Healing And Relaxing Harp Music For Meditation (Walking In Heaven) - Pablo Arellano

Pablo Arellano

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    Relaxing and soothing music for the soul, mind and body. Listen to this meditation music while you close your eyes and calm your mind.
    On this video, listen to "Walking In Heaven," a beautiful harp composition
    For more tunes, visit www.pabloarellano.org
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    Pablo Arellano is a Mexican composer, director and writer, who specializes in the movie industry for more than 15 years. Mr. Arellano studied music at the New England Conservatory in Boston and early in his career he discovered that the entertainment industry was his passion. Mr. Arellano has taken his gifted talents into many leading directors roll with 8 hit movies, (Art house Factory Production currently available in 10 countries and 5 languages: 2012 - Prophecies from the heart, 2012 - A new consciousness, The Infinite wisdom of love, The Big Bang within you, The Infinite mind, Francesco's Heaven, Mayan Secret and Path of Joy).
    In addition Mr. Arellano has composed and produced 8 albums with distribution in more than 5 countries (Spirit of Silence, Soft Passion, Angeles Call, Brillará en ti, Brillará en ti 2, Atlantis Healing Live, Hacia el Sol and HIM soundtrack)

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    1. Maurizio

      Angel's strumental

    2. Tom Rossi

      Very nice Pablo...

    3. john westfall

      outstanding music very relaxing

    4. Dreaf Food

      This song reminds me of heaven i really love jesus and his beatiuful angles💝💝💝😘😘😀😀

    5. Av baby

      Beautiful gift from God. Harps are angelic sounds. I love harps. What a blessing to hear this and pray in the quietness alone with God.

    6. Blaze Maika

      I wish for the reason of lies.

    7. Asha Mishra

      Nice song

    8. JoxaGaming 450

      My mom died 7 years ago. I listen to this music, and I'm relaxed now. I love, mom. I miss you. So much!😢😇🙏

    9. Alana Aquamarine

      I like the harp sound so so so so so so so much

    10. HD Music for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation and Sleep

      Harp ♫ MUSIC არფა

      1. HD Music for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation and Sleep

        Melody for ♥ Soul ♫

      2. HD Music for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation and Sleep

        Harp ♫ MUSIC Aрфа

      3. HD Music for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation and Sleep

        Harp ♫ MUSIC տավիղ

    11. Dalal D

      Name of the song at the end please please help !

      1. Dalal D

        Pablo Arellano thank you for your answer

      2. Pablo Arellano

        thats the Harp song with the Black and White Cover

      3. Dalal D

        Pablo Arellano 10.58 & 11.07 at the end of the video, thx

      4. Pablo Arellano

        Hi what song?


      Agradezco grandemente a Dios por darle ese don maravilloso al Sr. Pablo Arellano a quién le también agradezco por compartir su hermosa música con todos nosotros Dios le bendiga grandemente.

    13. Elisabeth Monterusso

      This song is making me want to cry

    14. Zacharia John

      🔥 don't want any friends 🔥

    15. Zacharia John

      Better than the best🔥

    16. Loou Looulum

      It madre me cry

    17. Buki

      Jesus Forgives

    18. Pablo Arellano

      please donate to my project to make app of healing music igg.me/at/zYIv4cMHizY/x/5122177

    19. Pablo Arellano

      Click here to Donate Healing Music App at Indiegogo : igg.me/at/zYIv4cMHizY/x/5122177

    20. Lil Yaretzy

      Wow these comments made me ashamed for crying over nothing when these people are actually getting better with music when this made me feel emotional and cry for someone that I never met and all that happened to him was pain. 😞

    21. Hurry Sal-y

      beautifull sound

    22. Li Sun

      When I close my eyes and think of nothing and listen to this, I feel like my soul is leaving my body and flying up to heaven and there is always a picture of me playing the harp and watching over the people I love as a angel

      1. Dreaf Food

        @Pablo Arellano u are a blessing

      2. Pablo Arellano


    23. Sara Kaplan

      This music is incredibly healing to my soul. It is helping to calm my mind and ease my heart. Thank you Mr. Arellano, your music is a treasure!

    24. holy mxlti

      so beautiful and peaceful R.I.P Grandma 💖

    25. Olivia Velasquez

      let God heal us pray every day pray for family members and those who are not every one needs love in there heart help the poor and bring them food give them love give them hope

    26. Tanya

      This reminds me of my grandpa Who passed away by cancer. I miss him when i listen to this i just picture him in my head with his wife happy together in heaven bless his soul.

    27. The Queen Demon

      I got a bad day but that relax me a lot

    28. Misafir Ek

      güzel dostum

    29. Hydra


      1. Lamont Bryant

        LDgames hi

    30. Bella Italia

      Now THIS..Is Beautiful. 👏 🍃🌹🍃👑🍃🌹🍃 👢

      1. Bella Italia

        @Pablo Arellano​ glory to Abba Father God! 👑📖🔥❤🙇🙆 Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life. I pray you ask Him into your heart, if you haven't already. God bless you in Jesus name, ~Amen.~ thank you for the beautiful music.

