Cap (feat. Offset)

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KSI - Topic

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    Cap (feat. Offset) · KSI · Offset
    ℗ 2020 Beerus Ltd under exclusive license to RBC Records/BMG Rights Management (US) LLC
    Producer: Diego Ave
    Producer: Go Grizzley
    Engineer: Henkka Niemistö
    Producer: Mally Mall
    Engineer: Michalis Michael
    Composer: Diego Ave
    Composer: Ivory Scott
    Composer: Jamal Rashid
    Composer: Kevin Andre Price
    Composer: Kiari Kendrell Cephus
    Composer: Olajide William Olatunji
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    1. JJ


    2. soinhu foitu

      This is not a cap youre really missing a ton of basic ish lol not even the hypebeast stuff once again lol access yourself

    3. Joshua Moore

      im so annoyed i wanted to see baldski

    4. not oliver

      jj : beerus is a god not a cat also jj : spent 500k on the cat

      1. soinhu foitu

        When you realise that this song is longer than gib vs jake

    5. TheGamersJob10000

      Am I the only one who thinks this low-key sounds like clout cobain?

    6. Full Songs

      my brother in csgo "Fuck a vest I need Aim"

    7. Godzilla Pc

      Put speed 1.25 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    8. JR_MR_Turtle

      Best album ever love you ksi bro

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        There is something about this song that makes it my favorite song of all time and i have no idea what it is

    9. Lewis Fewins

      Travis Nott

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Thank god this doesn't have the loud ass siren at the start

    10. mikin lirou

      Everyone Attention: We Need To Get This To N#1 So We Can Have BaldSki Thank You For The Likes❤

      1. Ptao Tom


    11. WOLF GOD

      In all honesty @FortniteRambo theres no need for racism like tht if jj is comfortable with what he makes then leave him alone in my opinion hes a great guy n i like all of his music so so shut n delete every single comments of yours n never comment on ksi's music ever again

    12. Mint Mastering

      This was so bad. But, do ya thang KSI do your thing.

      1. mikin lirou


    13. 29FALCONS 22NINERS

      I have Chuck-E-Cheese from the back that's why I can't be no friends with no cat

      1. 29FALCONS 22NINERS

        @Ptao Tom lol I'm glad u appreciate my foolishness. Wasn't expecting anything

      2. Ptao Tom

        If u listen to offsets verse, you can hear his chains 😂😂

    14. Real Satos

      Best song in album 🚫🧢

    15. Chicken Lover

      That’s why I can’t be no friends with the clapped, we not clapped, we not clapped, we not clapped, we not clapped yeah, we not clapped, we not clapped

    16. Sam

      Why does this keep coming up on my recommended sometimes with 1M+ views, other times with like 10K. Swear GRsel is broken 🤨

    17. rusti

      Oh man Travis Scott sounds good on this song

    18. Blb 712

      This combo isn't the one that we wanted but it's the one that we needed💯💯💯

    19. Ptao Tom


    20. Abid hossain

      When you realise that this song is longer than gib vs jake

      1. not oliver


    21. Cool

      Ohhh there’s a cap on this one 🤣😂

    22. ClockZeroblox YT

      When ksi said "i cannot be no friend's wit no cat" i felt that 😔✊

      1. ClockZeroblox YT

        @ray prazr r/woooosh

      2. ray prazr


      3. Ptao Tom

        Geting high with this song is fire

    23. Aaron Famalamadingdong

      Thank god this doesn't have the loud ass siren at the start

    24. Ne_

      There is something about this song that makes it my favorite song of all time and i have no idea what it is

    25. Farhana Singings And Cookings

      fucking gay

      1. Joanna

        Number 1 no cap

    26. Peter Noles48

      If u listen to offsets verse, you can hear his chains 😂😂

      1. Damage Control

        Tis actually delay + some other effect

      2. dysfynnction

        Offsets known for always either using a shit mic or having it really sensitive and standing far from the mic

      3. Theodor Damgaard

        That right there, is called a perc/percussions

      4. Tee not Tea


      5. Mihir Sundriyal

        Holy shit I hear it

    27. FilmCunt


      1. Joanna

        i just literally made the BEST KSI TYPE BEAT 🔥🔥🔥

    28. Tmonks


    29. Ask to seduce Miss

      Was this the guy who made 'im on a horse'

    30. Huba Dósa

      Finally some dope shit bro

    31. Samo Gledam

      Feel sad for kids that force themselves to like this trash carried by features...

