KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE (Official Live Stream)



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    1. Tristen Sabau

      Ksi dropping songs doing GRsel and boxing somehow Logan still lost

    2. Enis Kaya

      Ksi or Logan Paul better Like if u think ksi Comment if u think Logan

    3. monika laosi

      JJ: Comes onto ring Logan: Comes onto ring Logan: 5x5

    4. Aizaz Ulhaq

      Anything watching it after the actual fight... Shannon Briggs seems a joke now 😂😂😂😂😂

    5. David Aruna

      KSI: Now let's talk about boxing. Logan: Ask me what 9x9 is.

    6. Nuke

      “My condition is too- notch” Also Logan: “I was sick 3 days before the fight”

    7. lycan for life #blessed

      I am sick

    8. Charlote Agari

      Anyway what’s 7x8 Logan? It’s ksi score

    9. evo kkemo

      28:36 Logan: "what is 7 x 8?" *JJ's winning score*: 56

    10. Michael Shafipour

      Fuck all ksi fans sorry

      1. Fumes

        Logan Paul......... Lost

    11. Blacks sticks 7

      Let’s farkin goo

    12. Aztecgamer

      Everyone is going for Logan but KSI won. The people yelling “Logan Paul” must feel dumb💀

    13. Captain Price

      Logan be teaching KSI some math over here.

    14. Oh YeahYeah

      Proud of u jj

    15. Icy Plays

      No one did a ko what a bunch of nonsense

    16. Dubnation President

      Ngl Logan Paul was funny af here🤣

    17. Mars Bars

      34:20 That part

    18. Nam Uchiha

      Not gonna say who won, but damn that's sad.

    19. Youssef Yehia

      I need the name of the girl on the right she cute af

    20. Destiny Jones

      i actually love logan he’s actually funny Stan KSI

    21. Fardin H

      14:01 looks like logan whips out his phone to Shazam the song and tells Shannon it’s a good song haha

    22. Mu Ca

      Who tf is Shannon Briggs? Never heard of him fucking idiot. He‘s black and uses „whiteness“ as a symbol of strengthness fucking dumb ass bitch ass hoe ass

    23. SSRG

      34:15 love how Logan tried to roast ksi and still for his ass whooped 🤣🤣

    24. Herald Callewaert

      bruh logan paul is just a child

    25. DonaldDuck689 hi

      When you watch this after the fight Shannon and logan sound so stupid its actually funny

    26. Cheyanne Brown

      *Logan breathes* Shannon: *Lets go shag*

    27. zalika .s

      Watching these videos after knowing KSI won feels good 😂😂😂😂😂

    28. Linear Wolf

      *I got a KSI x G FUEL ad.*

    29. Ashley Elliott


    30. Mustafa Muhhamed

      Who's here after he won 👇🏾

    31. brothersav

      logan jab jab jab paul

    32. Acro Symz

      Logan: loses Shanon Briggs: lets go home champ

    33. Mo Playz

      Who is here after KSI win?

    34. less kiss

      I was born in america and seeing logan and shannon represent it is a joke.

    35. PRN Unstoppable

      I’m glad ksi didn’t win in his home town because now he embarrassed dumbass Logan Paul in front of everyone he knows

    36. Hassan Ammad

      Take a note -Logan was holding his head (which is illegal) he can’t dodge the uppercut -Logan hit ksi when he was down -Ksi KD was disregard Now argue how logan still win that fight

      1. less kiss

        I’m sorry but Logan won that

    37. Dappe Games

      The reason Logan lost is cause he was too busy being a math teacher, instead of training. lmao

    38. Aikoes

      2 mins of silence for those who said in the comments that “Logan Would Win”.

    39. Aidan Gayao

      9X8 XD

    40. zNugattOG

      KSI, what is your intro song called??

    41. H Λ Я Я I S

      So Jake paul wanted to fight Ksi after logan. PLS JJ Try and fight him PLSSSS kick his ass

    42. Joe Harvey

      When’s the next sidemen vid

    43. Joe Harvey

      Ksi or jj you did great and beat logan Paul

    44. GachaRyan -3-

      And then Logan loses

    45. Melon P

      JJ won, Logan Paul thought he could win.

    46. Red Devils

      Tbh I hate logan but u gotta feel for shannon Briggs I mean the guy fought so many times and boxing was his life for years. Now he's broke 😬 mans trynna seek relevancy

    47. Jj wanna play Ras

      Whose here after the fight

    48. David

      Congratulations KSI

    49. leftfootgaming

      Yt problems

    50. Aliya Moriarty

      This makes laugh actually logan is asking ksi math questions when it is a BOXING press conference !!! Like who dose that xD !!! And then u have ksi asking boxing questions and logan wont answer them !! So LOGAN U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BOXING

    51. Teddy Ainscough

      I’m sorry but Logan won that

      1. Marjan Ambroze

        But the boy didn't win the match😂

    52. Enxric

      Petition for KSI to dye his hair red after beating logan paul (red represents the blood)

    53. AopGunshotzzz

      Who’s here after a rapper who was on tour beat someone who trained for a year

    54. Tanzeel Siddiquee


      1. Fumes

        I think it’s post Malone

      2. Isaiah Ibadin

        Tanzeel Siddiquee Idk😭😭

      3. Tanzeel Siddiquee


      4. Tanzeel Siddiquee

        I'm talking about the song at 13:55

      5. Isaiah Ibadin

        Tanzeel Siddiquee Ksis new song with rick ross

    55. MrGangsterking44

      What is logan paul's intro song?

    56. Gab

      It’s not even hard math, Logan is stupid there is a reason he’s doing what he’s doing for a living.

    57. ღ chxcxlate _ cookies ღ

      Your speech let you down! Guess it wasn’t enough seeing KSI won, Logan.

    58. Brock Neal

      27:38 “no you can’t” well this man just made himself look so stupid

    59. Alisha Clark

      ‘We gorn take care of you ...’😬

    60. Charen Spratley

      Jake paul is the god he will beat you black and blue..