      2. Pablo Arellano

        thank you

    31. Victor Reyes

      Most of the times we neglect the health of our souls,we don't nourish it with what the soul feeds on,and that is beauty and love. Glad I found this music. Thank you so much. "we are spiritual beings having a human experience"

    32. Kaneki

      Dear Heavenly Lord, save those and heal us that are hurting and suffering whether it be physically or emotionally, be with us in our time of need and save this world because it is damaged and tired, we need you, amen

      1. JoxaGaming 450

        Amen in Jesus name🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙇🙇🙇🙇👼👼👼👼😇😇😇😇💖💖💖💖💝

      2. johnnathan jake

        Ahmed Alshammeri I don't know if your a christian or a muslim but Jesus sacrifice himself so our sin can be forgiven so he does care about us.

      3. 19AxizBhokz82 Channel

        God is always there for us anytime,anywhere,u just need to reach Him out,call on Him,Repent your sins,follow Jesus.

      4. Tropical HD

        Kaneki Amen

      5. 无神论 者

        i know there is a god but he left us without any help thats a fact he doesnt care about us

    33. Trozzy

      I really love this music it is very beautiful and it reminds me of my grandfather when he passed away. I really love this music. Thank you!


      i love it


        <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    35. ajoy kumar biswas


    36. Maree Hampton

      beautiful very inpiring and healing music makes me cry but it helps me to have faith in everything in this life

      1. Pablo Arellano


    37. Jika Arrojado

      in her faith you will let her walk again so strong and bravely.

    38. Jika Arrojado

      I love you Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that u will heal mama's spirit,heart and physical health. I know that you will heal her and make her vibrant again, when she wake up in the morning u will put smile on her face. Her eyes will be speaking with love and care.

      1. karen ang

        Jika Arrojado j

      2. Kaneki


    39. Walter Velázquez

      pablo muy bueno gracias x compartir y tu tiempo....Walter,,

    40. tole kui


    41. KundaliniRZA

      I started doing music like this when I realised that no matter how fun mainstream music is the Lord wouldn't want us giving 3-5 minutes of our life to non-sense or for my case because of the environment I was raised in. Vulgar and degrading music. He wants us to sing and make music to him in our hearts so you ALREADY know his reaction to us reciting lyrics that aren't for him. Music nowadays is fun and catchy but if you have freewill you should use it for your souls good.

    42. rena lopez

      This is beautiful...I listen to your music during my sleepless nights. My beloved Mother recently passed away...this helps me relax my body, mind and picturing my mom in heaven.

      1. HD Music for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation and Sleep

        Melody for ♥ Soul ♫

      2. Olivia Velasquez

        pray for your mom we should all pray for everyone so they can be blessed by God and you,angles let God heal you so you can be better hod will always watch over us 😇 in God we trust amen to all

      3. דוראן


      4. Pablo Arellano


    43. Rickus Kruger

      Just wanted to say I absolutely adore your music, this song truly transports me to a heavenly dimension, words cannot describe the joy it brings me. God bless you.

      1. Rickus Kruger

        My pleasure, I will do so.

      2. Pablo Arellano

        Thank you Blessings please share

    44. Hamza malik

      I think this is gods language

    45. 김아미

      고양이가아픈데이노래듣고진정햇네요 ㅜ

    46. Kelvin Li

      How joyful and relaxing ! Thanks.

    47. Joan Marie Dicen

      when im tired i just listen to this music have a cup of tea ohh feels like heaven so relaxing

    48. Pablo Robles Velázquez

      Excelente musica me ayuda a concentrarme en mi labor espiritual bendiciones amigo

    49. Ass Brh

      who could make a dislike for a such nice music!!!!

    50. Rapie Poolsawasdi

      Thank you Pablo Arellano ...so beautiful !Sharing with thankful.

    51. Vesna Konc Marjanović

      divine. thank you.

    52. QYUTO

      sweet sleeping Tune

    53. Bruce Hood

      I need healing so much, let me see an angel, just once

      1. Biblical Seekers

        Psalm 34:7-8 🙌 The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

      2. Meetoo You

        Bruce Hood The angel is within you 😇.

      3. Ani Ana

        Bruce Hood darling you are an angel ..

      4. Bruce Hood

        @***** Thanks, but your picture is kind of cruel to poor Jesus - show him born under the star of Bethlehem and it is a more tender sight for the eyes.

      5. דוראן

        In the name of Jesus *

    54. no other names to think of

      I was just on misfits descending angel. how was this suggested?

    55. Bradley Perrine


    56. en tierra de nadie

      gracias totales por esta música. Me calma mucho

    57. Taha Lkouen

      Can i use it for my short film for free ?

    58. Shivani Parikh

      Really Walking 🚶 in Heaven 😇

    59. Minecraft&Spider-ManFTW JustinBieber&PeppaPigFTL

      When I die. I will go to Heaven

      1. Dev

        CuPin79 cause this world is painful and drive me crazy but when i die and hopefully go to heaven i can finally find peace and enjoy every second of it without any worries

      2. CuPin79

        wtf why you all wants to die

      3. JoxaGaming 450

        @Ashlee Scott See you all good people, have a blessed day and life in Jesus name. Amen💖🙏🙌🙇👼

      4. Ashlee Scott

        Minecraft&Spider-ManFTW JustinBieber&PeppaPigFTL When I die I will go to heaven too so see you there.

    60. cheque velasco