What I use:
I draw my pictures on Paint Tools Sai and I edit it all in Adobe Premiere. (Really? You don't use any animation software??) (Yeah, I know it's ''''not real animation''''')
I have a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24
a Smudge Guard Glove.
I record on a Shure sm7b,
I have an Scarlett 2i 4 Audio interface
and this thing called a 'Cloudlifter.'

If these items are out of your price range then this is what I use(d) (The cheaper stuff)
-My first tablet was a Bamboo Create for ~$100. Really good tablet 5/7.
I know alot of people like the intuos's
-A good Microphone that a lot of people use is a Blue Yeti (keep in mind where you record is important.)

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  1. Laura Gonzalez


  2. E D U A R D O XD

    0:41 furry alert

  3. Impulse electrobrine125

    I knew Hitler had a trick up his sleevies

  4. Something Odd yt

    wow that joke was funny James do you watch my utube channle

  5. Jaysavv

    Basically life isn’t all gushy pussy and blue jolly ranchers🤷🏾‍♂️...But at the same time it is😄 Just whatever you DON’T LOSE FAITH IN GOD💙💙💙💙💙🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😘😁

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    Um ...... 5 years

  7. Catharine Shea Miles


  8. Jesse Terrazas

    H O L Y F R I C K

  9. Finnley Jakubec

    Somebody did this but you can do anything you want yt is where a lot of People get to do what they get to do now so you use it to help you have a lot of subs

  10. Ariana Vallo

    3:31 is my favorite part! It makes me laugh for a minute straight! 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Edit:woah did you here the echo when he said “NoOoOOooOoOoO!!!”? 3:35

  11. olivia katelyn

    i also got m&ms every time i used the bathroom as a kid, that’s so funny😂

  12. Kaylyn_ B3rnal

    What else got this from tik tok? Just me? Oh Okay :,)

  13. Wennilee Dela rosa

    Rip soubwayyyyyy!!!

  14. Cole Williams

    Can you do a video about animal crossing since I see Katrina in the background of the video

  15. Katherine Nguyen

    I like conspiracy theories. It gives you something to think about

  16. What to do when you’re dead inside

    No one: James: I feel good, I feel mpHf

  17. NatJust

    Ok so, I have a cousin who believes and argued loudly for an hour with my dad about the whole flat Earther thing, but he is and was currently on some heavy drugs, soooo. As far as "targeted people", when I was working security, we regularly received calls from this old lady who would rave about how she saw government agents, they were going through her trash, and we weren't doing a good enough job keeping them out, and out of her phone line. They exist, I'm sorry. Those people are real.

  18. cheap hackers


  19. Gamerben

    James: you’re watching GRsel instead of going outside. March 2020: Ahaha


    I used a hamster it was a boy and it was a big hamster but not to big So one day I was wanna feed it then when I looked in the cage it was gone so I told my mom and dad they looked and then we saw it in my dogs mouth but it was dead and I was only six so I cried a ok night then when I woke up I saw baby hamsters!!!! P.S I have one other hamster she made a cage down stairs and it was their too it got pregnant p.s my hamsters name was Robert

  21. Cody Webb

    funny as always :)

  22. Melanie Pereira


  23. Harper Cohn

    HEY!!!! . . . . . . . . Im the Odds1out

  24. Finnley Jakubec

    Noooooooooo onion somebody’s just cutting up onions

  25. DerpyKitty

    That whole "I want it, you can just add different ingredients" thing is Japanese restaurants in a nutshell

  26. human person

    I used to work at a fish and chip shop and this lady wanted a block of chocolate and I didn't know how much it costed because they didn't put the price on it so this lady came to the register go get her food and she was like "how much is the chocolate bar" I said I don't you can have it and then she gave me $2 but later I found out it was $5

  27. Sydney Tomchak

    Parents: Is James a educational person? Me: Yeah, and is very smart! James: So kids, don’t trust anyone, lie to people, take what u want, and you’ll succeed! Me: ...

  28. DaRealShyGuy Hi

    My favorite candy bar is pizza

  29. Rey Skywalker

    I use to lip smack, what I did was focus on my diction when I spoke, and made sure to slow down a little more

  30. Griselda Peralta

    #trending 1

  31. GogoJojo 15547


  32. Rafael Garcia

    Hey, Im from South America

  33. Deddsam

    when you realize all of james’s videos have 1M or more views (that’s just crazy man congrats)

  34. Killer EpicBM

    Dude don’t feel bad I wet the bed until I was 14

  35. Cody Webb

    lol pot of greed

  36. DnD Ulitharid

    And bald eagles aren't bald

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    1.5 million people from the future!

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    7:12 this reminds me of that video where an anime girl drank gasoline and transformed into a car

  39. sladex blade

    Dope beats Bro

  40. Memento Mori

    wait, if all negative things are just thoughts, wouldn't that be the case for positive thoughts?

