Kane Brown - Heaven (Official Music Video)



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    Get "Heaven" now on the Kane Brown Deluxe Edition: smarturl.it/kanebrowndeluxe
    Director: Alex Alvga
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    1. Sarah Buckley

      You are the best I listen to your songs when I’m playing fortnite.Give this video a like if you also do it

    2. Kiki Peltier

      I love this song

    3. Alexcie Wenger

      Where are you now

    4. Angel McLean

      LOL My mom wants to play this song when her wedding happens

    5. Keturah Joseph

      Love his voice

    6. Hector Lalalala

      i just discovered this song today ! i loved it

    7. Esmeralda Jimenez

      Am 31 years old I have never heard country music before but my wife introduce me to country music now I can't stop listening to it and trust me am a Chicano rap dude I never thought I would be listening to this music am a country boy now lol

    8. Mark Mandujano

      This ain't country.

    9. jessica morey

      I love him❤️😘

    10. Derik Bowlby

      Kane brown if you read this my name is Derik and I go to pride prep and I just want to tell you, you are my favorite country singer of all time and I like this girl at my school and she is wonderful and I cherish her for my whole school year and I want you to see if you can make a song that I can show her and that she will love please and thank you. Sencerly, Pride prep member

    11. Stephanie Garcia-Garcia

      you sing good

    12. Amos Plasencio

      I like somebody and I might decade this song to them

    13. Kelly Liebbe

      My 45 yr old sister and her husband danced to this song at their wedding June 2019. She passed away in Sept. 2019. I cry so hard every time I hear this.

    14. Blaine De Rosia

      I sang this song for my girlfriend and next day she broke up with me love this song this is going to be my wedding song

    15. shanique Robinson

      What a gorgeous voice!

    16. IPAYYXU

      I have a talent show and I'm singing this at my school the whole school is going to be there wish me luck👍

      1. BordomProjects CW-

        Please let us know how it went 🤘 goodluck fellow stranger

    17. Mackenzie Ward

      Who in January 2020 listening to him. Drop a like. I love Kane brown

    18. Kathy Cline


    19. Pearla Tabone

      Miss my baby promise Be home lie crying

    20. Kathy Hall

      I. Love. Song

    21. Lidiane Lima

      Me apaixonei por essa canção linda 💜💜

    22. T

      I love you, I follow you from Syria 🇸🇾 😍

    23. Barry Lancette

      its so awesome it was so nice of you to do that homesick song in front of veterans

    24. Ms.K

      Love this song! The lyrics mixed with his voice...Melts my heart.

    25. Joel Smith

      Love you kane your awesome and very talented keep it going

    26. chiliman19 tucker

      Love this song

    27. Colson Maywright

      No one: Comments: Drop a like if....


      heaven is overrated. it doesn't even have roller-coasters

      1. IPAYYXU

        It does have roller-coasters the adventures and turn of events are the roller coasters in heaven

    29. Blake Laning

      Mike my baby cousin she likes years your song is your Big fan

    30. Matt Robinson

      My 7 an 5 year old love this song. They want to meet him so bad. My sons fav is what is mine is yours. Makes me smile

    31. iiCentralHalstead


    32. Maggie Harlen

      Your Flawless Kane Brown

    33. quabbi singing songs

      Love this song and this guy!! My funeral song ♡♡♡

    34. Maryann Cruz

      I loved you like no other Edward Escamilla from SanAntonio ❣

    35. Zion McNair

      Sad song

    36. Rockie Dewayne Hatfield

      Please play This at Rockie dewayne Hatfield funeral He's lost and lonely and going to die all alone from June the 29 1985 until unknown lonely date

    37. Min Ha Chung

      Country music destroyer 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫 he should get fired for ruining country music.

    38. Geraldine Perswain

      kane brown is so handsome with a beautiful voice. god gave him some gifts.

    39. Popcorn pal

      My dog died

    40. Rhonda Corbin

      Went to see him in Arlington TX... Best concert ever... So good ♥

    41. Yee Yee Summers

      This is not country This is just pop music

    42. Hailee Jackson

      I love it like it is awesome

    43. TheLightvale family


    44. I'm Taskin

      Great song.like you

    45. BaddieBabe Kate

      My moms mom passed away April 13th 2012 when I was 9, my dads dad passed away on March 7th when I was 15 & lastly my dads mom passed away on November 21st 2019 5 days before my 17th birthday. Fly high everyone ♥ R.I.P

    46. Baby B€€


    47. John Maxwell

      I clicked on a video that said " best country songs of all time " and this is the first thing that comes up ???" SERIOUSLY ! This is shit , this is NOT real country,

    48. M.M.ZAMAN M.m

      Great song

    49. Sierra Walker

      There's no heaven.

    50. Jasmine-Rean Burns

      Love this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    51. Jake Buttrum

      Is this a love song

    52. Madison Wilkins

      I love this song so I had decided to learn it on my guitar

    53. Robert Hymans-Williams

      The definition of talent is = to Kayne Brown 💯💯💯💖💖💖!!! Period.

    54. jules Beck

      Omg love his voice and songs heart throb

    55. Dottie Black

      Ummm, yes Kane. Heaven is better than laying in bed with a girl.

      1. Dottie Black

        adrian gesin ... Ya. With words. Words have meaning.

      2. adrian gesin

        It’s just a song

    56. Hector &Nena Fuentez

      Hi ..❤this is sweetlilnena yess love this song's could listen to it day and night.. ITS PERFECT❤❤❤..TICTOC FAN...❤😍💯

    57. Dominic Guerrero

      Kane Lowkey reminds me of Patrick mahomes

      1. Debra Cates


      2. Marissa Lee 1234568


    58. Auh Wei

      Modern, yet traditional is the best word to describe this song.

    59. Ashley Mills

      leave a like if one of ur family members went to heaven

      1. Frances Transit Production

        @iirose x That's what I'm wondering, I wonder their family member proud.

      2. iirose x

        Why yall using family members that went to heaven for likes anyway?

      3. lil juice Box Yt

        You copied me for likes 😅😄😄

    60. Luis Totto

      Country rocks in México!