David Dobrik's Blind Date With a Superfan | Celeb Blind Date


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    I'm pretty sure everyone on GRsel has a crush on David Dobrik. We set him up on a blind date with a vlog squad superfan to see if sparks fly IRL. The catch? His date has no idea THE David Dobrik is behind the curtain! Will she guess he's her favorite member of the vlog squad before the end of the date? Watch and see. BTW, he also reveals whether or not he'd date a fan, and I am SCREAMING at his answer!!!
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    1. Seventeen

      Would you take a canoe ride in the ocean with David Dobrik?

      1. Grahams Off Grid Gold

        sure why not yolo

      2. Nathania Flores

        imagine putting the canoe in the back of a truck or inside of a car and being in it. (i'd be down for that)

      3. Mariana Rodriguez

        yes yes yes and yes!!!!

      4. Cool Vibes

        Seventeen ofc is this even a question

    2. tom

      The saddest thing is that he’s basically describing Liza

    3. AustralianAlly

      big oof, that was the wrong explosion

    4. Cha Malixi

      Only a hundred? Ure not a super fan hahaha i am. I watched all of the videos hahahahaha

    5. Jason Lopez

      Liza has left chat!!

    6. Chucky Penero

      Liza!! check this gal!!

    7. Angel Wise

      I wish I was on this date I would of killed it 😭😂

    8. Elias Martinez

      11:57 you're welcome

    9. StormPxmp


    10. Abigail Vitali

      okay but she’s beautiful and like i wouldn’t mind if they actually dated

    11. cicirunner

      "I have a short attention span." What a catch

    12. Stephanie Perri

      If David called me babe I would pass out

    13. Andal27

      she seems sooo sweet and really pretty

    14. Donovan Brady

      David went from his accent to his regular voice to his accent again

    15. McKenzie Oliphant

      I ship it.

    16. Official oJ_Wayne

      She watches the vlog on a treadmill EXACTLY WHAT IM DOING RN !

    17. alan thunder

      when she does it shes a 'superfan' but when i guy does this to a girl, he is a 'stalker'

    18. silviarambles

      This was kinda cringy but I liked it

    19. D4ddy Mags

      Lowkey natilie watches this like once a day and starts the day salty with David because of this video.

    20. deathh70

      Wait so did they actually go on another date?

    21. Ash Nick

      omg why can’t i date david :(

    22. Ash Nick

      LMAOOOOOO this is so cute

    23. CallofDutyWarrior15

      if you don’t date her i will she is mighty fine

    24. regan swafford

      When he said Steve all I thought was the monkey from cloudy from the chance of meatballs 😂 STEAVVEEE

    25. Mari Orozco

      *claims to be a superfan* “ Ya David is ONE of my favorite channels”...tf? I pretty much just watch YT for the vlog squad😂

    26. Manuel Seda

      David what shaking

    27. David Redondo

      It’s weird... she claims that she is funny multiple times but yet, says nothing funny at all.

    28. Nicholas Melahouris

      I ship it

    29. that's so hannah

      Awe he is si nervous how cuite

    30. Breonna Florence

      We love a scripted moment

    31. Breonna Florence

      Doubting she’s a super fan. Just sounds like she’s watched a couple videos

    32. Alce Alce

      i ship them

    33. Jordan Jefferson

      “what the hell are you guys doing?” she caught on

    34. Sinead King

      Dare you nadyyy_18

    35. Elizabeth Sustar

      When he started trying to figure out an accent he sounded like Oscar doing the savannah accent from The Office

    36. Mallory Barnosky

      How did she not notice his accent fading away 😂


      I guess this is the target audience

    38. reddieisreal

      She's not a superfan..

    39. HalleHearsEars

      They would lowkey look so good together

    40. SuperSydz

      how could she NOT tell it was him

    41. yeet skeet that hurt my heart beat

      I low key want them to date now and see where it goess


      that is not a superfan...

    43. YouTube Lol

      No one: Steve: uh


      *Beginning* Stresses about name and accent *The rest of the vid* Drops the accent completely

    45. CoDWiiPS3Gameplay

      I love how David just gave up on the accent the more comfortable he got 😂

    46. suizio

      "i don't like to laugh a lot" *laughs the whole interview*

    47. Sister Weir

      i want this with vanessa morgan🥺

    48. Anisha Basu

      watched him only for 6 months? LOL I've been watching him since 2015

    49. Abidur

      That was David’s British accent 😂 oh nooo

    50. Ainhoa Haider

      That was so pureee

    51. Jodie Molony

      she is not a superfan if she’s only watched 6 months of his videos. i’ve watched every single one of them.

    52. Alex GAlex G Alex G

      Obvs knew it was him after like 4 questions

    53. The Goat

      Shes an actor. Fake. How does shr not recognize his voice.

    54. Lollipop GLMV

      Rip David

    55. Lollipop GLMV

      Honestly I’d be kinda disappointed, I mean I’d be very exited to meet him, but if I was told “celeb” I’d be kinda eh about David.

    56. Nicole Bell

      Fun.... 😂

    57. stephanie tyson

      Zane is the Joey of the vlog squad.

    58. NL4TN DEZZ

      A David dobrik super fan would be able to know him by just his voice

    59. Jessica Daggett

      How could you not recognize his voice!!!

    60. Bailey Miller

      Awww i like herr