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  1. Juan Arriola

    Amazing job

  2. WeN33dJustice

    Meaning the curve is perfectly straight and not all fucked up. For those who don't understand lol everyone acts like they are a dam teacher. Its social media not English class who cares

  3. G Savoie

    Good job on the paint, the back bumper looks like Storm Trooper eye, looks good

  4. Glenn Watson

    LMAO...when reading the owner's manual, "dude, this is, like, an awesome book!". You guys are like two children out playing and they find a space ship!

  5. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Let's bring the Oh Yeah Yeah Army back

  6. robert forsythe

    VOOM BOOM kazoom

  7. Gaston

    21:09 Ferrari Spiderman??? You need sleep .... 😂

  8. Porfirio Diaz

    Don't think that want you guys at the pain both know more Can't wait for you guys to get your own spot

  9. xxstreme

    i think you can twist the axle, like there were an thread inside axle joint, they wont create some thing that cannot change able parts

  10. Paul Benvie

    It's so awesome to see you guys doing all that work. And also, $700 for CC? Holy shit!

  11. Shubham Nikam

    You guys are awesome ♥️✌️

  12. Tom Richmond

    The paint turned out epic. Y'all are making this look easy. Keep up the good work and stay safe. 😎

  13. Andrew Ferguson

    Great Job!!! Thank You... :-)

  14. CoolBoyKee

    Where can i find the market where Goonzquad posts their cars for sale?

    1. Gary Packwood

      I live in another state and rebuilt cars here are sold to friends and fans of the rebuilding process and the shop where the work is done. The buyers are sophisticated car people.

  15. Galaxy Defender

    This guys work really hard everyday

  16. Binladen Osama

    They sell inflatable spray booths for approximately 2k.

  17. tiny_mandam

    Dude its so satisfying!

  18. Derrick Nykoluk

    Can't wait to see you guys take the Ferarri and Lambo to the strip and see which project is faster

  19. Hải Nguyễn

    Viet sud

  20. Nelson Z

    Ya'll playing photoshop in real life with that tape job, Amazing!

  21. Christian Seide

    It would be awesome to see you build a bmw e30 m3. it's a bit older than your builds but a damn nice car in my opinion

  22. Nick Rendell

    Wow, amazing paint job. The Ferrari looks soooo good now, loving the carbon on the bumpers. Keep up the amazing work.

  23. Gabriel Cyr

    Put that engine in a rcr slc It's a custom super car

  24. Gabriel Cyr

    Put ur lambo engine in a rcr slc It's a custom super car

  25. UNIQUE Motorsports

    That Rarri looks sick 🔥👌🏼

  26. Gabriel Cyr

    Put ur lambo engine in a rcr slc

    1. Gabriel Cyr

      Custom super car

  27. Yerrie

    the worst money save possible to paint youre ferrari in the garage

  28. Terry Girard

    Next time you paint a light colored car, spray a light colored sealer.. that way your paint will cover faster and also if you get a rock chip in the paint it will not be as noticeable.. most paint brands sell tinted sealers now.

  29. Iberville Music

    I'd have preferred if you guys just waited for the paint booth to be available as to not take any chances with airborne dust particles getting stuck in that expensive paint. Job does Look great on camera and I'm sure a lot if not all of the imperfections that might be visible in person will buff right out. Great job on the marking tape lining too! Easily my favorite car rebuild channel! cheers!

  30. Sean Violette

    Fun Fact: I regularly let their videos play multiple times in the background during work so they make more in ad revenue. Just doing part part!

  31. Oskar Dirlewanger

    Why is there a dead dog @ 20:53?😄

  32. jeanjeudi1111

    The best young guys on the Tube .... great to see your work. You guys learn very quickly

  33. TheAnderson1024

    Love your channel but this painting in the Garage thing does not work. Every time you do the trash is quite clear on your video so you know it has to be quite bad in person. I would have honestly waited the 3 days to get that car in a booth because no ammount of polish will ever fix the ammount of crap in that paint.

  34. Arkady Vestel

    Paint job looks so clean boys great work on it. That white just looks freaking fantastic with the light shinning off it. That and cherry red have to be some the finest paint jobs.

  35. 97 MoM

    Videos are so worthy of watching

  36. Hustlenatomy

    Came out great! Nxt time prep the bumpers fully, after u peel the tape u should clear the carbon too. Youll eliminate a hard line and the clear will better seal the gel coat 👌🏽🤘🏽⚡️

  37. MrXelium

    These two guys look so damn friendly.

  38. pbrascal37

    Congrats on making the trending page. you guys are awesome and deserve all the success you have been finding

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  40. 97 MoM

    Oh how I would love my ‘08 Pontiac white. I enjoyed this video

  41. Anil,kumar anil,kumar


  42. Graig Cameron

    why not get a portable inflatable spray booth ?

  43. 707janelle

    Great work, details matter and you guys always pay close attention to that!

  44. Not This Guy

    Looks like you boys made a bit of a mistake with painting early. Just wait next time.

  45. Ryan Pitt

    you cannot ... repeat CANNOT paint over the carbon ........ what the rest of the car carbon or matt black !!

  46. YoungTimmy

    Audi might be cheaper, r8 has the same engine

  47. Fernando Lopes

    Wouldn't it have been better to paint by taking apart the parts that would be painted?

  48. Kmr Selima


  49. Roy

    These kids talk too much, it's annoying.

