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  1. yaya Vazquez

    This song never gets boring and I'm sitting there and once you hear that beat it get me turned up 💗💗💗💗💗🥰🥰🥰🥰😝😝😝😝😝

  2. Blackpink Now

    Lisa lilifilm❤️❤️❤️

  3. نعيم سايوطي إنشاأللّٰه تباركأللّٰه

    i thought he said somethin about Barrack Obama.. why? i'm Malaysian man. OF COURSE FLUENTLY NOT IMPORTANT

  4. Yaquelin Herrera-Castro

    She in love wit guns too

  5. olesea SUMANSCHI

    This has more views than the original one

  6. Rodrigo Leão

    vamos a isso ja estou a escrever mais rapido porque posso e consigo ter essas possibilidades se estiver aqui a ler o meu coment]ario portugues por favor comenta na minha mensagem se for um

  7. Tea Bee


  8. liberty thomas

    i love dis song my heart is cold

  9. Paris Jefferson

    i love this song

  10. Willie Borders

    its not throat throat its toto it mean pussy in spanish but for lil kids they say that to lil kids instead of saying u know

  11. London Scott

    I love this song

  12. Arben Memed

    “Im gonna take my horse to the old town road”woo i love that song😛

  13. tik toker giulia deves duarte

    Oi vale

  14. Silvxr Free Agent

    Highlights Fortnite #14 Girls party


    i lovee this song



  17. Alex Corona


  18. Xxxjake_gachalife MX

    This. Is (COVID19) singing to us

  19. John Alexander


  20. umalucky

    My bestie that's four loves this song soooooo much 😍😍😍

  21. Gaming AndreaXD


  22. cutev3

    A moment of silence for all those who put Boom Boom Boom tik tok song😆😆😆

  23. Clark Acord

    I love your music it's so good

    1. Clark Acord


  24. M S

    🔥🔥Lit sing🔥🔥💪💪💯

  25. Maliyahthehyper 123

    I’m playing this song and have my AirPods in because my dad’s playing music 🤣

  26. Laila Carter


  27. J&A Daniels

    Love this song 😍

  28. Shanna Buster

    This is a tiktok song

  29. y33t_renzo

    I hate music but dis 💥💯

  30. Blythe Vallin

    Love this song

  31. Kai Latty

    Its not "throat throat" its to to it means a girls area in spanish

  32. Viki Dimitrova


  33. Amanda Barry

    I playing this loud

  34. Hemphry _

    Imagine wanting a girl like that, ya your the only one bru. She likes meth too? Ya NOPE

  35. Alisana Hegwer

    Can you do a cuheade old town road

  36. Xinia Irene Jimenez

    me gusta la cancion

  37. Grace _the_Doggo1

    1:32 uwu

  38. Xszy lynx ッ


  39. Alayjah klienpeter

    Who here on tiktok

  40. Jeff Dunam

    I love it

  41. Tommy McCarthy

    This song ass

  42. Theresa Stephens

    Nice song

  43. Lost Of My Life

    Ring around the rosy I never know, I never know what you need Ring around the rosy, I want to give you, want to give you What you need QwQ

  44. Kimberly Massey

    Me to coronavirus:

  45. Kimberly Massey

    I honestly wish I could play this at school.

  46. Cassiebear21


  47. Ethan Le

    1:42 a lot*

  48. Aya Kaisse

    je like cette chanson👏👏💝💝💝💝

  49. Gipsy Queen

    nobody: roblox : Lil mAma a pArtY giRL

  50. Sharon Rosales

    Is not throat throat is toto........ he said it.

  51. Robin Simpson

    I like this song

  52. Gab Nicasio

    try 0.75 its mhmm part its cool tho

  53. REIZIN999




  55. Axibhin

    i feel so stupid. Is it just me that thought it said “they say you ain’t white feet type” instead of “wifey type”.. I thought it meant as in like he was dating a white girl 🤦🏻‍♀️

  56. Gael. Gdrip

    Toto not throat throat

  57. Teeny Beast

    No one: Not Even a Single Soul: *Me Trying To Find "This is what you're looking for (insert the time)"

  58. Ethan fried Chicken

    0:17 is the part

  59. juice wrld

    damn my girls mad at me :(

  60. Swedish Lyrics

    Who is here from TikTok?

  61. anushka tyagi

    these songs are so underrated but they make my day ngl :)

  62. Alan IMZ

    When the lyrics video has more veiws than the official music video...😂


    Это шэдэвэрэрррррр , Лёня

  64. vanessa kihiu

    good song

  65. Tamim G1


  66. yeshna

    i miss those times where people used to comment about the song and not about coming from tiktok or use me as a button etc

  67. JayToWavy

    wow this is a lit song hopefully tik tok dont get a hold of this

  68. Senpai

    I searched "but baby i want all of that" to get here

  69. A HYUN


  70. Matze Laristo

    Loba is thicc af!!

  71. Amyra Allen

    Am I the only one who knew the name of the song without looking something else up

  72. Roberta Covelli


  73. Kwao Mbakile

    Boomers just had to

  74. MeKayla Vickerman

    This stay on repeat 😭❤

  75. Debra Houte


  76. Precious Anne Evangelista

    Tiktok made me brought here

  77. ellie adamus

    This lyric video has more views than the music video😂

  78. John Cronin

    This song hits harder than a drunk stepdad

  79. Birne Kap

    When the lyrics Video have more views then the music video 😂

  80. Julia Pecaro

    Amei minha música preferida

  81. Justin Inman

    This song has been very therapeutic to me the past few days. I wasn’t a fan of post Malone but he was my girlfriends favorite artist and she just passed away. This song and better now were here favorite and now as I listen to the songs it helps. Some of the lyrics can still be relevant for losing someone to death instead of break up. I’m fortunate to have had our memories together and I’m glad that I can find comfort in listening to these songs



  83. Smunky

    Its so nice

  84. fiordaliza tineo

    Never understand till I read the lirys.after seeing my baby cousin crazy for this song always bumping to it.lost my cousin in a freak accident ...the picture before he perished he sent me is heart broken deftones a demon took his life. .I'm broken only 33 no one couldn't be at his funeral .he worried who would show him love.braks me .this pandemic is bad n woll never forget for sure.... wish it was me he left 4 kids under 10

  85. aAxiXx


  86. by: N

    The only thing i hate in this song is Young Thug 😅 Post shouldve sang this alone

  87. 阿莉2701 Aŕįĕ

    Iam here because of Lisa

  88. Mo Lee

    I love it when he sang"mhmm mhmm mhmm mhmm" It killed me so bad!😘

  89. YazDBZ

    When this has more views than the original

  90. Alanna Mureithi

    1:42 your welcome :)) damn your tiktok moves

  91. Olivia Turnbull

    I hate this song

  92. 여름Klevy

    1:33 🤪

  93. Tarek Vlogs

    I came from tiktok

  94. ComedyRockzz Gaming

    When I heard of it on tic-tok I was like this song is so 🔥

    1. ComedyRockzz Gaming

      I love this song plz make more

    2. ComedyRockzz Gaming

      I love this song plz make more

  95. Shin Lauxin


  96. Melody Music

    Malanie is perfect girl yeahh haha

  97. Caise Edwards

    I love this song

  98. Лера ТОП


  99. อย่าเสือก นะจ้ะ