"Living life on the goon side"

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  1. CraiovaBIKE Traffic

    you guys should do a video with ChrisFixx

  2. jashanpreet singh

    jeep trachawk video upload plss

  3. Sadman_211

    Vasily builds! dudes awesome. Lmao! sick stang boys! 👍🏽

  4. jarrad carter

    Dangggggggg sonnnnnn

  5. Bankroll Kw

    Do a sai li fuel system. If that boost a pump go out bye bye to that engine

  6. NSR Knapp76

    Putting us in it Nos

  7. Kerry Clark

    You guys are getting tire to watch.... same lame sayings... Dang dude... Absolutely Amazing... What????.... Come on, increase your vocabulary...

  8. jarrad carter

    You all should build a Subaru wrx sti!!!! An older one or newer one.

  9. jarrad carter

    Try the f11 product out its amazing makes cleaning a vehicle a breeze. More coats it has the easier to clean

  10. sadık

    why dont you sell your cars ?

  11. Victor Manuel Diaz Cruz

    Whats up with the new garage is ir almost done

  12. Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    A weight at 5000 pounds is quite heavy for a driveable rollcage. That's about 2268kg.

  13. pnap26888

    The only thing I dont like about you guys I mean the only thing. You have not installed a supercharger on the gladiator, cop car or mustang. You did turbo charger kits. Superchargers work off of the camshaft while turbos work off the exhaust system. Now a prochather system is a belt driven turbo system. Much like the supercharger. Keep up the work my dudes.

  14. XxGrimXxDeathXx

    Way better condition than what I got in my unit lol

  15. Player1

    That face from the dead stop tells it all! 💨

  16. Victor Manuel Diaz Cruz

    Rebuil Pops old truck

  17. Ruthless

    Wide body next video

  18. Wherearethepears

    The huge camera is actually a radar

  19. Leon Andrade

    Y'all should get Cletus MacFarlane to drive your cars to see how good they really are...🔥🔥

  20. bandit 911

    There's just way too many brain cells being used in this video

  21. Gabriel Rocha

    never sell this car!!

  22. Enjoying Retirement

    Does Billy carry that razor in his mouth all the time, even sleeping? Oh where do you find a D.I.Y. tire store??

  23. Jon R.

    Get the dogs a kiddie pool or sprinkler to run through your dog seemed super hot thats why he was on the cool concrete floor . Maybe he was playing ? Would love to see vid of them cooling off in the water.

  24. Dj Chris Roxx

    The sound and their reactions, epic!

  25. Luigi Verzosa

    Time to put catless long tube headers!

  26. Jeremy Obrockta

    Hey Goonzquad! My name is Jeremy O i am a huge fan of your guys work but i have a question when are you guys going to continue or start a 4th video on that 3rd supermoto ;)

  27. Robert Winchell

    I guess you guys quit answering your comment section...

  28. Christian Graham

    What type of exhaust do you have? It sounds great!!

  29. Robert Winchell

    Still haven’t heard about where you guys get the money to do all of this.

  30. Robert Winchell

    I wish you guys would quit repeating each other

  31. Michael whyte

    sounds great bro god....

  32. Todd A

    The inbred force is strong in these too

  33. harry keroglyan

    Hi where can I buy the procharger for 2019 mustang gt

  34. Dirt Shaker

    Their faces during those pulls are priceless!!

  35. leopodo armendariz

    I hope you guys read this I love your work I am starting a small garage like yours it's called Radicar Rides Mx in Mexico and here it's a tip for you to weld on plastic parts or to repair broken plastic use the Q bond just to hold the part together and then put some JB weld on the bottom of the part and it will hold on real well or you could use Q bond and fiber glass on the bottom of your broken plastic and you are good to go ..... Shout out to you guys from Mexico keep up the good work

  36. SO_3K Offroad

    I want a pro charged mustang now ... great videos. 🤩🤪😍😱

  37. Jonathan Pattison


  38. 2valve Miguel

    I would love to see them rebuild a 99-04 mustang (GT or Cobra ) that would be amazing

  39. Angel Vega

    Would y’all ever do a car giveaway?

  40. ramis farman

    Hey guys I enjoyed rebuilding the Dodge ram I love it I love you guys .I was following you guys each and every step till the end.I’m happy for your papa he’s new truck

  41. N V

    You need some factory ricaro's on that bad boy would look badass and complete that interior nice, keep up the good work bro's!!!

  42. Gerrit Dam

    Yep that grass will need to be replanted

  43. Neal Head

    Laminated safety glass. One piece of plastic film sandwiched between two pieces of glass. In your case it's dark.

  44. You Cant HandleTruth

    Think you use a heat gun to draw down the Clear Bra into the kinky places ? Similar to Vinyl Wrapping a car.

  45. Brent Swankaert

    Damm I'm so hyped!! I've been watching since the mustang and I'm so glad she's back. Love the sound🤘

  46. TnS_Reaperr

    Mustang coyote engines can hold 1000 hp @itsjusta6

  47. Johnny Peerz

    Make her to speed flames dude's 😎💥💥☄🔥☄🔥🔥🔥

  48. Giovanni Tovar

    Needs a off-road jack attachment too

  49. music music

    Where is the Camaro zl1

  50. Paul Elder

    This is by far the best build you guys have done, love the channel, love your energy, look forward on a daily basis for your content... keep up the work and much love from New Zealand.