  50. Jalal Moudoune

    If interested in car accessories, visit site modoojj.com

  51. ssantos010287

    Looks beautiful Great job

  52. Mikael Jonsson

    Looks suuuuperniiiiice! 😁👍

  53. saovannpagna 2

    Requesting from a far fan in cambodia i would like to see you a rebuild BMW M5 V10 E60 Hope you can rebuild it one day ;)

  54. Rudy Koster

    Love the video's, but in all the video's you guys already show the results in the first 5 seconds. There is a great build up during the video and the end is just the same as we saw in the first 5 seconds.. Although keep up the good work!!

    1. Gary Packwood

      Starting the video with a little teaser about the content is pretty smart to keep new 'first time' fans watching the entire video. It's like a little stop sign for people who are just surfing around GRsel.

  55. Cboyz

    The painting videos are my favorite. I love paint & body & yall are freakin awesome at it. Originally I was voting for 100% carbon fiber bumpers but the combo of white & carbon looks mega!!

  56. Amarpreet Grewal

    You should add a red strip in the middle

  57. TheKemp03

    We now know the color what the warp now?

  58. Luke Foster

    Goonzquad This paint job looks amazing such a good choice leaving that little bit of raw carbon exposed that has changed the whole look of the car. love the builds and how much love you put into your builds cant wait for future Builds.

  59. Andrew Piovesana

    That car I think it would look nice in a red or blue

  60. Iove瑞鶴

    カッコイイ!!ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

  61. Drew Ragan

    Any updates on your new property/shop? Hope y'all plan to build a paint booth!

  62. Dennis Lee

    Danggg Son, if there was any doubts. You guys killed it! Great job!

  63. Chris Taylor

    Sweet 👌 job 👍, Car looks Great, Peace brother's 💯💪👍👍👍😀

  64. NiFeY YT

    Brooo you forgot to leave the sidess on the front bumper to make it exposed carbonnn dudeeee

  65. CesarConH

    Best channel on GRsel

  66. De3terYT

    What at 21:42 there’s 2 minute left

  67. Markus Thiemann

    700$ for bottles but paint @ Home. WHY

  68. Michael Hataway

    I cant stand Hangry Tape Lines...... you guys did an amazing job like always. keep up the great work.

  69. dive popo

    19:50 This does not look good at all..... they left the floor dirty and did not wet it... why such a hurry for a such exepnsive car ?

  70. GaLoS

    Great job as usual boys! Looks amazing!

  71. Arendiko

    you should get your own brand of wax and grease remover lol "goonz - simply removed"

  72. bigryan991

    I paint cars for a busy DRP shop and i love watching yall have a good time painting this. Wish i had a shop of my own and a couple crazy cool side jobs like this to do!

  73. Randall Kisamore

    Diesel is 2.99 a gallon in harrisonburg va at the pilot truck stop

  74. Arendiko

    sad your not going with the gunmetal, but i still wanna see a classic car rebuild by you guys!

  75. Colbey Tseng

    Nice job boys made it trending

  76. Tshepo Ncamane

    When are boys organising a car meet,I'm you make success of it

  77. greg work shop

    hi car looking very good .very good work.

  78. Bizzare Gaming PK

    New car reveal at 22:56 is dope AF

  79. Tshepo Ncamane

    It is not hard work if you are having doing it

  80. Luís Aguiar

    Was I the only one that keep saying to wet the floor while watching?

  81. Dimitar Dimitrov

    Guys, I really like your videos, you put a lot of effort in what you are doing, keep up the good work. Small advice When you are painting in your shop wet the floor a bit, this helps a lot wit the fine dust particles ;)

  82. Donald J. Garrison

    So I presume you’ll be sanding the entire thing right? The amount of orange peel and dust in the paint is ridiculous.

  83. Chris Waldron

    Great job fellas 👍

  84. Pascal M

    I do like how you taped op the vents in the bumber while it also gets covered with plastic. But the Ferrari look amazing with those carbon fiber parts.

  85. Elia Lethola

    wow.....amazing results. The best content ever on youtube.

  86. Nazar Nurgaliev

    Круто "зачитал"))

  87. CornOnACob !!!!!!!

    Mclaren??? Next car

  88. Jason Schooler

    I have a strong feeling that these two young cats had great parents that mentored them very well. I would love to see their fathers in an episode, provided they are living, and get their take on their sons efforts. No video games, foul mouths, or egos here, just two fine young gentlemen with class, a strong work ethic, dedication, and passion. Refreshing! I wouldn't be suprised if someday they get their own show on a cable network. Get some shut eye boys, you deserve it.

  89. Gavin Geraldo

    Hey goonzquad are you going to sell the ferarri

  90. Magic Elrobertos

    Paint looks Epic Guys 👌,but pizza ....try not to get hungry while watching this , Peace!

  91. Boyan Tringov

    Great work again ..!

  92. Hussain Mirza

    Soo professional these guys r man.. I wish i had my car repainted with them. 🙄 Having black car is a bit pain in the ass. But worth it too

  93. Dwight Smith

    Man that looks really nice!

  94. Music is Life

    bit off topic, but does anybody else notice this wrong note on the guitar in the song at 8:21. This makes me angry all the time I hear it!! xD

  95. R. KAO

    Surprisingly yall didn't add water to the floor while painting

  96. Mark hamilton

    Bring back the camo hoodie with the blue logo plzzzz

  97. Luke Slater

    That paint job LOOKS AWESOME Guys😎😎👌🏻👌🏻.

  98. Pier Alla

    You two were right: that paint job is FUCKING SICK

  99. asandrius86

    WOW so much dust on the paint ...

  100. nezarec' sin

    How much did they get the Ferrari for?