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  1. Jarrod Kober

    The world needs another Rogan & Joey Diaz podcast now

  2. DMcG

    "rescue the wisdom from the past, stand up straight and be courageous despite the fact that life is tragic and tainted by malevence".....imagine if you were getting a bollicking from your dad and he came out with that!

  3. Nachuak

    Trump may not be a Russian asset but he is 100% the biggest puppet of the Zionist Israelis in the history of the nation. His son-in-law's best friends with the prime minister of Israel and all of this Russia stuff was all based off of Jared Kushner trying to get General Flynn to talk Russia into not voting against Israel.

  4. Ru Vedic

    Geez Joe you're making some seriously moronic statements.

  5. Scott

    I feel like Gaethje is just being ignored here...every time he starts to talk, coach or Joe interrupts him.

  6. retrask beats

    This dude is an absolute legend.

  7. Lura Moore

    This guy is probably one of the coolest people ive ever seen on a show.

  8. Mitchell Collins

    Have on Chewjitsu

  9. Mitchell Collins

    Have on thru hiker

  10. Joseph Reed

    Awesome to see Mr. Bobcat and R.I.P. Mr. Williams. We ain't never had a friend like you.

  11. Stoners Opinion

    Congrats on the Spotify deal man, damnnnnn well deserved 💯

  12. Nachuak

    The aliens must feel like we would feel if we landed on another planet, stepped out all excited, waiting for our glorious reception and some dude looks at our astronaut and says "Hey could you hand me that wrench?"

  13. Cody

    Joe, i dont believe elon likes being pushed into a box, that box being a fortune teller. Seeing as how this is his down time, judging by the alcohol. Maybe he wants to talk about easier more relaxing shit. Asking all these huge questions. Throw a slow ball damn lol.

  14. Nachuak

    Imagine what kind of an insulting slap in the face that would be to alien life. Instead of having a massive celebration to welcome our new extraterrestrial brothers, the only thing the American government does is try and use the situation to fund the industrial military complex. If I was the aliens I would be offended and be like f*** you guys I'm leaving.

  15. Terrible paulsey

    Joe needs to book Louie C.K. to be his first spotify podcast. Epic.

  16. Edin Gomes

    “The size of a cheeseburger.”

  17. Head3Shot

    I love how The Whole MMA and the UFC Community is so Respect to the guys who fight win or lose. This sport is truly something different

  18. Toby :\

    This guy looks like he holds his breath when walking past someone smoking a cigarette on the street.

  19. finhippo

    What an awesome dude.

  20. Kyndral22


  21. DrGrooveBeat

    Wow, under my rock Tony Hawk was dead. Guess that news was fake... welcome back!

  22. Arturo Casanova

    Smoked some salvia and watched this whole episode before realizing my phone was off

  23. lygophile

    why are you calling me a freak bitch?

  24. DarkgreenKid

    Wow the foam example was crazy.

  25. perwik77

    Complacent at 50? NO. Not going to happen. At 75, we shall see. Maybe.

  26. Jose Manuel

    Maybe the death rate is this low because of the measures already taken? How many would have died if othing was done? Why is 100,000 ppl dead not a big deal?

  27. Shane Barrows

    Man ive always admired people like this. Just pick up and go. Living a type of nomadic way. Props 👊💯

  28. tabu_joker

    I want to see andrew ukles on this shit.

  29. Eirik Rødberg

    Best one in a long time. So many silly loserS lately. This guy is in it for real.

  30. Thomas Quinlan

    Oh s*** I used to do that I'm sure every kid did threw the ball in the roof of their house and waited or their apartment and waited for it to come down and see where if they could get it again bring it back Justin that's great s***

  31. Joelfred 121

    Joe’s man crush

  32. Stoney Jitsu

    This guy is actually the Homer Simpson of the UFC! Most of ya'll might be to young to remember but Homer has a thicker skull than normal folks in Simpson universe! He made his way up the boxing ladder fighting bums because folks would punch themselves out, get tired, and get dropped by Homer. unfortunately he made his way to the Mike Tyson of the Simpson's universe which ended his run... look into it ;)

  33. T. F. 32

    Ricky Gervais has already did this & like 10-12 years ago. RIP OFF MERCHANT.