  51. keedoopop

    Yall like building the cars more then driving them lol yall make great videos

  52. Ryan Tobias

    Love the build. Cant wait till you put that thing on track.

  53. nieooj gotoy

    Need to pick up a grand Cherokee parts car.

  54. C J

    "Pull out both Ferrari's". Said it so casually but you don't know how cool that sounds brotha! Keep em coming I been watching y'all since the very beginning

  55. atxtrojans002

    Track hawk proved to be too much work?

  56. Tierra mckisson

    My favorite car that they have has to the GT MUSTANG

  57. Steven H

    What's in the resoviour tank ??

  58. oswaldo ruckdeschel

    Hey what about a 1973 or so with a new motor from the 2ooo's mustang..🔩🔧🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  59. Random

    Should do a old muscle car 70s or 80s

  60. Tyler Durden

    Ya that black housing is really going to flow with that engine bay. come on. it seems like sometimes you guys just say shit to say shit.

  61. Busalife1

    Any update on the new shop???

  62. Clickbait Patrol

    12:31 valisy bruh soo y’all related

  63. jesus gutierrez

    Wish you’d kept the ZL1, I’m a Chevy guy

  64. Bernard Haegeman

    You do nothing, you show nothing. Go home and get a job.

  65. Tyler Vido

    what did they use to drop the car?

  66. Robin Middlebrooks

    Super Charger makes it sound like a Spaceship on the outside!

  67. cautiontext Text

    So do you have to remove the bumper everytime you clean the filters?

  68. Enthusiast

    Something I love about you guys is you don't waste time! I thought the last video was going to be in unboxing and just telling us that you were boosting the Mustang but you got half the kid installed and in the second video it's done! Great work boys!

  69. zzirSnipzz1

    When do we see the biggest telehandler? As for kubota would be scared to yock it on to a slurry tanker as the tractor might spin instead of the shaft

  70. Jose Espinoza

    Hello friends, a Mexican who follows them greets them and I don't miss any of his videos. I live in Virginia and I like how they fix the cars👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  71. Swap The World

    Gernade goes the clutch




      ROXANNE 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$

  73. Joshua Morales

    Roll cage and bucket seats next

  74. abhilash080

    Guys, What rear diffuser you have??

  75. Arnestad Racing

    Can you rebuild a m powered bmw

  76. Davian Hogue

    Shouldn't get into boost on a base tune

  77. Anything Motors

    Hellcat vs. Mustang brother drag race! Winner gets bragging rights LOL

  78. DJM

    Check out his facial expressions when he goes through the gears!

  79. Logan Downing


  80. Damian FN

    Mustang? Nah... mustDANG

  81. Michael Bailey

    Whats the name of the song that playing at 14:00 into the video? Asking for friend 😆

  82. philr34

    yaeh !! Michelin !! the only way to put all the power on the ground ! ;)

  83. Knights Templar

    Every boat video seemingly on GRsel set in America no one is wearing life jackets. You guys are aware of life jackets, right?

  84. Knights Templar

    Should you have started that without a water connection? Edit: just read all the other comments with people destroying you for that, I guess beginners mistake.

  85. Jonathan Ramirez

    Can yall rebuild a Ford Focus se and make it sporty?

  86. Thomas Morg

    I enjoy this chanel alot. Just started watching about a month ago. Are these guys brothers? If so thats awesome at how well they get along and worth together.

  87. Caden Skibiel

    what happened to the wrecked boat rebuild? @goonzquad

  88. DuartJansen

    You guys should check the trackhawk supercarblondie used to smoke a tuned gtr! Should upgrade it the same way, 1000hp! grsel.info/video/binteo/l62BiWahz7KedH4.html

  89. Turbo's and Gaming PC's

    You guys really should soak the cylinders on a rollover. I tried starting my 4 runner after without soaking it and the motor locked up on it. Use some marvel mystery oil down each cylinder.

  90. Brett Lee

    You guys should check out itsjusta6 his channel and cars are crazy

  91. HA55AN

    Buy a wrecked Lamborghini gallardo 2011-2020 plz it will be a fun project since it’s a lambo

  92. soinhu foitu

    2:30 "I wish we could fork it longways..." LOL!!!......I'll try that with my wife!!

  93. Mr Meeseeks

    sounds like my powerstroke f250

  94. Paul Capel

    Would have been nice if you had cameras out side of the car to see what it was like from there?

  95. steven sparkz

    sounds the same 0 difference

  96. Valdis Liepiņš

    it's not a supercharger but a turbocharger guys.

  97. steven sparkz

    such a cheap piece of shit car, as they tear it apart you can see why american cars are plastic junk

  98. C Man Tv

    Been subscribed sense y’all first did the mustang crazy how far y’all have came!

  99. Dan Pasco

    duuuuuddddeee!!!!!!! LOL

  100. Carbon Fiber Creations Arizona

    Elon needs that quarter glass for his cybertruck