chill friend *vibe*

  52. alexa

    my hipdips and muffintop is screaming INSECURITY

  53. Melanie Plistis

    She looks like Gudetama, the depressed egg emoji that's like "meh"...

  54. Violent_Bebop

    It's an overpriced , dystopia suburb. Oh and traffic is nightmare 24/7. You have to literally live in an affluent bubble to be insulated from it.

  55. Jenn Susie

    Hey Ashley I just wanted to say I got your choker in the mail today and I LOVE it! And I especially love your note; you did think of a thing and now it's real and some random on the internet bought it. I appreciate you and your content and hope it stays for years to come. Cheers!

  56. Anni Uurasmaa

    i'm almost dissapointed you didnt mention patriot act :(((

  57. Calvin Marealle

    She could've been a Trojan tho it's way more better

  58. Mibbitmaker

    My recs: Arrested Development (if you can overlook the ugliness from more recent behind-the-scenes. Jefferey Tambour's an ass, but Mitch Hurwitz is a genius) Community Veep New Adventures of Old Christine (created by a woman) Veronica Mars The Good Place Old School: M*A*S*H Cheers Moonlighting NewsRadio Kate & Allie Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Might be interesting to a film major, dealing with the B movie dark side of film.

  59. Habib Khan

    U r gorgeous cute beautiful

  60. emily grogan

    Awww this is so cute. She’s changes so much and come out of her she’ll lol.

  61. GM_EJ anon

    1:46 Naked and Afraid 🐙

  62. Habib Khan

    Good Morning

  63. Danielle Nicholson

    That guy making fun of the girl is on GRsel as swolenormous .. kind of a huge dick lol

  64. Avelona Lark

    She should totally do a What I Love/What I Hate Abt My Apartment video

  65. Ale's channle

    um thank you for making this video but how many time you got out of the reason you made this vide!!!?!?!?

  66. estefania alegria

    i could watch a video by ashley for literally hours

  67. grace m

    Love, Rosie has so many negative reviews because in comparison to the book, the movie is trash, it has to be one of the worst movie adaptation I've ever seen, however the movie itself its not all bad, I mean yeah its a cliché but we all have a soft spot for those lol

  68. Ashleigh

    I've never had an opinion of Karlie before, but after watching this I'm absolutely in love with her

  69. Meherr

    Lmao I’ve got the clothes but not place I can go to

  70. Paulina Ball

    I don't know if anyone else noticed, but this background music was legitimately really enjoyable. Anywho I'm really proud of you Ashley, I think your truly a phenomenal woman that brings wonderful change to the world we walk upon. <3

  71. Abigail Warren

    re-watching and laughing about how her apartment makeover was gonna come out "in like a month or so"

  72. Becca Cleveland

    I cannot believe the people taking your "I'd eat a child" comments seriously 🥴

  73. La Flor

    Ugh I love youuu

  74. Carlaeyyy

    I actually loved this video. It was si calming, informative. Ramble on Ashley

  75. hanneton.

    You're really awesome !!!!

  76. ashna shetty

    if you want to visit parks and just spend time w nature, drive to long island! i live here and we have a good amount of trails and parks (my favourite is a long ass trail in cold spring harbour). just wear a mask and you can walk and just have some time in the outside

  77. Trinady Manke

    your smile is so cute though!!

  78. untitled rebellion

    I felt like I was watching a 2000s coming of age film during your intro. This is amazing.

  79. Baba Bobo

    I went back and watched Ashley's oldest video and bbroo😂 she should make a video about watching her old videos

  80. Paul N

    Unintentional foot fetish video for the freaks.

  81. Alexandra Florea

    I recommend the shows „Brooklyn 99“ (as a lot other have) and also „dead to me“ (Netflix) - these are so good. Also love the shows you’ve suggested and how you described them!!

  82. Living Abundant Life

    are they together now????

  83. Yoshi E

    Ashley, the overwhelming desire you have to be friends with Bo Burnam is what I feel to you.

  84. thestars .night

    LA didn't deserve to have you! You are clearly so talented and smart and beautiful and funny, and nowhere and nothing should ever make you feel lesser than. Good for you for moving!

  85. Chandra Limbu

    Back of ur hair didnt turn out that why ure hiding the back?????

  86. Chandra Limbu

    Tooo much talk n no work.....narcisstic bitch

  87. Dragonsx and xButterflies

    I recommend Good Omens! It's a TV show based on a book with the same name that's written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Neil Gaiman also wrote the TV Script for Good Omens! It's about Armageddon(The End of the world Bible Version) but it's very funny. An Angel and a Demon who have lived on earth together since the beginning of it are the main focus.

  88. StrawberryJPEG

    you make me wanna start vlogging again aaaAAAAAA

  89. Chandra Limbu

    Why blah blah blah....just go to tye point bitch

  90. Angie Nguyen

    I would love to know what desk chair you're using at your computer desk!

  91. CloroxBleach UwU

    Once I’m thick I’ll be this fashionable 🥺

  92. Tina Yuan

    Loving one self? BTS and ARMY can help with that!😄

  93. Helen Hu

    rewatching this after high school graduation hits different. as im sure it will when i rewatch this again after college graduation. it's just an 8 minute ramble but ashley if you ever read this, thank you truly for sharing as you make me feel more justified and less alone

  94. Rgan Girl

    Can we get more clothing/thrift hauls of people like her who aren't self absorbed and annoying??

  95. Skylar Gann

    Hey you should probably respond to the criticism you’re getting right now.

  96. Jamie S.

    Being a housewife doesn't mean you are not working, sis

  97. tsering lama

    i want to see a GRWM video of ashley <3 <3

  98. Mária Sinčáková

    When you like a show about teenagers and their mental health I would recommend the series The end of the fucking world. It just makes you wonder what will happen next, because oh boy, you´re going to be in on a wild ride. Also on a similar note is a british series called My mad fat diary. I think it accurately describes a life of a depressed teenager and that there is a way of getting better. And overall both of these shows have a really good character development.

  99. romannoodles

    heeellooo guys if y’all could go ahead and check out my new video and give it a thumbs up! 💜 please watch it from start to finish💜💧(only 5 minutes long!) it would help me out so much! 💜 thank you!💜💧have a lovely day 💧🥺

  100. michelle minichiello

    I can't stop staring at your earrings holy shit. Also, thank you for the suggestions! :)