  34. John Doe

    Night vision artificial eye? Holy shit wonder what some CIA assassin has

  35. Jennifer Westberry

    Joe jumped ship when he got popular. no more conspiracies. afraid of what people will think. Your opinion, and your perspective on life makes you unique.

  36. cameron mercy_i6

    Great interview very insightful

  37. SteakOnSpear

    I love the part about taking responsibility, "nobody told me the exam was today" etc. I've totally been there, once you realize you're not gonna win and do what you like, unless you simply accept that it's all up to you. You feel so free at that point, like you can do anything. (That's how i feel living in a socialist country, Kingdom of Denmark.)

  38. Thomas Quinlan

    Joe really missed his mark on this not talking about justin and his wrestling would of loved to here about it expects of kahibib come on

  39. Antonio Vazquez

    We need alex jones and elon musk 2 come together. I wanna see that master piece 😂

  40. T Love

    Indeed it’s very refreshing to hear Rhonda talk about solutions, instead of the constant reiteration of problems. Let’s continue to focus our attention on how to move forward. Thank you JR & RP

  41. leann262

    What a great dude.

  42. Dinot Rupiel Branoll

    On the 3Hour mark joe rogan is bored af and falling asleep

  43. Plawn Clackers


  44. Jeremy Henry

    Eric c(I)aramella

  45. T. F. 32

    Ricky Gervais already did this you ripoff merchant.

  46. Yen Liu

    Very informative but stressful to hear that I've basically lived my whole life

  47. Evin Cotton

    Someone needs to do a compilation of Joe Rogan attempting and failing to pronounce the word between

  48. LazarkGaming

    So about the fact that Elon is from the future - which explains his long pauses before answering a question - as to not disrupt the space time continuum. Joe: Where will we be 25 years from now? Elon: Well assuming there's still a civilization around... Me: Well that's WW3, small slip up there Elon.

  49. Sebastian Winsth

    Trevor Wittman a future recognized genuis

  50. fjolkyngi218

    The pine sap in wounds was common for me growing up. Pretty cool to hear of people across the world using the same ideas.

  51. Charlotte Key

    You think Trump is unintelligent? Are you serious? He is a grand master chess player, as is his son Baron. However, even without that, his intelligence is not in question. The4 way he speaks is simple, the mind complex. The country was doing great, economy good, industry coming back to the U.S., to Americans. Can't have that I guess, if you're a Marxist or friendly to the [email protected]

  52. Jackson

    I’m only 5 minutes in and I can tell this is going to be a great episode with such an interesting guest

  53. Soul lol

    Joe rogan was spot on @ 44:30 , I would pay a large amount of money to smoke weed and learn how to box from mike tyson. Like, a lot.

  54. Tova Swu

    Wow... Just when I needed it. Thanks Joe Hogan, who's always dying in the memes 😂

  55. damon wells

    He seems like such a cool dude. Seemed a little nervous at first but once he got comfortable this became one of my favorite JRE episodes

  56. ThenJT Said

    Crazy racist cunt.

  57. Yvon Joubert

    Very interesting guy. Awesome interview!

  58. Sebastian Nawara

    >No fossils in ancient times Chinese had their 'dragons' and stoney bamboo, Hindu their stone chakras made of amenites, Romans found bones of Antaeus in Morocco, which probably was some poor gigantic giraffe, but noooo, no fossils before Darwin 'made up' his evolution

  59. aldo ruiz

    Really good podcast!

  60. Alex Finn

    I think what he was trying to get at is that we still do not know what gravity is. Before Newton there still was "gravity" but no one "knew" about "it". Newton gave us an understanding of a repeatable mathematical model to calculate this idea or phenomenon which is called gravity. I think that is the woo part, it is so engrain in us we just take for granted it is an idea or representation of something we don't actually know.

  61. Ashley Kaye

    I wish they'd actually get some history facts...

  62. Bee

    elon musk=cyberdyne skynet.

  63. stormhawk31

    Gotta say, I don't disagree.

  64. Mike Wright

    Kevin be speaking about Triple H

  65. Dad_ish10

    Great guys

  66. Mustaf Ali

    Needed this, thank kev and joe ofc

  67. Soul on FIRE

    Joe talking. guy whole time mmmm-mmhm, ya, ya, right , uhuh, right yup yeah yeah right mhmm. Yup , right , yeah yeah mhmm, yup right, right , sure , right, totally, uhuhh, yeah

  68. Jennifer Westberry

    If its not transfered from human to human, then did they feed it to us? OMG its in the food. New conspiracy.

