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  1. DanYTGaming

    I wanna have sex to this song


    Woke up 2 dis👻⏳#2020

  3. Ronald

    Gunna's head move is low key fire, explains the burning house

  4. Lil Aux

    Gunna: Rap niggas: aye bruh I need u on dis

  5. Zackery Walker

    I'm listening to this going into 2020💯💯

  6. Esosa Iyamu

    Vocal 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Queenteetee Editx

    I feel like young thug kinda ruined the song but made it better at the same time

  8. Anwar sadat

    Who’s still listening to this in November 2019? That’s my best friend that’s my best friend that’s my best friend 🎶

  9. damaine henderson

    when yfn lucci was trying to shoot the tech on IG but couldn't get it to work 👎😂😂 big pussy

  10. Mathews Ferreira

    gunna literally looks like hes gonna laugh after every sentence

  11. David Rico

    Who’s here to watch this again after watching the genius recap of it??

  12. Jule Ann

    Yo! Your beat was stolen by nik makino. Search his song LEXI.Thanks me later.

  13. DRiiBz

    Bad lyp syncing

  14. Nin Tendo

    This sound like the word football

  15. El_trujaa

    I love travis 💕💕

  16. Davyd Schnurr

    Yung thug said cardi so many times nobody snitch and tell OFFSET

  17. Alessandro Solimeo

    *IT’S LIT*

  18. Crucify Me

    His house said🔥

  19. Timothy bryan

    Younv thug is gay btw


    Who here after learning the fire on them was real

  21. Jonta' Williams

    Gunna most fts in world history

  22. Earrape's Time Boi

    Sounds like he sayin' "hot" from the hell.

  23. GoldenRenegade2

    Everyone: freaks out because of the fire Travis: 😐

  24. xdheavy

    Producers: Yall gone be on actual fire Travis: 👀

  25. Danasja Davis


  26. Leonardo Davis

    1:29 💚🐍

  27. Arabia Herbert

    Travis Scott killed this song for me. His voice is so nice

  28. Cant understand You

    Recorded onna DS

  29. Henry

    Travis Scott makes this song

  30. idk a name

    Whos here after watchin the genius video.

  31. Hussle & Motivate

    Nobody notices Gunna New Teeth Thug plugged my mans 😁

  32. Fred Hopkins


  33. Stay Cheesy

    Dr fate be like: 🤘🤙 🤞👍 👌

  34. malcolm King

    Lets hit 50 million

  35. Josh Woodard

    when u have asthma and your done doing the pacer test

  36. Scrubs Inc.

    He breathes like me in Cross Country

  37. Jacob Morrow

    Gunna and Young Thug are nothin special. Once Travis starts talkin that’s when shit gets good.

  38. Juan Santos

    GABIGOL ❤🖤

  39. birgit timmerman

    OKAY CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND THIS ON SPOTIFY cause I looked it up and I didnt saw the right song

  40. mpampis galis Hot remix out now 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Helen P

    This music video is hella fucking lit thou!!

  42. LA FLAME

    ITS LIT 😬

  43. NightBot

    When u eat soup and that sh#t “HOT”

  44. Tadhg Thompson

    Hey guys, I'm a young rapper on the come up, and it would be a blessing if yall would go give me a listen Listen to Cold Steel by Kush Capone on #SoundCloud

  45. Cudyz

    Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold Cold, Cold

  46. Jordxn

    This remind me of some Tyler the Creator bs🤦🏾‍♂️💆🏾‍♂️‼️

  47. Alex Marquez

    Travis Scott’s vocals weren’t matching the screen

  48. Garrett The carrot

    This shit fire

  49. Lance Clayton

    When heads was in the booth, whaaat! What a feeling.

  50. PlzBeGentle

    the a** bouncing could have been a little better dope song

  51. flex jonathan

    awesome sex trances

  52. flex jonathan

    tons of ways to get big money

  53. flex jonathan

    getting major real estate

  54. flex jonathan

    super sexy slim form the best

  55. flex jonathan

    tons of ways to make billions of dollars, new awesome merchandise that the rich will feen for

  56. Raul Alejandro Martinez

    I looked up Travis scott hot, I feel Gay😭😭😭

  57. flex jonathan

    trick the enemies big time

  58. Joshua Pearson

    Damn I forgot this song was 🔥 thugga always deliver when he come with the calm voice

  59. flex jonathan

    out of body experience controlled, transfiguration, walking in the spirit controlled

  60. crybaby boi

    "Diamonds all black like im racist now"

  61. Mr. Aronnax


  62. Jaybirb_

    Nobody: The sped kid in the back of the room:


    Anyone else back after realizing how badass the fact they have real fire on them is?

  64. Fefezinha Reizinha


  65. kristen elvis

    Gunna ❤️❤️

  66. hurrysumarof fayet

    yes sir young thug this video is read everywhere

  67. Max Wolf Série

    Besançon écoute le son !

  68. Don

    Nobody: Thugga: Cartier

  69. Gilmar

    Gunna's full name is Feat Gunna

  70. VAnelaAlolina MissLinaA

    👌🏽 Nice song ✊🏽

  71. hurrysumarof fayet

    good muisic

  72. Treyvon Daily

    When you find out the fire in the video was real 🤭




    Who came here after the genius video

  75. Kelvin Godson

    Who's here after the genius interview with the director? 🙋

  76. Bear Man

    The director should get a raise based on the car choices alone

  77. Marcus Willis

    Yeah that song with the video is hard as fuck

  78. DINHO21

    Whoever don’t like this, is going to be broke in 2020! whoever is reading, hope you get rich 💘

  79. Jack Ripper

    That flutes awful on this I'm not sure if it's coming in a half second to late or early just throws the song off


    If u scratch your ass and dont smell it leave a like!

  81. realgrandFilou.

    wer ist dieser travis :] 🔥 🔥 🔥

  82. yasin adam


  83. Turbo Corridos

    Legend says, there still burning

  84. Levone Cannady

    My headphones just melted...

  85. Jason Cairncross

    how do people actually like this braindead untalented shit

    1. Jason Cairncross

      @owais nut no but at least they're 3x as good as these people and understandable. And also just don't rap about being lit af and rich

    2. owais nut

      You probably listen to Eminem, logic and Joyner Lucas don't you Jason

  86. Sobeasty

    Edgy teen gang

  87. Retro Knight

    shit sonmg kilulourself cddxdddd

  88. Njabulo Msane

    when he said "woah" yeah I felt that

  89. travel tone dream city

  90. Allen Laster

    Took care ev'ry fucking body round him! You got my utmost respect & honor. Fuck all the bullshit! #OnBlood #RealSpill #031

  91. Sero New

    Travis go hard af

  92. philip_oliversen

    learn how to rap

  93. sleiman sarieddine

    Song ends at 1:46

  94. Scrappy Coco

    Video strange af .....nigga def ina cult or sumn

  95. Jhovan

    Did they sample Kid cudi in this

  96. pira taria

    I think the problem here is... Young Thug and his mystical language

  97. Gio Antia

    Young Thug English is The Best Xdd <3

  98. Flame Playz

    Uzi killed it

  99. St. Chino

    he got lice on the hair

  100. Aniket Sarkar

    My man set the whole house on fire for this video!🔥🔥🔥