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Offset saying he got Aim but do he have aim like arthur morgan?

    32. soinu foig

      things he did. JJ we appreciate you man!

    33. idk 3


    34. ΚΞΠ

      Just keep streaming

    35. ThereIsNoMemeTakeOffYourClothes

      I cannot pertain when baldski comes back🧑🏾‍🦲😈

    36. Mark Fisher

      Geting high with this song is fire

    37. Ricardo Cunha

      Window cap? Microsoft improve

    38. ProdByK3

      this hard

    39. Cassie

      Was this the guy who made 'im on a horse'

    40. PUDA.

      *i just literally made the BEST KSI TYPE BEAT* 🔥🔥🔥

    41. Dashawn Price

      Number 1 no cap

      1. Cassie

        This actually bangs tho🥣

    42. Dev Chauhan

      If you ask me whose my favourite GRselr. I'll be like ,"You wanna know about JJ".

    43. RM

      Genuinely curious - name UK rappers KSI is better than (all KSI fans)

    44. Jack Kennedy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> is offsets verse 🔥

      1. Jack Kennedy


    45. Joanna

      The song isn’t even appearing on his channel and it’s still number 3 on trending

    46. Sir thomas the third

      Offset saying he got Aim but do he have aim like arthur morgan?

    47. Jason Frey

      This shit SLAYSSSSSS JJ's went in hard Offset went even harder Big W , I fuck with this

      1. Joanna


    48. Manuel Martins

      Why is no one talking about JJ's verse? Shit is fire 🔥🔥🔥

    49. Gemma

      It’s amazing to see how far he has come it’s amazing

    50. lilniglazzz

      Claim your “I’m here before tik Tok ruins this song” card here

      1. Riced By Daylight

        @lilniglazzz wowey you are hilarious by hitting me with the "I dont remember asking comeback" , a 3 month old comeback that only 14 year old fortnite player that just like beg in the comments of dead rappers or just go the top of the trending page and copy what everyone else is commenting because your tiny chode erupts with sticky milk everytime you see the likes go up by just one.

      2. lilniglazzz

        @Riced By Daylight ok but i really didn't ask for your opinion

      3. Riced By Daylight

        Damn bro seems like your desperate attempt for likes didnt work

    51. RockMusic

      dull vocals dull song i feel bad for you, you have a 'musical potential' cap

    52. domos mine

      Poggers Lulw Pogchamp Weirdchamp

    53. Ethan VanW

      "Window Cat."

    54. Really Kids


    55. ItzRetro

      This is why you don’t tease babatunde with water

    56. Sally Ireland

      ksi: i payed 500k for a cat also jj: its not a cat its a god!!

    57. Ironic Sm0ke

      This actually bangs tho🥣

    58. Challenge to get 1150 subs with no vids

      Doesn’t anybody realise when jj says no cap it actually sounds like “window cat”


      “I can not pretend if I don’t” 😤 💪🏽🔥🔥🔥

    60. Tarik Kapetanović

      When Baldski happens again he gonna be wearing a cap

    61. Amy the emerald minor the monkey 21


    62. Adarsh Suresh

      claim your here before deji cries....again

    63. IVI4I_IR0


    64. Charming nowhere to hide

      Producer: so much how much autotune are you going to use Offset and Ksi: Yes

    65. Bailey Cassim

      ‘my pudy i glue it like pritt-stick’

    66. NOT Stormy

      This is his best song ever good shit ksi

      1. NOT Stormy


      2. Charming nowhere to hide

        Claim your “after 1mil” card

    67. Daniel

      This song made Babatunde buy a Cap.

    68. Kevin Perez

      Offset carried someone tell jj to just quit music he’s fucking everything up with his shit music

    69. Jerrytvbr0

      This kinda trash. Offsets part is good.

    70. Wavy Chiz

      window cat do be going hard doe

    71. Harry Tube693

      I just realised turn The picture upside - down, JJ’s head looks like ice cream. 🍦

    72. Jaydon BRUH

      Stream dissmulation here if you want baldski back

    73. Selahaddin Mert tuglu

      Hair off Cap on

    74. Sean Scott

      Now this a KSi song I was waiting for

    75. Blu Brin

      I thought he said out here chucky cheese fpr the bank 😂

    76. Jacob Marshall

      Slow and rubbish

    77. Matthew Henry

      Can't wait for BALDSKI 2.0

    78. Pd 1134


    79. Rxlentless _YT

      claim your "here before 1 mill" card here

    80. max.z.280

      The beat feels way to messy for me