COOL TRICKS YOU NEED TO TRY YOURSELF || DIY Hacks And Funny Situations by 123 GO!

123 GO!

123 GO!

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    Life’s full of roadblocks. But instead of freaking out, we’ve got cool tricks to get you out of any pickle!
    Think any of these tricks will come in handy?
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    1. Aisha Khan

      Thank u to 123 go

    2. Aisha Khan

      I like these hacks we can use in real life and the problem slove that's why these smart girls make hacks to make the pros slove

    3. Jayamole P

      Even though your "hacks" are blabberjack it's still VERY entertaining.

    4. Shaylee Boston


    5. Shaylee Boston

      I’m such a fan

    6. Simy Escalona

      mi to I like the 123 go 😝😝

    7. Rylan Muchika

      good hacks

    8. The roblox sqaud

      Awwww 🥰 the dog “barks”

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    10. Maegan Reyna


    11. Maegan Reyna

      I do not like this

    12. Default D

      5mia. Love you and you

    13. Erin Kallas

      RyleeSiri what are you doing my name is Riley then my name is actually why do you put my second name I don’t know mama have another name for me I really don’t know how we want to watch my movie and I’ll call you see what I don’t know why did you sent me my Diegos Daddy you it’s it’s my it’s inside it’s it’s it’s it’s who are

    14. Craig Lipnicki

      I wish I could hear their real voices comment:yes if you want to hear there voices

    15. Craig Lipnicki

      hi 123go can you do a video about what to do at home?thanks

    16. Caoimhe caoimheso!mers


    17. Helena Lim

      I want to know the next episod

    18. Helena Lim

      Ew your sister like him ew

    19. Helena Lim


    20. General Mailbox


    21. Helena Lim

      What your her sister

    22. Helena Lim

      I don’t know Vicky’s voice

    23. General Mailbox


    24. Sindy Hdez

      I love the doggie! Adorable! 😍🥰😘😗😙😌😊☺️😉🙂

    25. Ferial Dz

      من اين انتم رجاءا احب قناتكم

    26. Steve Smith

      Who else loves her video

    27. Carson Lam

      =/no afenced but Vicky does not look good with blonde she looks better with your red and black hair =/

    28. LeShan Allen

      It kind of sound like she said roblox

    29. Abousad Abderrahim

      Ma che li gua state parlando 🤔🤔🤔

    30. Kernou Salim

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    31. Anjela Mcglynn

      Can you do a TV video for us.

    32. Itzel Lopez

      I love 123 go’😍🥰😇😀😃🍭🍰🍿🍩

    33. Skarla XY

      Vicky didn’t break the cooking I can no by the touch of her finger

    34. Sandeep Gill

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    35. Fatmir Malocali


    36. Donna Jones

      Love you Nikki and friends

      1. Donna Jones

        Love you Vikki and friends

    37. Sabita Ghosh

      In the hair cap one i can also glue it with hot glue right

    38. lxllipop lxver

      I love sausage dogs their soo cute their my favrouite

    39. Zouza Bensadi

      i am Lina i like you vidéo

      1. Zouza Bensadi


    40. Liv Swales



      ** <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="307">5:07</a>

    42. Aubrey Cabo

      i love your bog it's so cute

    43. Isabelle Gardner

      This is the best hacks ever

    44. Kochuthresia Mathai

      Viky you look like you just ate a giraffe

      1. sehhi vooty

        I love y’all hacks I tried one before


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      1. sehhi vooty

        I love y’all hacks I tried one before

    46. Suresh Khetani

      Teach me some tricks allana and emmy

    47. Ace Cee

      Yes GRsel no GRsel yes GRsel no GRsel yes GRsel no

    48. Ace Cee


    49. Jillian Bruner

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2">0:02</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3">0:03</a>

    50. Jillian Bruner

      Life is full of ROBLOX

    51. Saleem Shaban

      Yeah and it was so funny

    52. Kyra Chancellor

      They are so funny

    53. more rodrigez

      The español😝

    54. todd reynolds

      "softaning magic"?

    55. Abbigale Hannebaum

      I love y’all ski much I watch you ever day and night and you are my favorite youtubers

    56. nardi Sun

      Helo aku aura aku ngelike tik tok kalian

    57. Kitsara Phitpheng

      qwerty the same as 50th birthday party for the delay. we

    58. Sarah Jeancharles

      I love y’all hacks I tried one before

    59. Sarah Jeancharles

      I love y’all hacks I tried one before

    60. Sarah Jeancharles

      I love y’all hacks I tried one before

    61. Sarah Jeancharles

      I love y’all hacks I tried one before

    62. Ava Cleckner

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    63. Valentina Villalobos

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    64. Marian Ampah

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    65. Louise Solomon

      I love 123 go because it gives me some ideas for people and myself sometimes so thank u 123 go

    66. DeandraOne Ismael

      😲 wow🌈😍

    67. Faay Siti

      Did she say roblox

    68. Olivia Pulsinelli

      Vicky you’re so funny

    69. Eli Regina

      Ays loves

    70. Charles Griffin

      You're so smart good job I would like for you to have fun it have a good suburb why don't you stop a doing these videos what I take it to one what about you take a break and a go popeye with your family or like play what a bullfight I don't know what you want to do see ya later

    71. Vicki Hefner


    72. Vicki Hefner

      This vid is SOOOOOOO funny

    73. Simon Pullen

      Friend me on roblox puggirl3387

    74. TomTord Doodles YT

      Voice: to get out of that pickle Me: but im not in a pickle

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    76. Caboon Baboon

      Hi Is It

    77. Kathryn Labrador

      Me too

    78. The sweet family

      Did she say Roblox 🙈

    79. Walter Keefe

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="420">7:00</a> is creepy

    80. miss cool I can do it all