  69. henry16971

    CAUTION: Google is putting newest comments first by default for this video alone. One main theory suggests google is trying to shut down discourse on this video, please select top comments if you want to see them. p.s. copy and paste this comment so other people can see this in newest comments

  70. andrew blowe

    Is he a Jonas brother?

  71. Erika Striker

    I like this dude! But it's tirering to hear the victimhood narrative being repeated without being countered. I find it amazing that black people think that white people don't know about poverty - its a fact that more white kids than black kids grow up in poverty - so why do they keep repeating this faulty narrative that white people don't know about financial hardship - I know just as many white kids who grew up poor in ghettos without father figures, as black kids. And it's horrible for ALL of them no matter what colour their skin has. Period.

  72. Marius Dinu

    Back at listening this podcast the second time today. This is gold content!

  73. craig flanders

    cool guy

  74. Haris D

    Joe ffs it is political all democrats are at home not working and republicans are in the office working.... wtf joe don't be a sell out

  75. psycho

    How can there be so much fuckin content in only 6 minutes, The time stamps in the comments wont fuckin end

  76. Ben Riley

    I never knew Jamie sat right there. I always thought he was in a glass room or something

  77. Hammas Haukka

    For those who didn't get it: Xasha-12 The 12 part is not great for a name, feels like there's 11 other xashas before but the name is actually quite nice in pronounciation depending on how you do the x. You can do the ks sound or as I do tend towards the voiced s making it Zasha (z as in zoo and a as in art) making it very similar to Sasha just with a voiced initial consonant. Alternatively Xaisha or Xaia with a and i pronounced separately but that probably wouldn't get accepted as a boy's name in the US. Anyway, point is, the name is written weirdly but phonetically it's absolutely fine depending on what they end up deciding on.

  78. Wah Wah

    As a Virginian I can promise that most Virginians don’t speak with any southern accent, it’s really only people in rural areas of the state lmao

  79. Ronic

    No Game no Life lol

  80. sopark434

    666 people did not like the moose

  81. Ande G

    "Practice gratitude. Being thankful for what you have helps". Amen brother.

  82. Natasha Ann Zuzarte

    her eyebrows though

  83. Matt Standeven

    Fix healthcare. You really want the politicians that you complain about so much make health decisions for you?

  84. Susie Q

    What a super interesting guy, thanks for having him on

  85. r0bzii

    Love this guys laughter :D

  86. Davis Croson

    First of all, Kevin is such an intellectual guy and such a smart, articulate individual. Most people don’t understand the human part of him and just know the comedian. I truly enjoyed this podcast and learning about what makes Kevin human. Second of all: the rock and Kevin hart on the same podcast would be one for the books.

  87. John Kennedy

    He got killed by Hannibal he made him swallow his tongue

  88. Jeremy LaBove

    Not a night terror. That's sleep paralysis

  89. chewyjello1

    If Rogan wants to talk about freedom of information and whether the internet is a net positive or negative, he should have Jaron Lanier on! That would be an awesome podcast.

  90. Gavin Fink

    Does he mention the Gorge Floyd situation In this?

  91. Vic 2.0

    Why are you looking at this? Don't look at this comment. *LOOK AT THE FUCKIN KITTEN!*

  92. Veronica Padilla

    Indigenous history according to the white man. Gotta love it

  93. Alan Zheng


  94. Ron Lambert

    why no podcast discussion on George Floyd? -

  95. peter dollins

    Athens mixed its tribes in the same way as Singapore.

  96. Victr Silva


  97. rodica costian

    I am ready for the new future I am open ,ready to get a neural link .

  98. Kyle Sky

    This is why Joe Rogan show is so great one day he will have a movie star on that’s interesting to talk to and very famous and then he brings normal people on as well who have very interesting stories and I just like how he gets all different perspectives and all different stories and all different types of people his hundred million dollar contract with Spotify is well deserved and I wish him the best of luck moving forward

  99. Sam Watson

    Ok I need Joe to play a Russian mobster in the next John wick XD

  100. Mikey Pickett

    “Do you think Japanese people are aliens and they just don’t know it” -Theo von