  41. Melanie Pereira


  42. Malika A

    Why did that burial make me emotional

  43. Queen Yum

    the duck song reference is the best

  44. Sharon Smith

    I I'm eleric to a BEE😭😭😭😭

  45. Cody Webb

    Monopoly, ruining friendships since 1935 XD

  46. pinkfluffy 17

    *watches first 10* well we're in quarantine, JaMeS

  47. cbk prodigy

    She I thought that was a he

  48. Lucy Hart

    I'm late,you have 14.3 million subs.I was one of them :) Also who is your favorite fan of them all.

  49. Slothtalk

    I watched this vid before I had a GRsel channel and I still think it’s bOOtifUL 😁

  50. Train Railfanner


  51. Cody Webb

    james: your at the mercy of a single dice and i love it. me: this guy will revolutionize youtube!


    Same here

  53. ツDounia

    The scene at 2:20 looks VERY similar to this scene from Bojack, was it on purpose? grsel.info/video/binteo/m4Z7e5x_utjRapg.html

  54. Calvin Nester

    Oh thank you ( 4:56 )

  55. Shawn White

    Anyone can dig a ditch but it takes a real man to climb out of it! Words of wisdom, my name.

  56. Judy Zrubek


  57. Judy Zrubek

    If you wanna be a teacher then become one

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    CONGRATULATIONS! 😮 YOU JUST WIN A FREE 🤩💥 GIFTCARD!! But theres no link and you though this was a scam. LOL

  64. Abiana Kalika

    Conspiracy Theory: The government of china started corona virus so we all wash and stay clean

  65. xXDestroyer_Captain


  66. temmie

    mmmmmmm bepis

  67. Tailer Townsend

    the iPad keeps me awake

  68. Cody Webb

    james clubhouse

  69. TalTico YT

    Wait wait wait 1:02 u typed "in a furry..." Shouldn't have u typed "are u a furry" do u mean ur a furry?

  70. Kevin Contreras

    Ew your dog is descausten you should ponish you're dog that why i don't like dogs

  71. Matthew Pike


  72. Katie Carter

    The reason that the earth can’t be flat is that earths gravity would crush it into a ball no matter what

  73. MondoBeno

    That doesn't make sense. You can't get a D for failing the final, and appropriating an argument from a youtube video is NOT grounds for a zero. You should've gone to the department chairman and appealed the grade.

  74. Tai Matthew


  75. hamsters are life

    Him: hi introverts, ik your introverts cuz your watching youtube and not going and having fun Me in 2020 during quarantine: I uh-

  76. Giraffarama

    When you try to block your ears, and then you realise the sound you were trying to block is in your headphones. 😒

  77. MondoBeno

    I never plagiarized, but I was dishonest with my essays, especially when there was too much work. Here's the alternatives to plagiarizing a paper: 1. Use a few sources, read them superficially, and criticize them as harshly as you can. 2. Make up some sources that do not exist. 3. Cite genuine sources and misquote them to prove your point, but you'll have to use obscure ones that the professor can't find. Say you borrowed them from a book-hoarding friend.

  78. Johnny Stanichuk

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    2020 anyone

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  82. Lynette Build a giant snowman

    I like wild krats the animated series it teaches about animals

  83. So anyway I started meming

    You can consider this the birth of TheOdd1sOut modern style. His comedy, his animation, and his level of his voice. A great video to start with!

  84. Giraffarama

    This is so awkward to watch.

  85. #ARIANATOR For life

    James: “how do i know this, your watching youtube instead of being outside” Me in self isolation: haha, very funny

  86. Pikachucute 1996

    The scream is funny i keep replaying it again and again

  87. Nick Bwolf

    I have a warning:Do not search reader x theodd1sout on wattpad The only reason I didn't mention the ships is bc there was a SomethingOdd ship that was honestly kinda cute(and smut-free).

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    2:47. Sharkrad?

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    :_( RIP Harry

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    My cats.My first cat was a black cat named Dashie.We also got a second cat named Callie.Then we saw a little kitten and named it Buddy.Pretty soon Dashie didn't come but we saw a ton of black cats that could be him.Also Dashie once bit Buddy's tail because they fight and Buddy fell into a pond thing.Callie got kittens and 2 passed away.We also had Hoku but she is dead.Pog and Honu passed away while Mochi and Bear lived.Bear now made 4 kittens but 2 went away some how.Mochi is now helping her sister Bear with her kittens.Callie is rude.She was rude to Pog Honu Bear and Mochi.Buddy is now attacking Mochi.Callie doesn't get to eat because my grandma says"If your cat is always bad then they are kicked out and gets a spray bottle.".Also they're street cats so we dont hurt 'em but,we don't keep getting cats.If they make a baby that's when we get more cats. This is my experience of cats.

  93. Dominic Camargo

    Late can equal a zero

  94. Lee Brual

    "I'm gonns punch your ball so hard for that."

  95. steepledmender

    What about the Incredibles 3

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    Grapes are actually poisonous to foxes so that’s a thing....

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